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Dream Interpretation: Trauma 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Trauma? Discover the significance of seeing a Trauma in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Trauma appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes unresolved emotional pain or past experiences that continue to affect you. It may also indicate a fear of reliving a traumatic event or a need to confront and process your emotions related to it.

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🧭 Direction


It is important to seek support and guidance from a trusted friend, family member, or therapist to help you work through your emotions and heal from past traumas. Take time to reflect on your feelings and identify any triggers that may be causing you distress. Remember to be patient and kind to yourself as you navigate this process.

❤️ Feelings

This dream may evoke feelings of fear, anxiety, and distress. It could be a reflection of past experiences or unresolved emotions that have caused trauma. The dream may bring up intense emotions and a sense of unease, as it may remind the individual of a difficult or painful event. It is important to approach these dreams with care and seek support to process and heal from any underlying trauma.





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Dreams of users containing the word Trauma

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23 Jun 2024



So Hellvuna my spiritual guide/succubi wife has shown me three things that I am lacking with the three blue orbs on a volcano. And as they were floating each then turn there blue color into another color: the first one was yellow and it represents value, the second one represents living in balance and it was red, and the third in green represents love in one’s self. She told me that I am lacking it due to trauma but I am slowly being able to take one step at a time. She then told me she wants to test me on if I am ready for a journey in the next night because I am strong not weak

17 Jun 2024

My crush


Astrological observations about a person’s IC(imum coeli), vertex and how they may be impacted by their ancestral traumas when they are of a marginalized ethnic origins(e.g. Aftican American. Armenian, Uyghur, Native American, Palestinian, etc.) A party in a building by a murky river; the weather is cloudy and there are lots of woods Plum blossoms are in full bloom(they aren’t but I want to say they are for some reason) I’m here for some kind of a connection-making reasons, avoiding certain people and shady/shoddy ruffians and percerted wretches My friends are here too, mostly the ones I had a tiny crush on a few years back They signed up because the class of the school was invited They’re playing around having a merry time, dancing and using bamboo sticks to appear outside the window from outside the buildings and such, surprising people and me and such in a jolly way

29 May 2024



I was attacked by a man who almost killed me. His intention was to kill me but other people quickly helped. He wanted to kill me because I was testifying in a court case. There was a policeman that shot the man who was attacking me and killed him. But I was badly beaten I was hit in the head numerous times. I hugged the policeman and he hugged me back. There felt like a trauma bond between us. I sustained major head swelling as a result. My head was so swollen that it was morphing my skull and some of my face. I remember using ice in my dream and feeling my head pain. I was so worried about lasting damage to my head and face.

26 May 2024



Dreamed that spider watched a compounding pharmacist and asked for an abortion through spelling on her web. So the pharmacist compounded the hormonal abortion pill for the spider Then my mom and I were at a restaurant in the mountains and this waitress was rude and made her cry while 2 other waitresses comforted her. I left a bad review Me and my cousins were with out grandpa and he was married to one of my dads ex wife’s and they wouldn’t make food for us so we went to McDonald’s often and I didn’t like their McDonald’s bc they didn’t have breakfast all day Then I was in this supermarket with my 8th grade ex and it was weird because there was an AI preschool there and it was causing trauma to kids.

22 May 2024



i dreamt about being in bed, i was lostening to music, and there was a japanese song, i decided to open it and the intro was a kid laughing and then screaming, i fell down, traumatised, i tried to call my dad hut my eyes were closes and i couldn’t see

13 May 2024

Old friend


Okay, so I dream of my very very old ex-friend, okay. I had a lot of trauma with her or backstab. She was, and she abandoned me. I trust her a lot. She was very very old friend, like elementary friend, okay. So, like, I dreamt of, like, I dreamt of one, like, first I met her when I was in nursery. So, we went to, went to picnic, okay. We went to picnic and she did not have any toys, so I shared with her. So, the next day, we went to picnic. In the next class, she turned on her face and said, go away from here. So, it literally hurt me. So, the same dream, like, this time we were older. So, we were older and we were going through some path, literally. It was like a picnic spot. We were, like, in school uniform with friends. I was chilling and minding my own business and there was a same girl, my ex-friend. She was with her two friends and suddenly she came and held me, like, started acting friendly and being nice to me and I was like, what the heck? What are you doing to me? I know your real face and she was just acting like because she has no friends and that's all. It really hurt me and I was, I was disgusted and like, ew, get off me and she talked a lot and just like that.

3 May 2024



There was a weird woman who was actually really spiritual and tought me about a lot of spiritual facts. She told me people couldn’t conceive next to her and asked if it was a problem. It was linked to past trauma of hers I think she was dead

8 Apr 2024

New Job


The year after my grandpa passed away, in 2022, we were in our new trailer, me and my grandma, because we basically had to move out of our house that I grew up in forever by January. I had a dream. I was laying on my blow-up mattress, because that was my bed at the time, in my new room in my trailer. I was sleeping on my blow-up mattress. Then suddenly, I was asleep. I remember in my dream, I was at my grandfather's sister's house, in the back room where my grandfather would always sleep and stay when we visited there. That room that he stayed in, I have always been afraid of that room. For some reason, I have no idea why, but I always was. The fear. I never felt safe in that room. So, in my dream, I was in that room he used to sleep in. The room I was scared to be in. I remember the door being open, wide open. It was nighttime. I always watched TV at nighttime. Since the door was open, there's a hallway. One side of that wall, of that hallway, is a huge closet. The closet doors was a huge mirror. So, it's pitch black in that hallway. I cannot see anything. It's dark. It's black. It's scary. Then, I remember the whole room going dark. The TV was not working. I was trying to change the channel or something on my TV. It was not working. The TV went to TV static. I don't remember if the bedroom door was closed or open when the whole room went black and the TV was not working. Then, I remember my whole body. I don't know if it was in a blanket or not, but since I sleep on my back, my whole body was turning. Slowly turning. Slowly turning into a full circle. Slowly turning. Halfway before, whatever it was, I was going to see. I don't know if it was going to be a demon or whatever, but I woke up. I woke straight up from that. I woke up gasping. I wake up and to the left of me in the bed, a swoop of black. Like a swish of a black spirit or something black flew by me and disappeared in the room. I remember still not being able to move because I was paralyzed. I felt like I was paralyzed. I was not able to move, speak, nothing. Completely in terror and fear. I finally was able to move maybe after 15 to 20 minutes. Then, I was crying. I was bawling my eyes out. Completely scared, shitless because I had a night terror a year ago in my old room. Now, a year later in my new room, I am having a night terror again. I have no idea if a horrible spirit was following me from my old house that just happened to follow to my new house. I do not know what it was, but that was a very scary time for me. Thank God, now, in the year 2024, in my own place that I own, my own apartment, night terrors are not happening anymore. Thank God. I do not know if it was a trauma from back then or what, but it was very scary. Very scary.

19 Mar 2024



I cried to my ex telling her that I only have 7 weeks to live because I have cancer and I just wanted to tell her how I felt before I died. I told her that I never stopped loving her even though she caused me trauma. She said she has always loved me and she never stopped, and then we started to kiss in the car. She slipped her fingers into my vagina , making me moan real loud, and she leaned down and started licking my clit while fingering my vagina. It felt so real and intense, I orgasmed really hard. She then kissed me and told me that she was sorry for everything she’s ever said and that she was just mad that we weren’t together anymore

10 Mar 2024



I had a dream of the karmic again this dream was different I dreamt of the karmic and his girlfriend let me tell you this shit this dream was so funny to me because in the dream the girl I remember the girl being like oh so you not getting no girl no I'm not getting no STD infested dick no I'm not no I am not and I'm glad I remember the karmic being in the kitchen downstairs and all his friends and we were talking about who I'm dating again like it's a competition but it's not a competition motherfuckers want to be in competition so bad bro and we're not and the fact that the karmic really I remember seeing who I used to deal with, he, I remember describing him, he was, um, he had braces, and when his friends whispered in his ear, he was like blah blah blah, and at the comment got mad, and flinched at me, and I did flinch again because of the trauma that I went through with the karmic. I got up and I said no, I got up and I said no, I'm not about to be scared of you, and I walked away. thinks that my soulmate is not finna come and show me real love I don't know why I was in the same house as him and his girlfriend, but it was just so funny again. Because I am free from the karmic and I am healing in the 5d and the 3d and I am ever moving forward and abundant to all great things

5 Mar 2024

Move Out


I dreamt I was moving back into my old house. I was upset by this because I didn’t want to be in the house all my trauma occurred in. In my dreams last night, eggs were significant. It was implied that we had left eggs around the house as some sort of protection, and the people who had moved out had done something to the eggs to try and get rid of them. The eggs had become smaller and almost shriveled up. I kept finding myself holding tiny eggs. I ended up gaining awareness that I was dreaming. I told my mom off for thinking it was a good idea to move back into our old house. I even told her that we were in a dream. She just went quiet in shock.

24 Feb 2024



Its a beautiful night, alot of my family & loved ones surrounding me. My grandmother, my sisters, my boyfriend at the time joel , my mother and father (surprisingly, considering how much they hate eachother) , my aunts etc.. First negative turn was seeing my aunt & mother get into a fist fight (maybe thats suppressed childhood trauma from seeing them getting into an actual fight when i was a little girl). I’m not sure why they were fighting in this dream but i got in the middle of it , ended up with a long scrape across my lower stomach (kind of how woman look after a C Section). The wound looked alot worse than anticipated when i showed my mom & aunt the Mark i got from trying to break them up. Seeing it shocked me, what was even more shocking was the REAL pain i felt from it. I remember being in my dream thinking “dam this must really be hurting me because my Stomach probably hurts in real life”. (Lucid dreaming is pretty common For me). Anyways , my aunt and mother ended up making up and the night continues happily. The vibes are right again. I soon realize this entire soiree with my loved ones are ON A BOAT! Picture this, beautiful night in miami, big boat, cool neon lights on the decks, white and gold decor on the inside, rave type music in the background. Wow ! What a night! Untill shit takes another turn for the worst…. There’s this man i reminder meeting earlier in my dream …. White, tall & beefy, older (maybe later 40s early 50s, grays on his head and beard.. he had his little son with him (maybe about 5 or 6 years old). He wanted to show me a cool part of the boat. I fell for his trap and followed him … this part of the boat was this vacant dark area kind of like a small room next to where ppl park their cars (why is their a parking garage on a boat, Dont ask me) . As we approach this dark room i get a wave of regret rushing over my entire body. My entire body was telling me to RUN! As he gestures for me to go in the room first i turn around and use alllll of my energy to RUN! But it wasnt enough! He grabbed me by my necklace and pulls me back . Sort of choking me a bit with the necklace. In the moment i knew what was about to happen, i knew i fucked up. He drags me into this dark room with my whole body kicking and squirming screaming out for my dad “DAAAAAD, DAAADD, HELP ME DAD!!” like i said… the entire area was vacant.. my dad wasnt coming to save me, he couldn’t even hear me.. I black out in that room from the white older man hitting me in the face so many times (the punches I did not feel in real life, thank God) As im coming in and out of consciousness i see glimpses, flashes of this Horrible mans face with the biggest evil grin I’ve ever seen.. He tried putting his finger in my mouth and my first thought was “bite” so i bit as hard as i can , if i would’ve bit any harder i would’ve took his finger off, luckily. But i didn’t get the reaction i expected, he liked it. So i bit harder and harder! Nope didn’t work.

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