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Dream Interpretation: Skating 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Skating? Discover the significance of seeing a Skating in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Skating appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Skating in a dream represents your ability to navigate through life's challenges with ease and grace. It may also symbolize your desire for freedom and independence. Alternatively, it could indicate that you are feeling insecure or unsure about your current path in life.

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🧭 Direction


Consider the context of the dream and how you felt while skating. Were you confident or struggling? This may reflect your current state of mind. If you were confident, embrace your independence and continue to navigate through life with ease. If you were struggling, it may be time to reevaluate your current path and make necessary changes to regain your confidence.

❤️ Feelings

Skating in a dream can evoke feelings of freedom, joy, and exhilaration. It symbolizes the ability to glide through life effortlessly and gracefully. The sensation of gliding on ice or wheels can bring a sense of excitement and adventure. Skating dreams may also represent the need for balance and control in one's life, as well as the desire to break free from constraints and explore new possibilities. Overall, this dream elicits positive emotions and a sense of liberation.





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16 Jun 2024



I was to be competing in a figure skating competition. However no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to get ready for it. Couldn’t find my hotel room, couldn’t do my hair and couldn’t find my way to the arena.

26 Apr 2024



I'm in a giant shopping mall/entertainment building. I'm hungry and searching around I decide to order from McDonald's (I would never eat at McDonald's in real life) I wait in line, while also looking for a place to sit. Soon, I'm next a d a woman cuts I line. I go around her and she gets angry, accusing me of being the line cutter. I explain that she is being rude, I have a chronic health issue... She walks away to the end of the line. I tell the friendly cashier I want a salad, fries and a large water.... Minutes later she hands me my a very large bag and large cup of water. I go to a large sitting area with neon lights, and begin eating. However, I received chicken tenders instead of a salad. (I'm a vegetarian) I eat some of the fries, while they're nice and warm, before taking my bag back to the counter. The cashier is so nice and bubbly, she has cute afro space buns. She apologized, and quickle put in the order for a hibiscus citrus asian salad. she and I talked for a while until my salad came out. I walked to an arcade area, put my purse down,and take off my shoes. and realized I needed honey mustard and to refill my cup. Suddenly, I'm happily skating/sliding to my destinations even though I only have socks on. When I come back to the arcade area, someone is sitting near my purse. I sit next to it, and she's a bit confused. I tell her, I didn't want someone to sit on my purse. She understands and scoots further down. The two of us watch the game on the arcade screen. The area I'm in suddenly gets crowded, so I grab my things and skate over to another arcade booth. The cashier is there! I sit next to her and we become friends! She pushes a button on the arcade machine, and the platform we’re sitting on moves and takes us to another area. It’s a lot of fun! There’s music and people dancing. We stay sitting on our platform and she teaches me a few dance moves. I tell her I can’t dance, and she shows me exactly how to move my hips. I’m SO happy. I get up to get another cup of water, and skate through the lobby. There are a few handsome men, including a set of twins that I pass. I accidentally knock one over, and he doesn’t mind. They’re all in awe that I’m skating in my socks, because no one else is. They wonder if I’m in a rush… I’m not. I’m happy. I skate back to the party rooms…

9 Apr 2024

New Job


Last night I dreamt that I was at this dance community and the teacher had me do some moves following after her, and she was so impressed and when she asked of my dance experience I said I had none. Everyone was so surprised the people around me were a lot younger so I felt behind, like i still see myself as a child or that I’m not where “adults” should be. But then I was in even though they never asked officially I was partnered up this this boy who didn’t want to be me partner at all. I felt super overwhelmed and inexperienced to be there, he didn’t like the fact that I was a nobody and that I was new, so I spoke up and said if you don’t like me or don’t want me to be here plz just communicate and talk to me, and he got over it, but there was Always tension. Then we sat against this wall the whole dance crew. I’m a bench. And watched others dancing it was really beautiful and this one girl was doing a backbend on roll skates! I was in awe there was this little girl who came up and said I hate black, for then my dance teacher said ofc not in that way, the theme was about sadness and anger, and they were doing a vocal expression of it as well as dance, the place felt like I’ve been there before, sort of like my job but more expanded we all lived there and dormed there, the hold time I felt unsure if this was what I wanted, incorporating or committing myself to something new, my days and time would be spent different, and I had lots of anxiety about how I would perform, and it felt hard to settle in, I wonder how else’s in my life the idea of doing something why I always go to “idk if this is for me” maybe always feeling unsafe? Or having to be on edge. But I wonder if flowing through it and sinking deeper into the possibilities of life could take me to a place I like. Cause the same is bringing me just that, and I seek for growth and change. So I want to be open to incorporating newness and committing to things that question if it’s for me,

4 Apr 2024



I dreamed i was at the house seemed comfortable then I was walking across town through the Muddy Grass then I walked into Muddy road then I was back in the house fixing the chimney placing on it right cleaning the tile where the chimney rests,,then I was trying to skate on a frozen Marsh canal but I couldn't my boot was antiskid then I woke up

3 Apr 2024



Gifted a pair ice skates

25 Mar 2024



I was at Krav Maga class and when I left I got out on the highway and was flying or skating down the interstate. One of my classmates pulled up beside me and we started talking. I turned off and went to some sort of roller coaster. It was just red rails that were on a mountain and I sat on a special stool and sped around the roller coaster. When I was done, I went through the little gift shop and as I was leaving a man tried to stop me and mess with me. I kneed him and ran off towards the busy intersection where cars were zooming by. I then showed up at Sam’s house, my krav instructor, and was going to pet sit for him. I couldn’t remember which house was his and picked the wrong door and a lady wrapped in a towel opened the door and fussed at me. I found the right door and went into Sam’s house. I was looking for the pet food when the door unlocked and Jolene walked in. She said she was just there to make rice. I opened a bag of pancake mix and then accidently spilled it. She told me that I was one of the only people Sam trusted to come into his house. Then two more people showed up stating that they were his friends. At that point I woke up.

23 Mar 2024



I went to a band concert my daughter's band had. There was two of them. The first one was with one teacher and it wasn't great, you could tell the kids weren't into it and didn't enjoy it. I very much enjoyed watching her play. The first concert was outside. The second concert was in a gym, at my old school. It was a mother's day concert and all the kids were giving gifts that's the school purchased on behalf of the child. I kept waiting and waiting for my gift but it didn't come. My sister was telling me she was sorry that my daughter didn't get me anything and maybe next year would be different. I never got to see my daughter during the second concert and I felt really sad. Then I got up to go to the bathroom. It was this bathroom that had no finished floor so it was just wet dirt. When I got into the bathroom there was a friend of mine doing homework in there. There was a window with no screen and no way to close it, just a cut out square. The view from the window was the highway. As I was looking out the window roller blades and skates were thrown from the overpass down to the underpass. There were police already around there and they went to move all of it before an accident happened but an accident did happen. The police were hit, dragged, thrown and tossed by cars. I saw three officers moving on the ground and one was not. I did not help or call 911 as there was already help and emergency dispatch there. When I turned from the scene I noticed worms and all sorts of worm like small creatures on the ground. I remember thinking that it was disgusting and how gross it would be if they held prom there. I noticed the toilet had no toilet seat cover, it wasn't a toilet bowl but an actual humongous bowl and no handle to flush. I really had to pee so I went. I checked the scene outside again and everything was like it never happened. I noticed a tickling inside my leg so I looked down and this whitish translucent creature was burrowing in and out of my leg. I grabbed it's hind end when it's head was burrowed into my leg and I tried to pull it out but it was like once it was under the skin you could not forcefully remove it. I asked my friend who was just watching this if she had any tweezers in her purse. I dug through her purse in a panic and found some and all these other weird tools. When I put her purse down and looked back at my leg I noticed these big bruise like welts where this creature was burrowed and more were burrowing in my leg. I was waiting for them to come out but they wouldn't but I kept waiting and they watching them move under my skin.

4 Feb 2024



I had a dream I was at a really old school and the teacher gave us a tour and then told us that class was starting soon and then I was with my friends putting my figure skating skates on and then I was in a playground without the skates and I was waiting to go in the swing and there was this weird bridge thing to reach the swing so I’m waiting on it and then I’m about to get on the swing and some random kid pushes me and then ten more kids come and start putting gymnastic mats around the swing and the kid that pushed me jumps in the mats and disappears into the mats and comes out crying without her pants bleeding from her behind. After I got on the swing and the swing was really high up and I felt something cold on my leg and I look down and I have strawberry ice cream on my leg and I see a woman with a really annoyed face and her kid is throwing ice-cream at me and they are both staring at me

2 Feb 2024



I was skating in the ice rink that i used to compete at every so often. i was doing a solo to a mix of 2 songs and then after i finished my solo, on of my work colleagues was coaching on of my students. i was interrupted when i was about to do a jump by my colleague telling me about her knee braces.

31 Jan 2024



I was walking to a skating rink with my friend from my home town who I haven’t been close with in years. We were both holding our skates and talking. We got to the skating rink but the ice was made out of a rubbery material and we both fell. When we fell we fell right through the ice and into a different dimension. We were now sitting on a bench with a bunch of other skaters in the back of a Russian thrift store in Russia. A woman dressed head to toe in furs can up to us and in a strong Russian accent said “oh good you are all here. Take these boxes and take whatever you want from these discount racks right here” and she passed out cardboard boxes. I took my box and decided to go around the entire store taking things and just pretend I got them from the discount racks. The store was a massive maze and I got lost. I took a long sleeved white shirt with blue writing on it. When I finally found my way back, everyone was gone except my old friend and she was very upset. She said “we have to get out of here. The US launched the nukes on Russia.” For some reason I knew exactly what we needed to do. So I grabbed her hand and we started running through the store maze and out of the store. It was on a lakefront. The sky was on fire and I said we needed to jump in the lake to survive. We jumped in and got separated just as the bombs hit. I managed to swim underneath a dock on the other side of the lake. I looked up through the slats of the dock, and saw a bear looking down at me. It was the biggest bear I’ve ever see. It reached down and ripped me out of the water. Then the rest of the dream was me having a fist fight with the giant Russian bear while nukes went off around us. It was like that scene in family guy where Peter griffin fights the giant chicken.

29 Jan 2024



Me, my mom, and my brother in a craft shop that also sold skateboards and roller skates. In one section there was a competition going on for decorated roller skates and I was looking at the designs, even trying a skate on. It was bit big though. We went to check out and I saw holiday cards based around Omori.

22 Jan 2024



Most of my dreams are forgotten quickly but one. I still remember happened a long time ago when I more recently lost my younger brother. In the dream I was with my family exploring a town surrounded by ocean, strong waves would pick us up wash over the roads and carry us through the streets, but they weren’t scary or harmful it was like skating almost. then I saw him I chased him through town on the waves. And when I caught up to him we decided to go home and it appeared we walked up the steps to the house, but it was wrong, three stories tall but the 2nd story was missing leaving the 3rd floor floating above where it should be. The dream started shifting drastically we were in our old room talking about which in between day to celebrate our birthdays ( our birthdays are three days apart we always picked one of the 2 in the middle to share it.) after a while the dream returns to us in front of the broken house and he turns to me and says “there’s always tomorrow”.

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