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Dream Interpretation: Police 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Police? Discover the significance of seeing a Police in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Police appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolize your consciousness and critical nature. It suggests that you tend you analyze the situation before diving into it. A dream like that often indicates that you love living your life by the rules and regulations that give you a sense of safety, even if it costs you your freedom.

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🧭 Direction

Daily events

You have the ability to analyse the issues and situations before they become a severe problem; use them to your benefit. Having a sense of security is human nature. However, that does not mean you submit to everything, live your life to the fullest and enjoy every little surprise life has to offer.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about police may evoke feelings of fear, anxiety, or guilt. It could symbolize a sense of being caught or punished for something wrong or illegal. Alternatively, it may represent a need for protection or a desire for authority and control. The presence of police in a dream can also signify a fear of authority figures or a feeling of being watched and judged. Overall, this dream may leave the dreamer with a sense of unease or a need to examine their actions and behaviors.





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22 May 2024

Arma de fuego


I'm in a room with a couple, whom I don't remember the names of, so I'll call them Gianni and Franca. They are both adults, between 30 and 45 years old, and Gianni is clearly Latin American. From the beginning, I feel a strange sensation, especially from Gianni. It's evening and Franca is looking for her phone charger but can't find it. Eventually, she decides to go to sleep because she says she's very tired and leaves her phone at the foot of the bed. Gianni, lying next to her, pulls out the charger from his pocket and places it near the phone, jokingly saying that she would "think there were ghosts." The situation seems odd to me, and I decide to say nothing. The next morning, Franca is angry with Gianni because she knew he had the charger all along, but he pretends not to understand and says it has nothing to do with him. While they argue, a radio in our room turns on and the police announce that they are looking for a murderer in the area who had recently committed a homicide. The description of the man matches Gianni exactly. Franca and I look at each other, worried, realizing that he was the murderer but, out of fear, we say nothing. Later, we all go to a bar, where there is also a girl about 10-11 years old, who seems to be Gianni's daughter. We somehow discover that she helps her father with his crimes, and that she had also assisted in the latest murder. We decide to escape and, after exchanging a signal, we start running screaming that Gianni is a murderer. We get to the entrance of the bar and inform the owner, showing him a drawing of Gianni and his daughter. To avoid meeting Gianni and the girl, we take another route, a kind of spiral asphalt ascent. We see Gianni and the girl leaning against a wall, distracted by their phones. We stand still while the bar owner approaches them. At that moment, Gianni pulls out a gun and shoots the man. Frightened, I hide along the spiral ascent, but I realize that my shadow betrays me because I am in a lower position relative to Gianni, so if he looked down, he would see my shadow. My heart pounds as I hear Gianni's voice getting closer, fearing that he will discover me. Then I wake up, still with my heart racing.

19 May 2024



my mom was lost in another country she was taken into this place where its a field but within the field it was a bunch of rooms of multiple people who were also trapped and were not allowed to leave i found my mom and got her but when i was driving away she wasnt with me anymore and i couldnt find her im back in my home town and i keep calling her phone and they answer miss jacobs and i know its not my mom so i called the police and they said "are you calling the right place i see your call is coming from sarnia ontario" i said yes and yold her my mom was kidnapped but i had an outstanding ticket they werent going to help me with finding her. so i call my mom she saying she home and im like what no youre not than i see her i go and hug her crying my eyes out and my mom starts talking and i realize this women isnt my mom theres something wrong with her so we go to the edge of canada and the usa where the waters meet and tried to figure out ehat happened and why my mom was taken and than i ended up at my house and we were hiding from the ones who took my mom and we found a way to break whatever it is and once we figured it out a girl i was with turned around and smiled at me as she wasnt helping me she was helping herself create and kidnap more

9 May 2024

Violence and death
Home Invasion


So I had three separate dreams, but two of them were the same scenario, well two different things that happened, but it wasn't like one thing happened after another. It was the same place and time. One thing happened and then it went back and something else happened. So all of this happened during night time and it was relatively dark and the first dream I was here at my house and there were police lights outside that I could see through the window and so I went downstairs and the police were there because there was like a bunch of homeless men that were trying to get into my house. and they had bad intentions it was scary like I knew something was wrong and then the police helped me out they like took them away or something and then the dream switched. I was in a parking lot in my boyfriend's car he had run into the store to get me something and he was parked horizontally right in front of the store and this is a store like we've never been to I had like made it up in my head and it was nighttime it was dark and I was sitting in the car and like a couple feet away from the car there was this big like strong-looking man who for some reason I knew that he was a Navy SEAL. He was out there like smoking a cigarette and I was sitting in the car the window was cracked for some reason like cracked like as in halfway open like three-quarters halfway open and this homeless man like cracked out like scary like crazy type man came up and was yelling something at the Navy SEAL and then he just immediately like really fast turned around and locked his eyes on me and went straight for me like arms out it was like he was flying like went through the window to where only like his head and arms were in the car and they were reaching for me and he was grabbing my face and trying to kiss me and my boyfriend had heard me scream and ran out of the store and him and the Navy SEAL we they were pulling the guy off out of the car and then the dream switched and I was in a different parking spot I was actually in a parking spot instead of pulled up next to the store and I was waiting for my boyfriend again at the same store and it was nighttime and dark and I was in the car vlogging and this like Ted Bundy looking man I think he had glasses and that's what he reminded me of he was like scrawny kind of and unassuming and older and he walked by the car and smiled at me. And I had the thought to lock the door. But I didn't and I don't know why I didn't and he just immediately after I had that thought and didn't do it he got in the back seat behind me and said give me the keys I'm gonna get in the driver's seat and take you somewhere special or something along those lines and I my stomach like dropped and it felt so real and I already knew what he was about to do to me. but I was telling him my boyfriend is inside and he's a black belt and my boyfriend is a black belt and trained in MMA so I was telling him that and after hearing that he like opened the door and was trying to get out like he looked scared and he was trying to get out and he tripped while trying to get out of the car. Then my boyfriend, it kind of changed again and the man was still in the car and my boyfriend walked out and he hadn't seen the man yet and I was mouthing help to him and then my boyfriend knew and he looked in the back seat and he like pulled the guy out and was beating him up and then the dream changed and we were in my backyard but this man and my boyfriend were fighting. My boyfriend was beating him up and I went up to my boyfriend and all of a sudden the man was gone and I was asking him like where did he go and I was really scared and my boyfriend told me like he's gone he's gone and he had thrown him in the canal behind my house like the canal connected to the ocean he had thrown the man in there and in my head like I thought that the man was going to die because I thought that since he had been knocked out and thrown in the water he would have drowned but then he crawled out of the water and said you should have killed me before you threw me in there. And then I woke up with my heart pounding.

9 May 2024

Running away


Last night in had a reoccurring dream or what you would call déjà vu . I remember having this dream before. Where me and my spouse killed someone and was on the run. we ran to different stores and restaurants to hide . we sat down at some restaurant and ate with an older couple then we left I remember seeing my spouse get in the car with this older couple and they said they were going to do the right then and turn himself in the man was explaining to how was in the military and he know the law and stuff then I remember we left.. we were at the stop light my spouse my spouse and I was in a different cars I saw the police pull him over . then they came to the car I was in looking in the trunk and everything then the girl that was driving the car took off she drove so fast and got away all the way to her house where her family was I remember telling her boyfriend what happened . I remember anticipating on the police finding me eventually and me and the girl both going to jail but I woke up before that could happen

3 May 2024



OK in my dream it was my mom and my husband however, in my dream they were playing the parts of my mom and dad. My sister and I went over to their house for some reason we knew they had been murdered, they had been shot and they were in the back room, but we never went back there and we called the police , the police came out and took their bodies out of the house my sister and. I were devastated and terrified as we could not imagine who would have done this, we were looking for my dad‘s truck and we couldn’t find it anywhere. All of a sudden this guy that my husband and I know that had worked for us showed up and he was devastated that my parents were gone but didn’t know where my dads truck was at, sudden somebody pulled up driving my dad’s truck and he would never get out and he just drove around in circles really really fast around the house and then the police came back at that point. Everybody was gone and they came into the house to start an investigation and then I woke up. I have thought about this all day. Even though my mother passed away in 2016 this dream has just been so scary for me to even think about, what could it possibly mean?

2 May 2024



On the run from police after assaulting ex. Hiding out in the bush and then changing my identity. I eventually got caught.

28 Apr 2024



I was talking with some state troopers and they were buying me drinks. They were joking about putting me in hand cuffs, and it made me feel uncomfortable. We ended up on a car and the were laughing and joking that they wanted to see how I looked under restraint. One of them tied my arm with the seat belt and I laughed uncomfortably

25 Apr 2024



I'm with a friend, i can't place who and their cousin or friend. We're hanging out and they bring up someone they know who was a serial killer and a genius. They show me his picture and name one Facebook. He's "Sean Rank". The next thing I remember is I'm working for the police some how and there's a murder. A woman is found dead in the pool. At this part of the dream I'm having really bad anxiety. I'm worried about my family. I'm talking to a cop when I get an email. It's from Sean. He's threatening me. The cops are going crazy but they aren't necessarily protecting me. I go home (which is a hotel) my parents parents aren't really that worried about the situation....until I get another email. My dad reads it and I text a cop I was working with. He says they'll check it out in the morning. We'll before we go to bed, my parents decide they want to stay somewhere with more room, so dad and Isaac (little brother) leave. And mom and I have to finish putting stuff away and packing. but i hear a weird sound at the door. Mom goes to look buy I slam it shut because I'm scared. I look under the door and theyres a stack of blankets and a note for me with one Penny on it. I call the police and they're there quickly. They never seem worried about protecting me though, just about catching him. Mom and I go to the other place we're staying too. The next part I remember is we're at a banquet hall, and I feel super anxious. Everyone's talking to me since they know about the emails and letters Sean is sending me. But all I feel is anxious and scared in the big crowd (in real life I don't like big groups of people). Sean's cousin is thre and I ask him questions about Sean and he avoids them all and leaves. Next thing I know there is a voice on the loud speaker. It says for everyone to throw their phones on the floor with their keys. If they don't he'll kill someone. He had set a bomb in the building. We all listened. He said no one move but my mom kept moving to get closer to my brother. He said e all the have a few seconds to run toward the door til he said stop. When he tells us to stop my mom keeps going and it scares me. Finally he tells us to run outside. And I'm running but I'm scared that Sean is waiting for me or will hurt my family. I want to yell that people need to let small people out first but I'm afraid they'll think I'm trying to get out first because I'm small. I find Isaac and run, but I can't find my mom. I'm outside and I feel like he's following me and going to hurt me or Isaac. Then I woke up, I fell back asleep and was almost lucid dreaming because I was making choices but Sean catches me. And says if I don't do what he tells me then he will kill me brother. So I obeyed him. It was super scary

23 Apr 2024

Haunted house


Last night I had a strange dream. I the passenger in an SUV when we were passing a policeman who was on the side of the road. The policeman faced us and showed his credit card and then shot me. The person in the drivers seat thought that we should pull over and I said, "No way, go home!" So we did. It was a pretty much the definition of a partially-restore, haunted, Victorian style house. I layed down on the couch. While I waited for the driver to come back to my aid. They never back. So l called 9-1-1 and the dispatcher lady said that there were no ambulances available. So I drove myself to the school my mom worked at, it was close by, to explain the situation and try to get help. I walk down the hall only to realize that the teachers and students were going to the buses. So l met my mom, my Aunt Julie, my favorite teacher Mrs. Katzin, and the pastors wife. I asked for help. They just expressed concern and told me that they would pray for me. At this point, I was bleeding a lot. I was left outside on the sidewalk by the bus loading area. I called 9-1-1 again. The same lady answered and said that there was an ambulance available nearby. Before I knew it, the ambulance arrived. The EMT and paramedic were friendly and they got my bleeding under control and got me to the local ER. I got in, but was told that I would have to wait. While I was waiting, I asked for help from the nurse because I felt like I was dying and the nurse dismissed me. They brought a person back that was not nearly as bad as me, and I told them that I needed to go back. They said that the person going back was more critical than me, which I knew wasn't true. He could walk, I couldn't. Finally a nurse took my vitals and saw that I was on the verge of dying and they got me back to a room.

23 Apr 2024



My dad killed someone, and the police were after him, but we didn't want to give him up, so we hid him in a piano bench. The police came charging in and searched our whole house. Actually finding a secret room in my closet full of garbage and a poster of Luke (a friend of mine) they never found dad

23 Apr 2024



I hiked up a mountain with my kids. When we got to the top, there were no trees. It was covered with black rocks and there was a pile of charcoal. I was walking down a sidewalk that was parallel to a road that was higher than the sidewalk but I could see police cars surrounding a small house with a lot of windows. They had their guns drawn and telling someone to come out. I wanted to get closer without being noticed so I got down on the ground and crawled closer. I could see a man inside going crazy and yelling back at the police but he wouldn’t come out. I was in a mansion with my husband. I had really nice clothes and shoes on. An old lady owned the mansion and she had two ugly wild dogs that peed all over the floor around me and started jumping on me getting urine on my clothes and shoes. I kicked the dogs away and told her to control her dogs. I told my husband these people are disgusting and I don’t want to be here. He carried me out so I wouldn’t have to walk through the dog pee.

14 Apr 2024



I had a dream that I was being chased by the police. I ditched my bag and ran past a puddle. I got tired and stopped by the puddle, a man from my past came up out of the puddle. I didn't know he was there, but I wasn't scared. I was relieved to see him. He gave me some tips on how to get away better. The police found my bag and got back on my scent. The man from my past told me to run and go, he took the fall. I keep having dreams of flash backs of being in jail or prison. When the man took the fall, I ran until daylight. I was safe, but only for now. Then I woke up.

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