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Dream Interpretation: Shit 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Shit? Discover the significance of seeing a Shit in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Shit appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes good fortune, prosperity, and felicity. You will soon find some unexpected success on your professional front. It also suggests that you have a creative mind that can resolve any issues that may enter your life.

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🧭 Direction

Good fortune

Accept yourself and your creative endeavors. Don't block your ideas as they have the potential to bear excellent results. Is there anything you have been working on for months? Just hold on a little more as you will soon get the best results from it.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of encountering feces can evoke a range of negative emotions such as disgust, embarrassment, and shame. It may symbolize feelings of being overwhelmed by unpleasant or messy situations in waking life. This dream could also reflect a need to confront and deal with undesirable aspects of oneself or one's life.





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Dreams of users containing the word Shit

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1 Apr 2024



A black figure comes put from under my bed and lays on my chest. I can move and it feels so real. These always scare the shit outta me.

25 Mar 2024



I had two separate dreams last night the first one my mom had brought home a truckload of shit to put in the garage, which made me upset because we’re trying to clear out one of the garage so I can live in it, but we were able to make it work and all fit in one, and it was satisfying how organized it was afterwards My second dream all I remember from it is that my boyfriend broke up with me

14 Mar 2024



My dream last night was about how me and Matt were doing homework and I got on TIKTOK, and then saw a video about his friend posting my room, I got upset and talked with him and he apologized and said he’d forgotten cause it was may of last year, I nod and hug him and then we cuddle for a bit. The dream skips to the next day, a school day, and I’m walking through the halls with Matt, he speeds up as we raced and Ash Wigglesworth, grabs the back of my neck and says that she needs guidance to her class, I get to my class and shove her off and then go to Matt and tell him, the teacher hears thinking it’s one of the Wigs and asks I say no it was the student, she gets written up, I hug Matt for a bit and then I go to my grandmas, or well Great-Grandmas, I go to her beauty room and try to steal cigarettes and then I go to Bubbas for some reason and grab a cup, I then, go outside and me and my siblings pretend to have guns and shit, I wake up after.

5 Mar 2024



It was a mix of dreams. First ones was me getting told off by Maddie how much of a horrible person I was and how Mum is right and how I deserve rejection from others. Other one was how what I did at Walmart was deserved and I am a truly awful person who is mean and nasty. Third, one was me receiving the long email from Walmart about all the awful shit I did. Last one was just me practicing on Daisy with my dogs just to calm it all down while people kept hammering on the door to open up and face what I did. I woke up tired.

4 Mar 2024



I was trying to get order. I was living everyday life but running around with problems like conversations between people were had where I was running around my universe trying to fix it whether I was being nice or sharing information gaining money but then people were talking a lot of shit and I had to put my shit to the side to figure out how I was going to get to safety even though there wasn’t immediate danger. The danger was not caring about one anothwr

3 Mar 2024



In my dream, I had just gotten out the shower and went to my room. My room looked kind of empty like how it does now, being that I’m moving out today. So in my dream, I’m putting on shea butter and then Lawrence (my child’s father) comes busting into my room, drunk and naked. He had his red contacts in so his eyes looked crazier than normal, as she was stumbling up to me, pointing his finger in my face. I’m trying to tell him I’m not decent and he says “don’t nobody care about that” as he looks me up and down then kind of just stares at my body as I’m trying to walk towards my closet for some clothes. I think he slurred “come back here! I’m talking to you” and I said “I’m not talking to you in this state and I’m don’t with this bullshit like, look at you!” He’s like “oh, don’t worry about this, I’m good. Why are you leaving?… Answer me!” I don’t quite remember the rest of the dreams conversation with him but I remember being uncomfortable when he busted in my room as I was naked and then I got angry because he wouldn’t physically or verbally leave me alone, telling me I “wasn’t shit” but was still following me around the room which felt like it was larger the more he followed behind me. My room had started out its regular size but the more I walked around, I realize now that the room kept getting bigger, the more I walked around. He kept trying to make me feel like crap with his words but I’m so done with that man, the words in this dream and the way he speaks to me in reality, there’s no coming back from the damage.

25 Feb 2024

Old Man


so in my dream, i was at my friend’s house (that looked entirely different to her actual house) and it was fairly normal it seemed at first. i was staying in a spare bedroom that was kind of filled with storage. it was a run-down house like a crack head house but also looked that that bih would be haunted. so anyway, creepy asf, i had my cart n nic with me n shit and i sat down on the mattress jus like thinkin to myself, and then i saw smoke in the air. i got creeped out bc i didnt hit anything but why was there smoke in the air?? and for some reason jasper (my cat) was there and he was meowing like crazy to be let out, so i stood up to open the door and get tf out of there. but there’s this small mirror next to the door and i caught a glimpse of it in my eye, and in the reflection there was an old man standing behind me. i turned around and he wasnt there anymore but atp i knew it was time to get tf out. jasper ran into the nearest room which happened to be a bathroom. if the doors were open, you could see into the bedroom from standing in the bathroom doorframe. i was standing at the bathroom doorframe and i turned around to see if i could see the ghost dude, but instead i just saw a blanket slowly lifting into the air that had been tied into a knot. i turned around and tried to shut the door but that’s when i heard running footsteps come towards me and the ghost/demon was tryna open the door. i was tryna keep his ass OUT it was so fucking creepy. and idk how to even explain this, but while i was tryna hold the door shut, i saw word pop up that said “get mike” or something, and it was like part of the door.. idk what that means but still that was terrifying

19 Feb 2024



we were in school or in a room and then i got a call and i answered it and these guy was fr like hard core whimpering jn my ear and i was like for free??? then he just shared my number and got me in a hack of some sorts and i had to finish missions to get our information back but a win is a win and when i did they were like alri suppose and they took like 5 of my friends hostage and this guy in a penguin costume was in charge was plotting to kill us and this thing called 'Howler' was watching us and we went into the bathroom/bedroom and hid in the little closwt which also had a tunnel to downstairs and we all went down and my friends went out the door escaping but penguin guy caught me and Howler was like oh they escaped and penguin was like 'just release them here' then we all left. then it was me and my sister walking home at night from the store and a light lit up our path and it looked like day time but we had to take a turn and that turn was void back, so we kept looking back and forth and something was coming closer from behind and when it got so close, i was at my bus stop a d we were just chillin then we heard shouting from men and we tried to ignore it until it sounded closer and was so clear and it shouted again for help and we all just looked each orhet and went are we just gonna ignroe that or. and we got on the bus and left. then we werw at a building, wielding guns and scrumptious shields and killing these guys with a shit ton of tnt. they were like ants and coming out of nowhere and killing us all then one of them accidentally exploded itself and i shot it until itl died. then we wntwred a clearing qith a broken elevtaor and we tried to trap one of them inside but it used this magic to changed itself for the spot of my tqo friends and one is like 'oh nooo we're boxed in... we have no where to goo... we're gonna diee' and the rest of us are trying to kill this guuy and i turn around and theyre making out so aggressively and they pull away

15 Feb 2024



I was at work on my day off. I just want to take my lunch break. I go to use the bathroom but there’s little boys in there, in the one person bathroom. I tell them to get out but they’re not listening to me. Eventually more annoying boys go into the bathroom, they’re messing around. I’m yelling at them to get out and they retaliate by insulting me. I just need to use the bathroom. I lose my temper and tell them I’m going to shit infront of them. They then leave after fighting with them. Finally I can leave work. I go hangout with my best friend, desi. We go to a hotel and we see there’s an outdoor hot tub. We go in there and it’s not really hot. There also a lot of people, then I see a hot tub with no people at all, so we go to that one. It’s a little warm, it’s fine. Then the water drains. We look for somewhere else to go but there’s so much people, no room for us. Desi wanders off somewhere to play a game and I’m left alone. Then these random guys find me and they take an interest in me. One guys name is “stone cold killer” I like him. I stay by him.

11 Feb 2024



my mum told me at around 9-10 pm that i must be aslerp by 12 am or something bad will happen. i dont remember what but i know thag scared the absolute shit out of me so i went to bed at 11 and i woke up in the middle of the night AFTER 12 am(aka when i was supposed to be asleep) and i went into another room to grt a bunch of plants to make myself a path with because they protected me

1 Feb 2024



Had a dream about walking down this hall and I got on this elevator to go downstairs and I was tired my eyes where heavy and I can’t remember who was telling me i need to eat some different types of shit and mix it together i went to catch the elevator to go back in the room the room number was 203 and the door was green btw I took the stairs the elevator had music i went in the room my mom and dog was there and the dog looked and ran straight into the bed wit pillows and I started shouting ma maaaaaa she get up like “Whats that?” Im like idk and what is it my mama gone say “Damn somebody done knocked the Earth down again” I literally couldn’t breathe like I was losing oxygen and my heart started pounding really hard I woke up and felt my heart pounding hard hard like I wasn’t breathing

25 Jan 2024



my cousin & I decided to go for a walk, because I’d been to wherever we were (in the dream) & told her I thought she’d like it on the walk / hike, there were white people with their kids, some alone, some on bikes or with their dogs, all on the trail/roads we were on I consciously acknowledged the surroundings starting to change and feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable but we eventually got to this store / bar place with a pool table & I told her I had to go get something & I’d be back I left my cousin, then went on my own walk and it was an actual hike like on a dirt road, mountain trail type thing People were still passing, families, couples, singles, bikes & dogs but they were all looking at me weird a few bikes almost ran into me, they seemed like they didnt see me til i said words ?? one person had a kid on a tricycle & maybe somebody with them and said “sorry for starring, but i’m just wondering… do they even let black people here?” & i didnt here the person at first so i said “huh?” they said “oh, i’m just wondering what you do when it gets dark around here” & i remember by this point, i was panicking trying to find my way back to the place my cousin was so we could go home, there was a kinda steep dirt hill and some metal fences that i was trying to navigate thru the white people to get to when this person ^^ started talking to me so my response was “i don’t come out after dark, thats why I’m trying to get back” & they just had a creepy, sinister ass energy & didnt say anything but i heard “good luck” in my head my heart was racing & i was moving faster & frantically now & eventually i saw the place my cousin was, started kinda running & when i got to the door there was a black man (i thought) then in my head i said “a black person???” then looked up and he turned into a white dude??? it was like the black was an illusion or he only looked that way in a certain light?? but his darkskin faded into white and then he acted friendly in a very uncomfortable way, on some get out type shit when i got into the building my cousin was playing pool & listening to music w a group of white boys our Age-ish she looked like she was having fun, i told her we had to go then everyones energy got super creepy and froze and i said “NOW” then i woke up

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