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Dream Interpretation: Marijuana 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Marijuana? Discover the significance of seeing a Marijuana in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Marijuana appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This is a symbol that you are craving relaxation and an enriched spiritual experience. This also suggests that you may be using substances as a substitute for more profound self-development and spiritual growth. It also indicates that you are trying to gain a new perspective in life.

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🧭 Direction


Prioritize yourself, your development, and your growth in life. However, it cannot replace the work that it takes to develop who you are. Find ways to slow down, relax and feel grounded in your identity while gaining new perspectives.

❤️ Feelings

This dream may evoke feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and a sense of escape from reality. It could also bring about curiosity, intrigue, and a desire for exploration. The presence of marijuana in a dream may symbolize a need for stress relief or a desire for a more carefree and laid-back lifestyle. It could also represent a longing for freedom and a break from the constraints of daily life. Overall, this dream may leave one with a sense of tranquility and a yearning for a more relaxed state of mind.





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Dreams of users containing the word Marijuana

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25 May 2024



Had a dream someone took my marijuana and ketamine nose spray Then these FBI paintball people shot someone that used to bully me Then someone gave me their bag to watch over before they deployed

16 May 2024



I dreamed about being high in snow covered mountains that were very steep and pointy. I was trying to get into small building through winow I could not reach. I converted with people who smoked me up with Marijuana.

15 May 2024



My husband wanted me to go on a work trip with him. He made me smoke marijuana with him again. I felt stupid and regretted losing my progress. I was at a store with friends doing a scavenger hunt. I found a lot of pretty bracelets and soaps shaped like animals

9 May 2024



I was with my white friend and we were smoking weed and drinking and things got steamy and he ended up making love to me and I felt happy but I didn’t feel whole or like myself at all, I felt like it was bound to happen but I didn’t feel happy about what happened.

15 Apr 2024

Waking up


I Was Sitting With A Man And He Gave Me A Bag Of Marijuana With A Credit Card In It. I looked confused and gave him the card. I said I didn’t want it just the marijuana and he smirked And Said Ok. After That I Was content and I started rolling for us to smoke. Then I woke up

8 Apr 2024



I was with some friends and we were walking thought this place that was sort of a mix between a house and an apartment building. We were checking out different rooms and some were too messy and we said how we wouldn’t stay there and some rooms we said were too small. We also found some clothes and decided to take them and wear them. Then some of us ended up walking to this common room type area. There were a good amount of people and a bunch of them I had seen earlier in my dream but didn’t know, some I knew and some were strangers. There was this dude that set up parties or something and he was talking to people. At some point some people took some edibles and I asked if I wanted one and I said no because I quit weed since it made me anxious. I still hung out with them and we walked to the woods or something and just explored. It started to become a nightly thing where we all gathered and people would drink and do drugs. We all sort of lived in that big area where I first met everyone and there were all the clothes and food we needed. At first all I would do was drink alcohol but I started to join in when they did acid and other pills. It was fun but I also didn’t know if I was making the right decision doing them. Everyone else was all the time though so I thought it would be fine. I would get up the next day and barely remember anything from the night before. Some days I had absolutely no recollection of the previous day. I was having fun but I also didn’t like how I was always out of it and never remembered anything. We had a poll on where to have some big party and we decided on a big party in the woods. We were all drinking and stuff but then for some reason the party became a competition and we were fighting some people but I don’t remember why. We didn’t fight everyone just certain people. I remember me and one of my friends were talking to the main guy and there were two dudes we were competing agains and both of our groups wanted to win. I decided I wanted to get it over with so I put one of them in a choke hold and we started fighting. I would be winning for a minute then he would be winning for a tiny bit but I ended up doing better as I could grab him from behind and stop him from moving. The right ended when I knocked him over and slammed something on his head and broke his nose. The other people were impressed and I was like, I think I broke my finger, oh well. Then everything went back to how it had been and it turned into nightly parties after that again and everyday felt like a blur. I couldn’t remember what happened when and where we were each night. We would go to cool places and party in mansions or at concerts. After a while the parties sort of stopped and we were apparently supposed to decide what we would be doing from now on. Like what we would be doing with our life. Everyone was splitting up and I was sad. Some people could go with one person from the group but some people had to go alone. There were a bunch of different tables with people at them sort of like a career fair but we had to end up choosing one. Some choices would be something like fly to different places often, never have a specific home because you’re always traveling. One was like working on boats by the woods we had a party at and stay in the area. One was joining the main dude in charge and help him prepare parties. One was an astronaut and go into space and leave earth behind. They were all really weird and there ended up being a point system or voting to decide what you get. I didn’t have as many points as some people so I didn’t get to pick first and I was stressed because I didn’t want to do any of the options but I had no choice.

6 Apr 2024



dasha was skiing backwards and it was pointed out that as a person from money she had learned to do that as a kid. i was hanging out with a group of women. one of them was a witch who didn't like me. everyone was in the midst of traveling. they were going to a music festival. i took molly with some of those people. one of my friends urged me to come with them, but i didn't want to. i ended up going on a cruise to dublin (drive to the boat ended with someone getting sick). i was smoking weed on the ship and wandering around. i couldn't find my room. i had a pet puppy with me, and he kept trying to get away from me while i searched for the room. there was a mail carrier on the ship, and the puppy bit her on her ass when we crossed paths. i apologized profusely to her.

5 Apr 2024



I was outside our house with two of my male friends my family was nowhere in sight. We were getting the house ready - maybe to sell. Someone was coming to see it. Dan did not feel it was ready. We had already gotten all the leaves up from the yard and mowed before the dead had begun. I would have felt this was good enough. But I guess we have to be meticulous. So I begin to pull weeds out of the ground one by one. I notice the weeds come up whole if you are careful how you grab them and pull gently. The ground is noise because a layer of mulch grass sits on tip of the lawn. As I'm doing this I wonder why nobody has mentioned being this thorough with the inside when one or both of my friends suddenly throw 2 couches from my livingroom onto the lawn. I suppose so we can clean them.more thoroughly out there on the lawn. But I'm not done with the grass, so I attempt to stack the couches to take up less room, but they are mismatches and don't stack easily. I do the best I can anyway.

31 Mar 2024



i had a dream about an past situationship with someone, and i was looking through their instagram stories and they were suddenly in Bali but it was dated in 2019, he was basically showing his ball sack by riding up his shorts in a video. It wasn’t sexually attractive though, but he kind of looked drugged up, like he was going through something much worse than just weed - like meth. his cheeks were sucken, his eyes were wide. looked a little bit demonic. Anyways he was basically messaging me asking to get back with me, saying he missed me - i had feelings that i missed him too, but something wasn’t right like genuinely it wasn’t good. so yeah that’s what happened.

30 Mar 2024

My crush


Had a dream about my celebrity crush again, but this was different. I was doing something, I think I was playing a video game, and he came out of nowhere to play with me. We played few games, had pizza, weed and talked all night.

25 Mar 2024



This dram seemed to be broken down into a few different parts but me and this girl that I didn’t know or had ever seen before ended up ended up breaking into this random upstairs flat which turned out to be my girlfriends mother and step fathers place of living. The only thing we ended up sterling though was weed? My girlfriends mother and step father are against weed so don’t know why they would have it. Ofcourse I end up sleeping with this girl as well who was a busty goth lady who seemed to take a liking to me. The last part of the dream shifted to a ship which had the YouTubers willne and ms Rachel on there who were filming a YouTube video togeather on a ship. On the side of this ship was a radiator (the same one we all have at home that heats up the house)

23 Mar 2024



I had a dream where I went out for dinner with my uncle, cousin, grandma and grandad but I was crying the entire time and being moody. Eventually, everyone was on their way home except for me and my cousin and when we was walking home we found some weed and decided to smoke it. We got home and my uncle was being really weird

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