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Dream Interpretation: Work ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Work? Discover the significance of seeing a Work in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Work appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

This indicates your purpose, determination, contribution, and value. It suggests that you are very determined and will not give up on challenges easily. It also means that there are some things in life that you are striving to achieve.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


Make a note of all the goals you have set for yourself. Use your determination to get what you want, and remember to pursue the things you have chosen for yourself a little more, and you will see the light. Be prepared as new opportunities will soon arrive.

โค๏ธ Feelings

This dream about work may evoke feelings of stress, pressure, and responsibility. It could also bring up emotions of frustration, exhaustion, and a sense of being overwhelmed. Additionally, there may be a feeling of monotony or dissatisfaction with the current job situation.





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13 May 2024



I decided to get Buffalo Wild Wings on my lunch break at work however I accidentally placed the mobile order for the Buffalo Wild Wings closest to my apartment, about 25 minutes away from work. I decided to still go get it and stop at home real quick to take my dog outside. When I got home, my boyfriend was home as well for some reason and he had made the apartment spotless. I was super happy with this and I told him I wished I could spend more time with him but I needed to go back to work. He told me I could just call my boss and tell her something came up, like my dog threw up and I had to clean it, and that I would be late coming back from break. I did this, and then the time on my phone kept changing really quickly and before I knew it it was 5pm and I still didnโ€™t go back to work. I called my boss again and it went straight to voicemail but she texted me saying she hopes everything is ok with the dog.

13 May 2024

Locker Room


Dreamt I was at work. I was working on someoneโ€™s accounting. There was a mystery about ownership I was trying to solve. I also found out I was newly pregnant. I was planning to take a trip so I needed certain medical tests done. I worked with a doctor coworker to get them ordered for me. A gentleman came to the job needing some documents for an audit. People were struggling to help him so I took over. It was this time I assumed head of the business. I got him what he needed while my coworker who was head of the business, sat beside me. My coworker is related to my unborn childโ€™s father. I became excited and wanted to tell her about the baby. After the gentleman leaves, I follow my coworker into the locker room. I wanted to tell her then but someone else was inside. I also felt weird about telling her just in case the pregnancy didnโ€™t last and I didnโ€™t really feel pregnant.

10 May 2024



I was working at a company but it looked like the dollar general then it went to Me my mom and my boyfriend was in the car and she went to Taco Bell she got us cotton candy slushies mine was broke so I drank it through the side she had a huge burrito and smashed it on her face and sour cream got all over her and we started laughing

10 May 2024



I had a dream that I was at work and I was packing up to go home and the girl next to me was packing up and she was ready to leave and just before I left a girl came in really upset that somebody else in the place had accused her of doing something wrong and I asked her what it was and she said oh Kaylee said I made a GDPR error so I was trying to kind of understand what happened to know whether she had or not and a load of other people came in the office and they were all talking about it and I was trying to calm them down and just saying that relax don't worry it's not happened and I couldn't remember the name of the lady that was talking to me to help her and as I was talking to her I thought she looks like somebody I know I couldn't remember her name and I said look I've got to go for the day I've got to finish but I will sort it out in the morning and I left the same time as the operations director and as we were leaving I was telling her about it and we were walking down the road chatting and all of a sudden she went oh my god look at the moon and I turned around and the moon was massive it was filling up the whole sky and she was taking selfies of herself and I was like oh I need a picture so I kept trying to take a picture of myself but every time I did I realised instead of holding my phone I was holding a magnifying glass

9 May 2024



It was a work dream about creating some kind of form for people to fill out. We were in a big, warehouse type building. At one point, we were going to have lunch and I noticed our table was completely different from others at the restaurant. It was like outdoor patio furniture with fluffy cushions on the seats. I donโ€™t remember who the other people were in my dream.

8 May 2024



I was at work with one of my coworkers, except the restaurant was a completely different place. It was almost like a house. There was a ladder that went up to a little part and I got stuck up there at one point because the ladder fell. My coworker Dustin got it for me and we made a joke about how I wasnโ€™t going to just stop what I was doing to come running to talk to one of the boss ladies. More of my dream took place in this house but I canโ€™t remember it all now.

7 May 2024

End of the world


I was very slowly sorting out jars of olives on a shelf at work. The song End of the World by Skeeter Davis was playing in the background over the store speakers in the weird disembodied way that the radio sounds over store speakers and that was it

7 May 2024



I had a dream that I was going to work. And after work they were dropping me off at my apartment but for some reason I thought it was 230 but it was 425 and once I was dropped off I walked and asked one of the neighbors and they drove me back home and I accidentally took my momโ€™s sleeping pills for some reason they were in a packet of coffee tablets when I found out I was upset because I had no idea what I was doing

7 May 2024

Roller coaster


Was at old work place that now had a rollercoaster. Coaster broke down so went inside to make money, picked up some off the ground and flashed for more. Exes mom was there faked seizures had someone call 911 and when I heard the sirens I woke up.

3 May 2024



I was at work, but my office was suddenly no longer a notary's office. We suddenly became a psychologist's office that focused on people who had just stopped smoking. A woman came to the office to talk to a psychologist. My colleague asked her if she had really stopped smoking, she took a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket and opened it to prove that it was empty. By this she meant that she had stopped smoking. She did say that she smoked while on the road because she couldn't resist. After work I went to town with Lotte. I then walked from central station to the city. I walked through Chinatown. Lotte and I then went shopping at an adidas store, and the store gave us a free goodie bag in the shape of a star. When we opened it there was a cardigan and a raincoat inside, which were very nice. Marijn had missed out on the items. A day later I was back in the city and walking through Chinatown again, I was supposed to babysit someone there. They were two blond children. They lived next to a factory that looked like a beer brewery, but they brewed chocolate there. The tank containing the liquid chocolate was moved. I then went inside to see the babysitting children. The boy was working with a tube, trying to blow something into it or suck something out of it. But it was too much for him and then he fainted. I had to help him then and was very stressed. Then my aunt and uncle, Hans and Nyam, were suddenly there and they turned out to be the parents of those children. So then I suddenly saw that they were just my nephew and niece. I then sat down on the couch with my aunt Nyam to chat. My nephew, David, then asked us if he could have a piece of candy. He then suddenly grabbed my bag for a sweet but I got stressed because there were cigarettes in my bag. I thought I brought it from work. But then there turned out to be no cigarettes in my bag.

1 May 2024



It seemed like I was at work but I working alone for an hour, which is usuall when work is slow and there's barely any customers. I was waiting for the other closer to come in. For the location where my work is it wasn't in it's usual place, it was by the highway and I saw my other coworker's car roll up but it looks like it stopped working in the middle of the intersection so she had to get out and run over to work. I wouldn't have blamed her if she tried to bring the car up and running again, even if it took an hour or so. She seemed a little annoyed from what was going on with her life. I told her that she can have a break since she came in on time and I noticed her behavior. She was relieved and took her ice cream, that she got from some fast food place, to the back of the store. Out of nowhere quite a few customers come in to get their cookies. My coworker heard the comostion and came to the front to help out. After that she went to the back to finish her ice cream. Apparently she didn't eat much of it and it looked like it was nearly gone. She was upset and I was kind enough to help her out and we went to JCW's to get her a new thing of ice cream. It was chocolate with Brownie bits. When we got to the restaurant and went through the drive through, without a car. From what I could hear from the person handling the drive through orders, the woman seemed a bit stressed and acted a bit crazy. Since I was paying I also got myself one and I wouldn't mind if it melted a bit from being in the fridge for too long.

30 Apr 2024

Building (Place)


Dreamed I was drinking lemmonaid at work. Desiring a massage. The building I work at is a chiropractor clinic with massage therapist. One walked by me while I was drinking lemmonaid.

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