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Dream Interpretation: Skeleton ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Skeleton? Discover the significance of seeing a Skeleton in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Skeleton appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

This symbolizes regrets and mistakes that have come about due to a lack of awareness about your own essence. However, when seen in a positive light, it means that you recognize things about yourself that will lead to a positive transformation. This suggests that you need to first come face to face with yourself and become aware of who you are.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


Acknowledge your mistakes and regrets so that you can be more aware of who you really are. These regrets have come as a result of not recognizing fundamental parts of yourself. By accepting these parts, you will lead to a positive transformation.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream of a skeleton may evoke feelings of fear, vulnerability, and mortality. It symbolizes the fragility of life and the inevitability of death. This dream may also bring a sense of unease or discomfort, as it confronts the subconscious with the concept of our own mortality. The skeleton can represent the hidden aspects of ourselves or unresolved issues that need to be addressed. It may also signify a need for introspection and self-reflection. Overall, this dream can elicit a range of emotions, from curiosity and fascination to anxiety and apprehension.





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15 Jun 2024

Teeth falling out


I had a dream where I saw odd random pictures. This is what I saw: A construction worker who has melted halfway through the floor with a sign above her that says "don't let work weigh you down" A man staring at me through shades attached to a window. A pair of skeletons sitting on chairs laughing and drinking beer A picture of myself in the mirror without teeth

9 Jun 2024



So me and my girlfriend had a fluffy kid and we had to save the kid at some point and we also had a Cerberus dog and it was so cute and there were witches and demons and skeletons chasing after us and at some point the skeletons got all up in my face and there was this huge staircase that was super high and I went up it cuz I was being chased then all of a sudden I saw my girlfriend holding a chocolate bar so I jumped down and got the chocolate bar and we flew in our flying shopping cart.

8 Jun 2024



It started with my grandma catching big rats with her bare hands and bringing them to me to take back outside and she brought one really close to my face and i was like "stop, you're gonna make me sick" and she was like "its fine relax" and then it changed and I was homeless and then this girl found me and took me in, and she had this really big house so we lived together for a little bit, then a zombie apocalypse happened and we found a group to help us escape but one by one they all caught it and we had to kill them and then at the end I had to kill her sister and we were the only ones left, then the dream switched and I was at my real house in my stairway with my cat Kirby but when I pet him he was super thin and I could feel his skeleton and he started falling over and I was scared he was gonna die but then I remembered he was next to me when I fell asleep and he's fat so then I woke up into another dream where I went to get breakfast and then my grandpa was back in the living room (he died two weeks ago and was cremated, his funeral is today) and my dad and grandma acted like it was normal and it freaked me out so I stood in the kitchen looking at the living room in shock for a few minutes and then my dad finally spoke and he said "he hasn't eaten in three days" and he was in his hospice bed again and when I tried to ask what the hell was going on he said it was a TV show and this was day before cause nurses don't get much TV representation or something.

7 Jun 2024



Me, a hippie guy named Gorge, and a tall guy with a trenchcoat and fedora named Maston were stuck in this 4 story building, because we didn't want to go outside because the house across from us was infested with undead skeleton horses and teeny tiny bloody fairies that drank blood. Well, me and Maston were finally going to go to that scary house and face the vampire fairies and undead horses, but when we got there, Gorge had betrayed us, and he let us get dragged away by the monsters so he could live. Maston died protecting me, but I ended up getting turned into a vampire fairy

5 Jun 2024



When I was a kid, I had a dream that I was walking in the forest and I came upon a little village. All of a sudden I was carrying a cat. Then skeletons started pouring out of the village houses creeping towards me and screeching give us our cat.

31 May 2024



When I was 2 years old I had a dream. I was on my dads shoulder as we are going through this empty void of nothingness. I see a grey building in the distance, so my dad let me down and I ran to the building to see what it is. I didnโ€™t see my dad anymore after that. I went in the building all of it was made of stone and all connected together. There was stairs too. I think I heard a noise or something so I went underneath the stairs to hide and wait for my dad. A few seconds later a lot of skeletons start walking to me trapping me where I was. They got closer and closer where as soon as they touch me I wake up.

7 May 2024



I was sitting outside with my mom and two Indian gurus. One guy and one girl. I was sitting next to the guy and he had a very big presence. I remember he wrapped a white blanket around us both and put his arm around me. His presence made me feel comfortable and calm and empowered. He felt like such a nice guy. His wife, who was also a guru, was wrapped in a white cloth and she was guiding us through some spiritual wisdom. I started to notice that as I looked at her face, I was able to see areas where she had no skin and her skeleton was exposed. Her presence was very wise as well, I remember feeling she was almost out of this world. The same thing with the male guru who had his arm around me. I noticed that the big toe had a gaping hole where you can see straight to his bone but yet neither one was bothered by it. Out of nowhere, a big canopy naturally occurred above us And there were people sitting down around us, it looked like we were all getting ready for a big meditation when all of a sudden a girl started choking and was asking for assistance. I didn't know how to do CPR But I rushed to her side to ensure that she was supported. My mom, who is a flight attendant, said she can try. She tried her best, but it didn't work, and she passed on the responsibility to another guy. We were working on reviving her, as she was becoming flat from no oxygen. There were little improvements and I was telling the girl, you can do this, we love you, you got this, and all of a sudden someone else revived from this girls body. It wasn't her, but it was out of her body and we let the original body go. After this scene, it was nighttime and I started walking back to where I was staying. A big crowd of young people were also walking and it was really crowded as we were attempting to navigate the crowd. I ran into a couple bigger guys who were frustrated with me and saying I was pushing them and trying to cause a scene. I eventually got away from them and it was just me and this other guy who I wasn't familiar with. That said, even though we were sort of lost walking alone at night. We were having fun with each other laughing and joking and eventually we were cutting through a high school stadium and the football field was lit up. Me and him started tossing a football with each other laughing and joking and catching it was fun and then the dream ended.

7 Apr 2024

My crush


At my grandparents with my brother and getting on the back of the four wheeler and being chased he spee up the hill to his friends house bit it looks totally different from in real life there's a fence and a maze walkway to the door of his friends house it's r rally dark out and we see bright lights in the field behind the trailer. There are the giant dark skeleton things pushing these machines over the ground. Suddenly we re behind the trailer and there's more fence and hanging tarp one of the skeleton things looks in our direction and begins coming towards us across the field. We try to quickly hide I roll under the tarp and my brother plays dead right outside the tarp. I keep saying Craig get in here but he doesn't move I was scared for our lives. The skeleton pushed his machine as I watched he rolled it right over my brother's head as I watched and did nothing I felt my chest crushing and I didn't do anything to save him I layed there I felt like I was dieing inside my muscles felt like they were ripping off of my bones and I woke up gasping for air in teats and cried and screamed I felt all that pain in my body and felt hatred towards myself for not saving him. I have dreams of him dying I'm different ways all the time and I try to save him but never can I feel like I get so close then he dies horrifically right in front of me eveytime. I can never save him

31 Mar 2024

New Job


I had 2 dreams last night. The 1st one started off with me at my grandparents house. We were hanging out before I went to school. Once at school, we had to read a book then watch the tv series thatโ€™s based on it. While watching the series, dream me slowly became the main character. The show ended with me and one other person fighting several people, some friends, some foes, in a small building. We won and uploaded footage of the fight online. (Then I woke up, changed my sleeping position, and went back to bed.) In my 2nd dream, I went to the store with my mom. While I was there, I found my boyfriend and my sister walking around the store. I said โ€œHiโ€ to them and continued shopping. Later, I went to try on some clothes that I found in the changing room. While walking to the changing room, I saw one section of the store that was blocked off for standardized, testing purposes. Once in the changing room, I became friends with the person in the room next to me, and we went on an adventure with one of the store workers. I had a blast and decided to stay with my new friend and the store worker for as long as possible. After a while, I left the changing room. I walked around the store and discovered that my adventure had brought me through time. Now I was in the future, and my loved ones were all skeletons. I decided to go back to the changing room and re-enter the fantasy world that my adventure had taken place in. Once again, I had time traveled. It had been about five years since my new friend had seen me, and she turned evil due to my abandonment. Upon realizing that, I grabbed a stone with time traveling powers, and went back in time to before I entered the changing room. Then, I found my loved ones and hugged them. (And then my cat woke me up by meowing in my ear.)

29 Mar 2024



I was at this place that was kind of like an Orphanage, and there was a gigantic crocodile in a giant glass rectangle filled with water. Sometimes the person who was taking care of us would let kids swim in there with the crocodile. I thought this was super dangerous because they would swim by the crocodiles mouth. Then I don't remember what but something happened that made everyone have to leave because it wasn't safe anymore. Me and two other girls went back to see if the person who was taking care of us was okay, going back into the orphanage I had had a bad feeling that he wasn't okay but went anyway. We got upstairs to where the crocodiles tank was and saw the crocodile tearing him to pieces in the tank. We were all shocked and so sad but I said, "We have to get out of here it's not safe." And we all ran as fast as we could out the door and to where the cars were waiting. My stepmom Kate was waiting in her car and said "My back is open if you want to jump in there." So we got into Kate's car and she drove off. I said "I can't believe he's dead," over and over and was crying. I woke up in real life and went back to bed and my dream continued... It was a few years after the crocodile incident and me and the two other girls were coming back to the orphanage to collect the bones of two people that we had buried. We went in the front door and saw the massive skeleton of the crocodile. All of us were terrified moving around it worried that it would come back to life. We got around it and over to a spot of grass with a pebble on it that one of the girls had placed after she'd buried someone. She dug it up and put the bones in a bag. Then we went to the other place where bones were buried but we had to get there by flying on by paragliding over the ocean that was between us and the island the bones were on. We all made it over there after a few failed attempts and snuck into the building that was on the island. We were afraid that the crocodile was back to life and would get us. We were inside and found the turtle shell that one of the girls had placed on top of where she had buried the other body. She dug it up and put the bones in a bag. We paraglided back to the orphanage and weren't afraid that the crocodile would come back to life anymore. We hopped over the skeleton and out the door. The girls wanted to re-bury the bones in the front yard of the orphanage but I said "No we should bury them in a public place so their families can visit them." And then we once again left the orphanage.

23 Feb 2024

New Job


The dream had multiple parts. In the first I was at school, avoiding a teacher who would cause trouble. I ended up sneaking out of the school and walking home on the forest path after, with witches and skeletons laying down to relax on the grass. When I got home a boy followed me there. In another part, I was trying to sleep upstairs in a restaurant, but the ladder was broken. I had to lock myself in the entryway as boys were trying to push through the doors to hurt me. After I escaped, I kicked at the boys. Later I saw a woman sleeping on the main floor, there was blood everywhere. Near the end of the dream, I was helping an old friend find her house. She had a new mom, but there were 20 computers there. The house was partly in a huge cave, it was simultaneously an office and a party. The people there had something to hide in their servers... and shut it down if you tried to look. Eventually the dream shifted again, I was catching fish, throwing most of them back because their innards were black. Then the ocean got dark around me. It was full of oil. I made my way back to town, and it was frozen... The stone paths were slippery, but I ended up living decently making desserts with berries there.

1 Feb 2024



My father's friend built a house for us and I got a huge extensive room with a steel vent like tunnel attached to the walls so I can crawl around. Behind the wall was the balcony and two big doors were on either side of the ladder to the tunnel. My dad's friend told me the only downsides of having this room is randomly a grin reaper would appear on my screen and seize me and freeze me if I do not locate and stare at the nearest light within a time limit. And plenty of suitors would come in through my balcony somehow in broad daylight. I defended myself against a suitor who was trying to rape me but he scared me by getting inside so I escaped through the tunnel.but then he got me but I screamed and then I was saved . I went into the huge closet and a ladder up let to a huge Library , as I went through one of the doors the grim reaper figure skeleton appeared and I couldn't stare at a light source in time and it seized me like it does in video games and I woke up. The house was beautiful and wonderful, but I had no peace or no sleep for as long as I was in there.

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