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Dream Interpretation: Disease 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Disease? Discover the significance of seeing a Disease in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Disease appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of a disease can represent a fear of illness or a sense of vulnerability. It may also indicate emotional or psychological distress. This symbol can also suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed or burdened by something in your life.

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🧭 Direction


Consider if there are any areas of your life that are causing you stress or anxiety. Take steps to address these issues and seek support if necessary. It may also be helpful to focus on self-care and taking care of your physical and emotional health.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of disease may evoke feelings of fear, vulnerability, and anxiety. It symbolizes a sense of being overwhelmed by external factors or internal struggles. This dream may reflect concerns about one's physical or mental health, as well as a fear of losing control or being unable to cope with life's challenges. It can also represent a need for self-care and a reminder to prioritize well-being. Overall, the dream of disease elicits negative emotions and serves as a wake-up call to address underlying issues and take necessary steps towards healing and self-care.





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21 Jun 2024



I saw on a wall a big banner that said healing house for all diseases. And in that hospital, the way to treat all physical illnesses is to heal the soul and spirit of the patient first.

14 Jun 2024



I was going back home from school, driving my parent’s car. I parked it in a nearby street and kept walking home. When I got home, my cousin Júlia, my friend Valentina, and another girl were there. I called them outside, and brought them to a car. It was the car of the boy I am obsessed with called “Kishimaru”. When I saw him enter the car and drive away, I managed to take a picture of the liscence plate on the car. I was so obsessed with wanting to take that photo, that I didn’t even realized the girls had disappeared. I drove to Júlia’s house (even though I was like 13 years old in that dream). And I entered the house. Valentina messaged me then, that she got a very serious disease, and Julia and the other girl got that disease too, so we should keep distance from each other. Well, we met outside of the house anyways, and went in this crazy adventure.

25 May 2024



There was a little shop where I was working. It was a shop where hair dressing, tailoring and few more things are done. I wasn't doing anything because I was not good at anything. But then one day I started making clothes for customers. Rhey loved it. Then I saw everyone was suffering from something. It was like a disease. Everyone was running on the road, seeking help. I saw insects coming out from my clothes. Then someone took my took me to the sky. In the sky there was another world. No one but me and another middle aged man was there. He told me that he rescued me. I was watching from the sky the place where I used to work. I saw people were waiting for me to come back. I was sad as he took me the moment I got recognition from the others.

29 Mar 2024

Dead body


There I was. Impaled through my stomach and out by back by one of the needles that was sitting at the bottom of this abyss I was knocked into that now has my blood dripping on it covering it in my blood. My limbs are twitching as I'm stuck around the needle point as my body is unable to go further down towards the bottom. My eyes pour blood the same time my mouth is throwing it up. I saw from a different perspective this time. This time I'm looking up at myself. But as bad as it is it couldn't possibly get any worse. That was a lie. Sooner than later I see a train falling right above me. And at the right moment, I woke up. I rose up quickly dripping in sweat and tears looking like I just been baptized. I found myself clenching my pajama shirt in between my stomach and my chest where there was excruciating pain. But it was only a nightmare. So why am I having this pain? This feeling was familiar to me… could this be another one of my prophetic dreams? If it was than I need to figure out what it means. Quickly. I laid back down questioning myself. How did I end up in that situation? Well let me tell you. I'm standing in front of an abyss. In between this large rigid train track that goes across this petrifying hole that leads to another side. I tried to run to the other side of this abyss but I gave up to the thought that it wasn't going to end. I closed my eyes and I somehow ended up in the same spot to begin with. “this place seems scarcely familiar..” I whispered to myself afraid that I would attract unwanted attention. I examine the place trying to look for certain things that could possibly ring a bell so that I can remember where I am and how to escape. And this is what I see. I looked in front of me and there is a train track that has no support holding it up above or below. I looked down and I saw a corpse lying on the train track where its ‘used to be’ head was. When I looked over to where the rest of its rotted head has been scattered to, I get startled to the sight and jerked backwards falling having tripped on the boards of the track. My hands start to shake like they were having a seizure and my heart was already starting to beat up against my ribs trying to escape and leave me making my breathing pattern irregular. Soon I get up and back away quickly from it and turn around ready to run away from this place like a headless chicken. But alas I am stopped by a brick wall that was infinity high. I immediately run to get around it but the deeper I got thee more ominous that place got. I started to feel my tear ducks fill with salty water as I become frustrated and terrified I was with this place. I close my eyes to release the tears and found myself right back in the middle of the train tracks. I continued to keep looking around and I eventually see an old abandoned gas station with one street light flickering and shining over a figure that would sometimes appear under the light and a sign written in blood, ‘Only the true special ones make it home this way’. I tensed up at the sign as another dead corpse lying on the side of the sign. I felt offended by the sign saying ‘only the special ones’ due to my narcissistic side. It was like it was taunting me saying I wasn't. But I am special! “What makes me different from the people that survived?” the next thing I knew, I see a train coming right for me on the tracks right when I began to start hoping on the boards. Still on land I watch as the train speeds my way as I stood there as numb as a block of wood. But right as it seemed it was about to hit me, I stupidly cross my arms in front my face and lower myself into a stance ready to accept my fate. My eyes teared at the thought, ‘Maybe I'm not special…?’. I closed my eyes tight enough it felt like my eyes were being pushed in by the lids of them. I stood there and opened my eyes hesitantly expecting a harsh impact, I felt nothing but strong wind. I stayed in that position for another half a second before fully opening my eyes with confusion. I could see the train around me as I went through it. “ghost train..?” I asked quietly before falling to my knees as the winds stopped holding me up. After another second I stand up again from my knees regaining my confidence despite this ungodly place and ignoring the fact that something was waiting for me on the other side. I begin hoping on the boards risking my life with each hop. It wasn't until I get to the middle of the huge abyss where I missed a step and fell in between the boards. I immediate reflex was to hold on to something so I don't fall in. I grasped onto one of the boards that was thankfully not far away. I couldn't bring myself back up due to the many trains that were passing by and possibly knocking me off the track, so I had to reach to the next board like I was playing on monkey bars. Once I finally reached the end of the abyss, I climbed up onto the land and unlike the other side I felt grass in the ground so I knew I was making ok progress. Still being the darkest, gloomiest and most ominous place I've ever seen in my life, I am still cautious to this new sight. I stood up facing a forest with very tall thin grayish brown trees with dull grass. As I stood up as silent as a white rabbit hiding from its prey, I observed the forest regretting having gone over here. Until I heard a faint whisper and rustling leaves behind me. I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I tuned around to see if I've gotten far from whatever that was, but it turned out I didn't get far at all. I stopped trying to run and stood looking behind me. Nothing. I figured I could continue finding my way through this forest but as soon as I turned around I meet this thing with a safe for a head wrapped in thorns and an apron covered in dirt and blood along with its hammer covered in mud blood and other disgusting fluids you could ever think of. It already had its weapon held up high as I stood there and before I could process the moment, he swung his hammer and I fell in the abyss. I'm falling and paralyzed and afraid. This is where I've met my wits end. Even though I can not move or scream and cry bloody murder for help, I can still feel this pain that has impacted me. It felt like someone dropped a wreaking ball wrapped in sharp wires cutting open my skin while releasing its disease through my sore body. It felt like someone injected a poison in me that also had small crystals inside of the killing substance just to tear me apart on the inside as much as it is on the outside. As I'm falling the river of tears, blood, and a black tar like substance flow out of my eyes, nose and mouth. I see all the lost souls, dead bodies, blood, and organs spread out everywhere. My perspective changed in this dream changed so that I could see myself falling from a distance. I see that as I fall I managed to turn over facing the ground. The perspective changed again and now I see that my face has gone pale and I could feel my heart giving up and my eyes changing to a cloudy gray. And there I was. Impaled through my stomach and out by back by one of the sharpest infectious needles that was sitting at the bottom of this abyss I was knocked into. My limbs are twitching as I'm stuck around the needle point as my body is unable to go further down towards the bottom. My eyes pour blood the same time my mouth is throwing it up. I could still see from a different perspective this time. This time I'm looking up at myself and the train falling right over me behind me. The fastest second went by and the train finally fell on me. Scattering my insides out. Squirting all the fluids out my body. And splitting me in half due to the pressure put on my body while still on the needle like a kebab.

26 Mar 2024

New Job


It started of with me playing and talking to friends. We ended up at an empty restaurant that was filled with dirty dishes on tables. My friends and I appeared to be familiar with this place and I believed we worked there to be clean up crew. We played and sprayed water on eachother until something just switched. Everyone disappeared. I go into the hallway and realize I'm in a large building with many floors with different entertainment rooms. It was like a village in itself. As I go into the hallway it's quiet and eerie. A man comes and tells me to hide. Immediately two large beasts appear with long tails. They broke through the floor and begin hunting for people. Some people came out of no where and tried to attack these creatures buy died instantly. I peaked outside from the gaping whole in the wall and the world was tarnished and burned to the ground. I followed the other guy lead and jumped on the beast's tails. Not realizing how sensitive and that the beast held some type of power, the guy instantly was spotted and deflected off the tail. One of the beast was female and the other was male as they talked in English. The male grabbed me by their mouth and brought me back to the restaurant. Lots of people my age suddenly filled the room and sat patiently at the orders of the beasts. The beasts basically became our teacher and guardian and explained how the world was no longer ours and they will lead our generation of people against the other beast powerhouses. They gave us our own roles and house rules and we settled quickly to the new reality. As we all sat down for our first dinner together, I tried the friendly approach of speaking first to the beasts. They grabbed me and threw me defenseless in a bar room on a different floor. There were 2 people who were drunk and appeared affected by some unknown disease as their behavior was odd. One was male and female. The female had a sword that she quickly took out and tried to attack me. I managed to retrieve a plastic sword that I used to defend myself. I was able to dodge and impale the female. The male jumped in angry and started attacking. I still held my ground with my now broken sword. The male beast was apparently watching the whole time and liked my spirit. He quickly killed off the two and brought me back to the others. I believe that it was a test they created. Everything fast forward and I was now a commander of one of the armies the beasts created and we were preparing for our first battle. Every army had different skills and some even were blessed with powers. The battles were basically set up like guild competitions for the entire world. I woke up before the first match was to take off

20 Mar 2024



I appeared in the world with a bunch of friends, fighting off a disease that increasingly turned the population into zombies. When trying to fight off all the zombie hordes, me and my large group of friends moved from region to region establishing temporary bases fighting off and eliminating zombies, but every time I moved to a region there was a number of friends from my group that caught the disease and turned into zombies, to which I had to fight them off and kill them off too. Eventually, I went to a region where I had a small group of friends and even those friends turned into zombies and I had to kill them off to the point where I was the only person left to fight off all the zombies. I went back home to see if there was anybody else to recruit and there was nobody else there that could help me. I then realized that everybody there , where I was from had turned permanently into zombies. I then found out some people knew they had the disease and some of my friends were trying to betray me during the adventure. Then I woke up.

8 Mar 2024



I dream about having cancer disease

23 Feb 2024

Giving Birth


I had a dream that my friend gave birth to her son as a toddler as he is now but he was covered in some kind of a mesh with like candida in it and it was supposed to be like protective of diseases and other worse candida and we were trying to peel it off of him but it was stuck to him uh like kind of on his stomach like it came off of everywhere except for like his stomach and his legs

18 Feb 2024



I dreamed that I was at school and a doctor came with a bag and said that in this bag there are some injections that he will give us to protect against the titanus disease (last year I had the titanus vaccine, as that is the law) and I was the first who I was and I got the vaccine in my hand and then in my head..

6 Feb 2024



I shot something up my veins after some friends died and I got sent to a hospital and then that hospital sent me to a special hospital and there were gorillas there and I got diagnosed with apes disease and got sent to a special facility to be used as scientific purposes

4 Feb 2024



My ex and I re uniting. We lose each other after a plague hits and before we could get back together we had to find a cure for the disease we had on our bodies. We then reunited and pulled into a romantic kiss.

22 Jan 2024



Being diagnosed with a disease called dyspraxia, which is a learning difficulty , and been giving 2 days to live, then dying.

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