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Dream Interpretation: Supermarket 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Supermarket? Discover the significance of seeing a Supermarket in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Supermarket appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A dream about a supermarket symbolizes abundance, choices, and opportunities. It may indicate that you have a lot of options in your life and you need to make a decision. It can also represent your desire for material possessions and the need to satisfy your wants and needs.

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🧭 Direction


Think about the choices you have in your life and what decisions you need to make. Are you overwhelmed by the options available to you? Consider what is truly important to you and prioritize your goals. Be mindful of your spending habits and avoid overspending on unnecessary items.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of being in a supermarket can evoke feelings of abundance, convenience, and choice. It may symbolize a sense of fulfillment, as you navigate through aisles filled with various options. This dream could also represent a desire for more in your waking life, whether it be material possessions or personal growth. It may leave you with a sense of excitement and possibility, as you explore the vast array of products available. Overall, the dream of a supermarket can leave you with a feeling of abundance and opportunity.





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Dreams of users containing the word Supermarket

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6 Jun 2024



I was going through a super market alone and stumbled into my friend Jacob. We started fighting about how he was acting like carp to me. Then I got back home mad and upset, and he followed me home. We started fighting each other and he wanted to steal my archangel sword necklace. The reat of my youth group came and helped me out.

6 Jun 2024



I was going through a super market alone and stumbled into my friend Jacob. We started fighting about how he was acting like carp to me. Then I got back home mad and upset, and he followed me home. We started fighting each other and he wanted my archangel sword necklace. The reat of my youth group came and helped me out.

27 May 2024



I had two dreams. The first I was riding my old red bike and me and my two friends went to a supermarket, so I parked my bike withy chain. But when I got back from the supermarket there were a small crowd gathering around my bike. They were trying to unlock my chain. I thought my chain had fallen because it has fallen this day but I managed to realize and lock before getting in the supermarket. So I got in the crowd and asked what they were doing and they really were trying to unlock so I decided to wait and see if they could do that. I looked around and saw two women looking worried and excitedly to find money inside of the folder that was connected with the bike. I showed my tongue to the women attempting to say that they won't open it. She went straight to the chain and tried to do herself but she couldn't. After a while the man opened the chain but as expected there were nothing but some tools in it. The man was clearly upset but he did that to entertain people so he wasn't upset for real. Then my dream switched in a secoind. I was gonna have a test for my school but it was a writing test which is very uncommon in my school as my school is for actors and voice actors in real life. It was a rainy day and we went to a big city as the school reservd a room in a building for us. After doing the test we were going to go to a studio a little far from there so we let some baggage inside the room. However, I forgot something inside my bag so I returned to get it when I saw some other students using our room too. I got confused because I thought the room was just for us but it seemed it wasn't. I just went straight to my bag to take what I forgot and tried to go but I heard one of my classmate saying "to achieve things, you have to work jard no matter how hard it is. But don't forget to take some breaks." And while I was thinking about it, I saw a boy, one of my classmate but I don't recognize him in my waking life and a girl, one of my closest friend starting to act strange. As if they were possessed. So I started to pray by instinct. I noticed it was working because they looked at me right away and my friend jumped on me. She was trying to bite, and she actually did. But it didn't hurt. As if she was saving her strength to not hurt me but she couldn't stop biting me. And while she was doing that I was praying all the time, and when I finished the second version of praying I woke up. That's it.

26 May 2024



Dreamed that spider watched a compounding pharmacist and asked for an abortion through spelling on her web. So the pharmacist compounded the hormonal abortion pill for the spider Then my mom and I were at a restaurant in the mountains and this waitress was rude and made her cry while 2 other waitresses comforted her. I left a bad review Me and my cousins were with out grandpa and he was married to one of my dads ex wife’s and they wouldn’t make food for us so we went to McDonald’s often and I didn’t like their McDonald’s bc they didn’t have breakfast all day Then I was in this supermarket with my 8th grade ex and it was weird because there was an AI preschool there and it was causing trauma to kids.

22 May 2024



I went in the market to eat something from a food stall but the food preparation was taking longer than expected so I went for a stroll in the market I had 500 rupees I got into a supermarket and started searching for perfumes as it is my favourite and had planned that I would buy a perfume of 450 rupees and keep the rest in my mother's purse

21 May 2024



I was attending elementary school as an adult. I was out on the playground when this kid wouldn’t leave me and my friend alone. So I suggested we act as weird as fucking possible so that he would fuck off. My friend asked how we were gonna do that (and also said that could backfire), and I told her to watch me. Then I said “Okay, we’re playing supermarket now. I’m gonna be a can of beans.” Then I T-posed and shouted “BEANS, BEANS, BEANS, BEANS, BEANS!” Then I woke up.

11 May 2024



I was dreaming i was with my friend group to go out and eat, My Mom took care of my dog and i was inside an asian supermarket called lilly where there was a restaurant inside ad well. Then i woke up and had another dream, i was with my Mom in the city and then we took an uber to go somewhere and the uber was dirty on the backseat of the driver, there were shoes on the seat and a camera still in the plastic packaging, and a big brown stain on the seat, so i decided to just sit on the plastic packaging, the uber driver ordered subway cookies and i wanted to order some as well.

11 May 2024



My father who I haven’t seen since I was 7, I am 21 now.. constantly ignores me as I call his name and walk behind him in the middle of a supermarket. He looks at me from the side and I get scared and start cry out to him and I allow him to walk away. He is wearing a grey football jersey, with blue and red outline around the number. It is either 3,5,9 I can’t remember.

26 Apr 2024



Dreamt about going and picking jo borttelts to ‘pant’ sinde i from Denmark and er g’et money for Them. I was collecting these bottles kn my old street on the way to the super market in a little trolley. I didn’t need more money I had the enough money. I get to the store and meet this black woman with two kids. They see me turn in these bottles, and the mom and kids walk up to me and ask if the can get the money or some of it, there were about 200£. I say yes the can have was left after been over at the bakers. I see them get inline behind me. I get the number 45, and I wait my numbers called and she walks in front of me and takes my spot. The lady at the registry looks at me an I say it’s okay they properly didn’t have to get much. But the got quit a lot. Before walking away. It my turn I order my bakery goods and the lady start packing everything up, and ask if there was anything else. I differ to answer the lady, because the mom and kids comes over and ask for there bit because she needs them right now. I say I have to pay my stuff here and then you can’t get the left over as I promised you, but she continues asking. As the lady at the registry says it’s 94,67£ and I give har the ‘pant’ money the lady looks at me like what are you doing and trying to crab the ‘pant’ money from the lady at the registry. And it ends up in a fight where quarts come and take her away, I get to pay with the money, and as I am on my way out the quard comes over to me, an says he’s sorrry about that and that not the first time she pulled something like that. I tell him , I don’t bother me,please give the money I promised her, and tell that she will come longer with patience and kindness. And I walk away from the quard and store. As I go back home to my sick husband to tell him about it, and eat breakfast before it’s to late.

24 Apr 2024



At first I didn’t feel like this dream was worth putting in the journal because on the surface it seemed like not much has happened but then I realised this is the first time that me and my partner were apart of a dream and we were with each other as opposed to before where I could see her but not get through to her. So that in itself seemed huge. Then we’re in Tesco which seems to be a bit of a safe space in my dream of others are anything to go by but my friend appears opposite us and he’s selling something to another guy. He looks back at me and says it’s something I’ll really want but I chuckle and say I have no money (which is actually quite accurate untill pay day anyway) Then I’m back in that underground station again but everyone is running away. I don’t know where but they are running from something.

11 Apr 2024



I was at home, relaxing and suddenly I'm not and I'm hanging out with people I knew at different stages of my life. I had the vague memory of having to take care of a hamster. We then went to the supermarket and tried to buy some desserts, but all of them had alcohol in them and so I couldn't have them. I then went back home and opened my folder. There, in its glory, was the black and white hamster I was tasked to take care of. Initially, it was slowly moving and I was afraid it was dying. Then, it picked up normally and was walking normally too. I was worried it would run away but it seemed fine.

8 Apr 2024

Make up


I had a weird dream where I had to enter a witch mansion with a companion. I don't remember the exact reason but it seems like i vonluntarily entered it to get some kind of information. The companion's identity also changed over time. When I start entering the mansion, it's like a labyrith. This witch is a blind witch as she had her eyes separated from her body and hanged somewhere in the house for supervision. So when I and the companion navigated ourselves through the house, i always felt like there are a pair of eyes watching us. At certain point, we heard an annoucement that the witch is not here, we needed to find her at my aunt's house. I knew the way there but I didn't know where we were. There was a large open window leading to a rice field. When we tried to see whether we can jump down, the companion who was now a close male cousin said that it was too high that we may hurt ourselves tried to jump down. We then remembered that there was a cherry blossom garden in this mansion that we knew how to get back from. We then went to a spa with a lot of girls, this spa seems to connect to the garden. At first, the spa looks very relaxing and enjoyable. I befriended with a girl and ask for a way out, she said she knew a way which was through two supermarkets connecting to each others. One was for citizens of these mansion only and the other was for normal people. She said we could pretend to return a specific drink and sneak out that way. I spoke to my companion - who was now my best friend and she said we should rather climb out to the cherry blossom garden as per our plan. We then went up to the make up section of the spa where we sees other girls but they seems a lot more vain and competitive. This make up section has windows where we can climbed out to the garden. I found an old friend, haven't met her for a long time but from my memory, she always made very irrational decisions, like some of the worst decisions i could think of. She had turned herself into a moiturising bubble machine. I was horrified, this is a kind of body horror. When I spoke to her, she can only see the bubble patterns to confirm her reaction. I could imagine what she thinks when she made that decision, that she would be the most modern and perfect beauty in this competitive catty environment. But her technology is now out-dated and she was put under a make up table. I spoke really gently to her at first but one of the catty competitors told me that the old friemd didn't recognise me. So i spoke harshly to her like i did once long time ago in the past. I felt guilt and woke up.

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