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Dream Interpretation: Sacrifice 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Sacrifice? Discover the significance of seeing a Sacrifice in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Sacrifice appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes selflessness, letting go of something important for the greater good. It can also represent a need for change or transformation in your life. It may indicate a desire to give up something in order to achieve a goal or to make a sacrifice for someone else.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what you are sacrificing in your dream. Is it something you are willing to let go of in your waking life? If not, consider what changes you need to make in order to achieve your goals. If you are sacrificing for someone else, make sure that you are not neglecting your own needs in the process. Remember that sacrifice should be a choice, not a burden.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of sacrifice evokes a mix of emotions. It may bring feelings of selflessness, devotion, and commitment. Sacrifice often elicits a sense of duty and responsibility towards others, as well as a willingness to give up something valuable for a greater cause. This dream can also stir up emotions of sadness or loss, as sacrifice often involves letting go of something cherished. Overall, the dream of sacrifice may leave one with a complex blend of emotions, ranging from noble and virtuous to bittersweet and melancholic.





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Dreams of users containing the word Sacrifice

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10 May 2024



I had a dream that a man was holding me down and had me tied up. He was going to hang me. I was going to get hung because they said I was a witch. They found out I wrote a letter to God and was not happy about it. My sister was crying and she was forced to read the letter I wrote to God out loud during my hanging. After she read the letter they hung me and my body disappeared. My soul went into a book. The judge had the book in his hand and he put a check mark next to my soul and said " great , we have one sacrifice complete " 🤯😕

6 May 2024



I was a girl in a magic college studying something and then some body sacrificed me to a demon and my soul was dragged to hell and then I had to make a deal with a lesser demon to escape but since I needed my soul to escape I instead offered them my emotions so I came back kind of psychopathic and not really understanding how to feel about stuff and there was this dude who I guess was either suspicious of me or was specifically tasked with killing me and so he did some weird stuff where instead of losing his emotions he lost his inhibitions and we fought and I won and I almost killed him but the demon stopped me saying I was hypocritical (lesser demon hangs around me as a hitchhiker). Then we banged.

21 Apr 2024



I had a dream that I was in love with basketball but someone was holding my mind. So when I found out who it was I spit him out and he was locked up for ever. Then they found out he sacrificed eating peoples medals for their talents. The first one was a track runner. He spit the medal out and it showed her fastest times then after he spit them all out the people were free. Ballad was in my dream too. He was awesome and made sure my homework was done. Then I got moved to this new school and the people were sitting on the bleachers and asking who we were.

11 Apr 2024



i was sacrificed for something, then sent to a quest, then a singer kissed me

20 Mar 2024



I had two individuals from a work team in my living room. One of the individuals was a leader - she ended up confessing how difficult things had been and started crying. The other individual wanted to take a nap, but was too big to fit on my couch, so he ended up sleeping on my kitchen counter. My brother also ended up showing up to take a nap as well. We took up our own space on the couch and tried to share a blanket that wasn't long enough for both of us. Then I was entering my ex's apartment to harass him, but he was receiving a delivery of an abstract painting of me called "The Angry Angela." I felt humiliated and left. Then I was being chased through an abandoned storefront by some men. They wanted to hurt me. I made it out of the storefront into an alley, where I started climbing fences and brick walls to evade them. I made it into another adjacent property, but they had a friend that owned it so they were able to come inside. They wanted to sacrifice me to an orisha. They had a paper form outlinining their names and wishes for the sacrifice. I prayed to a different orisha to keep me safe. They ended up not being able to see me, and I didn't get hurt by them.

17 Mar 2024

High School


Anyway it was like me, my cousin, and i think some dude from high school. We were at some relative's house. In the bedroom where one of us slept in was a furby, a furby wall light that didnt work, and more of a humanoid-ish looking furby. Well we were like, well this is a creepy demon i think we should give it something and we did. I think we gave it some food. We all passed out and woke up and there was a giant green furby but ghostlike in front of us, somehow holding our sacrifices with telekinesis or something. It was like "hi I'm the original furby, I take sacrifices in exchange for one item from my pocket dimensions”. And we were like "cool". It disappeared and then we all grabbed something we thought was cool. As soon as everyone had what they wanted, we all passed out again and woke up in our regular room. The dude was like, hMmM what if we just order it to take us somewhere without giving it a sacrifice? And we were like "nO" so we gave the furby a sacrifice but he did not so the furby appeared again and was like "you absolute fool" and left and everyone was transported to another dimension thingy. But. Dude had handcuffs on. He was able to get them off for a little bit and then he grabbed something and we all did and teleported back home. He decided that we should get away with it if handcuffs were all the furby could do. We disagreed so he didn't put down a sacrifice but my cousin and I did. When we went there both me and him had handcuffs and i was like "DUDE YOU'RE GOING TO GET ME KILLED" and he was like "chill it's just handcuffs" but i was like, "dude, if you continue this, we're all going to die". *btw i was already absolutely terrified when i was having this dream.* Anyway we took some stuff and then we went back. We were like, "dude stop putting nothing on there, do you have a freaking death wish???" And he was like "finee I'll put something on there" and he put a tissue on there and we facepalmed. The furby appeared again, looking really annoyed and it was like, "dude when you don't give any sacrifice i punish you but if you give me a piece of crap then i can't assure your safety. Outside of the house is chaos that would kill any mortal instantly. My magic can only protect this house. You," he stares at the other dude, "have a death wish". Dude is like "oh..." And grabs something random and stands in the middle of the room, scared. We took our time finding something, mainly just to scare him but we all found something and went back to our room thingy. Basically we were too scared to sleep so we looked around the room for more things to trade. Eventually the Furby-demon started to like us and told us we can trade one thing for two things now. E v e n t u a l l y dumb dood could too.

4 Feb 2024

School Shooting


i had a dream i was at school and for some reason veronica and sarah were there and we had an arcade at my school. i was taking a long time on the game that i told them to go ahead, then when i finished i got lost and couldn’t find the arcade again. i bumped into a meeting for teachers and saw me melo and ms rigin. i found jada and the girl infrount of me was texting a boy weird things. i got a bad feeling and told jada i love her. when we got outside there was two guys and th y had flutes that turned into guns. i dodged all the bullets until they started throwing other things at me and got shot in the leg. then i flew away to get help for the school but when i got there they didn’t understand me and i didn’t know how to tell them i needed help

29 Jan 2024

My Room


I had a dream that there was this house that I was living in and my room was in the attic, and when I opened my closet it was a portal to this other dimension that was filled with vampires and ghosts. Some of those ghost and vampires got through my closet and were trying to perform some evil ritual and I was the sacrifice. It was a really scary dream

27 Jan 2024



I think I was in the high school B gym for whatever reason, I think I was looking for someone or something. I think the dream had gone on prior to this point, I just don’t remember. I kept walking through the gym but there weren’t many people in there. I remember seeing a few little kids, I think Brittany Bessire was in the stands, and mom was on the sidelines where I was walking. I kept walking past, and I remember being dressed up, wearing shiny black leggings, high healed black boots, and a flowy black chiffon type spaghetti strap shirt, and thinking it was odd I was so dressed up at an event like this, but I kept walking through the doors into the A gym. There was a bigger game going on in there, and I found Rachel Montgomery in the upper portion of the stands. She had popcorn and was yelling at the game, said high to me without looking up from the game, and continued yelling, engrossed. I sat and looked around. That’s when I saw Pierre come walking up and asked me to come with him, and that’s when I realized why I was so dressed up- because I wasn’t actually going to the basketball game, I was just meeting there and we were going to go a party to hang out with our friends. We get to the house (I’m pretty sure it’s Kelsey’s house) and it’s just like old times: all my old friends are there, we’re having a good time, laughing and whatnot. Then Nathan comes over and kinda offers his hand to me like he’s asking me to dance, and I kinda get butterflies in my stomach and grab his hand and stand up. He walks me over to the back wall in the middle of the room between the snack and drink tables where Pierre is, and I see Lauren and Rhys standing there munchin on snacks. Nathan kinda pushes me back toward the wall and I get confused and he looks down, kinda sad, so I ask him what’s wrong. He just kinda sighs and bends down as Pierre bends down and they both shackle my ankles into this device so I can’t move my legs or walk. I stare at him in horror as I ask what’s going on and he looks downcast as he mumbles he’s sorry, there was nothing he could do. I stared blankly at him as a squat man with fancifully colored clothes and a feathered hat comes from behind a wall and I get a sickening feeling in my gut that this isn’t going to end well for me. He welcomes everyone this evening and says there will be a feast after the sacrifice, of which I gather will be me. I try to quickly devise a plan to either outwit this creature and/or enlist Nathan’s help by playing on his guilt because I know he has feelings for me (otherwise this whole thing wouldn’t have worked because that’s part of the creatures spell), but then somehow the scene changed to me already having escaped the “party” in a stolen brown 98 Volkswagen pulling into the parking lot of my childhood church thinking I’ll be safe there. However, someone else is coming after me with a six-shooter and doesn’t care who they hurt- whoever gets in the way. But they only have six shots. As I pull into the parking lot, their car breaks down maybe 200 yards away, so they get out and start shooting. I move from the drivers to the passengers to get out of the line of fire and count the gunshots. Unfortunately there are some people in the parking lot, and I see at least two people go down. Two bullets, and two more trying to get me. They’re getting closer. And then I wake up.

23 Jan 2024



I was having a great time painting the scenery/landscape out the window in this very beautiful light room setup, there was beautiful flowers, very well kept bushes, pretty statues, benches, it looked so dreamy. My ex boyfriend steps in and asks me what I'm painting and I tell him I'm just painting the outside of the window, to which he smiles and says "That looks amazing, I'm proud of you for the work you've done in such a short amount of time" to which I smile back at him and say thank you. He asks me if I'm excited for our road trip and I respond "I'm honestly quite nervous of it, you and I just started being on better terms recently" to which he responds "I promise you there's no Ill will behind this, I actually want to patch things up" to which I respond "I know". There's a time skip of me having a phone call with my friend Fred who knows everything that my ex George has done to me and he isn't too enthusiastic about our trip or about me speaking to him again so he decided to go on the field trip too, and I'm perfectly okay with it. Time skips to me being anxious about being in my first flight, I've never been on a plane before but I'm sitting with both George, who's my ex and my friend Fred. George squeezes my hand and smiles at me and I calm down. The flight goes well and we arrive to our destination. For our trip we had gone to Santiago de Querétaro, which is located in Mexico. My father's mom and some of my uncles and aunts with their own families live there. We went to stay over at my grandmother's house for a couple of days and we loved it. There's a time skip to the next day and it's night time, we are looking at fireworks and a parade going by in front of our street which isn't something usual during that time of the year. In the distance, I notice one of the vans ahead starts to sink into the ground as the driver runs out dramatically and the vehicle disappears, it looked like the earth had just swallowed it, my friend Fred told me to run and we all ran trying to get away from that area. There was an earthquake nearby that cracked parts of the land and made sinkhole gaps, not all of them were too deep, a lot of people were saved and made it out alive while many others weren't as lucky, plenty of lives were lost and that made me distressed. All my family , Fred and my ex were safe. I asked myself why I made it, I didn't feel worthy of avoiding such faith. I don't have kids, I'm not smart, I'm not successful, I haven't had major achievements, I wasn't an outstanding citizen, I was easily discarded and replaceable. I spoke about this to a therapist in Mexico and she said "That's not true, you're more than enough. You just have to remember why you're here" then there's a random time skip to me laying in bed while my ex is getting dressed. We had slept in the same bed since I kept having nightmares and he had been comforting me. I turn to him and thank him for being there and he says "it's not a problem, it's difficult to not want to be here for you" and I ask why and he says "Because I still care about you" to which I ask "I thought you didn't, you've told me you didn't" and he said "I couldn't afford to, but I've healed. You should forgive yourself too" and then I ask him "Are you really willing to just forget everything that happened and all the trauma and start over from zero? When I asked you last time, you got mad and threatened to leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere at night in a parking lot and said you couldn't do that" to which he said "I don't want to remember those times, they hurt me and I do in fact have regrets from all the attempts I ignored from you to salvage what we had, that's why I'm willing to forget it all and forgive because I know that's exactly what you need" and then I told him "But aren't you sacrificing yourself and your needs and pretending to be someone you're not and feeling miserable?" To which he said "No, I just said that to make you feel guilty so you'd stop nagging me about it, I couldn't handle living the consequences of my actions so I just need d time away from it" he then tells me "You were never competing with anitger woman, you were competing with my childhood. You couldn't fix me because you are no match for my wounded inner child" to which I ask "But how is he doing?" And he says "He had closure, he's okay now" then I ask him if we could be intimate once more to which he asks "why do you want to be intimate with me? Is it because of the sexual pleasure?" And I say "no, those are the only few times you actually caress me, kiss me, hold me, look at me without me having to ask you to" he smiles and says "I get it, I'm not good with affection. I know you are in love with me but what you need right now is someone who's emotionally available and unfortunately, I'm not." I begin to tear up and he puts his hand over my head and gives me a tender headpat and says "I have to let you go, and you also have to let me go. It's okay to break your promise, I wouldn't want you to make me your last after how I treated you. Find someone that can give you what you deserved, not what I did" to which he just kind of disappears like sparking dust and fog in the room and becomes a bit of light out the window in this brightly white lit room. I hold my chest and the necklace he had given me which I had been holding in to also disappears in the same manner into the window light. I look out the window and remember I haven't finished my painting so I run to the art studio and begin to finish it to which it was a beautiful garden landscape out a window with a bunch of yellow and white roses around that had beautiful yellow and white butterflies which I had added gold leaf accents for decoration purposes. I really wanted it all to look like a magical painting. I submitted the painting to a contest and won a lot of money and began my career as an artist by drawing my emotions.

18 Nov 2023



I was dancing on stage and then the scene switched to where I was walking in like a meadow and there was trees around me and there was a part where it's just like a rocky wide road and there was a man holding a horse with two people on it. he didn’t have money so he was going to sacrifice his life to save the two people in the horse. He thought the little money that he had was for his wife, so he did not touch it. The wife and I found out that the money was actually his, and we teleported to the scene where he’s carrying the two people on the horse, and we told him that the money was his. He disappeared with his wife and left two people on the horse to die the more the horse walk towards a big building that look like a church the two people on the horse started to get smaller and smaller by the time they reach the porch of the building. They said to their self “well, my friend I guess this is the end for us, and the other one said well maybe we should rewrite her script before we die”, and they re-wrote a script that said they went back in time when they were young boys in field working . So I guess the characters lived on because they wrote their script before they died and the scene switched where I was in a room talking to two guys one was getting their hair braided by the other, and I had the old book in my hand, and I saw the script being written out by itself on the papers, and I began to tell the two guys the story I left the room they were in and went in to another room where there was a hole in an air mattress so I came back around for some glue I placed some glue in a bark of a tree and placed it on the hole of the mattress. The guy that was getting his hair done, came around into the room and asked me if I can finish his hair and I said yes, we went into the room and finished his hairstyle, and he started to be affectionate and sexual with me.

15 Nov 2023

Black Snake


A non threatening black snake being sacrificed to save an old man. The snake was a pet that was raised by a family to one day take the place of an elder when it was time for the elder to transition. I was an observer to the events. When the elderly man was getting ready to transition the snake was led to a cage where there was a plate of food. The snake went into the cage and went around the plate of food, and the ritual was to put a hat on the snake close the cage the snake would eat the food with the hat on, and somehow the snake would disappear or die, and the elder in the village would not die it will remain alive. However, this snake slithered out of its skate, and begin to follow me pairing over my shoulder. I felt that the snake had no intentions of biting me, but wanted to tell me something, but I thought it was going to bite me.

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