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Dream Interpretation: Choking 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Choking? Discover the significance of seeing a Choking in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Choking appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This is a symbol that your spiritual freedom and self-expression are blocked. This suggests that something in your life is choking you, your connection, and your character. Be warned; this can also be a "physical dream," which means you have trouble breathing while asleep and should see your doctor to determine if you have sleep apnea.

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🧭 Direction


Find what is choking your expression, spirituality, and communication. Clear the obstacles that are keeping you silent and in fear of expressing your honest communication. The troubles and anxieties of your waking life are choking your spiritual freedom, and this needs to be addressed immediately.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of choking can evoke feelings of fear, panic, and helplessness. It may symbolize a sense of being overwhelmed or suffocated in some aspect of your life. This dream can also reflect suppressed emotions or difficulties in expressing oneself. The feeling of struggling to breathe can create a sense of vulnerability and anxiety. It is important to explore the specific context and emotions surrounding the dream to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning.





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Dreams of users containing the word Choking

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6 Jun 2024



okay so this was a very intense dream first it started like this I dreamed me and my husband were at a place we booked to stay it was like a mansion it was really beautiful this mansion I don't know where it is but it was it was something out of a Victorian novel we were in awe at this place and me and my husband we really liked what it looked like so we met the owner of this place we didn't like him he had a girl servant that he didn't treat nicely and the dynamic between them made me and my husband feel really uncomfortable especially the way the guy treated her the owner treated this lady servant awfully and she seemed like a broken jittery mess and as me and my husband we stayed there we got to do with her she helped in the kitchen and in the rooms but we wanted to do something about the situation but we couldn't do anything about the situation it was really awkward anyway sooner or later there was another guy I think it was the owner the brother of the owner he was a little bit different taller and stronger yeah he hung around we didn't have a lot to do with him and that was bad then the dream skipped and I knew I was in trouble my husband wasn't with me but I got this feeling he was supposed to come and get me and I just had to keep waiting for him until he came and rescued me so what I remember next was I was running from the guy's brother the guy that we didn't have a lot to do with and somehow we made this room as a distraction it was like the red room and I ran through this room and as he followed me he started laughing and around each corner it's such a weird room that betrayed his personality there were pigs and goats talking in his voice and then he laughs and there were portraits of him painted upon the walls and that also the portraits moved and talked anyway then the dream skipped where I was in a corral where they where they auctioned sheep and livestock but at this point I seemed very tired and in this point of the dream I knew that my husband and somebody else was supposed to come to deliver meat and we were waiting for the meat delivery as an exchange so that I would be alright and so this guy couldn't catch me but I was very tired at this point and I was crawling around in the sand and manure this guy was on top of me he caught me but I fought back I scratched him and kicked him but he liked it and he kept talking he was very strong I couldn't fight him he kept talking about his brother and the lady servant that he would never he would never have a girlfriend or a wife like that that's totally broken he likes girls like me that's more feisty and not broken it's a personality that he likes and then he laughs and pins me down with his hands on my shoulders and then he started to do not so nice things but I turned away and not let his skin touch me and then there was a sound and it was my husband and the other guy that finally delivered the meat the guy that was assaulting me started laughing and asked why did you guys take so long or something like that and then out of nowhere at the other side there his brother pops up and I just I was overcome with renewed energy at this side of the brother that did the awful things to the lady servant and I jumped over there I just jumped on top of him and started choking him and scratching him and my husband started screaming at me no don't do it you're tired you're gonna pass out and the other two started laughing and that's basically what I can remember about this dream

2 Jun 2024



I had a dream where I was in the show Euphoria, I was doing drugs with Rue, and my crush and I had a relationship like Nate and Maddy but he taught me how to use Bitcoin and Kat became an pornhub star but me and my crush Liz were arguing and then he choked me and we had sex and he brought me a dress as an apology.

7 May 2024



I was sitting outside with my mom and two Indian gurus. One guy and one girl. I was sitting next to the guy and he had a very big presence. I remember he wrapped a white blanket around us both and put his arm around me. His presence made me feel comfortable and calm and empowered. He felt like such a nice guy. His wife, who was also a guru, was wrapped in a white cloth and she was guiding us through some spiritual wisdom. I started to notice that as I looked at her face, I was able to see areas where she had no skin and her skeleton was exposed. Her presence was very wise as well, I remember feeling she was almost out of this world. The same thing with the male guru who had his arm around me. I noticed that the big toe had a gaping hole where you can see straight to his bone but yet neither one was bothered by it. Out of nowhere, a big canopy naturally occurred above us And there were people sitting down around us, it looked like we were all getting ready for a big meditation when all of a sudden a girl started choking and was asking for assistance. I didn't know how to do CPR But I rushed to her side to ensure that she was supported. My mom, who is a flight attendant, said she can try. She tried her best, but it didn't work, and she passed on the responsibility to another guy. We were working on reviving her, as she was becoming flat from no oxygen. There were little improvements and I was telling the girl, you can do this, we love you, you got this, and all of a sudden someone else revived from this girls body. It wasn't her, but it was out of her body and we let the original body go. After this scene, it was nighttime and I started walking back to where I was staying. A big crowd of young people were also walking and it was really crowded as we were attempting to navigate the crowd. I ran into a couple bigger guys who were frustrated with me and saying I was pushing them and trying to cause a scene. I eventually got away from them and it was just me and this other guy who I wasn't familiar with. That said, even though we were sort of lost walking alone at night. We were having fun with each other laughing and joking and eventually we were cutting through a high school stadium and the football field was lit up. Me and him started tossing a football with each other laughing and joking and catching it was fun and then the dream ended.

1 May 2024



I dreamed that my boyfriend choked me in a negative manner with a some beads but didn't kill me. We was in this weird alternate reality where everything was like imaginary things were impossible happening. I was crying and so sad and my boyfriend acted like nothing ever happened after he tried to kill me it seemed like by choking me but letting up just before it was too late. The feeling I got on my neck when the beads were pressed against it was so strange a feeling I never felt before.

14 Apr 2024



My mom choked me

9 Apr 2024

Throwing up


We were in a childcare center and a toddler began to choke while the teacher was changing them. The toddler was choking on gold fish. I began to press my fingers on the child’s throat twice and the teacher pulled the toddler close and pressed her finger on the toddler once and the toddler threw up. They were safe. I felt great saving a toddler while choking.

8 Apr 2024



I was with some friends and we were walking thought this place that was sort of a mix between a house and an apartment building. We were checking out different rooms and some were too messy and we said how we wouldn’t stay there and some rooms we said were too small. We also found some clothes and decided to take them and wear them. Then some of us ended up walking to this common room type area. There were a good amount of people and a bunch of them I had seen earlier in my dream but didn’t know, some I knew and some were strangers. There was this dude that set up parties or something and he was talking to people. At some point some people took some edibles and I asked if I wanted one and I said no because I quit weed since it made me anxious. I still hung out with them and we walked to the woods or something and just explored. It started to become a nightly thing where we all gathered and people would drink and do drugs. We all sort of lived in that big area where I first met everyone and there were all the clothes and food we needed. At first all I would do was drink alcohol but I started to join in when they did acid and other pills. It was fun but I also didn’t know if I was making the right decision doing them. Everyone else was all the time though so I thought it would be fine. I would get up the next day and barely remember anything from the night before. Some days I had absolutely no recollection of the previous day. I was having fun but I also didn’t like how I was always out of it and never remembered anything. We had a poll on where to have some big party and we decided on a big party in the woods. We were all drinking and stuff but then for some reason the party became a competition and we were fighting some people but I don’t remember why. We didn’t fight everyone just certain people. I remember me and one of my friends were talking to the main guy and there were two dudes we were competing agains and both of our groups wanted to win. I decided I wanted to get it over with so I put one of them in a choke hold and we started fighting. I would be winning for a minute then he would be winning for a tiny bit but I ended up doing better as I could grab him from behind and stop him from moving. The right ended when I knocked him over and slammed something on his head and broke his nose. The other people were impressed and I was like, I think I broke my finger, oh well. Then everything went back to how it had been and it turned into nightly parties after that again and everyday felt like a blur. I couldn’t remember what happened when and where we were each night. We would go to cool places and party in mansions or at concerts. After a while the parties sort of stopped and we were apparently supposed to decide what we would be doing from now on. Like what we would be doing with our life. Everyone was splitting up and I was sad. Some people could go with one person from the group but some people had to go alone. There were a bunch of different tables with people at them sort of like a career fair but we had to end up choosing one. Some choices would be something like fly to different places often, never have a specific home because you’re always traveling. One was like working on boats by the woods we had a party at and stay in the area. One was joining the main dude in charge and help him prepare parties. One was an astronaut and go into space and leave earth behind. They were all really weird and there ended up being a point system or voting to decide what you get. I didn’t have as many points as some people so I didn’t get to pick first and I was stressed because I didn’t want to do any of the options but I had no choice.

7 Apr 2024



i was in the kitchen trying to eat or drink something, and i started choking on mucus. i ran outside to the shed where my mom and bonus dad were, and i was holding my throat while struggling to breathe, and they just sat there and watched me as they continued their conversation. i leaned over my moms lap signaling her to help me, and she rolled her eyes and put her hand on my back, as she was searching for something out of the toolbox. she took what looked like a hammer out and started pounding my back with it, with the handle side. i remember slowly fading away as if i was dying.

6 Apr 2024



I went to bed, and I fell asleep, obviously, and then I must have started dreaming or whatever, and so there I was, dreaming, but I'm awake now, but I'm in the same bedroom where I was asleep, and now it's like I am up in the corner of the room, looking down on myself as I sleep, and so there I was, a fly on the wall, but me, looking down on myself, I'm sleeping on my bed. Okay, so then all of a sudden, I look over to the, I guess my right, and I look down, and I could see this mass, this dark mass, that forming, kind of coming up under the door and up all, like, onto the wall, and it was creeping, like, you know, and it was making its way slowly to where I was laying, and it came up onto the bed. This is all, like, taking a while, and it comes over me in my sleep, as I'm watching myself sleep, like, you know, and as I was sleeping, all of a sudden, I can see this black mass start going into, like, as I'm breathing, it's like I'm breathing it in, and then, and then, and then, I'm watching this happen, but then all of a sudden, I wake up from my dream, night terror, whatever you want to call it, and I was choking, I woke up choking, and I sat, I was sitting up exactly how I had seen myself in this dream, and it was so weird, it was so weird, I don't know, like, I, like, it made me cry, and I don't even know if, like, I don't know if that was even a dream, or if, if that is, if there's paranormal, or I had an outer body experience, I don't know, so maybe you can decipher it, but at that point, I had had night terrors for, like, three, four years in a row, anytime, anytime I fell asleep, I would have terror, terror, it was always terrors, so, I don't know, maybe you can help me analyze that one, it was the freakiest thing that ever happened to me, and, and it was in my dream, I guess.

25 Mar 2024



Dreamed I lived on a planet that was attacked by aliens. At first I had help and was gathered to a high ranking officer's compound where they gave me a huge room and said I'd be safe. However, everyone was alarmed and the refugees were worried they'd die. I was in the big room when a couple of maids came into the room. Suddenly we were attacked by two green pugs and two white ones, but they had long alien tongues that tried hitting us. Somehow we killed thtwo green ones, and I had to dodge the attack of one white pug and then had to choke out both pugs, which made me feel guilty. After that I had a plan to fight the aliens. I went downstairs and told someone but no one believed me. I left to do it on my own and found something like a futuristic motorcycle. I was attacked by a huge bot and it was really sad and kept running after me and shooting grenades at me. It finally self destructed and took out the door of a shop I was nearby with it.vI got out unscathed and went back to the high officer's building and talked to a lady. She told me it was my ex who sent the bot after me but since I survived, I was fine. I got angry and started yelling at them when her said it didn't matter because she had like billions of dollars through her buisness. I was like good for you! I was almost murdered because you helped my ex! And she goes, "Well what if I pay you half a million dollars?" And I think for a second and say "Can you give me a pension?" And she says "Abolutely! Just talk to my coworker!" And I calm down and say "Sure, I suppose." And then I wake up.

24 Mar 2024



I was on the elevator at work trying to get to my floor but the buttons were not working. The doors closed and I wad stuck. I kept pressing any buttons to get somewhere, or to get the doors to reopen but the only floors I could get them to go to are the executive level and the janitorial floors. The doors opened on the executive level, and I was nervous, not wanting to get in trouble le for being on the wrong floor. The doors opened just wide enough for me to see someone behind a desk, whim I nodded at before allowing them to close again. I pressed the emergency call Hutton and got an operator as I frantically kept pushing buttons. The next level that it allowed me to access was a floor called Radiance Lounge. As I explain all of this to the operator she tells me I'm going to need to talk to the building engineer, whose name is Joe. "What floor are you heading to?" She asks. I tell her the name of the floor is Radiance, and the door open - she says "he's on this floor" and tells me to "run" so I can catch him. I bolt off the elevator realizing I don't know where to find him, or what he looks like - my run slows to a pace as I keep going towards the opposite side of the building hoping I see him. I pass through the large Radiance lounge area passing a man seated at a table having lunch. He grabs me and will not let me pass. He does not think I belong here. He will not let me explain. Suddenly a man sitting at a table next to him starts to choke on something he ate. I rush to assist him and dislodge the thing choking him. I. Sit down while he is recovering and see myself for the first time. I'm dressed up in goth clothing, a black Misfits band t shirt and wearing the same skull makeup. I start to explain to the two men who I'm looking for. They re now on mu side and we are a team. I am someone different now though and I am in a costume that is half goth and half farm Boy. I explain that this will help me meet more people's expectations if im able to be two different things and we all head out in search of the engineer, Joe.

16 Mar 2024

New Job


I was in a new kind of school for people who cant make it in regular schools. My mom was a teacher there. I could levitate. I was only there because im bad with homework and it made me no graduate before. I was helping with special needs students and one put me in a choke hold.

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