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Dream Interpretation: Dreadlocks 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Dreadlocks? Discover the significance of seeing a Dreadlocks in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Dreadlocks appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes your relaxed state and laid-back attitude. It also suggests a more flexible mindset and the ability to remain unbothered by any unnecessary drama. It sometimes also suggests that you are not paying attention to the things around you, which is making you lose out on opportunities.

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🧭 Direction

Daily events

Pay attention to the details in your dream. If you dream of cutting off the dreadlocks, this is a negative symbol for not achieving your opportunities, which you need to address immediately. However, if you see yourself having dreadlocks, it means that you should not be bothered by any negativity around you, handle it with your laid-back life attitude and handle things in a relaxed manner. This will help you avoid any unnecessary conflict.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of dreadlocks may evoke a sense of curiosity and intrigue. It could symbolize a desire for individuality and freedom, as well as a longing for a more unconventional and carefree lifestyle. This dream may also bring about feelings of self-expression and a need to break free from societal norms. The presence of dreadlocks in a dream could signify a desire for change and a willingness to embrace one's unique identity. Overall, this dream may leave one with a sense of excitement and a yearning for personal growth and authenticity.





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18 Feb 2024



In the dream I lived on a large property. I was talking to a friend, Nathan from the show Euphoria, and we were laughing and talking as friends do. Suddenly, out of no where, I heard screaming! The screams were coming from the house just a bit away from the front of my house. As I turned the corner, I saw an African American male with dreadlocks kept in a upward ponytail in the distance. He turned his head to his left, locked eyes with me and a sinister grin appeared on his face. In that instant, he started charging toward me. I immediately turned and ran as I called out to Nathan in a panic. Without asking what was wrong, he leaped over the fence that seperated our properties and raced to my side. He was eager to protect and defend me. At that time an officer came from behind Nathan's house and tackled the dreadlock man. The officer had a striking resemblance to drealock man. As the officer aimed their pistol at the culprit, they said "You are looking at a former mother of a murdered child." The screaming heard moments ago was from a teenager who lived in the house infront of mine.

12 Feb 2024

Having a baby


I was in the Everglades, studying the different types of animals, I was in a raft going down stream and I get out to study some snakes, asking my mentor how to not upset them, then one of them bites me in my upper back, my mentor shows me how to get him off, then I'm in a car with three men, one was short, blonde and very energetic, with fair skin. The other was tall with jet black hair, a cool and gentle nature, and fair skinned as well. The last one was around my height but a few inches taller, had dark brown dreadlocks with blonde tips, and was sweet, spicy and emotional. We travel a long way in my mom's car to a shopping Bodega filled with all these major stores, that I never heard of but it did look familiar, I park the car in one of spaces that the blonde one saved for me, the other go off somewhere, while me and the blonde one go get smoothies, I get strawberry banana one and I share it with the blonde and hold his arm as we go into the really big store, I was thinking in my mind this looks like idea and costco had a baby. We wait for the other two and finish the smoothie, we realize they were in the store already and we go in with them. The tall one pushes the cart and I start shopping in the pet food section, we make some jokes about how expensive the pet food is, we go farther in the aisle, I notice the maple syrup and put it up the one with dreadlocks, makes a flirty joke about he wants to pour the syrup on me and eat me, as he grabs my waist pulling me closer to him, as I laugh to his flirting and say "Jamie stop" the other two looked mad/jealous at Jamie, and push the cart into him. I woke after.

25 Jan 2024



I was in this game type setting where we had to complete a set of games to make it to a safe loading point. There were different types of characters in my dream: Disney, real life villains and hero’s, Pixar the whole 9. These games ranged from focusing to activating quick reflexes. Some of these games were equally as dangerous and as fun! This one game I had to find the exit. It was my the back of my grandmothers house and people were trying to kill you, in and outside of the house. I survived with three other people and found an exit that lead to this Saloon type safe spot. All the characters that survived were mingling in this saloon. Once I calmed down from the adrenaline, I walked up to this bar and looking at this LONG ASS menu. It had every food you could imagine, from fictional to real to wtf. I wanted an authentic Philly cheese steak but as I am ordering it, on the balcony I see this black cowboy. He has dreadlocks , the whole cowboy getup. Basically looking like a Red Dead Redemption character. I couldn’t see his face because of the soft ambience, lighting and his hat obscuring his face. But the way he walked was with so much power and authority and sex appeal. It was like I was the only one seeing him. I shook it off and finished ordering my Philly. But I heard his boots stop right behind me looking down from the balcony. He rested his body on the banister and TRACED my outline with his eyes. It felt like we were the only ones in the room. Once Goofy gave me my food I turned around, the cowboy tipped his hat towards me and walked away. Disappearing behind Elsa’s ice cloud.

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