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Dream Interpretation: Triangles 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Triangles? Discover the significance of seeing a Triangles in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Triangles appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This is a symbol of strength, power, and success. They also represent creative energy, change, and progress. They also sometimes suggest success or reaching the pinnacle of something important in your waking life. In some religions, this symbol may hold special significance.

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🧭 Direction


If you dream about a triangle, you need to first look within your waking life to know if there is anything you are struggling with or are trying to achieve. New progress or change will soon find its way into your life, have the courage to face it and follow it for the greater good. Alternatively, you can also refer to symbol three from the related tabs section as triangles also represent three sides, three angles.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of triangles evokes a sense of curiosity and intrigue. It brings forth feelings of complexity and the need to decipher hidden meanings. Triangles symbolize balance, harmony, and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. This dream may leave one feeling intrigued and motivated to explore the deeper aspects of life and the mysteries that lie within.





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6 Mar 2024



A circle on top of a triangle and then drawing something below the traingle in the sand to help with the equation.

18 Feb 2024



So I don’t remember much but it was me and this man? And I already had a bad feeling about something so I decided to record on the voice recording app on my Apple Watch. I don’t remember how I happened but we ended up fighting he was trying to punch me and I was using jujitsu ((btw I know jujitsu in the real world)). And then the recording somehow stoped?? (I think i turned it off or something?) And then I ended up doing a triangle choke or something like that on him and he passed out I think so I ran and I just remember even when he was in prison he still haunted me (it wasn’t like a gost or anything) but still… (That’s kinda all I remember)

4 Feb 2024



I was in this really colorful world. Everything was bright, almost blinding even and there where random shapes everywhere like the trees where square and the clouds could be triangles sometimes or circles the other. The world had doors the lead to other places like in the nightmare before Christmas. I was in a place none for it bright colors and wide sky's. All people had powers but in every world they was a super who was the strongest my world didn't have that. In my world most of the people could fly but I couldn't do that. I could most things by moving my hands, and I could make people go to sleep by compelling them to. The people in my world wouldn't let me go to the door and I hated it because they got to see the other places. One door led to a world full of water, another led to a world full of volcanos and lava. Finally the super from the water door came to our world and my friend became really weird. Everyone was going to meet the super, she was a woman who looked like Cathy Bates, but no one would let me go. I took the opportunity to go through the water doors. The door I went through didn't lead me to the water world though, it took me to this house that looked like it was made of gold. There where people everywhere from all the different worlds. I got to talk to them and found I really like it there, they told me this was a waiting land. It was a border between all of the worlds. My friends finally caught up to me there and told me that I needed to go home before another super found me because I was a super and the other supers have been fighting for our world so they hid me. I was upset but said I was going back and I would fight for our world. It felt like a lot of time went by, I had learned out to use my powers well and one of the super was dead. I didn't remember fight with him but I felt like it was me who killed him. Finally I got two other strong friends want went to the water world. The water super saw me right away and came to kill us but I was able to push he back into her world. We were going to go deeper in a fight her.

24 Nov 2023



Having a closed office we went to check on. Sometimes we were the owners and sometimes we're there on behalf of the owners. We had to lock up and we were having an issue with the alarm system not working correctly. Outside of our store we were inside another store that was very big and other people had stalls to shop in inside this larger store store. Most were about to close and we were watching the customers. It looked like they were participating in some type of scavenger hunt. The rules were confusing but I wanted to participate anyway. In the middle of this all happening there was a lady that was relieved I spoke Spanish and I told her I didn't I just knew a little. She advised that if I wanted to become fluent in Spanish I would have to listen to movies and listen to the music.that she was just giving me good advice. Then someone was making fun of my shoes. I decided to take a number and play this game in the store. It turned out you could win prizes and there were limits on when you could sign up so I was lucky I was there at that time. I had certain tasks to do and I would come back the next day to see if I won. Then I ran into Cassie my best friend in real life. I had not seen her or talked to her in a very long time so I felt a little emotional. Then it changed to me being inside someone's beautiful home in California that was built into a mountain. The ceilings were all tilted so it gave the feeling the house was shaped like a triangle or pyramid. She was talking a lot and wanted to tell me all about the architect and her family but I wanted to get away from her and see what my husband was doing.

29 Oct 2023



There are lots of people trying to build a building, but the bricks keep exploding. If 2 exploding bricks touch, they explode. There are also triangle bricks that keep exploding. People keep dying. Some people explode when close. But some bricks go together fine. We never know who is next.

23 Oct 2023



my dream was a bit all over the place yesterday and it went on for so long. i remember there was a cartoony sort of place with these colourful characters, a short girl with a triangle dress and blonde hair, the tall girl with pink hair, a boy in a wheelchair, and two other boys. it was set in a weird world with a market and a sea. i remember everyone else leaving out the short girl when they got to a house with three floors because she couldn’t keep up with them all and she said “i hate being short”. when she got up to the third floor they were playing spin the bottle and one of the boys put something in the hatch then they all ran back downstairs again back out to the market. i don’t remember what happened in between but the world stayed the same just not the characters. i was in my dream now playing as myself, the world around was very based around the sea but looked rundown, all the markets were selling fish and random things found in the water. there was a lot of big boats going past, i was on one of them with a lot of others, there was junk and rubbish everywhere. i remember some of the kids from my preschool i work at showing up for a talent show on the boat. they all had made drawings and stuff. when it got to the show, i looked at the audience and they looked like they were made from cardboard. the kids were coming out and showing their art and it started to get a bit all over the place one of the girls wanted to dress up as a princess and i helped her put on her skirt but the stage fell apart. i went outside on the decking as if all that hadnt just happened and a girl came up to me and said if i show a sign with lips on it the other boats come over to our one. so i did and they did but each one had a subjectively attractive man on it and they would bring food and take a woman from my boat. i think they took my mum too, but that was it i don’t remember much else

15 Oct 2023

New Job


Deze droom had ik terwijl ik in een driehoeksverhouding zat met mijn langdurige partner en mijn nieuwe geliefde. Ik was met mijn nieuwe geliefde in een afgelegen huis. Het was er donker. We hadden een plan, ik weet niet precies wat. Toen bleek dat mijn kat er ook was. Dit was een probleem voor ons plan. Mijn geliefde stelde voor dat we de kat het beste konden doodschieten. Hij had een pistool bij zich. Zonder na te denken stemde ik ermee in en hij schoot mijn kat dood. Pas daarna drong het tot me door en ik werd met een naar gevoel wakker.

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