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Dream Interpretation: Burial 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Burial? Discover the significance of seeing a Burial in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Burial appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes the end of something, a transition or a change. It can also represent the need to let go of the past and move on. It may indicate a fear of death or a desire to bury something that is causing you pain.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what in your life is coming to an end or needs to be let go of. It could be a relationship, a job, or a habit. It's time to move on and embrace the new opportunities that are coming your way. Don't be afraid of change, it's a natural part of life.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of burial may evoke feelings of sadness, grief, and loss. It symbolizes the end of something significant in your life, whether it be a relationship, a phase, or a part of yourself. It may also bring feelings of fear or anxiety about mortality and the unknown. However, it can also represent a sense of closure and acceptance, allowing you to move forward and embrace new beginnings.





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15 May 2024



I had a dream that I buried my son under my Granny’s house house and he was covered in leaves

31 Mar 2024



I remember being at a place that reminded me of my moms house. There were a bunch of people that I didn’t know except for two guys. I remember telling a mystic that I wanted the gifts of healing and to be a see-er. I was outside in the back of the house and next door was a church that had a burial site of the preacher. I was concerned that the burial site would get flooded. I remember always looking for this one guy that I really liked. I went into the house in a room that looked like my moms kitchen but it was a bedroom with several young women in it. I was naked. I saw wet stuff on the floor. Some of it was sticky and some I knew were bodily fluids from the young women. I cleaned up most of it while the women helped moved their things out of the way. I then went into a big living room with lots of people. The guy I liked came in with another guy that I was friends with. The guys I was friends with said he was going to marry me. I was confused about that.

13 Feb 2024

Make up


In this dream, I walked into a hair salon because my husband, Ricky, was getting his haircut while I was waiting for him. I looked at some of the merchandise and there were different bottles, different bottles for different purposes or collections. one of the collections I looked at was made of citrus and ginger. I grabbed a bottle and thought about purchasing it, and when I reviewed the information about the product, I saw pictures of Ricky on sticker. He was a customer that benefited from the product. I guess they used him as a model or reference for the product. then when I looked around the salon they were people leaving. Ricky was still here so he was the last customer. I got annoyed because he didn’t organize his time. Normally I don’t like to stay late during business hours. I saw some other things that were on sale too- a Chinese inspired make up kit and I thought it was pretty. One of the associates was like “yes, it’s really nice”. Another part of the dream was that we drove up a hill into this area that had ancient burial ruins. These ancient ruins were burial grounds- they were up a hill, and the stone was grey and old, covered in green grass. Ricky and a few other friends wanted to go up onto this hill just to take a look, but I didn’t want to because we were not allowed. The area was an archeological site. I didn’t want to disturb the site in respect for the people that are researching and also that it was a burial ground, but the group insisted and decided to go up. I didnt join them so I payed on the ground, below the site and looked up in the sky and I noticed the shadow of the burial site created a deep shadow over me. I thought to myself that the stone could possibly fall on my face so I decided to get up. I walked on an incline to find everyone- then realized I was walking up the ancient burial ground. I wanted them to come down, the location was really high. When I came down, I saw a kitten. It was a kitten with blue eyes and it was a Siamese cat. I came back to my apartment and it had a covered balcony. I put the cat there- and saw four more black kittens as well and they were all meowing

26 Jan 2024



I was traveling abroad, somehow I ended up in a forest with a lot of mud. I went into a kind of a medieval dungeon/church where they had a small-like museum exhibition. There were a lot of statues, one had a dragon, and the dragon had a red diamond. I wanted to take it with me, I also lost my shoes and I couldn’t walk around. When I looked around, there were several skulls, with medieval chain mail, similar to Massacre of Wisby at the museum. The whole place was a burial place and I got very scared. I tried to take some of the statues or pieces with me, in particular the dragon. I don’t think I managed but this place was very creepy and mysterious

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