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Dream Interpretation: Television 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Television? Discover the significance of seeing a Television in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Television appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

To watch something thru a screen embodies a sense of disconnection--not really being entirely present. What you see thru the screen is a part of yourself that you are trying to seperate from.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

What are you seperating yourself from in the screen? Try to think about this symbol and ask yourself what it is about the image you might not feel entirely present with. This may be something you need to 'shed' from yourself so you can grow and move on.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a television may evoke feelings of curiosity, entertainment, and connection. It symbolizes the desire for information, escape, or a need to be entertained. It may also represent a longing for connection with others or a desire to be part of a larger community. The emotions associated with this dream can range from excitement and anticipation to relaxation and comfort. The television symbolizes the power of media and technology in our lives, and the feelings it elicits in a dream can reflect our relationship with these aspects of modern society.





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15 Jun 2024



I was rehearsing for a performance of a song I wrote in real life. I was playing it on the piano but was messing up the notes, so I had to rely on a demo CD of the instrumentals. I was trying to rehearse to that and the CD seemed compromised or recorded over because it was skipping. I was supposed to perform very soon, but I was hiding in a back room trying to sing along to this skipping CD. So I went back to trying to play it on the piano and I started singing a song by an actual music artist and felt like I was ripping off their song. A 90’s-2000’s television was playing Degrassi while I was rehearsing. When I was getting ready to be on stage I put in these hair extensions that were a different color (my hair naturally is black/brown but I dyed it strawberry blonde, and in my dream it was my natural color but the extensions were the strawberry blonde color and it wasn’t matching). Before that, my little brother was helping me do my hair and without me asking, he put extensions of a different hair texture in my hair (curly extensions on straightened hair) and I took them out immediately because it looked bad. I noticed my soulmate and his best friend were front row in the audience where I would’ve performed, the stage was like a festival stage with a ramp in front of it. But I went to the back when I left to rehearse last minute. I just felt so unprepared for this performance.

24 May 2024



I dreamed that I was at some kind of concert like the grand ole opry and there was several of bigger guys there dressed in leather and jeans and boots and my father in law was there and the area/room we were in was kind of darkish and we could only see the concert via a television and there was a counter top with big homemade machetes and/or knives on it and then I flashed to a church in Jamestown where a bunch of my husbands family was and his older brother was dressed like the wimpy kid but called me fat Amy and was trying to talk my husband into leaving me and then I flashed somewhere where someone was asking me to be a flight attendant with my best friend Zach and we decided to do it and the boss who was similar looking to a boss I had at an old job was telling me these things we had to buy and one thing in the list was 32 packs of shampoo and all this other stuff and then we had to lie to someone to get away from the big guys and then I flashed to a place where I was trying to help this girl stay away from her violent abusive boyfriend and her boyfriend was one of the big guys in leather and jeans and boots and we were running and riding horses but he caught up to us and was trying to beat and rape her and she went back to him.

23 May 2024



Being a young girl period time older dress, with an overpowering man trying to take advantage of me. Another girl was present. Felt vunerable, scared and froze in the dream. Work up feeling a little off balance. I did watch a period drama on television about Marie Antoinnette the night before the dream. Have always felt drawn to a lifetime in this period.

21 May 2024



I dream of that there's a castle type house and it has moons inside out and coming. Then I dream of like, I used to go to ancient castles earlier. It was very, like, very far away, okay? And I hated it. It was on the main road, lot of vehicles, okay? I usually wear a mask that time. So, like, usually I sleep comfortably there. Like, I went there for more than two years tuition, so I know everybody's face on the road, okay, on that road. So, I don't know why, this is the first time I dream of when I was growing. And I have some regret in me that I never smiled at them or met them or said anything. Like, I know them for two years and everything like that. Just all that. Then I dream of that I am in someone's marriage house, okay, with my maternal aunts. And maternal aunts, then everyone went their home after the ceremony. And me and my sister was watching TV on the guest house, in the guest house, big TV. And suddenly a child, like he was a worker there, he came and stand there and said, I will not let you watch the TV. So, I said, this is not your father's TV. And I just pushed him and he just fall down on my maternal aunts, just to make him happy. Then I dream of I was going through some path, it was like I was in marriage ceremony, okay, cauliflower, plants, tree, everyone's enjoying. And I don't know why, it was like rich marriage, okay, rich people marriage. And I don't know why I saw some expensive shoes on the bushes, okay, I don't know why. Then I saw everyone, like it was a Hindu's marriage, I think, everyone was happy, enjoying their time, pretty good. And I suddenly realized it is not real, I am dreaming, okay. So, then I said, okay, I am dreaming, then let me enjoy and do whatever I want, okay. So, I saw Koringa wearing kurta and that's all, see some other men I went to, my friends said, shit, they saw a guy of my age, he is a rich guy, okay, I just saw his back. And he was wearing a silk set, okay, silk kurta set, I think, in his suit. And he was looking handsome from behind, I didn't see his face, okay, I know it, he was not real. So, I just hugged from him from back and started touching his waist, okay. So, I know it was a dream, he did not respond anything, he was just like a statue, it's like I am touching a statue. Then I just hugged him tightly and saw that there is some group of older men and suddenly I knew that there is my father, okay. I look at my father, he is not looking at me, I know I was dreaming. Then I look at him, I show him, I just say, okay, I hate him, I love my father. And I keep touching his waist, that guy's waist. Then I, in dreams, I wake up and realize that it was my sister, but I was dreaming also that, okay. But I can touch and feel the waist of this guy. And I was very shocked and enjoy a lot and I got a hug, that's all.

20 May 2024



My ex boyfriend playing sports and being on television. Ignoring me while I was trying to get in contact with him from the sideline. He was beyond happy, thriving, and I was uncomfortable and upset. Almost as if I was just a stress factor in his life.

3 May 2024



I’m in my bedroom with the television on and curtains drawn in the middle of the day. My sister comes in and complains that the television is too loud. She opens the curtains and there is a new family moving into the house opposite ours. There is a lot of commotion in the street then i notice some noise from inside my house. I walk downstairs and my mother is talking about Ram Dass my greatest spiritual teacher who has been dead many years. She says she invited him in although i’m not sure if they know each other. I walk back up stairs and see laid on my parent’s bed many spiritual trinkets, hanuman statues, wooden ganesha idols, rosary beads. The sun is beaming through the window and I see Ram Dass in the door frame. I repeat the name of ‘Ram’ a few times and he smiles. I run over to him and give him a big hug and say ‘Ram Dass you wouldn’t believe the journey I’ve been on! Oh boy, oh boy.’ We lie down on the bed together and I’m staring into his face. He is talking to me in between his voice before the stroke and after it. A medium pace to his words with a slight bit of youth, he talks about the feeling of homecoming within spirituality and there are subtitles when he speaks. He struggles for the next word and I see in the subtitles it says ‘nostalgia’ so I say it as if I came up with it. He agrees that that is the word and doesn’t seem to notice that I read it from the subtitles and showing he can’t read my mind unlike big Gurus like Neem Karoli Baba. Ram Dass continues talking as I wake up out of the dream.

1 May 2024



I had a dream that I was with two friends in a buffet restaurant. I was getting myself some eggs from a giant pile of fried eggs but I could not reach them. I managed to reach them however I then couldn’t pick them up because the yolks kept bursting. I then decided that I would get food for my friend Tony and choose all the food he would like. I sat at the table and gave him his food and I did not eat. We were talking about a show that we were late for that had already started. I was then heading back to a hotel room to get ready to go out and we had to pay for a football match on the television that would be on later it at was £15 Tony said he would give me half the money but he had no change so he gave me £10 because I was paying for the ehectric, when he handed me the money it didn’t feel like money it felt furry. I went to the toilet and ultimated. We were talking about going out for The evening but I couldn’t find my shoes, we had to be at the place by 730pm. I left the hotel room alone but when I arrived at the destination it was a Swinming pool. I remember being in the pool with my friends but I don’t know who they were. I started talking to Two Young women who were extremely pretty and they were talking back to me and kissing me. I seemed to know them from the previous night and was aware my friends knew them too. After I spoke to them I realised that my friends had gone. I was aware thinking to myself why did they not tell me they were going? They could have told me? I was then in the corner of the pool with the two girls kissing one on the back. We were talking about one of their friends, I dived backwards into the pool and remember being upside down. I remember trying to hoist myself out of the pool but my body was too heavy. I was then out of the pool and it was dark and I was outside a hotel smoking a cigarette with one of the girls, a group of people approached us and asked for direction’s, someone from the hotel came and showed them. I looked through the hotel window and saw a toddler running towards me, he came out of the door and ran to his mother who picked him up and cuddled him. I saw an elevator but did not go in. I left the girls and was then with someone I know but do not particularly like and it was daytime again. I was looking for My friends because the football game was due to start on the television. I was walking down a big flight of steps wondering where they could be it was bright sunshine and I was in lanzarote. I was concious of the time and off being late. The person I was with suggested going back to the hotel room because that was where we had paid to watch the football match. I was walking past all the bars and restaurants talking to the person I was with who I knew but couldn’t remember his name. I Was telling him about a bar i knew and how busy it got. He said he hadn’t heard of it. It was night time again and we were standing talking I remember him telling me off all the women he had slept with and he was acting very vulgar. We did not walk anywhere however we were suddenly with a group of people we did not know, we were talking. One of the people spat into the air and I remember feeling it on my skin and seeing it on my leg. I was angry but cautious. I looked into the back of the car and a Man was staring at me, I told the person I was with that it was time to go and I remember opening the boot of the car but do not remember what I took out. We then started to walk and the bar I was telling the person I was with about was not there it was an empty space, we turned right after the bar and all of a sudden I was in the town I grew up in walking along a familiar road. I was still with the same person and still aware that I need to find my friends. It was still dark and I was walking up a hill. I was then with someone who I can’t recall and although I couldn’t see it I had the feeling I had just got off an aeroplane and was walking through an airport. The people walking behind me I knew and they were talking about not paying taxes and that they keep forgetting. I remember that I had to keep tapping my phone every twenty steps to pay my tax and that the woman behind me copied my actions thanking me for reminding her. I remember during this time I was still wondering where my friends where and if I’d ever find them.

23 Apr 2024



Had a dream I was in a friends place watching tv and eating their good food 🍱 and I was kinda not feeling welcome like an afterthought. Soon 🔜 we all talked and joked and giggled about things and I felt better. Soon then I spoke slightly about Beacon College just slightly and a torrential downpour of tears 😭 came down I cried in the dream and I woke up from it bc the feeling was 10 billion times beyond intense. I’m even crying now because I’m so Beacon College Homesick I visited my once beloved school and I miss it so much I’m even crying now writing ✍️ this.

20 Apr 2024



I had 3 dreams last night. 1st Dream: This dream took place in Minecraft. Which is a real-life game that I play. In my dream, my friends and I were making a server that we planned on making public. However, the girls and the guys kept arguing about the server. They both thought that their ideas were better than the other person’s ideas. Luckily, my dad came in and saved the day. He told us a story about sharing, and we all stopped fighting instantly. After that, I got a fishhook stuck in my arm. My dad got it out and I hugged him. Then, I went to explore the server with my friends. 2nd Dream: It started off with me in my bed. I felt terrible, so my dad took me to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, I told the female doctor that I was constipated and couldn’t cough. She ran some tests and helped me with my constipation. After that, I was able to cough again. By the way, while the doctor was helping me, there was this other lady that kept yelling and saying that my female doctor wasn’t a real doctor. Even after she helped me, the lady was still claiming that my doctor wasn’t real. We both told her to go away, and the yelling lady got all defensive before leaving for the bathroom. She never came back from the bathroom, but we didn’t care. 3rd Dream: It started off with dream me watching a movie. At one point, I try to rewind so I could understand what the villain of the movie said since I didn’t hear him properly. Unfortunately, I switched from the movie to a tv show while trying to rewind. I tried to switch back to the movie, but the tv remote stopped working. So, I got up and unplugged the tv. After that, I started watching “The Simpsons” on my cellphone. As I watched them, both of our worlds started to merge together, and soon enough, I was with the cast of “The Simpsons!” I saw that Homer and Bart were trying to scam someone around Christmas time so that they could get money for gifts. I went over to them in order to help them. Surprisingly, the scam worked, but the lady that they scammed was still suspicious of them. After that, Homer tried to put a horse in the back of his car, but it didn’t work. After that, my sister and her friends came over to me and let me to a small store. The store allowed you to make your own slushy’s there, so we all made slushes. While we were making slushes, I realized that the “small store” was actually just a random bathroom out in the open. No one else seemed to notice, or care, though. After our slushes were made, we all left and walked back to where Homer and Bart were. Upon arriving, we noticed that everyone was gone. Then, we started questioning if everything that just happened was real. We all went back to the “small store” afterwards to calm our nerves. And then I woke up.

8 Apr 2024



There was some type of trip to a planet similar to earth. There were school buses lining everyone up. Then we were on a cruise in the middle of the ocean but there was a spy and I needed to get rid of them. At one point I was in a car driving down a steep hill with a little upward slope. When I got to the bottom the slope propopelled me high in the air, so high that I flew over the Jesus statue in sao Paolo. Then the dream changed to me being home watching a commercial that mentioned taking a trip outer space. Later on when I’m at the port I see a spaceship that kinda just looks like a charter bus. For some reason I’m fighting like an alien of sort in space because aliens were trying to ambush us before we landed on the new planet. It was like a matrix fight in outer space, nobody knew I was outside fighting because they were all distracted. Then we’re in the planet and there’s a cruise ship, we’re taking a trip around the different oceans. I meet a lady on the cruise who looked like this girl I went to high school with, esilona. I don’t know the exact details but something happens on the planet that makes us basically realize we’re all going to die. I have a vision of my family watching the news and crying for me. We are limited on the amount of mail robots, so I can only send one letter to family. I decide not to send a letter immediately since it might be better to send one before I died. The planet is going dark, and shrinking like a deflated ball from the top down. Alien critters have come out and they are eating our food. Esilona and I are on the balcony in the cruise ship, talking about life and reminiscing memories because we know we only have about 6 days left before the planet folds itself and we inevitably die. Well, it turns out that the spies are still here and they infiltrated the cruise. They actually organized a meteor to crash into the planet and kill is all. Turns out that the free tickets we all had to come here was just a ploy and all of us were on some kind of hit list. They’ve been killing people one by one but nobody knows because everyone is too stressed about the world ending. Esilona and I take it upon ourselves to find them and find out if they know how to save us. In real life, we were on a cheer team together, so in the dream, we were doing a lot of acrobatics when fighting the spies. I found a suitcase with a space laptop and sent communication to the USA government that this was all a trap. No response. Meanwhile, the entire world is watching the news daily, hoping that someone would come save us. There is a meteor shower going on between earth and where we are, and it doesn’t seem safe enough for anyone to rescue us. I suddenly because the spokesperson for the group, talking to governments on the space laptop. Clips of the conversation were shared on the news and in my visions I see my entire family sitting in front of the tv. There are candles lit, my grandma is lighting sage, my mom is holding a rosary and praying, my dad and brothers are crying and holding each other. Back on the planet we still have the atmosphere shrinking, air is running low. Esilona and I are laying in a beach looking at the sky, patiently waiting for death to come take us. That’s when I get a vision of seeing the planet from space, and I see different axis, trail of meteors, and a rendezvous point. I run to the cruise ship and yell “is anyone good with their hands?” And an couple of men say they are engineers, blacksmiths, carpenters, etc. together we try to find a way to create a shield around the cruise, hoping that it could float in space and give us more time until spaceships came to get us. It worked, and we managed to launch the ship into space. That’s when I find a piece of paper and some crayons, and I write to my family “mom, dad, Jeff, Mickey, I love you all so much. If I don’t live, know that I tried as hard as I could to save us all” and give it to the last mail robot available. That’s when suddenly there is a loud snap in space, and we see the planet burst into little pieces. Everyone unanimously voted that I was now the captain of the ship, and so I went to the front of the ship with a space costume to sit alone and look at the empty black space sky. I saw about 50 spaceships coming our way to save us so I ran inside to tell everyone to be prepared for rescue. Then our ship imploded. The force field couldn’t contain the pressure of space anymore. We all die. But then I wake up on a beach in what I think is some kind of deserted island. Turns out that the implosion took us to different timelines on earth because we fell into a black hole. The island that I washed up on was actually a military site, and the scientist there knew that I would be coming. Together we work to predict this ploy to send passengers to their death in the new planet. And I realize that my dream just looped, and now I can stop it all from happening.

8 Apr 2024

New Job


The year after my grandpa passed away, in 2022, we were in our new trailer, me and my grandma, because we basically had to move out of our house that I grew up in forever by January. I had a dream. I was laying on my blow-up mattress, because that was my bed at the time, in my new room in my trailer. I was sleeping on my blow-up mattress. Then suddenly, I was asleep. I remember in my dream, I was at my grandfather's sister's house, in the back room where my grandfather would always sleep and stay when we visited there. That room that he stayed in, I have always been afraid of that room. For some reason, I have no idea why, but I always was. The fear. I never felt safe in that room. So, in my dream, I was in that room he used to sleep in. The room I was scared to be in. I remember the door being open, wide open. It was nighttime. I always watched TV at nighttime. Since the door was open, there's a hallway. One side of that wall, of that hallway, is a huge closet. The closet doors was a huge mirror. So, it's pitch black in that hallway. I cannot see anything. It's dark. It's black. It's scary. Then, I remember the whole room going dark. The TV was not working. I was trying to change the channel or something on my TV. It was not working. The TV went to TV static. I don't remember if the bedroom door was closed or open when the whole room went black and the TV was not working. Then, I remember my whole body. I don't know if it was in a blanket or not, but since I sleep on my back, my whole body was turning. Slowly turning. Slowly turning into a full circle. Slowly turning. Halfway before, whatever it was, I was going to see. I don't know if it was going to be a demon or whatever, but I woke up. I woke straight up from that. I woke up gasping. I wake up and to the left of me in the bed, a swoop of black. Like a swish of a black spirit or something black flew by me and disappeared in the room. I remember still not being able to move because I was paralyzed. I felt like I was paralyzed. I was not able to move, speak, nothing. Completely in terror and fear. I finally was able to move maybe after 15 to 20 minutes. Then, I was crying. I was bawling my eyes out. Completely scared, shitless because I had a night terror a year ago in my old room. Now, a year later in my new room, I am having a night terror again. I have no idea if a horrible spirit was following me from my old house that just happened to follow to my new house. I do not know what it was, but that was a very scary time for me. Thank God, now, in the year 2024, in my own place that I own, my own apartment, night terrors are not happening anymore. Thank God. I do not know if it was a trauma from back then or what, but it was very scary. Very scary.

6 Apr 2024



(I had multiple dreams last night. Here is what I can remember from them.) Dream: I was at school. The bell rang, and I went to the bathroom. The first bathroom that I went to was closed for unspecified reasons. I complained to one of the teachers, and she said she that she was annoyed by it to. After that, I went to a different bathroom. This one was jam packed with people. Some of them were waiting for a stall to open, others were doing their makeup, and the rest were just talking to each other. I looked around and found an extra stall that no one was using, so I used it. Then I washed my hands and left. 2nd Dream: It started off at home. I was on my phone when my dad suddenly told me to get ready. I asked him what I needed to get ready for, and he said that we were going to Schlitterbahn water park. I smiled and got ready. Afterwards, my dad, my mom, my sister, and I all went to Schlitterbahn. We found a place to sit, put our towels on our chairs, and walked to the water slides. After waiting in line, my family and I finally got to the top of the slide. The park worker pulled out a giant, circular seat for everyone to sit on and told us to get in. My family sat down first, and as I was about to sit down, my family goes down the slide, leaving me at the top. I got all sad, but the worker told me not to worry about it and gave me a small circular seat to sit on. Once I got on it, I went down the water slide. After that, my family and I went to another water slide, but this time, I was scared. Apparently, that water slide has been known to hurt, and even kill, people. My parents told me not to worry about it though. Once we got to the top, we all went down one by one. After that, we went to our chairs and started talking about breakfast. While we were talking, my sister pulls out a cellphone charger from her bag and drops it in the water. I pick it up and yell at her for dropping it. After I yelled at her, we all went home, and I apologized for yelling and complaining. My dad said it was fine, but I knew it wasn’t. So, I grabbed my phone and went back to my room. 3rd Dream: I was playing a video game that affected the real world. In the game, I met the goddess of nature and hung out with her. She brought me to a cave where I found a bed and went to sleep. When dream me woke up, she saw her grandparents and her father in the cave. Apparently, they had turned it into some kind of house. I asked where the goddess was, and they were like: “who?” So, I started searching for the goddess myself. I found her by the garden, talking to some guy. The guy was super strong and was arguing with the goddess. Then, for some strange reason, they tried to kiss each other, but they got stopped by another goddess. This goddess had a crown on and gave me a tunic. Then, a text box appeared, telling me all about the tunic. After that, the two goddesses and the strong guy left. Then my dad appeared and said that the tunic didn’t look that appealing. Then he told me not to play the same video games that he wants to play when he’s in the room. Then, the two of us go back inside and watch tv with my grandparents. (Then I woke up.)

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