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Dream Interpretation: Motorcycle 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Motorcycle? Discover the significance of seeing a Motorcycle in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Motorcycle appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

It indicates freedom, rebellion, and an adventurous spirit. It signifies that by releasing yourself from rules and conventions, you will find joy and happiness. It also represents your desire to act freely and the joy that comes from it. It also indicates some challenges that may find their way into your life. However, you will have fun dealing with them.

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🧭 Direction

Daily events

Find your own path and learn to be more flexible in your waking life. You crave freedom and control, but this will only come through pushing against the expectations of others and learning to set your own course. Though times may feel difficult, don't give up. You will soon make progress and feel the freedom and independence that you seek.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a motorcycle evokes a sense of freedom, adventure, and excitement. It symbolizes a desire for independence and the need to break free from constraints. Riding a motorcycle in a dream can also represent a sense of control and power, as well as a willingness to take risks. This dream may reflect a longing for a thrilling and exhilarating experience in life. It may also suggest a need for speed and a desire to explore new territories. Overall, the dream of a motorcycle elicits feelings of liberation, thrill, and the pursuit of personal freedom.





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8 Jun 2024



A friend of mine and I are stuck on train tracks after losing control of his Harley trike. I see a light down the tracks and turn my phone flashlight to try and stop the train. Still trying to get the trike off the tracks we were unable to move it. When the bells and lights came on at the road, I jumped. I landed at the edge of the rocks by the tracks and fell to my knees. I heard "fuck, God damnit" as I turned to see my friend. The train hit him. I screamed "NO!!!!!!!" as I ran to the front of the train. I feel again, landing on my knees a second time. As I picked myself up off the ground, I found all my belongings still stacked like I had them in the back of the trike. I picked them up and continued to run to the front of the train. Only this time, I was going backwards. The trains engineer had picked me up and was carrying me back to the road. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital. On the way there, the EMT informed me that my friend was dead.

7 Jun 2024

Buying clothes


Walking around with no shirt. I become aware of it because of the people looking at me . I am looking for a shirt to buy but I can’t find one. The only thing I find is like a costume than a lady says she wants it. She puts it on and loves it . It turns out it is a 3 part wedding outfit. I have no shirt and I am on a motorcycle with 3 wheels and have to travel home with no shirt. I want to die

7 Jun 2024



Really random I remember seeing an all white cat that reminded me of my cat named Atari but the thing that stood out the most the cat had eyes like my mom but the cat was missing the lower part of its mouth and jaw , I was hanging out with my mom and some older females her age, there was a Disney princess game they were playing, I remember watching a “Disney” movie that wasn’t real but felt real in my dream. I was on the back of a dirt bike going into a motorcycle lane on the freeway, I remember the toilet flooding and I couldn’t get it to unclog the first time where the toilet spilled and got my clothes wet, 4 out 5 pieces of clothes were wet,

2 Jun 2024



I was masturbating on a bench in public, fell asleep and woke up. I couldn't find my car key, after searching for ages. It was in my coat pocket. I went to my car and it was red. I was in a 3 story house saying goodbye to my kids as they were going to school. I looked in the mirror but I was someone else, I called a guy to come and have sex with me. He was trying to make me cum but we kept getting interrupted. I had a motorcycle and was riding it.

1 Jun 2024

Parking Lot


I was riding the back of a bus with a unknown baby. I wanted to show him the lights. There was three motorcycles that kept in front of us and they were driving up and down snow banks, not even riding on the road, cutting through parking lots. They asked if we wanted to meet them. People in front of the bus were like shaking their hands, telling them their names. And the one guy on the cool bike that I liked asked where I was from. Asked if there was anybody from a certain nationality and then they looked at me and asked where I was from.

30 May 2024



I was driving in Porsche and I had a lot of fun and I saw Russell Brand, he was a believer, was on vacation. I was with a lot of friends, it was a lot of fun, there was a lot of water everywhere. I was in a committed relationship, I don't know, I think I was married to, I don't remember who it was, I actually think it was David but I'm not sure. A silver convertible, I was driving a silver convertible Porsche and I was driving and having fun with it, like just having fun. There were a group of people with me, we took a ride on a motorcycle too. I was famous, I remember, people knew me, I was very famous. I was in a vacation. I remember a lot of palm trees everywhere. I remember water. I remember birds. I remember driving the Porsche, having fun with it, like doing donuts, driving fast, feel free.

28 May 2024



I was at the petrol station and there were massive speakers with loud music coming out. I was on a motorbike and the police were coming because of the noise. I was putting petrol in the motorbike and got ready to leave. This was at a morrisons petrol station where I grew up. I haven't been to that place for at least 10 years.

28 May 2024



I dreamt I was riding a motorcycle and the throttle got stuck open and it just kept going faster and faster until I eventually went flying into the ditch and got killed in a horrible accident. Then I saw my mom's ghost floating above my dead body trying to tell me which way to go but I went down to hell instead of with her

26 May 2024



Oh, I was outside my house and all of a sudden I look to my left and I see a couple biker dude’s making a delivery and then there’s a guy with a knife and a gun asking me where something is at threaten me with a knife and then I get kidnapped for some reason and then I’m in a house eating dinner with people I don’t know and then I am hiding my phone so that way the people on with notice I don’t have it I try to escape and they tell me I have to stay here. I try to get away I’ll end up in the bathroom and then I wake up.

23 May 2024



Had a dream that i was in a factory that made dit da jow (chinese medicine.) The walls had shelves full of large jars of the medicine and there were open buckets around the room as well. There were two piles of dirt in the shape of bear heads and people would motorcycle or dirt bike around them. One of the bear heads was crushed from the motorcycle activity, so they covered it up for reconstruction. My dad was there with me.

20 May 2024



I was dreaming driving a two way small motorcycle engine , I can use bicycle if the motorcycle is no Gasoline. Since the motorcycle has little fuel I use bicycles so that I can get my destination, until then I got tired of trampling ( padyak) I use the motorcycle engine . In the middle of my drive I saw a small snake cross to other side. I wondered if I was going to run into it or not, if I ran into him he might bite me because the motorcycle is small and my feet is close to the ground. so I stopped to remove him from the road.But I saw him stand up with many heads and different colors yellow, green , and so on.. suddenly I saw in my dream that he hiding inside the stomach of a chicken. I beat him with wood.because I can’t see any rock stone so I use wood. Then suddenly I saw in my dreams there is someone helping me a man ( I can’t see her face only hands I saw) he helped me took the snake inside the chicken's stomach and placed it on the ground so that I could continue to beat it to dream is end…..then I dream again but I don’t remember my second dream!

19 May 2024

My crush


Me and my colleague going to office on a weekend on his motorcycle. After meeting me a traffic signal, he handed over his motorcycle to me to ride. It was dusk when I started. It was a steep straight single road. I was riding without any problem. After sometime we reached office. I am in kitchen. I was started making tea on stove. But it was not easy. My Instagram crush is outside kitchen. She doesn’t know me well. So, I wanted to make perfect tea. Second time it was successful. I was cleaning stove and surrounding area. My crush knocked the door. My friend opened it. She didn’t recognise me. She spoke with my friend. I have casually moved her n for cleaning. After sometime I found that she is stealing something from kitchen.

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