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Dream Interpretation: Judge 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Judge? Discover the significance of seeing a Judge in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Judge appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of a judge symbolizes your own self-judgment and criticism. It may also represent feelings of guilt or shame. Alternatively, it may indicate a need for justice or fairness in a situation.

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🧭 Direction


Reflect on your own actions and decisions. Are you being too hard on yourself? It may be time to forgive yourself and move on. If you feel like you have been wronged, seek out a fair and just resolution. Remember to approach the situation with honesty and integrity.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about a judge may evoke feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. It symbolizes the need for evaluation and judgment in your waking life. This dream may reflect your concerns about being judged or criticized by others. It could also indicate a desire for justice or fairness in a particular situation. The presence of a judge in your dream may suggest a need for self-reflection and introspection, as you may be questioning your own actions or decisions. Overall, this dream may leave you with a sense of unease and a need for clarity and resolution.





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12 Jun 2024

My crush


I was in some sort of stadium with two friends and we had to participate in a competition making art that would later be judged upon getting to my seat I remember being really scared because we were high up and the seats were at a slant so I was afraid I would fall so I held on tightly to my seat while I worked on my project I was the first to judged and the judge was quite harsh when judging me and and everyone laughed that made me very angry and so went on a rampage destroying everyone's work despite the fact I was scared to stand I stomped and crushed everything in site and the judge went and judged the remains at the end he came by and put his hand on my shoulder where I quickly swung around and grabbed him attempting to harm his telling him to keep his Gosh darn hands off of me before letting him go.

10 May 2024



I had a dream that a man was holding me down and had me tied up. He was going to hang me. I was going to get hung because they said I was a witch. They found out I wrote a letter to God and was not happy about it. My sister was crying and she was forced to read the letter I wrote to God out loud during my hanging. After she read the letter they hung me and my body disappeared. My soul went into a book. The judge had the book in his hand and he put a check mark next to my soul and said " great , we have one sacrifice complete " 🤯😕

8 Apr 2024



My cousin brought every male friend over my cousin for a party and I was focus on one guy but I got uninterested he wasn’t my type anymore than they all went downstairs I was happy that I got a peaceful of my mind my feet was out but when the boys came back I hurried up and put my socks on my grandfather was yelling at them when they was downstairs then my cousin hurried up and brought them back up I was setting more chairs in my room when he got more friends I was interested in this Indian boy I have never seen before one girl spilled Mac & cheese on my bed because she was drunk my other cousin on my dad side I was talking to her and she brought her boyfriend but he was a little weird I was kinda judging him but I didn’t say nothing to her and I told it was one cute boy upstairs that I like and I asked her what did my grandma do for Easter

8 Apr 2024



Last night I dreamt that I was at a surf festival and I was judging all the surfers 😅

5 Apr 2024



I remember one of the first dresms was inside my backyard Inwasndoingnsokerhint where inessntrtijgntongonogrrbthrnbrifkneslln but then after that I went to the table at the end of our backyard with my mom to spray paint on my clothes and a police helicopter dropped red paint all over me for some reason, I had to leave the house in the car to a grey day concert that my sister was talking about in the car there were so many people staring at me with the red spray paint but Indidnt care on the freeway the entire time that we’d do so I got into the car rolling the window down I remember when I went into the lobby area for the freeway race there was other people inside the girls locker room/ lobby aka preparation area and I had my things set down there next to tape so then I went and kept talking to people inside the locker room waiting going back and forth, and then when I got back in there was someone who I used to know before who was In my past but I didn’t care about them and then they came over to me trying to get my attention through doing things negatively, but Injust didn’t respond and got my stuff to change and get ready to go, while I left for one minute to the bathroom when I came back she was asking me questions like “Why would you do this to my own things huh? You care so much about myself that your a lesbian dyke reorganizing my shit.” and it was just my things coming back covered with tape on it next to hers which she purposefully stepped on to gather onto her clothes and my bags open which she unlogivslly somehow equated to me investigating her stuff , she was trying to get everyone else’s attention on her to create a problem, but then i responded calmly explaining how I don’t really care and that those things is clearly a problem with herself that she’s trying to projecting onto my life to make herself feel better about from putting me through making me look like i’m harassing her as the victim , she basically got upset from my non chalantness and everyone else inside of the room realized the situation from how i responded and just started ignoring her and acting like she was crazy, I didn’t care and I went out onto the kayaking boats on the freeway and while I was there, and inside the boats on the freeway she got next to mine and started saying in public “I’m still upset because I can’t believe you tried to steal my stuff” and then in response to that I started screaming since she was trying to get me evicted that l know she’s just lying about it when I only had my things next to her and had tape on my own yet she’s still trying to cause a fight about it because she’s determined to try and get me out because you just want to fight she hasn’t been relevant in my life for years and is still trying to live off of that to take advantage of it, when I said that everyone else was like “Oh girl. You should fight her back, Because if that was me.” and I remember instead of fighting defending myself to listen to them which got skyla to shut up and got them in trouble anyways while we were on the kayak boats after we accidentally got onto a escalator exit ramp that leads to the inside of a mall, i went inside there and there was a square room and as I kept progressing I was just in my thoughts relaxing but then I saw a girl who was crying in the middle of the escalator outside of the escalator on the sides of the room and I saw she was hurt so i went to her and hugged her saying “It’s ok.” and she kept crying, but then eventually after hugging her for a while after resting on my shoulders the entire time she said “You’re arms feel really strong.” and I got off from hugging her and she said “Oh your not the muscular man I was thinking.” and then I said “Yeah it’s because I have spray paint all over my hesd and body, but i’m ‘spanish.” I walked off smiling and I saw her happier and then when I went off the kayaking and down the escalator inside of the malll outisifenthe ecidt, I saw a group of my friends there ordering food and as I was trying to go to them to rrr was this man at the msll who was a security guard who I knew before that’s always trying to cause problems with me and to all my friends so he stood next to me and was about to do something but then he looked forward and saw the tripe double cheeseburger 49 he was obsessed with and he couldn’t stop staring at it so I just slowly left at the car for when we were going to the grey day concert my sister said, actually first what happened is we were all inside of this big bike neighborhood and it had a zoo inside, this neighborhood was for really good people in a community made by those who were well off, and as I got lost, before I got lost running out and going away from the people who dictate that I remember I went inside the original place and they said that we are a nuisance, as our family used to be one of the main leaders for that but now we’re in deep poverty which is ruining our reputation and image, and the image of them, so they couldn’t have us there but we’re deeply disgusted and dissapointed, and I said to them but does that dictate anything about us, and when my aunt was begging them around community she said yeah it does so i started going inside the place since this was the enterance to the community to find a way out away from them and I saw on my own a bunch of neighborhoods with people running bikes on each house, yet I was just trying to find a way out, and eventually when it got bad to a point where ai didn’t have much time left, I had to take someone’s bike to get out but I felt too bad stealing someone’s bike so I instead of ran all the way around the zoo area to find my house and get out of the dead end, and I did but it was behind and outside of the community entirely and when I got back we were in such poverty some homeless man tried stealing our car and things, so instead of pushing him out what I did was cooperate and say “Here instead of taking those things why don’t you take this,” and gave him 3 things and as I was gonna give more I said hold on and went back to the kitchen to grab pepper spray and a knife and came back spraying it to him to get him out with just those 3 items and he ran off but yet still broke the car door off our car and was so determined, but eventually we spoke through to him and he went up to us offering to help and then as we were leaving he just started stsying there helping out with the house too, and as I went into the backyard that’s when the spray paint thing happened etc, in the car with my mom once me and my sister got dropped off to the end of the freeway we were supposed to wait for my cousin and my aunt and mom to take us but what ended up happening is my sister had to take mom and my aunts car t the place but my cousin who said she was coming was apparently about to kayak me there, so waiting for her I looked everywhere on both sides for both the boats but I couldn’t find her, and I didn’t message her thinking communicating would send me back even further on time, so I just looked and after that I found one of the people from my school so I was going to get alisha and me to go into a kayak there on the freeway but then I went to the bathroom to check if she was there but then I saw someone else inside thet bathroom with their own stuff sitting half naked with shit in front of them and they were telling me about how they had a horrible day right now and were almost violently shitting inside that tub but I didn’t judge them instead I tried being understanding and said that sucks from how hard it’d be for them and that I thought they were actually my cousin at first but they were looking up to me having a conversation and then when I came back out I realized the kayaks were gone so i tried to call alisha but realized she had to go to the grey day concert without me so I was left back and abandoned by everyone else who was going to take me to there

30 Mar 2024



I had a dream there was a singing competition between me and this comedian druski . My friend Kia was the judge she wit of pick a genre abd we would pick a song and singing it . The first song was a twerking song the next was an R&B song . I chose lions and tigers and bears by Jazmin Sullivan. I forgot the lyrics so I made the song short

26 Mar 2024



I’m out here with my family and we go out to eat. Everything is fine I’m with my grandma Kelli and it’s at a restaurant. Something simple not to out done. Just a little ol shack that serves breakfast burgers and rum. As we order our food a couple approaches. They aren’t young at all but two way older than my cousins. They look at me and say my name “Kylee omg I’m your grandparents” I’m like “oh hello I don’t remember you. I think ur my moms parents but I’m not to sure to. “ They try asking how everything’s been how’s my mother, her kids, even all up in my grandma Kellis bizz. So now we’re acquainted but I still don’t know them fr. They ask if they could continue talking to us and catching up so my grandma invites them to the house for dinner. As we get to the house everything’s fine, no bad aura, not one single sign. I go to my room to change out my clothes and the door budges open and “my grandpa” was the one giving it a nudge. I’m like wait I’m changing please get out he apologizes then “my grandma from my mom’s side” comes in without any doubt. I’m super confused and scared atp. My grandma sits in the chair in my room and doesn’t make a sound. “My grandpa” walks in and pushes me on the bed. I’m screaming for help but my voice keeps going in and out. Almost as though the wind was knocked out of me. I push past them and run to the kitchen. I grab some scissors bc I didn’t have time to dig thru dishes. He approached me and I’m super scared still screaming for help as “my grandma” appears. I stab his stomach with these scissors I pull them out and run to my grandmama to call 911 but she didn’t know what was happening and I have no service no bar not even just 1. I’m still screaming for help these random people in my house. “My grandma” try’s to grab me from behind, I turn really fast and stab her in the spine. I was shocked at the fact I had to stab these strangers that claimed they were family. The old woman and older man never looked more scary. My grandma scared to move or say anything told them to leave. She didn’t want them to harm both of us since we couldn’t call for help. They packed up there stuff and came walking to the couch. The woman had lost her teeth somewhere in the house she apologized for almost killing me she didn’t know what came about. The husband smiled and gave a little laugh he said “if I didn’t stab him he would’ve stuck it in the back.” I’m absolutely bawling at this point terrified for what’s next. They left in a hurry thinking the police were on the ass. I was still scared bc they knew where we lived and they didn’t have to try very hard breaking in. Me and my grandma go to the police station and make a statement. I had blood all over me so it was obvious something had happened. I leave the police station my grandmother still talking to them. I try to call my cousin bc she’s the closest to me out here. And as I’m walking down the street trying to contact her these kids walk by listening to my conversation so I hurry down by the shore. There’s a bunch of ice over the lake. So my dumbass walks on it trying to conversate. Then suddenly the ice starts to crack I start running to the bridge in the middle of the lake but then the ice breaks. I fall in still on the phone trying to swim back to the top but the water is too strong. My body is held down I start to loose air I’m gasping for breath while it feels like something’s pulling me from under there. I start to hallucinate I guess u can say. A tiny council meeting under the water and the members pulling on me. I get seated in a chair they are talking but I couldn’t hear nothing but water moving way too fast. They all turn and look at me waiting for an answer I’m shocked and try to say I can’t hear but my lungs collapse. I died right there and the meeting disappeared. I’m still on the phone but the only thing she can hear is me screaming then silent under this noisy smaller version of the sea. I woke up after I drowned without any knowledge of what happened next but I was sweating and crying thanking god it was a dream.

24 Mar 2024

New Job


In this dream I was a magical friendly librarian witch. I had a library that had cds and books and I remember Sting the musican was there along with other students. I was excited I got a new batch of material and showed off vinyl to the group and he was looking for his album when he was single performer, and I showed him his area and then ended up being pleased. Then we had a runway where myself and a few others were judging some outfits of students and I was encouraging all students outfits, even though some where not well put together than others. I wanted the students to feel proud of their work. Then I made friends with another librarian. She was darker skin and had curly hair, and I’ve never met her before in real life. But she carried herself very professionally and cautious but she was nice to me at first. We worked together in another library what was also a kitchen. I myself was very friendly, outgoing and a little zany, which made us opposites but we still worked together. When I left work and came back I noticed the hard work we did was all gone, and empty. All the students and people where not there. I flew up (l can levitate and fly) to look around and she wasn’t there and also everyone too. Then I flew to these fancy doors where one student was dressed up and she guarded the door. She didn’t want me in, and I used my powers to use telekinesis on her and move her to the side. It was difficult but it worked and I opened the door. There was everyone there, all dressed up preparing tables and the rest of the restaurant. From there I was angry that I was left out of the event, bc everyone knew and I didn’t. Students mouth dropped knowing and unknowing what was going on. I moved students with my telekinesis powers to the side as I flew to find out where the other chef librarian was. I slammed the doors open to the kitchen and I see her dressed up in a purple gown with her hair up. Some students where siding with me while others stayed quiet and didn’t participated and just followed the other librarians orders. I was angry and asked her why she left me out, why she didn’t tell me ahead of time so I can help and she didn’t want me to be there simply bc we had different views. But I knew that bc we were different it made us more stronger but she didn’t budge. She wanted to fight me physically but my light was stronger and I worked on my magic unlike her. I walked with other students who supported my and I used my magic to change my outfit. I was wearing a white, sparkling long gown and I had long, blonde hair with a silver and gold tiara with spring blossoms on my head. I asked if I looked okay to the students. I used my aura of strength, beauty, and power to make a statement.

24 Mar 2024



I was in white city I felt drawn to get to the top of the central castle the place was very cold and covered in snow but still full of people and I had somewhere to go where my family was. The path ahead to the center was clear was I was coming up to a bridge of ice that had a waterfall flowing through and under it. I was going to cross it but was stopped suddenly by two strange and eccentric looking guys that said they wanted to give me a hug. I found it creepy and looked around to see that all the people that were around before were gone. I told them no thanks and that their request seemed creepy. and pushed by them to cross but the ice bridge broke in the middle and I fell through into the freezing water. Luckily the rails of it were thick enough to keep me from being taken down by the current I kept calm and swam to get out on the other side. And once I did, there they were waiting for me. they helped me to my feet and brought into a building, my legs felt so weak like they didn’t want to hold me up anymore. They helped me get to a soft couch in front of a fire. I felt bad for being rude and judging them too quickly and apologized. Then I got woken by an alarm

22 Mar 2024

New Job


I was in a house that wasn’t really my house. Some people from my climbing team were in the house and so were some people I go to school with. I didn’t want to interact with them so I was hiding in a room that was supposed to be mine. Whenever I went through my house to get food or something people would talk to me and ask why I wasn’t hanging out with them. When I went back to my room there were multiple beds in it and someone was laying in one of the beds. I was uncomfortable that there was another person in my room because I wanted to be alone but I couldn’t be anywhere in my home. I ended up driving a car but I don’t remember where I was trying to go. I ended up getting lost and suddenly I was on a muddy dirt road. I turned my car around and ended up back in the town I grew up in. Somehow I was suddenly out of my car going down the sidewalk. Walking felt too slow but I didn’t want to run so I skipped down the sidewalk. I felt embarrassed that someone I knew might see me and judge me but I thought maybe this isn’t real or I can blame be skipping down the road on my new medications.

20 Mar 2024

Having a baby


I was watching my dream in third person point of view. There was a lady who had had a baby and the postpartum depression had made her manic. She ended up killing her baby but she called the police and told them that she was going to kill her baby and if they wanted to save her she’d be at the rail road tracks at 2:00. When the police got there they saw the mom putting the baby on the tracks and stepping away before the train rounded the corner and started blaring its horn. The police started running and grabbed the baby in time. The police officers were very relieved but then the mother started laughing and the police looked down to see the baby was already dead. They were very angry and arrested her and stood up at trial and asked that the judge give her the maximum punishment. She was dragged out of the court room laughing maniacally. Then I was watching this true crime junkie and his friend was headed into a convenience store where 7 years before a teenage boy was on a road trip with his family and decided to shoot up the place and then kill himself. The junkie gushed about how he was standing in the same exact spot as the killer and they had even been driving the same model of car as the family and his friend rolled his eyes and told him to grow up. Then my alarm went off and I woke up.

16 Mar 2024



there was this huge supermarket like thing with east asian snacks and foods and everything is for free and then theres this huge cafeteria with an open bakery with cute japanese and korean good on the side. everything is for free and this place is massive. theres a lot of tables and it's pretty full and you can even see some k-pop idols there. in the back there is this beauty competition-like thing where heidi klum and another woman judge you and it starts off with washing your hair so they see how everyone truly looks. i'm there with a friend (that doesn't exist in real life). later i get dressed and let my very very long hair (it's the same in real life) open and put on a sweet light blue and white flowy but short dress. then i enter that massive cafeteria where i see my favourite kpop idol looking at me and we eventually start talking.

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