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Dream Interpretation: Sister ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Sister? Discover the significance of seeing a Sister in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Sister appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

This is a symbol of connection or association, indicating the two opposing sides are somehow connected. For example, this could denote your real-life relationship with your sister or represent the balance between two sides of the same idea. Similar to how brother and sister are very different even though they come from the same parents, this signifies two sides of the argument or an idea.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


You may be re-evaluating your relationship with your family member or thinking about a specific aspect of your own sister that you would like to understand better, maybe even incorporate into your life. However, if the sister you see is not related to you, it may represent that you need to look at the more feminine side of an idea you are wrestling with or thinking about.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream about a sister can evoke a sense of familiarity, comfort, and connection. It may bring feelings of love, support, and companionship. This dream could also symbolize a desire for a closer relationship or a need for emotional support in waking life.





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Dreams of users containing the word Sister

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2 Apr 2024

Full Moon


My sister and I went to a spiritual class. In the class, it was just me, my sister, and the teacher, who was a younger looking lady, who made it apparent that we learn about the moon phases, specifically the full moon. After the class, my sister and I met a group of Asians who were very interested in learning more about us and our knowledge of Zen Buddhism.

30 Mar 2024



Mom and my sister were walking outside in our neighborhood after Thanksgiving. We approached a neighbor's house who had a TV outside. We decided to sit down, get comfortable, and watch some TV. We were laughing and having fun. It was nighttime.

21 Mar 2024

Having a baby


My second dream today was about me being in a house I didnโ€™t recognize, I woke up and got out of bed when I saw my sister whom I didnโ€™t recognize in the kitchen looking distraught, I was confused and she said she had a baby and had to get rid of it so she fried it and it was sitting in a little paper boat. I was taken aback when our dad also whom I didnโ€™t recognize came home and he came in before we could react and he was super mad so we ran and jumped into the car. We drove away to the store and threw it away there and then it goes a little blurry, but I was by myself walking home when I see a little group of band kids practicing their marching with the color guard to the right. They sounded and looked really awful and uncoordinated so I went up to the director and asked if I could join. She seemed confused but agreed and asked me what I played, I told her I play tenor sax, I was in guard and I was a percussionist and she was exstatic so I jumped into the group on the right which I didnโ€™t realize was the colorguard. But I helped, and joined them and it was awesome. I was woken up by my boyfriend calling me.

21 Mar 2024

High School


I was at a resort for some type of work conference. My baby sister Tomia from Milwaukee made a video call to me. I wasn't able to answer the video call so I did not answer the call. She called right back with a regular call and I was able to answer my cell phone. I talk to her and her daughter on the phone. We were having a good conversation catching up, learning about what she was doing in school, etc. Then we got disconnected, so she had to call me back. When she called back, it was a much better connection . Then there' was a guy that was in the eating area with me trying to clean. I had to work around that guy and then there was noise in the background so I put on my bluetooth earbuds to try to hear her better. For some reason her voice was coming through on the guy's iPhone. I had to disconnect the Bluetooth on his phone to hear her. I had a pretty good conversation with my 10 year old niece catching up on what she was doing in school and things like that. I had to get back to the conference. A young boy asked us to come and see the big stingray fish his dad caught. My colleague and I followedbhim and tried to enter the dad's press conference late. The dad's press conference was jammed packed. As we got there it was just ending. The lady in charge said no more questions even though we're trying to ask one question. We were disappointed we couldn't ask the question. the lady who was in charge of the conference asked me which sessions did I like the best. I had not attended any of the conference sessions the first two days. Instead I just enjoyed the resort activities. I watched some high school kids play and game the was a combination of softball, dodge ball and hide and seek. They played on a muddy surface and hid in an area that was densely populated with trees and bushes. I sat down and start looking at which sessions I wanted to attend on day 3 and day 4. I had to scan the QR code for each session I wanted to attend. Most of the good sessions were already full.

21 Mar 2024



Last night I dreamt that my sister and I went to a packed international stadium for a sports game and had so much fun

20 Mar 2024



Itโ€™s my sisterโ€™s birthday in 2 weeks, I had a dream about her birthday cake? I was making this 3 layer birthday cake for her last minute and it had lots of characters moulded into the cake.

18 Mar 2024



I dreamt I was at a resort to be with my sisterโ€™s family and all our kids, and I wanted to go on the tropical sliding board, but I kept missing them. I was tempted to go by myself, but thought thatโ€™d be selfish, so I took a nap in her penthouse resort room instead.

11 Mar 2024



Ocean was flooding everywhere we went to mosque to take shalter the sheikh was telling us to stay up here there would be no danger the water will not reach up here later the water start reaching I told my sisters and daughters letโ€™s go up

6 Mar 2024



I dreamed that me and my little sister were on the beach when we saw a man from far approach us. We quickly went away on our bikes. The man kept chasing us all throughout the city and no one really helped us. Eventually we reached a clothing store where they did help me and my little sister. They handcuffed the man. Ends well.

4 Mar 2024



I was fighting with somebody. I don't remember 100% who, but I think it was my sister. She made me cry about something and said she did it on purpose. I called her a bitch and told her "fuck off, respectfully. Trying not to be too mean." There were other people there but no one really said anything.

24 Feb 2024



i was at a mega church i used to belong to. i was scheduled to speak about Matthew 25 and being wise in the fear of the Lord and intimacy with Jesus; but it seemed to take forever to get to my part where i would speak. all of a sudden, i noticed no one was paying attention at all. my sister was sitting in the balcony, so i sat by her. she was trying very hard to pay attention and had a set of notes she handed me. she said something along the lines of โ€˜the pastor wanted you to see his notes;โ€ however, these mysterious notes were not given to me. i started trying to make my way to the pastor and briefly ask about the notes. it seemed to take a long time. everyone had the appearance they were engaged; but no one was listening! i eventually get to the pastor. by this time, people are actually talking while another former pastor is speaking, including the current pastor that iโ€™m trying to get instruction from before i speak. he literally began talking to me about chocolate in a joking manner. there was this feeling that the congregation was not ready to hear what i had to speak. then i woke up.

23 Feb 2024



I had a dream of this place, it was up in the hills, and for some reason I made sure to look around, there were like logs everywhere that were standing up and they were pointed at the top, almost like a gate around, but they were all around every building that was on each hill, and the hills were green, hilly, and brick, there were brick buildings on each hill, and I was on the very top, we were high up into the sky, and I remember when I looked and I looked at everything, I went into the building, because my sister called me, and then I had to lay on a brick bed, and hold on, and like, and it went down, down, I can't get out of there, and it stopped, and it stopped on a slant, with my feet in the air and my head heading down, I had, I switched, and then it was like, it was kind of like a staircase, so I went down the staircase, I saw my sister there, and then we were talking about seeing a fortune teller, that maybe we should go see one, can't remember why.

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