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Dream About Magical Detective Capturing Criminals

Dream interpretation about Killing, Death, Falling, Fire, Police, Guilty, Leaving, Alone, Love Interest, Friends, Mad, Being Late, School, Brother, Living, Problem, World, Bridges, Car, Laughing, Night, Party, Magic, Body, Reason, Two, Work, Year, Driving, End, Eye, House, Number, Water, Playground, People, Side, Time, Attention, Back, Part, Picture, Place, Point, Step, Thought, Three, Way, Type, Drink, Jumping, Looking, See, Feeling, One, Library, Figure, Table, Cop, Human, Magical, Order, Panic, Ask, Clean, Graduation, All, Confused, Going, outside, Soap, Super, Gas Station, My Job

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I had a dream today that I was some kind of magical detective together with my brother and our job was to capture magical criminals so they could be brought to justice. This time we were at some kind of playground trying to capture some kind of mass murderer who took on the appearance of a doll. I was one of the most skilled magical detectives so technically it shouldn't have been a problem but the dollie killer did something I guess that sent me into panic and my brother into shock. I kept shouting out to him to do something but he was just standing there in shock and I didn't have any other option than to kill the dollie killer. Now the problem was that in this magical creature world (that was living side by side with humans without them knowing) it was strictly forbidden for the magical detectives to kill any magical criminals. We were always only supposed to capture them so they could be brought to justice. Since I was a remarkable magical detective I've never killed a criminal before, however this time for some reason I didn't have a choice. In order to kill the dollie killer I had to rip the doll into two parts and set both of them on fire while I was doing that my brother was still in shock and I heard a police car coming by so I had to be quick. The thing about magical criminals was that they would often transform into other beings or objects but the moment they were killed they would go back to their natural (human-looking) form. I knew about this so I had to quickly get my brother and I away from the "crime scene" in order to go undetected by the human police officers. So I didn't have time to get rid of the body or anything and we didn't get far before the police car has spotted us. It came to a stop and there were two young police officers that they came out of the car, one of them close to my age the other one a few years older. The younger one was a little bit more naive and easier to manipulate than the older one but I knew that I had to work my magical persuasion skills on both of them in order to not get caught. So as the two officers stopped to ask what we were doing, I've started using my persuasion skill and told them that oh you know it's just me and my brother who went out for a drink and I guess my brother had too much to drink and isn't feeling too well. The younger cop bought the excuse, the older one still a little bit suspicious. They told me that they will take us to the police station as we were both intoxicated in public and it was late at night and dangerous 👀 so my brother (still in shock) and I jumped into the police car and on the way to the station I managed to persuade them further with my magic skills and convince them to just simply drive us home as there's no need to take us to the station. So they did end up driving us home, my brother went inside I, however for some reason decided to persuade the cops further and convinced them to go with me to a graduation party at my old school that was happening. So the two of them agreed. On our way there I was feeling really guilty and mad at myself for having to kill that criminal, realising that at the party my boss will be there and I will have to tell him as quickly as possible so that he could take care of the body but I also knew that it was the end for me as magical detectives who were to kill a criminal would be captured and sentenced to death. I was also thinking of a way on how to befriend the two officers so that they weren't so suspicious of me, so I pointed out how dirty their car was and if they'd let me, we could make a stop at a has station and I would clean it for them. The officers thought I was funny and obviously fell more and more for my charm lol so we drove to a gas station. The older one went off to get some cleaning supplies while I was left with the younger cop who obviously took a liking to me. I told him that I wanted to clean the whole car alone but he laughed and said that that's not my job and I'm nice enough already to even offer it and if anything the 3 of us will be cleaning it together. So the older one comes back with 3 buckets of water and soap and 3 sponges. However (dream logic) instead of us cleaning the car he just put the cleaning supplies into the back of the car and we continued to drive to the graduation party (lol???). As we arrived I tried to find a distraction for the two cops so I could talk to my boss alone. The older one got distracted as we went into building by some of his friends there whereas the younger one was still with me so I took him to the library and convinced him to take out any book he'd like and to read it. While he was distracted by all the books I managed to get away for the moment and look for my boss. I finally noticed him sitting at a long dining table with other magical higher-ups talking and laughing together. I went up to them and sat down and tried to wait for an opening to get to talk to my boss alone to tell him about how I failed the mission. The boss and the higher-ups immediately noticed me and started going like "ohhh look here's our number 1 detective hahah" bla bla and at some point they started talking about "rouge" detectives who ended up killing criminals and becoming blood-thirsty and then they went something like "but our number 1 detective here would never do that hahaha" at this point I started getting upset and angry mostly at myself for what I have done and I kind of snapped back at them and said something along the lines like "oh yeah I wouldn't be too sure about that." The higher-ups started laughing again but my boss noticed something was wrong and asked me to step outside for a moment to talk. As we did I've noticed the younger cop was standing by the police car so I pulled my boss behind a corner and started whispering to him about what happened and what I did. My boss obviously started getting upset and angry but not at me but more like at himself? He told me to go inside and he would handle it and I was super confused and told him that like he's supposed to capture me so that I could go to trail for my actions but he just pinched the bridge of his nose and said to not worry about it and just go inside and he'd handle it. As I turned to leave out of the corner of my eye I saw the younger cop eavesdropping on us and I started going after him. And then I woke up. (Also sidenote if this was an actual story the two cops and the boss would have definitely been the main characters love interests lol🤭)

Dream date:

4 Nov 2023

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Emotional tone:

A mix of fear, guilt, and excitement as the dreamer navigates a challenging situation.


This dream was recurring 3 times last week


The dreamer experiences intense emotions and high stakes as they face the consequences of their actions.


The dream world includes magical detectives and creatures living alongside humans, creating a sense of heightened reality.


The dream is highly detailed and immersive, with clear images and sensory experiences.


The dream has a logical flow and structure, but some elements remain unexplained, adding to the dream's mysterious nature.

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🤩 Emotion
😟 Depression
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Dream review

Yvette Miller

Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

Hey Gabriela! Thank you for sharing your dream with me. It seems like a fascinating and intricate dream that carries various symbolic elements. Let's dive into the interpretation: Your dream of being a magical detective alongside your brother suggests a strong bond and teamwork in overcoming challenges. The playground setting may symbolize a place of innocence and playfulness, contrasting with the presence of a mass murderer disguised as a doll. This could represent a hidden threat or fear lurking in your life. The panic you experienced when the dollie killer did something unexpected reflects a sense of vulnerability and the pressure to react quickly. Your brother's shock may indicate a feeling of reliance on others or disappointment in their response during difficult situations. The conflict arises when you are forced to break the rules by killing the dollie killer, despite it being forbidden in the magical creature world. This can reflect a moral dilemma or a situation where you feel compelled to take drastic measures against your usual principles. The need to hide the crime scene from human police officers suggests a desire to keep certain aspects of yourself or your actions hidden from others. It may also imply a fear of judgment or consequences for deviating from societal norms. Your ability to manipulate and persuade the police officers represents your resourcefulness and adaptability in navigating challenging circumstances. However, the guilt and worry about facing your boss and potential repercussions highlight a sense of responsibility and concern for the consequences of your actions. The graduation party at your old school could symbolize a significant milestone or transition in your life. Wanting to confide in your boss suggests a need for guidance and support in dealing with the aftermath of a difficult decision or situation. Overall, this dream may reflect the internal struggle between adhering to rules and doing what is necessary in certain situations. It highlights your resourcefulness, adaptability, and the complex emotions that arise when faced with difficult choices. Remember, dreams are highly personal, so consider these interpretations in light of your own experiences and emotions.
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Yvette Miller

Behavioral psychology & Wellness Advocate

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