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Dream Interpretation: Bully ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Bully? Discover the significance of seeing a Bully in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Bully appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

There is a part of your identity that is stifling and suppressing another part of your identity. This dream will often happen as compensation for an overly meek and mild personality, demonstrating that your people-pleasing and adherence to rules is keeping you from expressing your true self.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


Do not let rules, shame, and people-pleasing tendencies keep you from expressing your true self. Your emotions, desires, and identity deserve to be authentically expressed. Take steps and actions to allow these parts of yourself to be revealed.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream of being bullied can evoke a range of negative emotions such as fear, helplessness, and insecurity. It may leave one feeling vulnerable, anxious, and even traumatized. The experience of being targeted by a bully in a dream can trigger a sense of powerlessness and a lack of control over one's own life. These emotions may stem from real-life experiences of being bullied or from a deeper fear of confrontation and conflict. Overall, this dream can leave a person feeling distressed and unsettled, highlighting the need to address any underlying issues related to self-esteem and assertiveness.





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10 Jun 2024

My crush


Dreamed I was back in school. We were having some kind of special day. Kind of like a job day, but not really. At first I didn't know what was going on, and I was trying to help set up. Everyone knew exactly what they were doing and I was getting in the way. I saw a girl with a huge training dog and wanted to touch it but I didn't, and went the other way. First I went and talked with another girl and asked her what she was planning on going to college for and she sao music. I told her that I was planning on doing something art wise or music too, but that I was too afraid Id be a starving artist. She tells me I'm being too hard on myself and that I'll never know if I don't try. I then start wandering around and find a woman standing next to a kitten. I turn to the kitten and crouch down and pet it for a good long while and it seems to be really liking it. Later, after everything is done, I'm lagging behind but I'm worried about a guy I have a crush on because I haven't seen him all day. Theres this black kid who's been known to bully him and I ask politely where he is. The guy is so mean he takes out special cleaning supplies and burns straight through my backpack that I was wearing. I'm mad now, and I turn towards some girls and they tell me "you don't have anything, your backpack was ruined along with everything in it." Now I'm mad and worried. I go to the black kid and I slam him into a locker and keep the door closed so he's stuck in the locker and at this point I'm yelling and asking for the name of the guy I like and where he is. Finally the guy goes "I locked him in the emergency tube!" I let him out but grab him by the throat and slam him again at the lockers and tell him that if he doe it again I'LL be the one to put him there. I turn and start running toward the emergency tube. I pass the kitten but I don't go to it like I want to. It gets startled and hides under something. I run to the guy I like and he is in the emergency tube. Its like where someone goes I'd they broke a bone or got sick, but I had been told that if you're fine, it acts like you're not and basically hurts your body and tries to do surgery on you. I see the guy I like and he goes "You have to get me out quick! It hasn't kicked on, but usually you get to me before I'm in here. I don't know whats going to happen." Just as I turn to the computer that tells the tube what to do, he doubles over in pain and IRS like looking through his skull from an xray. I start fiddling with the tube to see if I can find the way to open it filled with anxiety and then I wake up.

1 Jun 2024



I dream of that day when my little cousin brother put his body in a big gold piece and covered the body and threw it in the drainage system. Near my house there is a drainage. I threw the body inside and I feel guilty after killing him. I dream that I met my friend. She was younger than me. I went to her house and met her mother. Her mother was very sweet. I tried to be very friendly with her and spend a lot of time with her. In my dream I saw she was getting bullied by some people in my auto. She was thrown out of the auto and she was sad. I made up my mind to tell her that it's not good to fight and those people are bad. That's all. We were near the mall in our house. Then I saw my little cousin brother detective. He was alive. I don't know how he was alive till now. I opened the bag on my own. I was not drowned in the drainage system. After knowing that I helped him and started crying a lot. I really liked my little cousin brother and started crying. Then I met some of my old friends near the mall. I met my friend's mother again and we talked a little bit. That's all.

25 May 2024



Had a dream someone took my marijuana and ketamine nose spray Then these FBI paintball people shot someone that used to bully me Then someone gave me their bag to watch over before they deployed

17 May 2024

New Job
Old boss


My old boss that got fired was hired back on. She asked me how work was without her there and I told her it was way better. She was incredulous. She asked me how that could be possible and I told her that the new director is able to listen to opinions other than her own, she comes up with solutions that actually make sense and when she helps us out it actually helps instead of just stressing us out more. She told me I was being a bully and just trying to make her look bad. I told her she didnโ€™t need any help looking bad. She told me even thought she was my boss now she could let it go and start fresh. I told her there was no need and I quit.

21 Apr 2024



Dream 3 dream ๐Ÿ’ญ Daniel McCormick was talking to me and My friends on a steep hill with many lawns and in the neighborhoods I was ok ๐Ÿ‘ but startled he was my former bully at Pepin Academy 6th grade he put me in a headlock back then and called me names. Also had some funny parts to him. He wasnโ€™t mad in the dream he was like hey nodding off and saying good to see you Jeff for a short moment and we were saying hey whatโ€™s up. He said also he never hated me while we were in detention at Pepin in real life he never hated me we just misunderstood each others emotions and I forgive all of my bullies I do.

18 Apr 2024



I was back in school, but I was more adult. I had a bully but I stood up to him. My girlfriend was a voodoo doll and whatever pain enacted on her he felt and there was sexual energy between me and my girlfriend.

15 Apr 2024



bullying from people from the past and heartbreak. the same dream has been poppin up every night for the past 3 nights

6 Apr 2024



I dreamt about my ex, since my sister deleted her social media content,four days ago I dreamt that my ex got the school bully's after me to convince me that he's not interested in her ect, Me and him argued alot over my sister while together bcos I suspected him of being interested in her, and her social media was full of videos of herself and her late husband before he died, I suspected my ex of watching them

2 Apr 2024



I had received a cooking assignment from my boss, I was required to cook an elaborate meal, with lots of different varieties of food. This cooking assignment took place at my aunts house who has a beautiful kitchen. In the middle of my cooking endeavors, a group of teenage girls shows up and sabotages my my cooking. They take over the kitchen, burning things, spilling things, adding too much salt, etc. I was getting so frustrated, and I communicated in a firm tone that they needed to back off, this only aggravated them more. My boss, my aunt and the rest of my family showed up, asking what happened. When I tried to explain the group of girls Interrupted me, accusing me of being a bully. And then a bunch of wild bears entered the house and started eating the food, but it scared us so much we forgot about the food and scrammed out of there.

25 Mar 2024



It was Christmas I remember living with the Griffin family from Family Guy, Peter and Lois were asleep. I remember being Stewie and I remember me and Brian were messing with the lights. Then we moved to Clevelandโ€™s familyโ€™s house. There they had a pet tiger. Then I remember the next morning being dressed as my superhero persona a black ninja with a toy sword. Then I remember seeing someone dressed as the Joker, seeing them I was at my childhood home and I told them I was gonna kick their ass. Since both of my parents are dead I call myself real life Batman since heโ€™s my patron deity. The kid who was dressed up as Joker was a school bully who reminded me of him named Devlin we got into a fight and I remember seeing flashes of the killing joke graphic novel. Then I got a glimpse of the Oracle from the Matrix telling me that Devlin was my other half my polar opposite. Then I remember breaking my arm losing my ring finger with a hidden blade from Assassins Creed. Then I remember playing dnd with my friends.

22 Mar 2024



I was sitting at a restaurant table with my childhood friend Hunter and a few of his friends that I didn't recognize, and I was having a good time reconnecting with him after years of not talking to him. And then all of a sudden I had extreme unbridled rage that I felt towards him as I remembered how he betrayed my trust and our friendship in high school and started bullying me instead. The anger was so bad I couldn't even look at him anymore. The dream ended just like that.

21 Mar 2024



I had a dream me and my friends were at a party. We were dancing outside and there were some girls who were bullying me. I was laughing at them because it was ridiculous but I told my acquaintances to defend me but they didnโ€™t. Then I took my exs hand to not be alone anymore and he smiled and caressed my cheek and said โ€žitโ€™s said that people need to break up twice to let go. Letโ€™s do it now and leave each others lives finally.โ€œ and we smiled and he went away. Then I was tasked to destroy a dresser. When I broke the glass the splinters were digging into my hands constantly, cutting me.

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