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Dream Interpretation: Interview 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Interview? Discover the significance of seeing a Interview in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Interview appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes your desire to be accepted and recognized for your skills and abilities. It may also indicate your fear of being judged or evaluated by others. Alternatively, it could represent a need for self-reflection and evaluation of your own goals and aspirations.

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🧭 Direction


Consider the context of the interview in your dream. Were you nervous or confident? Were you prepared or unprepared? Use this as a reflection of your own feelings towards your current situation in waking life. If you were nervous, it may be time to work on building your confidence and skills. If you were confident, keep up the good work and continue to strive towards your goals.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of an interview can evoke a mix of emotions. It may bring feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and pressure as one anticipates being evaluated. There might also be a sense of excitement or hope for a positive outcome. The dream could reflect a desire for validation or a fear of judgment. It may symbolize a need for self-assessment or a longing for recognition. Overall, the emotions associated with this dream can vary depending on the individual's experiences and attitudes towards interviews.





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20 Jun 2024



My dream reminded me a lot of my real life. Earlier that day i applied for a buisness manager job at HSBC bank. In my dream i was interviewing with my previous boss, marcia sulit for a buisness manager job but for an ed tech company. She was eager to hire me, but then faced some pushbacks. I feel like this is a trend in my life .

14 Jun 2024



I dreamt about a huge teenage soccer game happening in my friend’s massive backyard, which was a large field. Throughout the game I won an award during a small match of tag for my speed, and was later interviewed for it, although the interviewers oddly didn’t recognize me and questioned whether I was even a player. Later on the game actually became a large soccer match, which my team one using their incredible teamwork and speed. We conducted a huge team celebration and slept over at my friends home, which hosted the event. I woke up in the morning helping my female cousin Monica record a morning vlog on her breakfast with two other members of the soccer team, who I recognized as classmates of mine, one from middle school and one from high school.

20 May 2024



I dreamt I was getting ready for an interview

20 May 2024



I was at some wedding or ceremony for an old friend from school, Jessica Best. The ceremony was Gothic and there was this parade of people dressed in black and dressed with stilts and beaks and they were marching through a dark forest. There was a giant church and inside were tons of people on both side of the church with a separation in the middle as a large walkway. They were talking about a friend I recently became estranged from. He was going to have a concert because he's a rapper. They asked if I'd support him and I said yes absolutely and agreed to talk in an interview on him or something. Then I was back at my mom's house with a friend from childhood, James Block. I was worried because I had to get ready to be somewhere but needed to workout and didn't have time to. I was sitting on the couch with James and then my mom came downstairs and asked if I was ready or something. I then got up and realized I had some cement looking poop in my pants. I touched it with my finhers and it didn't smell like anything so I wasn't sure what it was but assumed it was poop. I rushed upstairs to change and had no underwear. My mom came into the room and I had to cover myself and try to hide the poop underwear. I then found myself in a room with a bunch of people, including my ex girlfriend and her parents. I said hello and they were happy to see me. Her mom was laying down and had become bald. She looked like she was very sick. I felt sad about that. I then was in some motorhome or something and she was changing and I accidentally saw her naked. Her body was better than expected. Her breast's were huge and tagged so much they nearly touched the ground. I was at first embarrassed and turned away as she was trying to get dressed I think but then I just gave up since she didn't care and I just acted normal and did my best to keep eye contact.

11 May 2024



I did not like these dreams. They were just a reminder of things i dont want. I was being interviewed to work at a school. You could tell the dynamics of thr staff breeds sexual harassment. My work historywas being picked apart. In another part of my dream, i went to a place i have been before, only incmy dreams. Its a palace made of brownstone houses. It had over 10,000 units. And in mt dreams its a historical site. Someone bought many apartments here when it was rundown, and renovated it and now its a palance turned into an amazing apartment complex. What is weird is i have visited this impossible palace when it belonged to royalty, when it was run down, when the units were purchased and now. I was also living in a roomates situation that was lively. Lots of women, who were fun and friendly. What is odd is that they were very specific looking women. But no one i have ever met in my waking life.

10 May 2024

Text message


I don’t have my crushes phone number but I do have his Snapchat. I got a text from him though which confused me at first but then remembered that I sent him a Snapchat where you could see my phone number and I always wondered if he saved it somewhere just in case. I figured that’s what he did since he never asked me for my number before but still had it. I got a text from him that looked like an accident. It was just a recording of his Memoji but it looked and sounded like he was sleeping. I was about to tease him about it but then he sent the guitar emoji. He plays guitar and has been trying to record his own music for a bit but nothing he’s ever finished before. He has sent me little clips of stuff he’s working on though and it sounded pretty good. I put my phone down and thought to myself that I would just get to it later but then when I went to go enter my room he was just there. He was playing his guitar and he told me to sit down so he could play me something. I sat and listened for a bit and I was about to ask him about his previous message that confused me but then my cousin who just got back from school in Hawaii barged in unexpectedly which is was also happy an surprised about. Then we ended up at my aunts house with all my cousins and my brother. My crush was there too where he met my family in a casual way. I feel like it turned into a party, all the rooms felt bigger with way more people in them and all I was trying to do was find my crush but I couldn’t. I tried on so many different outfits and I hated all of them on me. I wanted to look nice in case he saw me. I had a specific outfit in mind but I couldn’t find it anywhere. That night ended without me finding him and I had assumed he got tired of waiting and looking for me so he just left and went back home 15 hours away. I went back to my aunts house and all of a sudden it started to move. Like if someone just picked up her very large house and put it on wheels. It started to move and that’s when I found my crush again. He came to make sure I was alright. He rode it out with me and I remember being terrified because it seemed like the house was too big to fit in between some of the other houses but looking the the windows I saw it actually was. That day ended and my crush eventually went back home. A few years later and I went to go visit him except it was still at my aunts house. Except it was very futuristic and updated. All the rooms were larger, I remember the living room had two levels to it in almost a loft situation. The tv wasn’t that big for how large the room was. Maybe like a standard 45 inch tv. But I looked up and there were these large wicker type baskets above me. I heard someone say they were heading over to the balcony and then I saw someone step into the basket. I thought it was a cool design but too high up and couldn’t see the tv from there. Not innovative. I went into what used to be my room and was no someone else’s and it went on forever. Her room which felt like a glorified closet or even like a fancy boutique had clothes racks everywhere that were styled neatly and fashionably. I was very envious of the room and stuff she had. I remember missing my crush in that moment for it’s been some time since we last spoke. We talk everyday so it wasn’t like us to go a few years without ever saying anything to each other. I turned on the tv and I saw him doing an interview. He ended up becoming somewhat famous for his music. The only part I heard from the interview was how he missed someone and that it’s been a few years since they spoke. I thought it might’ve been about me and thought it was weird I was just thinking the same thing as him in that moment. And before I could reach for my phone to text him I woke up.

10 May 2024



The scene changes and I'm at a lake, or moreso standing ON the lake It's foggy, it's cloudy, and there are a few characters I know from a few fictional Chinese Xianxia/Wuxia fantasy works that I like One of the characters who is the head of a sect is being interviewed by his disciples and his sect's men as to why he successfully managed to 'come back from the dead' when he was found missing for more than a few weeks, last seen in a dangerous mountain range with known sightings of ghouls and energetic disturbances He goes on the explain that he saw the lake he is currently standing on there, and that a sage offered two tasks to complete: 1. Travel to another world, accompany a day-trip of a girl(which happens to be me) and fulfill the itinerary And 2. Get your yupei(jade pendant with his sect's crest, a very important item) and your life taken to die and be reincarnated with the person vou claim you hate but secretly envy and admire, to be seen as someone on an equal level in the way you want to be seen The person being his fellow disciple in his martial arts The sect leader says he'd do both, accompanying me on a trip through the regions of the country where I used to pass by on a train to go to therapy The area is almost entirely sunken under the ocean, with the train running on the railway raised up from the waters by bridges and the remaining parts of the cities He becomes anxious when I don't show signs of getting off the train when I said I will, but I assure him and use an alternate route to get all of them back where they came from by the end of the trip He comes back to his home world and the sage does a ritual to send his soul to the afterlife, putting the sect master in the lake His jade pendant gets dismembered, and the beads and the gems that makes it are given to the sage The sect master is relieved that his wish finally comes true, but then has a lingering thought about something about his life that he's attached to, which is the person he's trying to follow into the afterlife Then the jade pendant assembles itself right back and he's dragged back to the world of the living, the person he wanted to be with getting reunited with another person the sect master doesn't like but the person he liked does Now the scene's back to the present, and his current disciples are sort of baffled, being at a loss of reaction at the fact that their sect master is bitter that he didn't get to die, while the man himself has a hissy fit, pleading to the heavens addressing the sage by all his former titles(e.g. ' General of the ...., ... 'Keeper of the gems/artifacts') to give him another chance The scene is somewhat comedic despite the sad undertone of what had transpired

9 May 2024



I had a dream last night that I was going to be appearing on a TV show, and I went down for a trial, I think it was a trial interview or appearance or something, and I went into this building, and there were lots of different rooms, and I chose which one I was going to audition for. I went in, and there were loads of people there, and there was lots of furniture, and I went in, I was following these people around, and some people were acting, some people were just chatting, so I went along and I was just hanging around, I wasn't saying anything, and then towards the end, I think I heard somebody mention that I hadn't said anything, and I was like, well, nobody's told me what to do. Anyway, I decided that I was going to leave, I got in a bad mood, and I kind of left, and I said I wanted the feedback that I wasn't very happy with that, and nobody gave me any direction as to what to do. Anyway, I made my complaint and I left, and as I left, I'd gone to the train station to get home. I was in a foreign country, and realised as I got to the train that I'd lost my bag somewhere, and I was trying to find my bag everywhere, I couldn't find it, so I panicked, and I went back to the place to do the audition, and they were saying, oh, if you've lost your bag, you have to fill out a form, and you have to fill out this form saying where you'd lost it, and you also have to pay £1,000, £1,000 fee for them to find it, but I didn't have £1,000, and I was freaking out because I didn't have £1,000, I was trying to fill out this form, I didn't like the form, so I decided I was going to try and make a new form that made more sense, so I was trying to make this new form, and the whole time I was thinking I really need my bag, because I really need to go home, because I need to catch that train, and that's where I woke up.

6 May 2024

Old boss
Text message


I was doing an interview but it was a written test. I knew the woman who was conducting the test, she was an old boss. We didn't get on. I left without finishing but I was there for 1.5hrs. I was sat with a man who helped me with the test, he was a friend. When he left I text and said I liked him. He didn't reply. I could do front and back flips in my dream. And I slid down a stair bannister. I was young and was wearing a black mini skirt. There were people around who I didn't recognise.

6 May 2024



Im on thr train with all these celebrities while they are young. leonardo dicaprio, tom cruse, and vin disel. My assigment is to go back in time, dropping of these kids at different locations. Including school. Their adult selves of the future know im doing this. Im back in time undercover to complete this mission. We are all in a small van/bus. Drop off the young vin disel bus at jr high school that is in semi dangerous neighborhood- Then the dream transitions into a second dream that feels like a present reality. In the dream i become friends with MMA fighter connor mcGregor. We are friends because i am one of his handlers on the movie set “road house.” I get asked to interview and discuss what it was like working on set with him and Jake Jillianhall. Then later on in the future, I interview him on my podcast called “breaking bread”, my podcast show. We do the interview at my house. Its a mansion dream house. Open concept living kitchen dining that looks into the yard with a massive salt water pool. i invited every guest to come with their children and families. He was annoyed with his wife. He went outside to look for her with the kids and she wasnt with them. She was in another area of the house we found her she seemed down and sad. I reminded him they could stay. That was the plan. I told him i would show him my mom’s room and the house. My mom had a huge room, she was in the shower so i couldn’t show that but she has a seperate nook for everything. A kitchenette with an ice machine and it was colorful and mostly peachy and sparkling. An area just for makeup and hair brushing that was huge. And a massive closet. The room was the size of an apartment. This part of my dream felt so real. Then i told Connor ill put the kids in the 4 bunkbed room. His wife was already in there sleeping. We talked about marriage and how is hard to know more shot things because money gets in the way, but i pointed out he was grown and we all need to mature.

2 May 2024



I was born in South Korea and there was another guy who had the ability to jump into other peoples lives and become them. So this random guy kept on jumping into my life and I became super famous for all the things we did because people thought I had the abilities of two people. I was being interviewed on tv about it when I woke up

31 Mar 2024



The main characters of my dream, who were doing an interview on a balcony, heard noises and went up to see what was happening. A killer ,who was unknown, secretly got into a room of two people that he wanted to kill. It was a personal matter to him. Someone else put themselves in front of the victim, who he was holding, to protect them. He told her to shoot herself in the mouth. And she did. Nevertheless, he still killed the other victim and didn’t stand on his word. Afterwards we found ourselves outside. But this other person who I was with right now wanted to check out what had happened due to their conscientiousness. I don’t remember who this was. It was either my sister or a friend. So we try to get inside of this building. By entering through the neighbouring building and going up with the lift. On our way, we saw two people coming from the opposite way. But we don’t say anything and go on. We keep everything a secret. On the last minute, when this person I am with (either my sister or another friend, I don’t know) goes to go up the last set of stairs and turn around to the said corridor where murder took place, I shut down. I don’t come up with her and actually want to tell her not to go. Since this is obviously a dangerous situation. But I can’t say anything out of fear the killer might still linger around and hear. And he does. The unknown person (sister or friend) goes up and asks something about what’s happening. The killer is very cold-blooded and gives off a thousand lies on what he’s doing up there and doesn’t even stutter. I didn’t see him. I was just anxiously waiting at the begginning of the stairs and not even on his level. But I was just scared that something might happen anytime soon. The killers lies, that I knew were curated, gave me the shivers and that’s when I woke up.

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