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Dream Interpretation: Aunt 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Aunt? Discover the significance of seeing a Aunt in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Aunt appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes a feminine archetype and maternal or female authority figure in your life. Family members in the dreams highlight qualities or aspects of yourself that you need to consider. This also signifies communication about some situation in your life that you need to address.

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🧭 Direction


Imagine that you are your aunt. What message would you be trying to communicate to yourself? What are the key features of your aunt's personality that you need to be thinking about? Perhaps you want to be more like this, or perhaps this is an area of conflict with those parts of yourself. There are valuable insights to be gained through this dream! Allow these parts of yourself to communicate the messages they need to express.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about an aunt may evoke feelings of familiarity, comfort, and support. It could symbolize a sense of family connection, guidance, or a reminder of cherished memories. This dream may bring about emotions of love, warmth, and a sense of belonging. It could also represent a desire for advice or guidance from a trusted figure in your life. Overall, the presence of an aunt in a dream may elicit positive and nurturing emotions.





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12 May 2024



I dream of going to my maternal aunt house I was passing through my mom's school where she teaches and two kids where there doing something and when I passed towards them they teasingly said hii and I also said hii weirdly but then they started cat calling me I got furious and abused slangs some words to them they got crazy and a started poking needles all over my body I was in pain all the needles were covered with blood . I started screaming but I couldn't then they started hurting with knives at last I balance myself and took them to maternal aunt house in the room where everyone was there even my dad I was embarrassed to tell them I got cat called by these kids and told everyone what they did to me then I don't remember them I dream of sinchan and his dad it's like I was watching cartoon on tv and I saw nanako didi the character that sinchan loves the most but she got deaf and we was doing some sign language with her hands she was doing something cool

5 May 2024



I had a dream of my aunt who died of cancer recently and I was preforming brain surgery to her and scraping gray crap out of her brain and throwing away. Then suddenly we were throwing her a party to celebrate her life, because we didn’t know if she was going to live. I was in a large room with a lot of people who were all waiting for my aunt to enter the room but I could see my aunt in another room with my my mother, her sister, and my grandmother, her mother. They were dancing to an old rock ‘n’ roll song but my grandmother was just watching my aunt and mother. They seemed genuinely happy.

2 May 2024



I was at my maternal aunt house all the other relatives were also their . I was wearing a green traditional dress which I hate the most . I went out It felt good . It was long road with no ending and surrounded by tall trees . I was with my male cousin when I crossed the tree area there was a river and people were enjoying their time . I tried to take some pics of the view but the face were turn out to be blur . I went back home and I suddenly had big bruise on my left side of face down of eye and everyone was worried and asking me how it happened

26 Apr 2024



I go back in the house, and my clean/dry cats follow. I sit in the living room And my aunt holds my boy cat. She wants to give him a bath, but all she has is dish soap. She puts a little in him to make sure it doesn’t hurt him. It doesn’t, however im allergic to it. I touch the soap and bumps appear on my hands. So I quickly run to wash them. My mom is allergic too, but she can’t get up. She asks me to hand her baby whipes in the cabinet. I open the pantry, no whipes. “No, the cabinet on the fireplace” I walk to the fireplace. No cabinets or wipes. “No. Don’t you see the cabinet here? In the middle” I look at this large mirror with a glass fireplace in the middle of it, and two cabinets on either side. A package of baby wipes are on top of the cabinet, by the fire. I give them to her and walk out the door. My dad and brother want to go riding on their motorcycles. I get on the back of my brother’s motorcycle and we drive off. I can’t seem to stay all the way on the bike. A cool breeze keeps lifting me up. Someone passing us lets me know there are two birds on the right shoulder of my jacket. When I look for them, they fly away and a small chipmunk crawls from under my sleeve. I make myself sit down as we make a very sharp/fun turn. We’re driving down a road with beautiful hanging orange leaves, like willow trees. The canopy is so dense it blocks the sky completely. And purple orchids are blooming off the orange tree vines. The softly Betsy brush my face and body.., I feel light and safe. We make another sharp turn and stop at a tourist sight. My dad says hey proud of me for not falling if the bike. They show me a giant cabinet with multiple similar souvenirs, and I see a blue clock I like. My mom will get it for me. She's happy I got outside.

20 Apr 2024



I went to my aunt's new house which was just of my liking and it was as big as resort .

17 Apr 2024



I had a dream I was having awkward sex with my aunt who had a penis. We were in a car at the beach in the middle of the day. I was very uncomfortable but I didn't say anything because I was probably horny

1 Apr 2024



I had a dream I was walking somewhere with a hijab on I went and sat down in a chair by my classmate when a lady with a hijab said it’s not the right way to put it on so I took it off to show my messy her I asked her did the hijab afend her she said yes then after the show I got up and walked out to a hallway where I seen people waiting on a elevator I needed to get on but I seen my ex boyfriend coming my way so I took off my heels and ran to the stair way I rain down I thought it was more stairs tilll I seen a dark black stair way so I came up 1 stair way and opened the door on the other side was a different place I had to jump to the other side I turned around to see I jumped out a plane door and I had slammed it. Seen I was in a place( I hall) I was grabbing stuff to pack with me then I seemed to get horny I was looking and seen a vibrater I took started to use it but then I started to bleed from my legs the floor was white and my aunt was coming so I hide it then I pulled my dress down I took a cup that was fimilar in my bag

26 Mar 2024

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Make up


Me, my cousins, my 2 aunts, my friend Luke, aand my ex boyfriend were all on a long flight together. I thought we were all flying to a tropical destination. But 8 hours later we land in New York City and we’re actually going to Randall’s Island for a music festival not a tropical island. But now we had to come up with a story for why we were in NYC and didn’t tell our friend Kaitlyn who lives there. So we made up a story and told Kaitlyn it was a last minute trip, she believed it. Luke was also in a fight with a different friend and I was the mediator. My ex boyfriend was also there and he was trying to convince me he slept well on the flight but I did the believe him and it was obvious he didn’t.

23 Mar 2024



My aunt getting rapped

17 Mar 2024

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I had a dream that I had two phones that were going off at the same time in the beginning of my dream I was trying to get some mail or something and my mom texted me saying I had a new screen protector for my phone even though I already had one. I was also in my apartment but once again the setting was different , I got to see the other parts of my apartment and my aunt came over to help me with something along with my family. We were laughing because I had completely forgotten that she planned on helping me out with this. Go downstairs to see a whole basement and somebody was watching, Ed Ed and Eddy. My alarms wouldn’t stop going off from both phones and it was driving me nuts later on I started watching my favorite horror movie saw and the fictional character. Adam was in it. I remember wandering around in different apartment rooms. One of them was watching The Simpsons was watching something different and I found that they were watching Saw two I got really excited about it

11 Mar 2024



I was in my late aunts house. I was told to go through her stuff and take what I want. I walked through the hall to find a large chest of drawers. All of the drawers were locked. I reached in my pocket and found the key. I opened the first drawer and found stacks of $100 bills. Upon closer inspection, I found that the bills were all counterfeit. I opened the second drawer and found a bunch of old coins and they were all fake also. Each of the drawers were filled to the brim with fake money. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my aunt standing in the doorway. I looked over to her and she disappeared

5 Mar 2024



Me and my auntie and cousins were on holiday in the Baleriac Islands, Spain. We were driving in a red car along a winding grey and yellow road and looking at the scenery out the window, which was of a blue sea and white/ beige rocks with shrubs, sparkling in the sunlight. I thought the place looked familiar, so I asked auntie Vivien if this place was Menorca, since we'd been there before. But she shook her head and said no...I think this place is called Marina? And then I remembered where she was trying to remember and I went mean Minora? And she was like, yes, Minora, that's where we are, even though a Baleriac island called Minora doesn't even exist in real life. We got to our hotel, got out the car and went to find our room. We went in our room and it was really weird. The room was square and very small, there was a bed and a bunch of dark wooden tables, and there was a lot of furniture in the room so we had to walk sideways in it. We went to our balcony (which was actually just a window with a railing) opened the window and looked at the view. The view was of the Viking Bus Station car park in Lerwick, and it seemed like we were above the Raba restaurant across the road, which was really weird since we were supposed to be on holiday in 'Minora'. We then went down to the ground floor of the hotel and out the door, and it was true, we were standing outside the Raba restaurant in Shetland. We were all really disappointed and confused as to how we'd ended up back in Shetland, but then we just had to go with it, and we walked down the road towards the street.

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