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My crush

Dream Interpretation: My crush ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a My crush? Discover the significance of seeing a My crush in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a My crush appears in your dream โœ…

My crush
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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

Dreaming of a crush can be a reflection of an intense attraction you feel towards someone. It can also symbolize a desire of wanting to be in a relationship or indicating a need of acceptance and love from that someone.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


It is essential to find out what message this dream is trying to convey. Observe who is the person you have the crush on, whether it is someone from your waking life or a complete stranger. Analyze the emotions it brings out in you.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream about a crush can evoke a mix of emotions such as excitement, anticipation, and nervousness. It may bring feelings of infatuation, desire, and longing. This dream can also trigger butterflies in the stomach, a sense of vulnerability, and a heightened sense of self-consciousness. It may generate a sense of hopefulness, as well as fear of rejection or disappointment. Overall, this dream can elicit a range of intense emotions associated with romantic attraction and the complexities of navigating such feelings.





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10 May 2024

My crush


For the first time in ages I had a proper dream about my ex crush. We were in this reality with some other people I canโ€™t remember where it was like a bunch of houses and tree houses like a game. I remember we ran off together for a bit I came back and me and someone else ran looking for him calling his name. Eventually we died and shifted to another universe and when I found my ex crush I ran up to him stood in front of him and gave him a massive hug. Donโ€™t think thatโ€™s a good sign but oh well ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

8 May 2024

Best Friend
My crush


My crush said to my best friend that he wants her always be here and my best friend avoided telling me that

7 May 2024

My crush


My crush asked me if I liked him at school

28 Apr 2024

My crush


I had a dream last night where me and my crush were catching up on some things in real life when we were friends in college. We meet each other as when he was my customer one time and they we were encountering each other's at the bus stop in Central where we talked for hours and reconnecting and then eventually become best friends. Then at the end of the semester we grew like apart and didn't talk to each others. I later on was able to go to his job and see him and I asked for his phone number in which we talked but then pretty much after I confessed to him which he responded back with saying that he once had feelings for me too but he's not ready for no relationship because he had to work on himself. After that little confession we kind of stopped talking to each other too. Then I had a dream last night well multiple dreams and all of those dreams were about him and it was just me and him reconnecting about things that we haven't talked in three months that we haven't had no communication.

27 Apr 2024

My crush


My crush In Louisiana invited my family and I to his house I brought my vision board and Iโ€™m not sure why we ate food and I was nervous to go see or talk to him. He was on the game streaming , after sunset his family took my vision board and left (I had a ring and wedding dress on my board) I go to his room to talk to him

26 Apr 2024

My crush


I had a dream where my ex crush had a new girlfriend and was showing off in front of me hurting me deeply. He then told me to not make a big deal about it and that it wasnโ€™t that deep even though what happened between us.

25 Apr 2024

My crush


I had a dream that I went to a showcase and saw my crush one of them Was hiding From me but the other was so nice And empathetic. I told her I was going to keep coming and I was happy

25 Apr 2024

My crush
High School


I dream of my crush. I m trying to move on from him . We never talked . I just adore him from in my highschool. He hurt me alot he was always ignored me and rejected me

23 Apr 2024

My crush


I canโ€™t remember where I was or much about my dream, only that I was confused as my ex crush who is now my friend wasnโ€™t talking to me much and being weird like he used to. I remember thinking he never speaks to me at lunch only in one class which is super annoying and weird. I woke up gritting my teeth.

10 Apr 2024

My crush


Dream about your crush

9 Apr 2024

My crush


I spend the night at my crushes house and we ate Chinese in the car on the way and he held my hand and stole one of my Chinese chicken.

9 Apr 2024

My crush


I had a dream about these episodes Iโ€™ve been watching in real life: so there was this boy called Adrien and this girl called Marinette they are both actually friends when they ar super heroes also known as ladybug and cat noir i had a dream Marinette not knowing cat noir is Her biggest crush Adrien came over to her house and they watched a movie the movie was about to start when Alya Marinette best friend, the only who knows she is ladybug walks in Cat noir hide under Marinette table and then a green flash comes from under the table Marinette , scared about this goes to check what happened and she sees her crush Adrien underneath the table she then says A-Adrien your. Adrien sheepishly standing in the middle off the room and Alya is really confused Adrien leave we will talk about this later.

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