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Dream About A Magical School Where A Series Of Murders Are Taking Place

Dream interpretation about Sex, Died, Blood, Dead, Enemy, Exam, Leaving, Chasing, Jealous, Yelling, Sexual, New Job, Cockroach, Test, Following, Doctor, School, Group, World, Bridges, Car, Crosses, Heart, Laughing, Teacher, Magic, Coworker, Meeting, Breaking, Eye, Girl, House, Reason, Beach, Driving, Light (Not Dark), Sleep, Stairs, Toilet, Class, Hand, Head, Wall, Bag, Bathroom, Door, Elevator, Hallway, Point, Sky, Step, Bug, Plants, Walking, Closet, Drink, Looking, Woods, Bunch, Clothes, Garden, Roach, Paper, Against, Ask, Magical, Pretty, Statue, Fog, Spy, Surrounded, Going, Leader, Guy

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I had a very vivid dream that i have had before but not as detailed as tonight. The dream is i wake up at school that is magical but a series of murders has been plaguing the area. After class i watch a student leave the cathedral building and head towards the practice range / garden that is walled off by pretty green hedges. The guy disappears through the hedges and another student a girl follows behind with her wand in her hand. A few minutes later i follow suit and when i pass through the hedges the male student has been impaled in wrapped in thrones against a state of an angel , dead, while the girl is nearby practicing her magic against a dummy in the garden. I ignore the statues student and go to the girl talking to her abt her magic that everyone is afraid of and is sure she is the one murdeint all the students. i eventually ask her if she killed the guy and she said yes that she does it for the other world as she wants to ascend and be accepted by them. I don’t say anything to that but ask why she is telling me this. She says there is certain people w an aura showing they are blessed. By the otherworld or they are chosen. she says i have this aura and that she picks students like me to help do the tasks of the other world. She says that my time is coming soon but it’s not something she can help or do anything abt and that she is jealous cause my aura is so strong the strongest she’s ever seen. There is then yell and we run out of the training gardens to see a group of students battling teachers on the roofs of the cathedral. The girls eyes go white and she mumbles to herself before grabbing my hand and telling me it’s my time and that other world needs me now. She drags me through the halls S everyone chases us. We go down some stairs further and further until it so dark that it doesn’t feel like the stairs are there anymore. And when the light finally comes i am surrounded by strange people in a big building surrounded by plants and sunlight. The group sends the girl back up the stairs and she obeys. A bigger girl steps out of the group of people and tells me i am the prophecy to become something very special but she won’t tell me what , that if i am the one i will pass all the tests. We then cross a magical greenery bridge in the fog that leads to door once the door opens it reveals an office like setting. They tell me we must wait for the main spell master to get here before proceeding w the test but that i must remain in the little batheroom area because spies and enemies will try to stop the prophecy. But the girl from earlier that led us through the green area says that she wants to show me more of the underworld so we leave and walk around and explore its beauty but while we do this a cockroach like creature is following us around swiftly and is missing its opportunity to kill me by seconds. Me and the girl find a closet to sit in chill as we had been running around. Me and the girl quickly become sexual and begin scissoring in the closet but are interrupted by her eyes turning white as she alerted the main spell caster is here. She leads me back to the bathe rooms after we get dress the bug getting ever so close when we reach the bathe rooms one of her coworkers scold her asking where i been and kill the roach that had been following us. I sit in the stall on the toilet and the a guy doctor hooks me up to an iv where my blood begins to siphon out i begin to get scared and look around as they watch me i ask them if im going to die and they look nervously but hopeful at me. I then black out i wake up in another office like area that is in skyscrapers in the sky. The girl i had sex w from earlier tells me i passed the first test and excitingly tells me i may be prophet they were hoping for but that i must meet all the other leaders of the otherworld. i ask if she is one and she says yes she is leader of the green area. We head towards the meeting and for some reason on our way there i have all my bags w me ? That are spilling out with papers and drinks and as we get closer to the meeting i down size and lose a bunch of it. As we are sitting at the meeting we are missing one of the leaders who takes a very long time to get there while we wait the leader of green area that has been with me shows me some of their customs of greetings and how to salute and formally/ respectfully talk. The leader gets there and she looks at me with hate and disgust telling the others we need to stop poking for some prophet cause it’s waste of time and resources. As she’s saying this we all stand to greet her and i stand to doing the formal greeting i was taught. She laughs at me and says i’m in her spot. I apologize and look for a place to sit before she grumbles that it’s fine and sits down. They discuss the next part of the test is in ladies area that doesn’t like me and that enemies draw ever closer and we must rendezvous immediately. That they are just waiting on vechiles and to ofcourse stay alert while we wait. Me and the leader from the green area are sent to a room where we begin fucking again. Until we are interrupted by saying the cars are ready. We go down a series of eleveators my bags are making me slow and u begin just leaving them only having one. When we get to the bottom they put me in a car and put me to sleep. From this point on the dream is new. Everything i have described before i have dreamed before, now this is a new story. I awake and we are some streets in a neighborhood, being chased by some SUVS while we are surrounded by others. The leaders state we must do tactics to get passed them as they don’t which car has me. We then split off into the woods and drive dangerously through trying to lose them when we eventually do. Once we break out of the clearing we are driving on a beach. Where in the distance there is a large sandstone altar that gets ever closer as we drive. My heart sinks as f at takes over again. The girl i’ve been having intercourse grips my hand saying if i passed the first test i surely will pass the next . But as we arrive i wake up.

Dream date:

23 Mar 2024

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👧 women of your age from 🇺🇸 had dreams about Sex by 30.5% less than 👨 men.

Emotional tone:

A mix of excitement, fear, and anticipation, driven by the dream's fantastical elements and moments of danger.


This dream was recurring 3 times last week


The dream is highly intense, with moments of suspense, action, and emotional outbursts.


The dream world is vividly described, with a blend of familiar (school, garden) and fantastical (murder, magic) elements.


The dream is highly vivid, with rich sensory details and clear imagery.


The dream has a logical structure, with a clear beginning, middle, and end, but some elements are fragmented or disjointed.

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Dream review

Yvette Miller

Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

Sera, This dream is rich with symbolism and seems to be a powerful exploration of your inner world. The vivid imagery and intense emotions suggest that you're grappling with significant personal growth and transformation. The recurring theme of being chosen for a special purpose, coupled with the presence of magical elements, could indicate that you're feeling a sense of destiny or a calling to something greater than yourself. The obstacles you encounter along the way, such as the murders and the challenges you face during the tests, may represent the fears and doubts that arise when stepping into your power. The sexual encounter with the girl who leads you through the underworld could symbolize the integration of your feminine and masculine energies, a crucial aspect of personal growth. However, the cockroach-like creature that follows you represents the shadow aspects of yourself that you may be trying to ignore or suppress. Confronting these hidden parts of yourself is essential for achieving wholeness and balance. The dream ends with you being put to sleep and taken to an unknown destination. This could indicate a transition into a new phase of your life, where you may find yourself navigating unfamiliar territory. The sense of urgency and danger suggests that you may be feeling some anxiety or trepidation about this upcoming change. Overall, this dream appears to be a reflection of your inner journey and the challenges and opportunities you're facing. It encourages you to embrace your unique gifts, confront your shadows, and trust in the process of transformation. If you're feeling overwhelmed or struggling to make sense of your dreams, it might be helpful to consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor. They can provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore your dreams and gain insights into your subconscious mind.
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Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

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