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Dream Interpretation: Bestie 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Bestie? Discover the significance of seeing a Bestie in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Bestie appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of your best friend symbolizes your need for support and companionship. It may also represent your desire for someone to confide in or share your thoughts with. Alternatively, it may indicate that you are seeking qualities in yourself that your best friend possesses.

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🧭 Direction


Think about the qualities that your best friend possesses that you admire. Try to incorporate those qualities into your own life. Also, consider reaching out to your best friend for support and guidance in your waking life. Remember to reciprocate the same level of support and companionship to your friend as well.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of your bestie may evoke feelings of happiness, comfort, and a sense of deep connection. It signifies the importance of friendship and the positive emotions associated with having a close bond with someone. It may also bring about feelings of nostalgia and longing for the presence of your bestie in your life.





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4 Mar 2024



my ex, archie was walking me round a shop with me on my hands and knees holding me by my throat (christian grey style) we were going after faith (my friend) while she was stealing socks, i met my mum at a ferris wheel and we went round that with nellie ( my baby sister) but i didn’t realise it was a ferris wheel. i ended up at home then i looked at archie’s private story and he was back friends with faith and skye (one of his friends) betraying me because i’d told him what they’re like and not to be friends with them but he was posting on his snap things like besties with them, I also recorded some nude videos he asked for and they popped up on my phone but it was after id seen his story so i got angry and deleted them. then i went and cried to mother and for some reason told her about the videos but she seemed fine with it

22 Feb 2024



I was at my old school that my bestie goes to. I got to see him again, and I was so happy. I love him a lot and I even love him more then a friend way. I was so happy to see him and then I remembered that I'm in a relationship with someone else that I love a lot. My bestie Quan asked about my feelings for him especially because I'm in a relationship. I told him that I love them both and I didn't want to let either of them go. Then somehow my boyfriend Latique came into the dream. I told him about my feeling for him and my bestie.

1 Feb 2024



I went to a hockey practice and forgot a sports top and my mom wouldn’t go get one, then I had a bad practice. Then I went to some random persons house and they had some extreme stairs that were covered in stuff and it was very hard to get down, then I had to use a shower that wasn’t private. I remembered I had school then my moms bestie texted me asking me my fav hype song.

17 Dec 2023



So I was at a japenese school as always but today for some reason I was asked to come to meet my phisics teacher in the library. He told me that some horrible supernaturals were in the school disguised as students, teachers and random people and that they were killing a lot of people lately so he gave me some kind of weird machine that looked like a thermometer and suddenly disappeared. So after 3 long days I've had a bunch of adventures to find the imposters... oh and a little detail! My friends were killed by these monsters and I had to find them for that exact reason... It hurted so much to think that my joyful besties could die... So one day while I was in the hallway my machine started bipping like crazy! But it was my favorite teacher with some blood so I took my knife and confronted her but I didn't kill her I couldn't because she asked me for a favor... To come back home and have a dinner with her kids one last time... She was crying so I couldn't say no... But that same day, when I was walking home my machine started bipping like a maniac again?! I sighted and it was near that one nice girl's house: so I called some friends and faked a story so they could leave us stay the night. We had weapons of course... But they asked us to leave our backpacks outside! I mean who does that seriously?! Well then after a really fast check I was sure they were all the monsters it hurted me to kill my last friend but I had to... So I decided to act as if I was sick and fainted after telling my plan to the others of course they would rush outside then and instead of bringing medicine they would buy weapons or call 911 it depends if there's a weapon seller somewhere but that's it I woke up then...

6 Nov 2023

My crush


In my dream, I was at my Aunt's with my cousins and we were in the garage. Just looking through stuff. In the dream, my aunt had a cat but in my dream, I knew she didn't have one IRl. The cat was nice at first but when I tried to pet the cat it scratched me. My aunt said it was just hungry and the cat food was coming with the Walmart online order she ordered. A while later it came back and the cat food was the first thing I grabbed so I could feed the cat. Then I was moved to another dream where I was at the festival and they had rides, games, and concessions. I was with family and my sisters friends and one of my friends that I used to have a crush on was there with a another friend. We decided to merge groups and we explored the festival. After that everyone was ushered to this giant Amphitheater for karaoke. My friend who I had a crush on Sat next to me but she saw her friend sitting alone and sat with her. The show started and everyone took seats and the first person came up. They sang some old-school rock song but had backup dancers which made the performance cool and he got off when he was done. The next guy sang a song from the beastie boys which had backup dancers as well. Next this lady come up to talk to me and check if I wanted to sing so I said yes and I followed her into a building with twist and turns and eventually got into a room which resembled a classroom mixed with doctor's office. They said this room was an interview room for the karaoke. She handed me a piece of paper and told me to look at the camera and answer the questions and gave me another paper that asks questions about who I am. I couldn't read them because the text was jumbled up and in cursive and I realized I was dreaming and woke up.

31 Oct 2023



I met my friend and his girlfriend for the first time. I was staying at house house which was literally my house. I woke up and his girlfriend was in the bathroom and she was rather distant with me and I could tell she didn't like me. I then later hear them arguing about me and the fact that I'm a woman friend. However when I went downstairs she started to warm up to me instantly and started to act like we were besties. Meanwhile my friend was playing his games.

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