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Dream Interpretation: Children 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Children? Discover the significance of seeing a Children in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Children appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

These are symbols of freedom, innocence, potential, and vulnerability. You are dreaming about parts of yourself that need extra care and nurturing due to their pure and unclouded emotional significance. It reflects your inner child's longing for freedom and nurturing.

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🧭 Direction


You will need to make time to explore these pure and free parts of yourself and identify the true and innocent emotions you are feeling. The wisdom of children is priceless and will guide you forward, but you will need to take extra care of these parts because they will grow and create your future.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of children evokes feelings of innocence, joy, and a sense of responsibility. It symbolizes the nurturing side of our personality and the desire for growth and development. It may also bring about feelings of protection and the need to care for others. This dream can evoke a sense of nostalgia and remind us of our own childhood experiences. Overall, the presence of children in a dream brings about positive emotions and a reminder of the importance of embracing our inner child.





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11 May 2024



I was skiing, and I was supposed to be skiing uphill, which was hard, but I actually did it after all, and we went to a conveyor belt that took us to a children's play pit. In the children play pit and I figured out that I can't get out any way, before I thankfully found the exit. After that, I suddenly appeared at home, where a lot of my family members were, even grandparents. I remembered that I haven't fed my pet snake in a long time (I don't own any pet snakes in reality) and I realized that I had it living in a terrarium on the balcony. I went to get it and check on it, and it was alright, and even had a new pattern on its skin. It was turning from white to pink. It survived because its terrarium had worms living in the dirt, and there was water that rained into the terrarium, because it didn't have a roof. I woke up slightly confused, but also happy that the dream turned out alright. I don't know why I have some things repeat in my dreams, so that makes me feel a little strange...

27 Apr 2024

Old Man


Dreamt of 2 Hispanic girls, they were related. One was a baby of 5 months and another of 4 years old. They were lost and I took them in and called the police. The little 4 yr old wrote her name down amd it said monet. My boyfriend died whilst I was onto the police. The life was leaving him And I was crying. He eventually disappeared. He turned grey and blue in the face. I was on a black old fashioned home phone. Once my boyfriend disappeared an old short man appeared with a bicycle trying to get in my house. I closed the door on him. It felt supernatural and like there were ghosts in my house.

19 Apr 2024

Waking up


I dreamt that little kids harmed and killed adults, which led to their death. I was on a train when a detective saw that I was blind. To the world, I was blind, but I was visually impaired. The detective noticed that the events that led to me being impaired were the fault of the children and granted me my freedom. I was wandering and navigating some streets when I met up with a man who sold navigating sticks (used by blind people to get around). While trying to leave, the people changed the environment to keep me from leaving, and asked me to hide where living people were stuffed into bags and placed behind a machine to avoid being seen by random federal agents. I was unable to fit Ina bag or the place where the people were stuffed. That's when I woke up.

12 Apr 2024



My husband and our children were at my Grandpa’s house at a family event. I already had our last son and named him Brayden, so we had three kids with us. Our son Brayden looked like me with his dads blonde hair and blue eyes. My husband’s brother Andrew came to the event and got to meet our children for the first time. He thought our oldest son favored him in looks. We went outside and I often checked on the kids to make sure they were having a good time and okay. As it was time for my mom to go she felt like someone had stole her car but it was parked around the corner. I helped her get her stove and went back to the family event. I went to a table that had my aunt Moneik there and to my surprise my cousin Carlton, who is in prison showed up. I ran to hug him and was so excited he was free. He said he called but no one answered to come get him so he came here. I got my kids together because I wanted to show him my kids.

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