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Dream Interpretation: Paralysis 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Paralysis? Discover the significance of seeing a Paralysis in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Paralysis appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes a feeling of being stuck or unable to move forward in life. It may also represent a fear of losing control or feeling helpless in a situation. It could be a sign of anxiety or stress that is preventing you from taking action.

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🧭 Direction


Take a step back and evaluate the situation that is causing you to feel stuck. Identify the root cause of your anxiety or stress and work towards finding a solution. Don't be afraid to ask for help or seek guidance from others. Remember that you have the power to overcome any obstacle and move forward in life.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of paralysis can evoke a sense of fear, helplessness, and frustration. It may leave one feeling trapped, unable to move or defend oneself. The emotions associated with this dream can range from anxiety to panic, as the individual may experience a loss of control over their own body. The feeling of being paralyzed can be overwhelming and unsettling, leaving a lingering sense of vulnerability and powerlessness.





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Dreams of users containing the word Paralysis

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6 Jun 2024

Locked Door


being at work, and suddenly the sky goes dark and all of the lights go out. suddenly i see a figure in a dark cloak trying to unlock the locked door in the back. when i touch him to stop him, he looks at me and i am paralyzed.

24 May 2024



Well this is an old dream that stuck with me. So in my dream I was in my home. It felt so real. I was struggling to make it to my bed as if I were impaired or partially paralyzed. I finally get to bed. I feel a presence next to me in my bed. She starts a conversation with me. She pretty much told me to stop doing drugs or I would end up like her. It’s as if I were talking to myself almost. The voice of this being was very soft & comforting.

13 May 2024



Died in my dream I’ve had a very weird night having nightmare after nightmare but there’s one dream I can remember that woke me up. I would be in my bed, wake up and feel paralyzed. Then when I was able to move a bit my sight would become blurry and blackish. I would try to go to my mothers room to call the ambulance the whole time but in front of her bedroom after opening the door when she was sleeping I felt paralyzed all over again and while on the floor I would completely turn blind. After that I can’t remember clearly. Then I remember that some deep male voice echoed around me saying some stuff I can’t remember. I would be running and feeling my body go paralyzed slowly and my sight decline again. I ran and accidentally fell into an elevator shaft. At first I thought it wouldn’t be too deep but then I felt the air pressure getting stronger and faster. I would try thinking about what to do, I couldn’t see anything anymore. But I realized I was gonna die and then I did. After a long time falling I feel into an ice cold iron floor thing and heard my body splash and bones crack. That’s when I woke up. I have nightmares and bad dreams frequently since years but this one surprised me, I never had a dream like that and I wonder what y’all think. Could it mean something?

7 May 2024

Waking up


I had a dream last night about making a fried banana and peanut butter sandwich to eat. I was also in paralysis I couldn’t move when I was trying to wake up. I didn’t eat the sandwiches but I was definitely preparing it. I kept hearing something that’s why I was trying to wake up. I kept hearing like some kind of repetitive noise. I’m not sure what it was, but some kind of repetitive noise to wake me up.

7 May 2024



Begging for help Being paralyzed and trying to heal myself. There's a black curtain that won't lift of something I ant remember or something that's been hidden from me. My mom stole my face. The way I dress and look. Everyone else is happy and a family again I'm alone and she stole my existence and made it her own

26 Apr 2024



This dream was kinda weird. Ive been having a lot of lately. This one was creepy i saw that me and my friend were taking the train and it was going like a rollercoaster and then a person w a face mask and flowers on their hand was infront of the train so he could commut suicide and the train would stop. It happened 2 times in the dream w the person w a mask and flowers and it was scary kinda that when i woke up i couldnt move

24 Apr 2024

Living Room


Laying on the livingroom floor with my cousins in their living room and I remember I was scared. There is a man watching us at the door. The lights to the stairs are on but the rest of the house is dark. I want to call for help but nothing comes out and I can't move

16 Apr 2024



I often have dreams where I can see everything around me as if I am up. However I can’t move my body or speak. I feel like something is coming for me and if I don’t find a way to move or get the attention of help of someone it will get me . I try with every ounce of me to scream but I can’t , I try to move my body but I can’t . And this has happened to me more than once. Every time it happens I am terrified . But after a while I can move usually I can’t talk first but when I try to talk it’s more like grunts and sounds

22 Mar 2024

Dead body


I went to this school for a while and one day during the transition to my next class from gym, the principal on the inacom yelled " there is a shooter-" and before he could finish his sentence he got shot and the sound traveled through the school speakers. Everyone started panicking and screaming and crying and I was in a state of paralysis before taking off with everyone else exiting the gym. The school shooter saw us and he pointed his gun at the crowd shooting at it. People ran back into the gym while some was killed on the spot. I ran underneath the bleachers trying to keep myself together. After I was sure the shooter left the gym I attempted to make my way out of the school. The gunshots still echoed throughout the school physically and through the inacom. I was shaking and started crying seeing so many dead bodies and blood. I made my way to the second level of the school and looked out the window, I saw a black van pull up and seen two more people in black with guns exit and enter the school. My heart dropped and my eyes watered. I started breathing heavily and made my way into an empty classroom. I hid on the side of a big closet and sat there catching my breath while crying. I looked at the clock on the other wall. It was 10:30 am. When this started it was 9:00am becuse that's when the transition to my other class starts. I started crying and wondered how could this go on for so long without no police. I crawled over to the desk in the classroom and dialed my mom. She didn't pick up. So I tried a few more times and she didn't pick up. I crawled back to the side of the closet going through an anxiety attack. I ended up falling asleep in the room and I don't know how long. I woke up to the sound of gunshots, my heart started racing and I looked at the clock. It was 4:59pm. My heart dropped. School ends at 3:20pm. I crawled to the desk once again and dialed my mom. She answered and I cried telling her there was a school shooter and it started at 9:00am and it's still going on. I also told her there's three. My mom said she is coming to get me and I said "no don't come. I will get somewhere safe then call you to pick me up." I hanged up the phone and anxiously made my way out the class. I looked out the window and noticed the black van was still here and there was still no police. I heard screaming on the inacom and realized there are still students here. I looked to my left and saw out the window a crowd of students running out of the school and attempting to make their way out of the actual entrance of the school which could take 7-9 minutes if you walked. I gathered up my courage and made my way out the school. I joined the crowd and ran with them. Two of the three school shooters ran out the school as well and started shooting at the crowd. I cried and continue running. I finally made it out with a few people but it could still be considered a crowd . We continued to run until we were far enough from the School. We made our way into a hotel and told the employees what was happening. I begged one of the employees to use their phone and I called my mom to come get me. I gave her the address and she said she would be on her way. One of the people from the crowd screamed and we all turned to see what happend. Even the employees. The same black van that was outside of the school was driving up to the hotel. My heart started raining. The van stopped and the same two shooters that were following the crowd came out. Now I had to escape the hotel.

7 Mar 2024



I had a dream that society was on the brink of collapsing. The people split into factions based on personality and merit. The factions were fighting over power instead of a solution. The sky was always dark throughout the entire dream. I somehow discovered a long last insect who was the Insect King grandson. I was rewarded with riches in insect currency which had the highest value above the human currency. As I was heading home 2 people from an opposing faction tried to intimate and overpower me. I somehow developed powers that welded poison and paralysis making my opponents unable to move. The God of Death witnessed my powers and wanted to examine the extent of it. He brought me to my parents for permission to investigate me and tell them about the poison I used that accidentally killed one of the opponents I faced prior. As we are waiting, I was about to demonstrate my ability to control his body even if he was a God, but I woke up before I could complete the task.

31 Jan 2024

Sleep paralysis


The dream began with a group of women that looked like girls I possibly went to high school with. That feeling of their faces being familiar but they just don’t fit the person you are trying to remember. These women were glamorous and free-spirited and we were drinking and sitting in the hot tub outside of a large house with those glass walls that make it look open as hell. The dream changed to us running down a path as if we were following someone to a location. All of us ended up at some beach and I remember my boots getting ruined along the way. When we got there it was fun, we laughed and messed around but I got the feeling of being watched and there was someone taking photos of us in the water. This was the normal aspect in my opinion and only the beginning. I don’t think this shift in scenery was smooth, I must have had a brief moment of waking up because I was walking into some fancy hotel where I knew everyone like I came in every single day. The girl at the front desk talked to me like I was her best friend. A few times it would be like I just forgot what happened after I got to the front desk. The next time I walked inside I could barely get her attention because she was so busy. I offered to help and she showed me her calendar and apologized to me. Her grandma was supposedly out and she had to take over everything. I went through storage boxes for her? I pulled out a roll of 35mm camera film and lets just say… it was really fucking weird now. There were pictures on every single part of that film but I almost blacked out some of it if that makes sense? One was of me and my red hair that was on instagram at one point… another of them was blonde hair that was from me in 2008/2009 and I remember it clearly because I wore my hair in a specific way. It triggered a memory in my dream? (I have never had that happen…) The memory though, it felt like a whole other version of my life? I was myself, I remember my high school self but everyone with me was… off? I mentioned this type of thing before, its like I am trying to place them but they arent quite there… they are just similar… but I was at a park and I sat on this zebra statue and then a guy hoppe on and I was watching it from 3rd person. I spectated this dream and watched it like I knew it was me… Another one was my first year in high school because it looked like my yearbook photo… I was trying to process through it more but somehow I ruined the film. Now I reach the end and the part that was what I deemed a nightmare. I was in my childhood home… it was my bed and I had the curtains open and people were setting off fireworks in the yard and it was dangerously close to the house. I was already feeling so uncomfortable and that added to it. But then that guy… who was in the memory that jumped onto the statue with me sat down on my bed and was talking to me about the film and he was concerned about how crazy things were. Now there were people shooting fireworks out the windows and something caught on fire and also something happened at the back and they got killed and the guy disappeared and I woke up partially. I was in sleep paralysis at that point and trying to say help. I would fade in and out and the last little part I remember is hearing clearly when partially awake “no, you get back here.” I did come back and I couldn’t see the person again, but I also really dont remember what he said either. I just remember feeling like I didn’t have a way out. I stood at the top of a building and woke up.

3 Jan 2024

Sleep paralysis


I had dreamed that I was sleeping in my bed and my internet had gone out and it caused me to wake up because it turned off my night light and caused my Alexa Echo devices to act up but they started blinking red which they normally did not do then all of a sudden I looked over and standing in my closet was the Grim Reaper he said to me oh don't worry I'm not here for you I'm here for him and not his head towards my next door neighbors place and said I'm just hanging out here with you until it's time to which I had heard my neighbor start losing her mind and screaming oh my God he's dead he's dead he's dead then I was pulled from my place and I was at the guy I was seeing's house going to get into the shower and I almost fell in pain and he came in and said are you okay you better stop being a conduit for death or you're going to lose that baby and then somehow I wound up being pulled back into my own bedroom where the Grim Reaper proceeded to say to me oh you didn't know yes are a connection connection for the souls to travel through and that is why I am here with you and when you pass on you will do the same job that I do for death and when I woke up from this dream and sleep paralysis everything that I dreamed about came true my neighbor and her son passing away my internet and the power going out and flickering everything except for me being swept over to the guy I was seeing house well later on throughout life about 6 months later I got pregnant with his child and I don't know what else to think because I've had many predictive dreams in my life usual about who is going to pass away not to mention being awake and seeing a person and knowing they'll die soon in my head then do or even as well as being visited by spirits during waking life also I was never afraid or scared in the dream but I did feel a bit of hurt /sad upon being told to stop being deaths conduit like it was something that would break my heart to do

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