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Dream Interpretation: Grandmother 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Grandmother? Discover the significance of seeing a Grandmother in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Grandmother appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol signifies someone who plays the role well of a wise woman in your life. Think about your own relative; what are their greatest strengths? What are their weaknesses? Your mind is using them as a symbol to give you wisdom and insight into your life. This particularly symbolizes feminine wisdom and patient care.

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🧭 Direction


Be patient and caring with yourself and others; learn from the feminine wisdom inside of you. Your femininity holds the keys to the wisdom that is derived from patience and experience. But, on the other hand, your mind may also be missing the experience of feeling your own grandmother close and giving you your heart's desire by letting you visit them in your dream.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about a grandmother evokes feelings of nostalgia, comfort, and love. It symbolizes a connection to the past, family bonds, and wisdom. This dream may bring a sense of warmth and security, reminding us of cherished memories and the guidance of our elders. It can also represent a desire for support and guidance in our waking life. Overall, the dream about a grandmother elicits emotions of fondness and a longing for the familiar.





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13 May 2024



I was at my grandmother's house who I lived with until I was 11 and my dad was sitting down and I haven't seen him in a while because we're going through a really rough time with our relationship rn and I started crying and was scared to move

8 May 2024



My last dream was about my grandmother who passed away almost 10 years ago. I saw her and I didn’t want to loose her in sight and kept hugging her tightly wanting to not let go. I asked her why she doesn’t visit more often and she responded if that’s what we wanted.

5 May 2024



As I walked past the plant section I stepped into a new dream. I was sitting in my grandma’s kitchen when they told me I had to go visit with family so I got up and went slightly down the hall when I saw this little person tormenting slightly large bugs. (The act of going up and down the hall was like completely changing location and setting, although you notably remained in the same house.) I was a bit confused but brushed it off, beginning to walk past when my grandmother told me I should stick up for family. I looked at the large purplish winged bugs, knowing that she meant them, but couldn’t see how on earth those were people. After deciding I don’t have the right to discriminate, I reluctantly went to protect the little creatures. Suddenly a person slowly hung down from the ceiling, possibly for a sneak attack but they were immediately and easily spotted, and more people emerged to attempt attacking and hopefully killing the little beings but were very easily thwarted. Pretty soon I no longer saw them as a threat and noticed that they couldn’t harm the mini fairy like people anyway so I went back to my seat. Now I’m on a long white platform surround by endless water. I went into a room (that was originally either mine or my friends but now belonged to some high classed guy,) to deliver two small gifts. I set the gifts down and walked out then walked back in to rearrange them while he sat there studying me and nearly began to complain about my actions but stopped when he realized he actually liked what I was doing. Upon that it was understood that we were now close friends. I sat on a counter that was built like the side of a bathtub for a while and watched as time passed. The guy moved farther down the white concrete walkway, beyond a big, beautiful set of designed, wooden doors. It was also understood that I now lived there as a higher up too. People were standing around in the now lit room I was sitting in when I began rummaging through my bag, throwing full sets of clothes out into a tiny island of water that now exists just in front of my feet. Someone I supposedly knew commented on my actions, noting that my clothes were nice, but they hoped I wasn’t going through with my plan to get into the door, especially since our people already had just as much territory as the people beyond the doors did. Suddenly all of the people standing on the long, wide pathway connecting where I was to the door were understood to be our rivals, only there to guard the door. The person also added that I didn’t have the proper attire to blend in with them so I asked what they thought that black leather jumpsuit I pulled out was for. (The people were dressed normally so I’m not sure why that detail was added in.) Accepting that the jumpsuit was actually an amazing disguise they backed down and just wished for me to be careful. I started to change my clothes into an outfit I didn’t even pull out of the bag earlier, realized I was running out of time, and just went out halfway changed. At first I blended in perfectly, so perfectly in fact that I was recalled to be everyone’s lifelong friend, but then someone was like “Wait… But she’s not one of us.” Then there was an all out turf war, one that apparently I could’ve handled all on my own, but no one even really tried to attack me. I just stood there for a second, in a mildly confused and offended daze. Not offended that they didn’t attack me, but offended that they didn’t remember that not only am I one of them but I’m also a lot higher up on the food chain than them, almost like royalty. The door cracked open and I could tell that the head of their group was also upset and offended by them not recognizing me, and wanted to call me over (-the head being the high class guy from earlier, whom I’m very close friends with,) But I just stood there until someone finally ran at me, so then I began effortlessly whipping them out. Everyone survived though… It was more like a brawl than anything else honestly. Anyway the end of the dream was a bit hazy but that was around the time it ended.

28 Apr 2024



we started bringing stray cats onto our porch cause when we got rid of the one that was mean to my cat Kirby we just started finding more and each one that showed up I asked if they were mean to Kirby but they weren't, but there was like 10 other cats that were all friends with Kirby and we talked about getting them spayed and neutered, and then we went out to mow the lawn together for some reason, and then like halfway through it I saw a husky and I went to pet it but then I noticed there was a person with the dog so I stopped and she had her kid with her and when I turned the corner there were some other kids too, and they were looking at pumpkins my grandma had planted between my room and the porch, there were a few different types, and one of the kids took one and my grandma talked about needing to take good care of the pumpkins for the kids so appreciate they were supposed to do that, I asked about a pumpkin exchange as we walked to the front door because there was a blue painted one left on the front step for us, and then the real Kirby woke me up.

27 Apr 2024



My grandmother came into my dreams and before I could speak to her lighting struck and it woke me up out my dream and I've never been able to talk to my grandmother since.

6 Apr 2024



I was at my grandmas house, the house she was at when I was a child, it was night and I remember the den was a mess and my grandma was sleeping, she has passed. I wasn’t there alone but I couldn’t see who it was there with me but I was frantically moving from room to room cause I couldn’t breathe. When I got to the bathroom I looked in the mirror and began pulling water balloons and popcorn out of my nose. Some of the water balloons were popping and water was pouring out of my mouth and nose. The man was behind me while I was doing this, I knew it was a man because he was holding me from behind and I could feel his “manhood”. Then I woke up

31 Mar 2024



I am standing in the yard of my grandma in my mothers side with my sister and my cousin amber and my cousin Courtney. The house is a light blue, the grass is a vibrant green and the large tree to the right of the house is blooming. My ex boyfriend Tyler appears in the yard. He began bleeding from his mouth, eyes and ears without saying a word. As I begin to panic and rush toward him, he bursts into flames. dream ends abruptly.

30 Mar 2024



I had a dream that my grandpa called me and my grandma saying he was hurt and ne needed help and I knew he was dying, I don't know what happened but he was hurt and my grandma hung up and didn't do anything. I was so upset at my grandma and yelling at her because he died and it was her fault cause she hung up on him and I was really sad.

23 Mar 2024



I had a dream where I went out for dinner with my uncle, cousin, grandma and grandad but I was crying the entire time and being moody. Eventually, everyone was on their way home except for me and my cousin and when we was walking home we found some weed and decided to smoke it. We got home and my uncle was being really weird

22 Mar 2024

Black Dog


I dreamed I was with my grandma and I video recorded in the dream me getting close to this door and a evil spirit that sounded like a little girl told me to “back away from the door” and I had to remember my dogs where in the same room and the spirit so eventually I got my dogs even a black dog that was my dog until I got up to it because it was too scared to move looking in the corner and that’s when it went from my dog to a dark black n smoky dog.

21 Mar 2024



My grandmother was on her recliner and didn't hear me when I called for her. I went to her into her room to asked if she heard me,I get ignored, I say hello, then she turns her head towards me andwas smiling pointing at the closet saying she's in there

20 Mar 2024



The dream started out with me in Silver Bay. I was inside Grandma and Grandpa's house like the normal dreams I have there, only this dream felt more drearier, like there was even a different hue to the dream. The dream started in the kitchen, and then I was walking around and the place just felt like deserted, like there was almost no one in there, so I decided to go outside. When I got outside, there was random people there, and I yelled out, hey did you miss me? I don't remember who the people were though, precisely. But they were standing around right out in the front yard. Then I decided I was going to try clearing the sky because it was an overcast sky, so I was trying to make it sunny out and make all the clouds go away. I tried pulling on the clouds to pull them down and get rid of them, but it wasn't really working very well. Then I saw someone else pulling the clouds in and they cleared a spot way up in the clouds and you could see like it's a beautiful night sky. So I started doing it. Then they started putting the clouds into a paper shredder to get rid of them. Then one of the people started pulling in a planet, it was up in the sky, and they kept pulling it closer and closer, but they pulled it too close, and suddenly it caused the gravity of the planet to shift, and suddenly myself and everyone else started getting sucked up into the sky, into the other planet, and we were just getting vortexed around out in outer space, and we were just flying around, being pulled by this invisible vortexing energy, and we were flying by like stars, and planets in different shapes, or like pyramids, and just like all these crazy cool things that we were just like flying right through, like out in space, and a lot of the people were scared. There was this one lady, I went and I grabbed her when I was in space, and I told her not to worry because it was just a dream, and I told her you can tell because like we were able to breathe out in outer space, and then another person randomly made a comment on that saying, well this is certainly something that's going on. So I just continued flying in space like being pulled by this invisible vortex through the cosmos and suddenly I popped out on the other end and I just popped into another scene almost like I was riding some kind of an amusement ride. There was this man and this woman on the other end and I just made a comment I was like oh so this is what's at the end of the end of the rainbow and they said yep and kind of giggled at it. I noticed when I stood up and then I was walking around with these two people that I was filled with sand. I had sand all over me and I was trying to get it off. I was taking off all my different clothes and stuff and trying to shake them off. There were a few other people that gradually popped out of this supposed cosmic roller coaster type ride behind me, and then the dream progressed to being in a sort of kitchen area with this man, and this girl, and then another woman. It seemed like it was a married couple and their younger daughter. Younger daughter was younger and attractive. They sort of gave us all like a type of almost like physical inspection and then put us in different clothes and we were all like gathering together. Then the woman, the older woman, said something about giving me three of her best memories that were coming up and one of the memories was something about getting through a week's worth of dishes.

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