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Dream Interpretation: Soccer 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Soccer? Discover the significance of seeing a Soccer in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Soccer appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of soccer represents teamwork, competition, and the need to work together towards a common goal. It may also symbolize your desire for success and recognition in your career or personal life. Alternatively, it may indicate that you need to be more active and take control of your life.

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🧭 Direction


Think about your current situation and whether you are working towards a common goal with others. Are you feeling competitive or do you need to be more assertive in your life? Consider taking up a new hobby or activity to help you become more active and take control of your life.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of playing soccer evokes feelings of excitement, competitiveness, and teamwork. It symbolizes a desire for physical activity, social interaction, and the pursuit of goals. This dream may also reflect a need for balance and coordination in various aspects of life.





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23 Apr 2024



I was watching a soccer game that my highschool varsity team was playing. It was a sunny day and the court was on a tennis field. I was standing on a bridge overlooking the field with my sister and mom. Me and my sister were talking with my mom about how we never got to play with the main team and only ever played together when we were both on the Jv team practicing against varsity. It was alright since our jv team was decent. The game we were watching, the varsity team was getting demolished which I was secretly happy with since a lot of the girls had pride problems. It was halftime and the team was off to the side talking about how to play the next half. I went on the field and two really tall boys who played on the other team were passing around and I went up to them to try to grab the ball but they were passing around me and then scored. It counted as a point against our team but I knew it wouldn’t matter since the varsity team wouldn’t win anyways. The guys didn’t try to score but they just dribbled and passed around me. A lot of the girls were annoyed because that’s what was happening to them, but I was having a good time and staying positive because I wasn’t going to let the guys make me annoyed too since I felt like I’m better than that. There was a flash of lightning and thunder, and the guys laughed and said they were the lightning by the way they played. I couldn’t even see where the ball was going and I just kept running around getting no where and failing at retrieving the ball. I got close a few times maybe.

23 Apr 2024

Full Moon


The dream started with me playing soccer on a turf field. I was playing with a lot of kids from my old competitive soccer team, Loudon. I was competing with most of my friends and did well playing against them because I knew them well. I really enjoyed passing the ball to my teammates and also picking up the slack that maybe some of them had. I attempted to give my team some guidance as to how we should position ourselves to win the game. The weather at the game was acting up. Although it was daytime, the full moon was out and it was kind of dark. The clouds were dark and it would rain at times and thunder. But also we would see the sun move near the moon and the sky turning an eerie black. Some kids were worried. I felt a little uncomfortable with the weather. But the game continued. That dream transformed into me talking to my stepmom Tracy over a picnic table about seltzer alcohol. We were at this picnic table because we are preparing for a family event for Tracy's family. During that conversation, we were laughing and all, and I wasn't making much eye contact with Tracy. Tracy looked a little younger, and I remember we were talking about If we believe life is controlled in your head and I said I do how about you and I ended up looking at her and there was some sexual tension with the eye contact and she responded saying I think you know what I think. And Then she goes in to kiss me now. This is a situation I've had in previous dreams where someone tries to kiss me, but it's really Someone attempting to suck into my body and I caught this in the dream and I put my hand over her face and said no No, no knowing that it wasn't Tracy. It was something the sky says her The Tracy transformed into this darker figure and I had my hand around his face and mouth The figure attempted to bite me a little bit Move and wiggle away, but I wouldn't allow it to approach me. I stayed strong. the dream transition into me waking up out what I believe to be the bed I was sleeping in. I felt discombobulated and a little dazed drunk, not really been able to wake up or get out of my bed. Eventually, I did when I got up I was looking out of my window and I was looking at, a grass area that was flooded with water and then across the street a construction site. I realize that this was a dream is that’s not what the view out of my friends room actually wise as soon as I realized I was in a dream dream unfortunately I woke up.

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