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Dream Interpretation: Sick 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Sick? Discover the significance of seeing a Sick in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Sick appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes struggle, anxiety, broken and low energy. It often implies that you have been working too hard, and it has or will take a toll on you. Such a dream also suggests paying more attention to your health as well as those around you.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

Sickness is not just related to our body but also our mind. Your mind is probably aware that something is broken and not functioning right. It could be a friend, family member, or even yourself. Find ways to help yourself as well as those around you to have a peaceful life.

❤️ Feelings

This dream may evoke feelings of vulnerability, discomfort, and unease. It could symbolize a sense of weakness or powerlessness in facing challenges or health issues. The dream may also reflect concerns about one's well-being and the need for self-care.





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19 May 2024



A repeating dream about my car breaking down in a seeming abandoned city, but finding two sets of residents in there. One house had a big tough dude that likes to use weapons, and his girlfriend or mother who seemed like she was dying or incoherent all the time. The girl was trying to send me telepathic messages telling me to get out and not trust the guy, but I couldn't do much as I was stranded there. He and his friend eventually tagged me with a GPS chip and hunted for sport. I eventually ran and found a working car and sped off trying to get the GPS chip out of me, and got away with it. But since it's a repeating dream, once I go away, the dream would repeat again. And each time I would try to leave faster but something new would happen.

15 May 2024



So I was pulling a prank on a nurse friend and I made her believe that me and all of our other friends.where sick like we were in another pandemic type sick.we were coughing up fake blood and she started to freak out and hid herself in the bathroom.we laughter me and my other real life I don't know any of these people.we realize we were taking it to far and then I felt bad and woke up.

1 May 2024



My body is om distress, Im scared nervous, to the point were my stomach turns and I feel sick, almost like I’m about to throw up any second. My mind is running a 1000miles per hour. It’s in overdrive, it can’t seem to rest. The thoughts just keep coming, not leaving space between the different ones, at with every thought a different feeling comes with it, one second it’s doubt, next fear, and then the next a whole nother feeling. Not ever giving either body or mind peace. I feel like my head is going to explode. My body not feeling like mine and being really uncomfortable and sick, as my stomach turns, and I wake up from the dream.

25 Apr 2024

Time Travel


I've had this dream before it started off in another realm like from the movie avatar and i was a part of a traditional African tribe and i was feeling sickly because my body was rejecting its avatar,which always caused me to randomly constantly faint at different times. also had a family of 3.... 2 boys,1 girl and a newborn newborn. I was also somehow a time traveler that could travel between realms... and my main goal with my family was to somehow help them escape safely from this planet for whatever reason...... and when i say avatar i mean the people with blie skin

23 Apr 2024



I don’t remember much but I was at work and my coworkers kept talking about how everyone was going to be sick soon and that we needed to probably just shut everything down in the next hour. I just remembered that my best friend also came to visit me at work and she told me she got into a car accident with a cop the night before.

19 Apr 2024



I Haven’t been dreaming lately it seems as if I’m subconsciously still paying attention to my body and I’ve been getting sick Thru out the nights

29 Mar 2024



I dreamt I called into work and still went even though I was sick

16 Mar 2024



Me and my boyfriend went to Las Vegas with our 3 cats and we got a room in the hotel that didn't have a door, and I was worried that the cats would get out, but they never got out. Also my work was wondering when I'll be back to work but I told them I'm sick and wouldn't be able to fly back until I'm better. My work asked for a doctor's note and the Italian doctors just called them and told them I can't fly back because I'm sick. Also the hotel room was very very fancy with its own bar and basement, but the basement was neverending with its own ice skating rink and movie theater. Also I was trying to cook for my boyfriend but I accidentally cooked some plastic mesh in with the food but my boyfriend ate it anyway.

9 Mar 2024



My 12 year old chiweenie dog was sick, and he is not feeling well in real life. I dreamed we put him to sleep and I regretted it so badly and wished I waited longer. I was crying so hard and I missed him so badly

20 Feb 2024



Last night I had a very strange dream about my mom and our relationship. I don't really remember what was going on, but rather I remember what I was feeling at the moment. And I also don't remember what happened before that, but I just recall my mom being extremely distant, like it wasn't even her. It was like she had a personality of a teenager, or someone who doesn't really care about life, but in the first place, of someone who doesn't care about me. It was a horrible feeling having to be like constantly almost nagging her to pay attention to me and to not act like a dumbass and it was so complicated and it honestly made me extremely upset. It was like she completely gave up on me and didn't like me anymore, and I remember begging her and crying to change her attitude, but she was refusing, so I got extremely mad while I was still bawling my eyes, and so I decided to leave the house and I wanted to just get lost and go somewhere where people won't find me. I really do not recall what has happened and what it was supposed to be about, but I remember feeling extremely helpless and powerless, and it was such an exhausting feeling, and later when I woke up I felt extremely sick and almost numb.

11 Feb 2024

New Job


I was in my house and I've been in my house jobless for the past year so every single day I'm in the house and I don't leave the house and there are demons in my house in my dream and the way they work is that the demons are everywhere and it's a normal thing and they won't do anything to you unless you do something to piss them off and one of the things that piss them off is if you stay in your house for so many days in a row they'll know you're here and they'll try to get you and I was there for a year and that did it but I end up getting a job and the job is me you know being in the desert with a bunch of other guys my age but on the second day I decide to slack off and call them sick for work fake being sick and I don't go to work and when my mom and dad find out they get upset at me they're like they tell me that the more you do that the more you stay in this house the more upset those demons are gonna get and my mom said am and I heard the demons talking about you the other day and they said that they don't like you anymore and they know you're here and they're planning on getting you and then I'm in my living room at night and everyone else is asleep away from me so I feel very scared now and the doors start opening and closing and the objects start moving around I'm like that's the demons trying to threaten me so I just told myself I'm gonna ride this out until the next morning and the next morning comes and I'm back up that job at the desert with those other guys and I try to tell them what happened but I can't get the words out and they all brush me off and I keep on going to work after that and the demons never killed me

8 Feb 2024



I went to Tesco in a town near where iIlive, then I went to work. I saw my work colleague Roxi who was in work who is supposed to be off sick. Baffled, I asked her what she was doing here. She portrayed herself in my dream exactly how she would in my waking life. "What do you mean Rae? Do you know not want me here? I will gladly go home." It was quite funny and jovial.

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