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This symbolizes an imbalance and a lack of consent and respect in your life related to shame and low self-esteem. This dream often occurs in those who have experienced trauma in their waking life and is a ubiquitous symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder. Your mind is trying to release painful and unprocessed emotions through your dreams so they can clean your psyche. If the dreams continue, definitely speak with a therapist.

🧭 Direction

It is time to begin the work of self-development to reduce your shame and low self-esteem. Find the imbalance in your life and those parts of yourself that are being treated unjustly. Build better boundaries and accept yourself with love and care. You may need to work with a mental health professional during this process if you have a history of trauma.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of abuse may evoke feelings of fear, helplessness, and vulnerability. It can leave a person feeling violated, traumatized, and deeply hurt. The dream may also bring up emotions of anger, resentment, and a desire for justice. The individual may experience a sense of betrayal and confusion, struggling to understand why they were subjected to such mistreatment. Overall, this dream can leave a lasting impact, causing a range of negative emotions and a need for healing and support.

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