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Dream Interpretation: Store 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Store? Discover the significance of seeing a Store in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Store appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes choices and options, sometimes in an overwhelming way. It signifies a plethora of choices that may be coming. You are in a time of opportunity and will, and you are currently evaluating your options in order to make the best decision.

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🧭 Direction

Daily events

Consider carefully the choices you are faced with. Compare and contrast the options that you have, and trust yourself to make the best decision. You may feel overwhelmed, but don't let the plethora of choices distract you from your goals.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a store can evoke feelings of curiosity, excitement, and anticipation. It represents a desire for new experiences, opportunities, and possibilities. It may also symbolize the need for self-expression and the search for something that fulfills our desires or meets our needs. The store in the dream may reflect our aspirations, goals, or the potential for growth and abundance in our lives. Overall, this dream elicits a sense of hope and the belief that there are endless choices and opportunities available to us.





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13 May 2024



I was in a store and I saw a boy walk in while he was talking on the phone. He seemed suspicious so I watched him. He stole a piece of nicotine gum from a shelf so I yelled out to an employee at the desk and brought the boy to the counter with me. It was then I realized the boy was someone who I used to be friends with but now I don't like him. I still tried to tell the employee that he stole and the employee said they can't do anything without proof. I said to look at the cameras while me and the boy were walking away. Next thing I know is I'm at home during a time that I was living with the boy. I was cleaning the walls when the mail came and got pictures of the boy stealing. He asked me to move out so I started getting my things to leave. While I was packing I knocked a panel on the wall that let ghosts escape. It was scary at first but I had to keep saying a line like "I'm me so I'm not scared of you" or something like that and it kept the ghosts away

29 Apr 2024



My kids dad and I went to the store we went upstairs separately and went back down separately. I couldn’t find him and when I was time to check out I looked again and he was gone. I went back into the store and I saw him somewhere else I was looking for him but couldn’t find him.

27 Apr 2024



I don't know, but thinking about going to the store, I want some spaghetti. Yum. And I'm walking. I haven't really exercised this week. Shame on me.

23 Apr 2024

Running away


i was in a weird looking store, and i remember seeing a basket full of little dumbbells. i picked up one that said “17 lbs” on it. i heard the group of people i was with say “hurry up are you coming?!”. i think we were trying to run away from authorities/the government again.

20 Apr 2024



went to the store with my parents and as we were loading our groceries into the car, a truck next to us was filled with cantaloupe and was just giving them away for free. So we got a couple and left

13 Apr 2024



I was walking around trying to find some cool stores, before sunset. But I wasn’t able to find anything I liked. So I went to this other place that’s kinda hidden by a building. It was like a small store. The thing you pull up to actually let yourself in was closed halfway. I knocked on the thing. I heard soemone, and the thing is lifted up. There was a guy, around my age maybe a bit older, long hair, wearing black, gory band shirt. “Hey, come on in,” he says. I walk in and I look around his little shop he has going. He went into the back of store. I seen cds, vinyls, band shirts, posters, a lot of things like that. The room was red. Making it have a really cool vibe. I was flipping through a poster book. So many different bands and solo artists. He comes back out and says “So you finding what your looking for?” “Yeah, this is like a really cool store you have,” I say mesmerized looking around. Looking through the poster book we talk and talk around different bands and about his store, I chose to buy a Rob Zombie poster and another poster I can’t remember. I had gotten there before sunset and I look out the front and the sun has set already. “Well I should start walking home,” I say. “Yeah, well I should start closing the shop also.” He replies. I walk out and wave bye. I see this part of the store, a door is open. I look into it. It’s a basement. I choose not to go in and mind my own. Then suddenly I see woman, she is in all white. I freeze, and suddenly I’m down in the basement. As I reach the bottom she is sitting down talking to herself. I turn around and try to walk back up. But she is standing on the top of the stairs. She falls forward and just disappears. I run out and when I reached the top, I’m at the bottom again looking at her sitting down in the basement talking to herself. I get confused and try go up again but she is there. Falling again and disappearing. I run to the top. Im stuck in a loop. I keep looping. I get scared. Idk how many times I did that but finally I’m able to leave. I walk home. Next day I find myself at the store again. I see the rest of the store is open. The store has like sections. Only one was open the day before. I see him talking to two customers in another section. I go into the one I was before. I look at the earrings. I grab cherry earrings and a necklace. I place money on the counter with a note. Then I leave. I then woke up😔

12 Apr 2024



I was in a store and all the sudden I hear a loud heart wrenching scream "it's my momma look it's my momma" as the little boy runs and latches on to me I drop to my knees because I realize it's my son who was taken from me illegally as he's crying Im holding him tight apologizing over and over telling him how much I miss him and want him home he tells me he isn't mad at me and that he loves me that he knows it's not my fault

12 Apr 2024

Serial killer


I had a dream that I was opening the store and that their was someone watching me. It felt like a serial killer was looking for me. A man in a cowboy hat and a black ski mask that didn’t show his eyes or mouth was always around. I clung to whoever was around me trying not to find myself alone with him.

11 Apr 2024



I was being spied on. I was at this new city and my mom and I went through a store and they sold donuts in the middle of the room.

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