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Dream Interpretation: Childhood 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Childhood? Discover the significance of seeing a Childhood in your dream πŸ’€ - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Childhood appears in your dream βœ…

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πŸ’‘Possible meaning

This symbol appears when your subconscious wants you to recognize emotions that you are experiencing now and how they were also experienced in the past. Positive and negative emotions experienced in the dream alike point towards a need to face and reclaim these emotions present in your childhood.

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🧭 Direction


You must fall from paradise in order to become your higher self. You must allow your ego to be born and die in order to transcend your current state. Allow yourself to experience the dark places in your heart and life so that you can fully apprecaite and know the good that is in you. By returning to the roots of your childhood, you will find the emotional and mental nutrients necessary to grow strong as you age.

❀️ Feelings

The dream of childhood evokes a sense of nostalgia and innocence. It brings forth feelings of joy, curiosity, and a longing for simpler times. It may also elicit emotions of warmth, comfort, and a desire to reconnect with one's inner child. This dream symbolizes a yearning for carefree days, happy memories, and a reminder of the importance of embracing one's youthful spirit.





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3 May 2024



I I had a dream I was in the town centre of my childhood town. I saw five trees that were all leaning to the left. I was going to chop one down but did not have an axe. I remember thinking I would go and borrow an axe. When I went to get the axe I was in a bus station. I saw some traffic lights that were small enough for me to carry so I picked them up and remember thinking I could sell them. I was carrying them back to the trees and remember seeing a night club I wanted to go into but it had a a poster on the doors saying it was closed. I carried on walking with the traffic lights and then saw 3 men two of whom I recognised, I was embarrassed to be holding the traffic lights so I put them down next to a large bin. One of the men saw me doing this and asked me what I was doing. I said that I was going to be building a large car play area for My grandson so the traffic lights would be ideal. They agreed that would me a good idea. They walked away and I followed them lightning a cigarette as I went. They got into a car. I saw a familiar man with his daughter and they were holding take away food and holding something I can’t recall. I remember that I was then topless and aware of the fact and thought to myself I would be topless all through the summer to get a suntan. I remember thinking to myself that I wonder how to get some friends even though i have many. I was then walking through a tunnel and it became dark. I did not find the axe I was looking for

30 Apr 2024



My last dream was about my guy bestfriend/ crush that I've known since elementary school, specifically kindergarten, and it was about him, like me and him, like older, and then he would, I remember in the dream specifically, like he would always praise me, he would always say how pretty I was, and he would always be like, oh like I love you, I don't know, like he would just do like sweet things, but in real life he actually hates me, well he doesn't hate me, but he just like, he's just super mean, like I can tell he's a genuine soul, and he actually cares, I still see that sweet little boy in him, but he's just really mean, I don't know, I don't know what that means, I don't know what the fuck that means. and he's super cute too like oh like physically he's so attractive but i don't know i don't know but i really wish it was real.😞

19 Nov 2023



That I met my childhood hero ( Jason David frank) and that we were both power rangers

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