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Dream Interpretation: Pregnant 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Pregnant? Discover the significance of seeing a Pregnant in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Pregnant appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream suggests that there is something in your life worth focusing on and nurturing. It also indicates the development of new ideas and ventures. Your mind is preparing you for what is about to enter your life.

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🧭 Direction

Good fortune

You may find yourself surrounded by new experiences, whether in your personal or professional life. Remember that preparation is key. Don't panic when faced with unexplored territory, but instead work on preparing yourself for this new venture.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of being pregnant can evoke a mix of emotions. It may bring feelings of anticipation, excitement, and hope for the future. It can also trigger anxiety, uncertainty, and a sense of responsibility. This dream symbolizes the potential for growth, new beginnings, and the creation of something meaningful. It may reflect the desire for change or the need to nurture and care for something or someone. Overall, the dream of being pregnant carries a range of emotions that are deeply personal and can vary depending on the individual's circumstances and mindset.





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12 May 2024

Red hair
Text message


I had a dream last night that I was taking an EMT class and during one of the class times this pregnant girl with red hair and freckles named Katie was working out on an exercise bench wearing a yellow bathing suit and then it’s night time and I get a text that she had her baby and it was early and she’s not doing good. Then a man shows up with a newborn baby boy with a ton of hair and everyone is holding him.

7 May 2024



Me being pregnant with a baby and jot knowing who the father is

7 May 2024

Mom dying


I am dreaming over and over about be pregnant and falling and also about my mom that has passed

6 May 2024



I was pregnant and in the second half of my dream I met a new guy that I feel in love with. He was tall, caramel, nice build and handsome. I missed my stop on a train and he got off with me

1 May 2024

Best Friend


In todays dream I was pregnant again. My mom was pissed off and told me I needed to solve my own problems. I told her I wasn’t asking for her to help me solve them I just wanted her to know and be there for me. I was sitting in the crib I’d just built and pointed out that I had bought and built a crib all on my own. She rolled her eyes and went to town with Brian to get groceries and I stayed home. There was another part of the dream where I was setting my best friend up with the guy she’d been friends with and had a crush on. The guys best friend also pushed him to her so we were standing together and I suggested that the he and I get together since we set them up really and he acted like he didn’t want to but then flirted with me. I knew that he secretly liked me so I perused it. We were in a hot tub splashing each other when my mom came up and told me to get away from him and she was disappointed in me. Then woke up.

29 Apr 2024



My dream was about my boyfriend Nick. He told me that his coworker and friend Will would be picking him up extra early the next day so that the two of them could go do something together before going in to work. Which would leave me home alone, seven months pregnant, caring for our two year old toddler alone. I felt upset about this, but didn’t express those feelings FULLY, only minimally. In my dream we were living in our old home in Middlefield again, which was our dream location, but also where we both endured a lot of dark times. So after telling me his plans to hangout with his friend, and ensuring me I could trust him, he grabbed a bottle of wine and filled up a to-go coffee mug with the wine. That set me off completely and I just lost my temper. I started screaming and yelling at him, telling him not to come back, that I would be gone, etc. I remember trying to cry in my dream to show him that I was feeling very hurt, but no tears were coming. I KNEW that I was being crazy, but had no control over myself. Then, my old boss of eleven years Hiroshi came knocking on my door. I was surprised to see him since he moved to Hawaii, but I let him in. Hiroshi was trying to ask for my assistance with something on his phone, and I could barely keep my attention because I was still fuming about Nick. When Nicks ride got there to pick him up, I threw another fit, secretly hoping that he would change his mind and not go hangout with Will. It didn’t work. I refused to say goodbye to him, I said mean things to him, and he left with Will.

27 Apr 2024



There was this one dream that I had, basically I went into the bathroom and I looked in the mirror and I had a pregnant belly. I was basically pregnant and I remember me looking in the mirror and like literally looking at my belly trying to figure out if I'm fat from just eating a lot or if I was pregnant when it was obviously a baby in there, like it was obvious that I was pregnant but for some reason in the dream, me looking in the mirror, I was still trying to really analyze and really figure out if it was really me being pregnant and it was a big belly, it was a big belly bump, it wasn't no small belly bumps, it was a big belly bump, so.

26 Apr 2024



Last Night I Dreamed My stomach was hard and I just kept poking and rubbing it. Then I Said Yepp I’m Pregnnat

26 Apr 2024



I dreamt that I got pregnant but I didn’t remember who I had slept with. All I could remember was someone with dark hair and a mustache. I hid it for as long as possible. As the baby grew I could feel it in weird positions in my stomach and it was easily movable as if my stomach were just a flimsy plastic bag covered in flesh. I had to hold the baby up so that nothing bad would happen from it being in the wrong position. Eventually people noticed and freaked out. It was Christmas and someone handed me a nice warm mug of hot cocoa which I took and drank happily. I then start to fall sleep and I wake up all groggy but I don’t have my baby anymore. I freak out and try to find it and then someone who was supposedly my grandma came out with a belly and told me that she would be carrying and delivering my baby for me because I was much too young to have to ruin my body by giving birth. I was so upset because that was my baby and someone took it from me and decided I didn’t need to experience carrying my baby to term and giving birth. They told me I wouldn’t have to be apart from the baby to calm me down but as soon as I go to grab my jacket they’ve left me all by myself. I try to find them and I find them in a Low’s parking lot when she’s much further along in the pregnancy that should have been mine. She told me that it was a girl and she was gonna name it Avery Jane. I didn’t like this name. She said she loved the name Avery and would have chosen a different middle name but I liked the middle name Jane so much she was going to use it out of respect for me. I told her if she respected me she would have let me carry the baby to term, deliver it myself and name it what I wanted and not her. I told her it wasn’t her decision and I wasn’t supposed to be away from the baby but then she ran away from me. I’m yelling all of this at her in the parking lot and the people that were around her drove up in the car and she jumped in and they drove off. I was so angry and there was no way I was going to loose my baby. I went into the Low’s and rallied a bunch of the workers and their fork lifts and other heavy machinery so that we would find them and be able to take my baby back. When we finally find them again she’s already given birth and the baby is a toddler. I try to take my little girl back but she’s screaming that I’m trying to abduct her child and I’m crying and the baby is crying and screaming “Mama! Mama!” And reaching for the other lady. I’m so angry because not only has she stolen my baby from my womb but she’s made my baby think that SHES her mother. I get tackled to the ground and told to stop trying to steal her baby. I cry and say that she stole it from me but they tell me I’m going to go to jail for a long time and then I wake up.

21 Apr 2024

Swimming Pool


First I was helping my friend find the new place they were living and it was an absolute dive of a flat share. Multiple people in one room, cramped and awful, but it had a beautiful view. The I discovered I was pregnant. I met my boss at a hotel and she showed me where to go but I didn’t tell her my news. I could feel something dripping between my legs, my instinct said it was blood. To get to my hotel room, I had to cross this really scary path that dropped to a motorway on either side; it was really narrow and I had to skate across it while laying down on a pillow. Just when I got to the otherside, there was a swimming pool and I was helped up. I still didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant

21 Apr 2024



A young woman was pregnant with a child she did not plan to have and she worked at my job and hated the place and yet she still enjoyed making sweet treats to bring to the office to share with the staff.

17 Apr 2024

Family Members


Helen parr showing her kids that she is expecting to birth me while in maternity lingerie

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