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Dream Interpretation: Ladder 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Ladder? Discover the significance of seeing a Ladder in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Ladder appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A dream symbol connected to climbing can sometimes relate to hidden sexual desires, representing longing for sexual fulfillment. Other than this, a ladder in a dream can be interpreted as a symbol depicting climbing to success. This suggests that you will overcome any hardship you may face in your life at the moment and will soon prosper.

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🧭 Direction

Good fortune

Notice the path that your mind is becoming aware of. The way the ladder looks in your dream explains the journey your life will soon embark upon. Keep climbing! Eventually, things will work in your favor. Find enough strength within you to fight against all odds and climb up to success.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a ladder can evoke a sense of ambition and progress. It symbolizes the desire to climb higher in life, whether it be in career, relationships, or personal growth. This dream may bring feelings of determination, hope, and the need for self-improvement. It signifies the willingness to take risks and overcome obstacles to reach new heights. The ladder represents the opportunity for advancement and the belief in one's abilities. It may also elicit a sense of excitement and anticipation for the future. Overall, this dream instills a positive and motivated mindset, encouraging individuals to strive for success and reach their goals.





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19 Jun 2024



◦ An older white man shoots a terrier dog, this dog was fighting the man to protect the woman ◦ A young white woman targeted by the older man gets hurt and is bleeding ◦ Fighting and arguing with my mom and grandma ◦ Youngest sister trying to find me ◦ Social Gathering, a wedding or art gallery (bachelorette party or hen night) ◦ Offered food, but indulges later, mini hashbrowns behind the door ◦ Art, Traditional paintings (1 is more cyan green of 2 women; and the other is pink with traces of red and purple: of a vague big lipped individual with sunglasses and a bun) ◦ There were 3 floors, only made it to the second floor ◦ Tried later to climb to second floor from second, but only thing available was a ladder which was unstable and broken ◦ Dancing with people, but failed to match their choreography and ran back inside. ◦ The dancing was at a place that had paths of sand but there was water leading to islands with Egyptian buildings in the distance (Arab? I heard Arab mentioned) ◦ 2 Black women tried to talk to me, like an intervention but also a serious conversation

11 Jun 2024



I was getting ready to go to school. I was a lot younger than I am I real life. Probably ten years younger. I had parents that I didn’t recognize and a baby sister that I don’t actually have in real life who wasn’t talking yet. I would go to school, go home, repeat for about five days in a row. I remember the second day I was panicking because I couldn’t find a clean outfit to wear. I got in trouble for being late on day three and got a verbal warning. I remember sitting in class at a desk doing work on a paper with other students doing the same thing. It was an outside school on like a little hill you had to walk up to get to the desks with the walkway to the left. On day five, I was on my way to school in the car with my mom driving and baby sister in the back. Someone asked us a question when we were stopped outside the school and my baby sister answered in a full sentence. It was the first full sentence she ever spoke and we were excited about it. The dream shifted to the house I live in and it was night time. My neighbor called me outside and asked for a ladder. I brought it over to her and we both climbed up it against her fence which had a canopy over it for some reason. She pulled out a container that had rice and soup in it and she wanted me to eat it so I did. After it was empty I got off the ladder and went back inside.

10 Jun 2024



I had a dream that I was forced to go to a “mental facility” with is an insane asylum. And I knew that in my mind this place seemed off-ish like my spirt team was telling me that I need to get out of there because it’s not what it seems and I didn’t understand it but I followed what they said , I waited until night time to leave and I ended up escaping and the head master ‘person that is in charge’ got mad and turned into a monster crypt thing and was tryn to chace after me . I got another girl to escape but then she changed her mind and I climbed up some latter thing and jumped into a helicopter and took off before the monster crypt thing could get me . And when I woke up it’s like I had this weird feeling like I was being watched by someone or something. And I woke up with slight chest pain but mostly confused .

4 Jun 2024



I had a dream where I would record bird chirping into an app and get paid $15 for each animal. Then I showed my half sister kendall how to record the sounds to make money. We were at a petting zoo in the backyard of their new house and she recorded the sound of a goat. Then I took the goat with me trough some outdoor area and up a hill and into some mansion where there was a lot of powerful people. They saw me with the goat and I showed their kids how to use the recording app. Then the goat turned into the devil and I carried it out of the mansion and slid down a hill where there was a devil in front of me and a devil behind me. I chose to go forward and dodge the devil in front of me. Then I had a dream where I was in a classroom and I was trying to be really understanding of a hippie girl and how she saw the world. Some guys full of hate were arguing with her about something and so I backed her up and killed those guys, who happened to be alien cockroaches in disguise as humans. She walked off crying and I gave her a hug and let her cry on my shoulder. Then I was sitting at one table with a bunch of people and my friend Tyler benbrook was sitting at another table with a bunch of people. Someone from the room we were in announced that it was saint patricks day and so I said “it’s Tyler’s birthday then.” We were figuring out what to do with those cockroach aliens. I started walking down a ladder and there was a bunch of selections to choose from what to do to the cockroach aliens. So I chose to turn them into fish. I put them on a table and some in a blender. A bunch of fish were randomly in my mouth, so I started trying to spit them out and they wouldn’t come out. So I started pulling them out. Then I dreamt that I was playing a dragon ball video game with my little brother. He was playing as vegeta and he didn’t know how to do a kamehameha, so I showed him how and he was able to do it because I helped him out and then I woke up.

13 May 2024



I was on holiday with my dogs, they for some reason were not with me when a massive explosion went off and I couldn’t find them. I looked out of the window to see them both injured on the side of the road with other animals and people but I couldn’t get to them because the escalator was broke and we had to go down a ladder, in my waking life I’m scared of heights, but I was trying to get down them in my dream. There was a man screaming at the top of the ladder saying he couldn’t do it and I was telling him to move. I kept looking at my dogs who where moving, it looked like they where playing but covered in blood so I knew they where I alive, but I couldn’t get to them. I then think I woke myself up out of the dream.

21 Apr 2024



I started in a car, there was snow outside and it was dark. We were going up a hill. I was with a group of people, but it seemed like we were in a rush to get out of there. I eventually ended up out of the vehicle with my fiancé and we were trekking up a snowy hill. We came upon a house, it was very big and very nice. I went in by myself and there was a family there. They started chasing me out and I made it out through a garage. Then I ran through this neighborhood and up a ladder. When I was half way up and kind of dangling off a badger came up and started trying to bite my feet. It hurt and I could feel it but I couldn’t seem to get up the ladder all the way. That’s when I woke

26 Mar 2024



A very dangerous amusement park. I found my self climbing up a ladder that went into the clouds, behind me climbed other people anxious to enjoy the ride. When I got to the top there was nothing. No platform, no ride. Only the ladder to hold on to. I looked around for the ride and about 40ft below me was a rock wall that had a zip line running down. I realized that my only way down was to jump and hope I could catch the zip line on the way down but It was so far down I panicked. I tried to turn around but the ladder was lined with people waiting to jump after me. I then woke up in a panic.

3 Mar 2024

Falling in love


I had a dream about Izuku Midoriya just now. And I NEED to write it down. This feeling in my chest is so heavy and I don't think I'll be able to alleviate it until I've written SOMETHING about the dream. Izuku and I were really close. We met in highschool, fell in love... I did everything I could to help him. We went on car rides and sometimes he would pull me up in the air and propel me around with his quirk. He became a pro hero, and I became a teacher at U.A and an Underground hero by the name of "scramble." Things were good. He and I had started living together, and we brought Uraraka into the relationship as well. I would make them both lunch, breakfast, or dinner, and they were off. Then, I would get up and get ready to go to work, being a teacher wasn't fun, but it was gratifying. I loved my class, and they loved me. Pretty soon our little throuple decided to buy a house. We agreed that the attic would be my study/chill/work space. They didn't intrude on me there, but there was a lovely wooden and rope ladder. The rungs were made out of wood, and the sides were made of rope. That's important, because something happens to that ladder later. I can't pinpoint the exact day that something changed in Midoriya. He started drinking, and smoking... often. Raka and I tried getting him to stop... but he wouldn't. Saying things like "Being a hero sucks, can't you just let me have this one thing?" We didn't like the change, so we got together class A. Told them what was going on. They confronted him too, and he snapped at them. "Do YOU have one for all?" He asked. We all shook our heads. "THEN SHUT UP." We dropped it after that. But he was wasting away and we all could tell. Muttering under his breath that it would all he better if he were gone. Eventually, he came into my space. Wrote me a FULL letter. Detailing how he's been feeling, he told me that he loved me and wrote all of the memories we shared into the paper. Everything, down to the last hair out of place. It suffocated me because I knew something was happening. Then, at the end of the letter... he said "Now it's time for me to leave this world behind, and join the other One For All users within the quirk. Don't worry. I've already passed it on, I'm not stupid." He went on to detail the kids name, and where Ocha and I could find him. Then he said, "Thanks for everything my love. Don't tell anyone, and don't try to stop me. By the end of this letter, you would have been too late." I raced towards the ladder to see that it had been cut and the only one who could get me down safely would be Ochako. So I screamed, a guttural, broken scream and curled in on myself. When I woke up, that panic didn't go away. Hence why I made this.This suffocating feeling isn't going away, holy shit. Holy fucking shit. I need to go back to sleep damnit. Holy fucking shit. Izuku... goddamnit. Motherfucking shit.

3 Mar 2024



I had to climb a ladder which was very, very high. So high that when I got to the top I couldn’t see the ground. I was with a girl whom I don’t know in real life. At the top of the ladder there was a small gap between the ladder and the floor. I stood there holding the ladder for a long time paralyzed with fear!

27 Feb 2024



i had the same room layout i did when i was 8, neon green walls, bunk beds, and the vhs princess tv. i shared that room with my mom, i had the top bunk and she had the bottom. she was already asleep, and there was a movie playing on the tv. i don’t remember what movie, but the room had a blue tint to it from the tv being on. i try to lay down and go to sleep, but i start getting paranoid there’s bugs on the ceiling. in the waking world bugs, specifically stink bugs are my biggest fear, id even consider it a phobia with how bad i freak out around them, or even just seeing a picture of it or thinking about it. its a problem lol. anyways i opened my eyes, and there’s spiders and weird looking bugs all over my room. i start panicking orettt bad tryna hide from them under the blanket, but i saw one bug that just sent me out of the room. it was hanging on a spiders web string, and it looked like a long caterpillar, but its body looked like blue beads stringed together, a red nose, and black beady eyes. it really freaked me out. i jumped off the bunk ladder and bolted it for the living room. then a stinking is also chilling on a spiders web string, it looked like it was floating. then it just bolts across the living room into the kitchen, and it had really thick spider web strings coming out of it from behind. i start crying and freaking out really bad trying to get away from it, and i run to my brother who’s laying in the couch, and i said “dustin can you PLEASE kill a few bugs for me?!”. he starts whining as a joke and says “nooOoOoO i dOnT wAnT tOoOoOo”. then he starts laughing cause of how bad i’m freaking out over the stink bug darting across the house.

23 Feb 2024

New Job


The dream had multiple parts. In the first I was at school, avoiding a teacher who would cause trouble. I ended up sneaking out of the school and walking home on the forest path after, with witches and skeletons laying down to relax on the grass. When I got home a boy followed me there. In another part, I was trying to sleep upstairs in a restaurant, but the ladder was broken. I had to lock myself in the entryway as boys were trying to push through the doors to hurt me. After I escaped, I kicked at the boys. Later I saw a woman sleeping on the main floor, there was blood everywhere. Near the end of the dream, I was helping an old friend find her house. She had a new mom, but there were 20 computers there. The house was partly in a huge cave, it was simultaneously an office and a party. The people there had something to hide in their servers... and shut it down if you tried to look. Eventually the dream shifted again, I was catching fish, throwing most of them back because their innards were black. Then the ocean got dark around me. It was full of oil. I made my way back to town, and it was frozen... The stone paths were slippery, but I ended up living decently making desserts with berries there.

21 Feb 2024

Falling in love


This starts when I’m in this video game like simulation and I need to collect items to unlock various events There were three books that triggered three events, my mom, my sister and I got a hand of those books After getting a hand of those books, I head to the living room with a spiral (?) stair case and a lot of bookshelves This triggers a conversation with an eccentric stranger interested in the genre of book I was holding, the stranger changed accordingly based on who held and presented the book, the stranger spoke to them as the central person they directed their conversation to The stranger didn’t seem like a real person but they felt extremely life-like Prompted me to go to a massive store/exhibition with inflatable (?) but very life-like people who interacted with me There were 6-7 other girls. We were all assigned a ‘partner’ I don’t remember my og partner’s face that much. We hung out with them a lot, but after some time they began showing some malfunctioning And when they ‘malfunction’ they seem to be in severe distress. I was trying to help one of them (don’t know if my partner or someone else’s). He did react to me but seemed to suffer a lot Another girl swooped in (his partner or someone else’s). She’d spoken to this humanoid quite a lot and she knew what to do to help him better, thus he seemed to be reacting better to her There was a female humanoid who no one was paying attention to and she looked like she’d ‘deflated’ completely. But I wanted to help Since a romantic touch seemed to reverse malfunction, I had to caress the humanoid’s face. She started getting better but at some point, she persuaded me to kiss her so that she could complete her recovery. Very hesitantly, I kissed and she mostly recovered, as in got her facial features back but her legs were still deflated I got locked up or stuck in an enclosed place at one point but I went down via the ladder I realized that calling out the deflated model’s name woke them all up One such model was ‘Andrew’ and he was the most life-like one. He presumably claimed that his feelings for his partner made him more life like. I developed feelings for that model While escaping, we saw a ‘rejected’ model being taken away by a garbage company When reuniting with the models paired with the groups, they were talking about how one of the humanoids couldn’t integrate with the one who bought him because he had fallen in love with someone else and couldn’t stop calling the one who bought him by his love’s name Realizing that ‘Andrew’ did the same to me, I began to teach him to say my name over who he’d previously fallen for to help prevent him from meeting the same fate.

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