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Dream Interpretation: Betrayal 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Betrayal? Discover the significance of seeing a Betrayal in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Betrayal appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes a feeling of being let down or deceived by someone you trusted. It may also indicate a fear of being betrayed or a lack of trust in others. This dream may be a reflection of your own feelings of guilt or betrayal towards someone else.

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🧭 Direction


Take some time to reflect on your relationships and the people you trust. Are there any issues that need to be addressed? It may be helpful to have an open and honest conversation with the person who you feel betrayed by or to seek therapy to work through any trust issues you may have. Remember to also practice self-care and forgiveness towards yourself and others.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of betrayal may evoke feelings of hurt, anger, and disappointment. It can leave one feeling betrayed and questioning the trust they have in others. The emotions associated with this dream may include sadness, confusion, and a sense of vulnerability. It may also bring about a fear of being deceived or let down by those close to you. Overall, this dream can leave a lasting impact on one's emotions, causing a mix of negative feelings and a desire for reassurance and understanding.





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Dreams of users containing the word Betrayal

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21 Jun 2024



it was about the Netflix series sweet tooth. in it continued the last episode I had watched, from what I remember I was in a boat, in the real series the boat was headed for another boat. Instead, we went to an island. (i was sweet tooth in the dream) we got off the boat and a person immediately greeted up and we went into this cave like structure on the shore. he welcomed us and started walking us through, I remember we came to an aquarium and I was amazed by the fish but the one doctor I forget the name of was suspicious and asked why the dude was doing all this, referring to the sick and hybrids. he responded he was simply curious about the animals, maybe something bigger would come on its own. it sounded a bit suspicious but we continued on. I think i started waking up a little but fell back asleep because the details are a bit foggy but i think he brought us to another cool room and ended up betraying us, we went through this weird obstacle course type thing and somewhere in there we ended up becoming the cast from dungeon meshi on netflix? I was marcille now so we continued to this one grassy area overlooking a huge cliff and cavern. we continued on, i think I asked about how we could see the sky or something, laios responded it was a fake sky, we continued and I think talked some more, some stuff I don't remember happened, harpies showed up, we fought those, I remember using magic there. then we saw a creature with the lower half of a dragon and feathered upper half and immediately thought it was falin and got excited, it flew over and was just a random chimera thingy. fought it, continued, real falin showed up. we ended up cutting off her human half and I became falin in the dream, I think I had been her for a while since I remember watching from a birdseye perspective. anyways they cut off the human part but for whatever reason I remain in control over the dragon half instead. pretty sure I immediately become sane and, somehow even though the part of me that had eyes was chopped off, i/falin rush over to this dirt area since I'm not in control of the part of me with a mouth. I think I panic and just wrote "hello" then they read it, got excited, i/falin returned to normal. I remember getting a weird feeling though and asked them "wait, doesn't this seem too easy?" or smth bc 1. mad mage hadn't showed up 2. the tactic they used shouldn't have worked 3. it didn't feel right. they were all obviously like "dude that don't matter you're back" and we went into town I think because I remember food stalls. don't remember anything else.

17 Jun 2024



Conflict with an ex lover and feelings of betrayal and rejection

16 Jun 2024

Break up


I had a complex dream involving Sabastion my ex situationship that i’ve mentioned before. The dream recalled our recent “breakup” in which i decided to stop having sex with him unless he dated me in which he denied too and we slowly began to stop talking. In the dream i noticed somethings in my house were missing I decided to ask Saba in which i couldn’t get ahold of him as he had started a truck moving business. During this dream I also had the ability to transform into different animals something that others could do but only into one animal so i kept my ability to turn into multiple secret. Disguised as a bird I found saba driving on the highway in a truck and transformed back to human jumping onto the back and changing into a mouse to squeeze into the storage container. My missing stuff was their so i decided to become human again and alert my presence to Saba. He was more giddy at the fact i actually decided to follow him rather than what made me chase him down. He brushed off the answer to why my stuff was in the back as we arrived at a forest. Saba told me the reason he started this buisness was to sell illegal things on the side and he was to meet his buyer here later. We chatted for awhile and ended up kissing longily as feelings where still there for me. Then Saba told me not to move and to trust him as i see a shape in the corner of my eye which turns out to be a lion at first i’m confused cause lions and US forests don’t mix but then the lion transforms into a man who begins talking to sabastion about the package he was transporting. As they talk i begin to slowly fall asleep and once fully out sabastion steals more of my items and begins to try and leave me in the forest. I wake up as he leaves out raged and turn into a wolf but as soon as I do a wild pack of wolves show up seperating both saba and I from the truck. As we rest from running I begin to cry and question why he doesn’t love me why he keeps betraying me and how i could love someone so much that doesn’t give a fuck about me. The dream begins to fade but I never get an answer

15 Jun 2024



In my waking life the last dream was consistent with my emotions. They being the women want me but I reject them nowadays and I get sex I am not a sexless virgin and I have a huge cock but they manipulate me and bribe me for money I’ve lost over $13,000 yen and dollars because of those Asian sluts at least I got laid though in real life and completely drenched their slutty faces in cum haha jokes on you dream app I don’t need you to tell me I’ve been betrayed or insecure or rejected because women are wanting sex from me now in real life and I laugh in their faces and make them feel like the useless sacks of slutty whore pig shit they actually constitute to be also presumptuously speaking.

7 Jun 2024



Me, a hippie guy named Gorge, and a tall guy with a trenchcoat and fedora named Maston were stuck in this 4 story building, because we didn't want to go outside because the house across from us was infested with undead skeleton horses and teeny tiny bloody fairies that drank blood. Well, me and Maston were finally going to go to that scary house and face the vampire fairies and undead horses, but when we got there, Gorge had betrayed us, and he let us get dragged away by the monsters so he could live. Maston died protecting me, but I ended up getting turned into a vampire fairy

6 Jun 2024



I had a dream about... zombies? I actually don't know if they were zombies. They were pale figures that still resemble human and act like a zombie, they appear mindless, sleep deprived, but there was something sinister about them. They weren't aggressive, they didn't eat people immediately because they were quite slow. Although they were intimidating...they can laugh when they see you. The dream replayed twice, the first one was when there was this guy and he also appeared on the 2nd dream. There were also two cleaners, there were plenty of cleaners patrolling the area although those two were emphasized. The dream was set in a some sort of farm, I was quite disturbed when it resembled the farm of my grandparents on my mother's side. I think there were two houses there and they were a few distance apart. When the two cleaners (one is wearing green and the other was wearing white) enter a room where the guy was at, they asked if they could sleep in for the night that was when everything broke loose. Then the dream re-occured again. I was there now including my family, i was in the room where the guy lived and I told him about the 1st dream, i warned him not to let the two cleaners in. Then suddenly i had a romantic connection with this guy, were were cuddling, and I wanted him to live, and it wasn't possible. Hell broke loose again, it was a different scenario now, i was separated from my family and the guy went out and he never came back. A few more people has seek refuge in the small house where I was in, they were panicking, I saw two familiar faces, there was betrayal when the girl revealed that the boy tried to push her towards the zombies, he tried to apologize and the girl was in distress in which I comforted. That night we helped each other to guard the house, we locked the doors and windows and secured them with other items as well. We were alert and if the locks were loose we quickly close them again. Everything was fine... actually no, fear was still evident though we secure the doors and windows. I then slowly realized that one by one everyone slowly disappeared until I was the only one left. The window suddenly opened, good thing there were railings, although I saw a zombie standing outside, I didn't see its face but it laughed at me. I began to feel more scared than ever...and I think it likes it. The windows were closed again, I guarded alone...and then I woke up.

29 May 2024



In real life: I have a friend named Rose who recently passed away. Her ex callled the police and said that he found her. He said that she had committed suicide. He said many things and kept changing his story about how she had died, been on drugs etc. The police believed him and closed the case. However, my friend Katrina was talking with Rose’s ex and he kept changing his story on her and she became suspicious. Katrina found video evidence of Rose’s ex abusing her before she died. A lot of people are suspicious that Rose was murdered by her ex. He said he found her laying down, with a rope around her neck, and a blanket over her etc He said she had hung herself in the van. He also said she had been doing different drugs and kept changing which drugs she “had” been doing. Katrina knows that Rose wasn’t doing drugs. So we’re all suspicious. My other friend has a 1 year old son and her husband and her are getting divorced. Her husband, we found out, was abusive and had broken her pelvis. He also confessed to molesting their one year old son. My friend got full custody of the kid thankfully, but now her ex husband is trying to fight for custody again. In the dream: Me and Katrina were watching Rose’s life as if we were watching it play out in front of us, but she couldn’t see us. We saw that she died from being murdered by her ex and that he set up her body afterward to look like a suicide. Then my brother, who is very well off in real life, bought the van she died in and gave it to me. I remember that was important because there was evidence of Rose’s murder I didn’t want Rose’s ex to get rid of. I wanted to bring the evidence to the cops. Then my family was there and I was trying to show my family how beautiful Rose was as a person and they started laughing at her and blaming her for dying. I was really angry and said all of the things I wanted to to my family. Especially my little sister. I told her she was a hypocrite because in real life she had cheated on her husband, so she had no right to call Rose names or blame Rose for dying. My family didn’t respond well to this. They hated and despised me even more afterward. They started accusing me of things I didn’t do. I ran away from them crying and told Katrina I was going to take my life. Then I was swimming with my family. My friend that has the abusive ex husband in real life was there and she had an older daughter who was around two and her son, the one that her ex molested in really life. It’s weird because I’m real life she doesn’t have a duaghter. I asked her if she was just so proud to have her daughter and she was strange about it. She wasn’t happy at all about having a daughter. Then I was swimming and I found the daughter at the bottom of the pool, unconscious. I alerted everybody, my family and her mom, but no one cared! I started doing CPR on the child and no one would help me. They said she’d been dead for a while and didn’t care, but she hadn’t been! So she didn’t make it because I had no one helping me with CPR. I was shocked that no one cared about this child. I woke up.

28 May 2024

Black Hole


I was on discord and I noticed my friend had me in his bio I was happy so I put his name in mines but he started moving differently, talking behind my back, planning on my downfall and when I confronted him he lied to me and I believed him until one day he put me on the edge and threatened my life and I felt so betrayed and hallow like a black hole was in my chest, my heart has disappeared and so has my soul everything is just black.

26 May 2024



I lay in bed as a 10 year old boy. Across from me is the man who abused me sexually as a child. He is completely naked. Surrounding me are other men who are also naked. I do not know these men. They stare at me blankly. My perpatrator doesn't touch me psychically but I can still feel his hands on me. His hands feels ice cold. I can feel his hands move all over my body including my genitals. I start to cry. I want to speak but my mouth is glued shut. Suddenly out of nowhere a police officer comes and takes him away. I can hear the men's voices in my head yelling "Traitor, Traitor, your betraying men!" But yet their mouths don't move. The voices get louder and louder, at which point I wake up.

19 May 2024



my mom was lost in another country she was taken into this place where its a field but within the field it was a bunch of rooms of multiple people who were also trapped and were not allowed to leave i found my mom and got her but when i was driving away she wasnt with me anymore and i couldnt find her im back in my home town and i keep calling her phone and they answer miss jacobs and i know its not my mom so i called the police and they said "are you calling the right place i see your call is coming from sarnia ontario" i said yes and yold her my mom was kidnapped but i had an outstanding ticket they werent going to help me with finding her. so i call my mom she saying she home and im like what no youre not than i see her i go and hug her crying my eyes out and my mom starts talking and i realize this women isnt my mom theres something wrong with her so we go to the edge of canada and the usa where the waters meet and tried to figure out ehat happened and why my mom was taken and than i ended up at my house and we were hiding from the ones who took my mom and we found a way to break whatever it is and once we figured it out a girl i was with turned around and smiled at me as she wasnt helping me she was helping herself create and kidnap more

8 May 2024

High School


I had a dream last night that started off with me at a funeral of the family member of my ex.. and as soon as we saw eachother we started arguing because of something she said rude to me. Her mother and cousins were there and were upset with us but mostly me because I had brought my family and came in the first place. And also mad about what we wore. I was heated after the ceremony and trying to explain myself but it wasn’t the place. Then there was something that was a secret that was overheard by me and someone who was supposed to be a friend.. told it to a lot of people and I was so upset and hurt. And then i was cursing out the person who told and so many people heard me and I was sitting at a table with some folks from high school , Teriel(who said she didn’t like my voice) and Quan and tiara (who betrayed me in college)and some other people and they were being nasty to me.. taking my food away and laughing and taunting me about how I was being crazy.. and so I was being very reactive and arguing back and forth with them and I even pulled teriels hair and pinned her head to the table. The hotel said I had to go and Kenzie was also there and was looking sad and I was trying to cheer her up. But I was so angry and not understanding why I had to go. When everyone else was the problem and I was the one being hurt. and then my mom and sister were the most patient with me and just trying to get me to go.. but I was even mad and yelling at them.. because I felt hurt by everyone and threatened by everyone. Eventually after seeing my sister be patient with me and tell me to reflect on my actions I realized that I had caused the most damage because my feelings were hurt.. I was the only one that got physical or loud and angry and that made me realize I can be less reactive and I don’t have to internalize when I feel threatened no matter how sad and confused I am.

7 May 2024



Now I have two dreams, but they do coincide with each other. The first one, I was being chased by zombies. Eventually, I got surrounded. And... I don't know how, but I was able to talk to some of them. And they were able to talk to me. They wanted to rejoin society. And they needed someone to bring their request to the people who were not infected. so that's exactly what I did since I was in the army I brought it to my higher-ups and they were very reluctant at first because these are zombies and they don't really believe that they could change but in time they realized that this could be a good benefit for us so we did. I didn't realize it at the moment but I got promoted because of this. Later on I saw some of the zombies. They were looking more human-like but some of them had skepticism on everything. I talked to one of them and he feels like we are betraying them somehow. I said I would ease his uneasiness and I would find out so I went and talked to some of the higher-ups and it seems like the zombie was right. They were planning on implanting zombies with some microchips. I was able to stop them from implanting the first batch of microchips in their heads. Just barely though. I went to the higher ups and I asked them why they were doing this and they said that it's pretty obvious isn't it. We want to make sure that these zombies are compliant and obey us. I told them look I understand where you're coming from I really do okay if these zombies go berserk and attack us you'd really want some way to stop them trust me I do but these zombies are willingly coming to us and asking to rejoin society there's no need to do this at all. so I was able to convince our higher-ups about this and again they were reluctant but they agreed that they should only do this as a last-measure type of situation. The second part, I don't know how many years or days have gone by, but dealt with someone stealing my father's journal, which had all his ideas and everything. When we went to this new place, we found that some of the ideas that he had was implemented here and was given to someone else. We tried to find this person, and eventually we did, and this person that we met was very nice at first. He told us that he found the journal in the garbage, and when he took it out, he liked the ideas and implemented them at the point, because he was told that the person who read in the journal was missing and I told him that the person was not missing we got sent to a witness protection program we couldn't grab all of our stuff so we explained the situation to the young gentleman and he seemed really nice about it he even gave us some of his business cards and he said that he had it still in his house and he'd bring it in tomorrow. So we left and he stopped me for a little bit to discuss some great ideas and stuff like that to chat with him and then I left. The next day my father and mother got arrested for stealing drugs and a golden bicycle. Since I was in the army I kind of got an immunity to it so they didn't really put me away cuz I wasn't part of it. I was very sad but very curious at the moment I dug deep into it and then I went up to the guy who had the notebook and asked him if I could have it back he said that he doesn't have it at all saying that my parents stole it from him and from there I felt something was off so I don't remember very much after that only thing I remember is that with the military I was able to use my connections to get a more in-depth accurate investigation. I was walking into a room, and I saw him presenting the video of my parents getting arrested and saying that he knew all along I couldn’t take it, and I was able to unplug the cord connected to the projector and I took it with me and I wanted to talk to the higher ups but he followed me because he wanted to make fun of my family more. We eventually got to the investigation room, and I asked them if they found any new evidence to clear my family's name. They said that they found a security video But it doesn't really show who is in the video at all But it shows someone grabbing the golden bicycle And Where the drugs were as well, so I asked them to play the video and as I was watching I saw a glimpse of the notebook Being put into someone's jacket pocket and I told the investigator to rewind it and play it right back slowly and I said, look, there's the notebook that we were looking for. We asked him to go get for us. You can see someone's hand putting it in the jacket pocket. So that shows you who really stole the drugs. Because if you're saying that the drugs were stolen the same day As when he was supposed to give us our notebook back with our ideas and stuff like that, it shows that this young guy right here stole everything and tried to pin it on my family. They saw the video and saw the evidence, the guy then tried to run out and they said security stop him and he didn't get far. They brought him back in and I told them you should have never messed with my family at all. We could have been friends, okay? I have no idea why you would do something like this at all. The investigator then gave me a little gift from what it looked like it was a Tamagotchi and I was given the notebook. As I was heading back to present the notebook to my family, because they were being released to, there was water block in the way. The path was blocked. I waited a little bit and wanted it clear up a little bit for me to cross, but as I was going to cross, I woke up

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