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Dream Interpretation: Kidnapping 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Kidnapping? Discover the significance of seeing a Kidnapping in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Kidnapping appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol indicates insecurity, anxiety, and vulnerability. It suggests that your life is out of your control, and all this makes you anxious and weary. It also symbolizes that you are putting yourself into an emotional trap by always doing things that please others.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

Is there anything in your life that is making you anxious? Worry will not help you in any situation. It is your commitment to others and your people-pleasing attitude that is causing you to lose personal control and making you anxious. Take back the lost control, and work towards your own betterment.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of kidnapping evokes feelings of fear, vulnerability, and powerlessness. It signifies a loss of control and a sense of being trapped or held against one's will. This dream may reflect deep-seated anxieties or a fear of being taken advantage of. It can also symbolize a desire for freedom or a need to assert oneself in waking life. The emotions associated with this dream are often intense and unsettling, leaving a lingering sense of unease upon waking.





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Dreams of users containing the word Kidnapping

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18 May 2024



Kidnapped and forced to learn basketball

18 May 2024



Had a dream that people were kidnapped and their limbs were amputated

6 May 2024



I was snuggled up with my fiancée and with Zara when all of a sudden two big men broke in and tried to take me. Maddie remained asleep and was unhelpful, Zara wasn't trained to guard the house, Mum did nothing but scream "Stop it!" "Stop it" and cry rather than anything useful, I was left flighting alone. Two big aggressive men. I got one of them but the other one kidnapped me before I could defend myself. I wouldn't talk for them or anything.

28 Apr 2024



I was being kidnapped

10 Apr 2024



im like a babysitter or just helper person to this family and im helping their son/daughter and i help them get on the road for their trip. in the middle of helping them im in an inside/outside office set up and their daughter is taken by these two other girls. but the two girls like mask the situation. they come into the office and everyone around feels that something is off about the situation even if they dont know anything about whats going on, some people are bothered enough to comment on it. but no one takes action because they dont actually know whats happening. when the three of them leave everyone carry's on like normal. but something reminds me of the daughter and im wondering where she is and the feeling is so strong that whatever the kidnappers used to mask it is revealed and i realize she was taken and im screaming her name and everyone is just staring at me and i wake up

8 Apr 2024

Panic Attack


I was kidnapped by two male one of the males texted my dad. He told my dad if he wanted me back to give I’m some money, my dad told him he didn’t want a whore in his house, after that I started having a panic attack in my dream and the other kidnapper was trying to get me to calm down

7 Apr 2024



My roommate was kidnapped by a guy and I had to drive away in her car so he could chase me, he put a blocker on 911 and called one of my friends dads to help me escape and save her.

7 Apr 2024

Running away


i was kidnapped by some man and his mean girlfriend and they kidnapped me and my friend and they took away my phone than we managed to outsmart the girlfriend and we pushed her off a cliff and than we were being driven in a car by our kidnapper and he took me to a barrier which on the other side u could see my home country and he was making fun of me and made me embarasses until me and my friend killed him and we went to climb the barrier of my home country and she swam in the ocean and i tried to swim too but i kept getting pulled back to the shore whilst people screamed “jellyfish” in spanish. than my kidnapper came back and we had to run away and climb.

6 Apr 2024



me and my friend oz had gone to this place that was supposed to be a camp i guess? but in actuality we were both kidnapped,,, they would track how we would feel the entire time, it would be shown on a screen at the top of the ceiling. the main evil lady would tell me how i’m much more likely to “go insane” which sounds stupid rn but it felt REAL. i felt so trapped and terrible and it was not cool. ppl would ask me if i was a bad guy too bc on the screen it would show that i was the least scared? i realized i actually had my iphone so i was like “I NEED TO TEXT EVERYONE WHATS GOING ON!!” and the lady found out i had my phone and put this contraption on it before i could send it out. i had literally BRAWLED her, like i was punching the shit out of her. i had two strikes, and ‘something bad’ would happen after three. anywho she was like “haha if u can take this off than u can have ur phone.” so while i was trying to figure it out, i was walking around the place trying to get some clues on the contraption or how to get out. and i have stumbled upon uh… a human fridge. it was just full of dead ppl that were frozen. which is obviously scary. i was the only person who knew,, so when i came back to the main area, on the screen thing it showed that i was TOO scared, so they all the guards got suspicious of me and kept trying to ask me questions. i think i had tried to swoon one of them? anyways i finally opened the contraption for my phone and i texted everyone in a server i was in but no one would respond, and i texted my family and they wouldn’t either,, and somehow i had escaped after a FREAKY ass chase but oz hadn’t. and i remember thinking while i was driving some random mofos car like “i can’t go back but i can’t leave oz either.” and that’s where the dream ended😞 in the dream i think they were farming ppl which is horrific

2 Apr 2024



(I can’t remember my whole dream, but there are a few sections that I remember.) The first thing that I can remember is dream me sitting in a car. There’s a stranger in the driver’s seat, driving the car. I think it was implied that the stranger kidnapped me, but I can’t remember. Anyway, the stranger is driving, and I’m constantly complaining. The stranger tells me to knock myself out so that I’ll be quiet and I do it. Next thing I know, I’m at a gas station, and the stranger has turned into my mom. The gas station has been bedazzled, and is covered in shiny gems and stones. While my mom fills the car with gas, I get a call from my sister. I can’t remember what she said, but I know that shortly after we hung up, a car almost crashed into the gas station. (I can’t remember what happened after that, so I’ll just skip ahead to what I do remember.) The next thing I know, I’m in a room with my sister and my friends. There’s a bunch of moss on the ground that keeps spreading across the room. We all sing songs and act like everything is normal. Even though I was nervous about the moss. Then, the giant metal door that was blocking our exit opens up. Everyone runs outside of the room and celebrates. As the door closes, we hear a noise from inside. One of my friends was still in the room, and she asked for help. I held the door open for her and then told everyone else to leave the room. Then I started talking about ghosts for some reason and closed the door. Afterwards, my friends, my sister, and I all started talking to each other. Then my sister got called to the street, I followed after her. By the sidewalk, was a woman in a black car claiming to be my sister’s Aunt. Even though she clearly wasn’t our aunt. Regardless, my sister got into the car, and I went with her. The lady gave my sister this weird doll and started driving. (Then I woke up.)

27 Mar 2024



I was kidnapped and raped and held for days

18 Mar 2024



I was being kidnapped to go save my dad. i don’t have anymore contact with him in the waking world, and i didn’t in my dream. i was helping getting him back against my will. I had somewhere between three and five zip ties around my hands and I was being shoved into the backseat of what looked like a black SUV. We went across different countries to go and get him. He was trying to talk to me but I never said a word to him because I didn't like him. We eventually made it back to America and I had to ask my boss if she could take away my vacation time because I used it up from being kidnapped. she told me i could still go to vacation in august but it wouldn’t be pto.

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