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These can be very painful dreams; however, there is a reason your mind will go through these experiences. Such a dream simply signifies the unprocessed emotions left over from a hard day that needs to vent out so you can be at peace. That is why these are called "Venting Dreams". We can also have this type of dream when our mind is afraid and is replaying traumatic events hoping to find new ways to keep you safe.

🧭 Direction

Learn to process these experiences and emotions while you are awake so that you do not take them into your dreams. Talk with a mental health professional, work on yourself and grow. By learning to become aware of emotional conflict inside of yourself and accepting all parts of you, you will find peace again.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a nightmare evokes intense fear, anxiety, and distress. It leaves a person feeling unsettled, overwhelmed, and helpless. Nightmares often bring a sense of dread, terror, and unease, leaving a lasting impact on one's emotions. The experience can be deeply disturbing, causing a person to wake up in a state of panic and uneasiness.

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