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Dream Interpretation: Lava 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Lava? Discover the significance of seeing a Lava in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Lava appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbol represents the repressed emotions that are bubbling to the surface, specifically passion and anger. This reflects your inner being and changes that are coming up to the surface. Since this symbol is all about emotions, it generally reflects your unpredictable and difficult temperament.

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🧭 Direction


Find ways to release the anger and passion that have built up inside of you. Find an outlet for them before they erupt in destructive chaos. It's only when you allow these emotions to flow in a productive direction that you can finally see your full potential and true identity.

❤️ Feelings

This dream of lava evokes intense emotions of fear, danger, and vulnerability. The fiery and unpredictable nature of lava symbolizes a sense of impending destruction and chaos. It may reflect feelings of being overwhelmed or trapped in a volatile situation. The dreamer may experience a deep sense of powerlessness and anxiety, as they navigate through the scorching heat and potential devastation. The dream may also signify repressed anger or intense passion that needs to be acknowledged and released. Overall, this dream elicits strong negative emotions and a need for caution and self-preservation.





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6 Jul 2024

Airplane Crash


. So, I just woke up from, I just woke up from a dream where I was, it was winter time and it was in somewhere like Siberia or Russia or something like that, and I was in the military and we were doing jumps from a plane, from this tiny little grey like maybe 5 seater plane, but there was tons of people jumping out of it, and the theme of the dream was very somber and very kind of camaraderie where everybody's giving each other a hard time but really getting along at the same time, like really there for each other, and so fast forward, the plane ends up crashing, the captain ends up dying, like the pilot who was running the whole thing ends up dying, and we end up having to go, me and like two other people survive, and we end up having to go to this compound that apparently was part of our organization but I'd never been to before, neither had they, and we had no idea what it was going to be like. So we show up, and it's very small, it's very light, it's very sterile, and there's black barbed wire everywhere, and so we show up, and we hit the buzzer to talk to somebody in there, and we hear somebody laughing, and all of a sudden the gate opens super fast and the barbed wire cuts the person standing next to the person next to me up into a bunch of pieces, and we hear a voice on the intercom say, come in, to me and the remaining person, so we're like oh shit, so we go inside, and there's this crazy guy in there that I guess was in the military at one point, but in his isolation has gone completely insane, and he was taking the cadavers of people that had passed away around him and making new people out of them, and somehow was animating them, so there were all these zombies, and one of the zombies had pinkish purple hair and was a girl, and she had a pet mouse, kitten thing that the guy had made for her that she used to carry around in a shoe that used to fit on her foot that she no longer had, so instead of having a foot, she had this Mary Jane shoe that had this mouse kitten hybrid thing living in it, and that was like at the bottom of her foot, like her leg, and yeah, her eyes weren't there anymore, they were just empty holes, but they had been painted neon green, and the two of them, her and the crazy guy, took me downstairs with the other person that had survived the plane crash, and showed me that there was a giant open crag in the earth below the military base, just huge, with like lava bubbling up in it, and they said that that was hell, and that they had been working with the things in there, and they showed me by dragging one of the random zombies, they just grabbed one of them, and dragged him over the autopsy table, and they said they were going to check around in the back, and they stuck this rod in the back of the dude's head, and all of a sudden you could see all of his thoughts, all of his memories, but there was like satanic glyphs all over all of them, and that's about the time that I woke up, and it was really crazy.

5 Jun 2024



I had three dreams last night. Dream 1: This dream was weird. It was set up like a mix of real events and tv show events. What I mean by that is that dream me would experience something by herself, would see something else happen immediately afterwards, and then comment on it like it was a tv show. Anyway, onto the dream. The dream started of with my boyfriend, my sister, and I driving to a hotel. We had been traveling and needed a place to rest. Once we found a hotel, the hotel manager took us to this small glass house and told us to sleep well. While we were sleeping, I saw the hotel manager enter a secret bunker. Thinking that she’s up to no good, I woke up my sister and my boyfriend and told them that we need to leave. My sister and I get into the car and start driving, but my boyfriend gets left behind. Then, this random blonde girl riding a black cloud comes out of nowhere and starts yelling at my boyfriend. She says that she’s his ex-girlfriend and that she wants revenge on him. Then, dream me comments on the girl saying: “Hey, it’s nice to see her again. We haven’t seen her since season one.” After I finished my comment, I teleported to my house. Before I could process what just happened, my sister told me to grab my backpack and step outside. I did just that and saw a school bus waiting for us outside. Before we could get on the bus however, an evil wizard comes out of nowhere and teleports me and my sister into a magical, fantasy land. While we were there, I became a servant to the king and queen, and my sister became a traveler. One day, I get pranked on by the evil wizard by making me think I had transformed into a humanoid goat creature. I start to cry before going to confront him. He denies everything, but I find a way to prove that it was him. After that, I went to a fancy hotel and found my sister. We both relaxed together before finding our way back home. Dream 2: This dream is the shortest out of all of them. Anyway, in this dream, I was playing a real life version of “Five Nights At Freddy’s.” My friends would pretend to be the evil animatronics, and I would pretend to be the night guard. If they got into my room, I would lose the game. We decided to take turns, and I became the night guard first. I did awesome and made it through the night. Afterwards, my late grandma appeared and became the new night guard. I told everyone to go easy on her since she was new to the game. They did as I said, but she still lost. After that, I went for a walk, saw a white cat and a small dog, ran into my neighbors, and went back home. Once I got home, I looked out the window and saw a floating factory in the sky. Suddenly, the factory exploded and a bunch of lava came flowing out of it. I went to warn everybody and they called a rescue team to come save us. The rescue team arrived the same time the lava did. Everyone got rushed onto helicopters and were taken to safety. After a few minutes, only a handful of people were left, and only one helicopter was available. My boyfriend and my late grandma helped me get on the helicopter. I told them to follow me, but they refused. They each had a different reason as to why they couldn’t get on. My late grandma said that her old bones wouldn’t allow her to get on the helicopter, and my boyfriend said that it was too expensive for him. After that, the helicopter flew away, and I watched as the lava overtook the building. Dream 3: This dream was a mix of real life and tv shows. There were a lot of cartoon characters and real people in this dream. Anyway, this dream started off my dream me watching a tv show. In the show “SpongeBob SquarePants” was talking to a white cat that was secretly evil. The cat turned on an arcade machine that was connected to a computer and attempted to throw SpongeBob into it. Before I could watch the end of the show, my dad told me to go to school. Once I got to school, I was given my class schedule and started walking around the school. Everything went fine until I got to my third class, my Spanish class. Once I got there, my sister and I started talking about all the supposed traumatic events that dream me has gone through. The teacher started asking questions, so I started explaining everything to her and the class. After I was done explaining, my teacher opened a secret door and started showing me a bunch of paintings. The paintings had descriptions about what happened to dream me. Both dream me and her sister were shocked that this room and the paintings existed. They both went to the bathroom to calm down. After they came back to class, the teacher showed them a small figurine that supposedly held a dark spirit inside of it. My sister takes it and accidentally breaks it. My sister and I try to fix it, but it was too late, the evil spirit had been unleashed. The first thing that he did was pull me into the same dimension as every single cartoon character ever. Then, he told me that he was going to form an army before he ran away from me. After that, I went to form my own army. After a few cartoon shenanigans went down, I finally got to fight the evil spirit. Both of our armies were equally matched though, so we had to think of a different way to solve things. After a short discussion, we decided to have everyone vote on the outcome. You could either vote for the evil spirit to be locked away again and stay on Earth, or you could vote to follow the evil spirit into space. After the cartoon characters had a few moments to talk and think about it, the votes were tallied up. 32% said that they wanted to stay on Earth, while 67% said that they wanted to follow the evil spirit into space, and then 1% of people said they were find with both outcomes. This confused dream me because she thought everyone would want to stay on earth. She desperately tried to convince everyone to change their minds, but they weren’t budging. So, she decided to just seal the evil spirit away once again. After that, she went back to school and finished her Spanish class. Those were my dreams from last night.

31 May 2024

Movie Theater


I was running through a deserted trailer park, lots of dirt and dust with a guy who i think i had a chainsaw. I never saw him, i could only hear the saw and could only think of getting away. There was a brick wall that i had to climb and pull myself up onto and when i made ur to the top, i straddled the wall so i could look down to see how far of a drop it would be. It seemed really far and I'm afraid of heights so i felt scared and panicked. Suddenly, a what seems like a reflection of me appears but I'm just a body covered in little white flowers. The reflection doesn't say anything, just points to this mountain beyond this path and dence woods. I felt like it was telling me to follow the path to the mountain but i didn't want to jump because i was afraid i would die. The reflection pointed at me and back to the mountain, at the same time i could hear the chainsaw getting closer and my fear growing so i closed my eyes and jumped down off the wall. I didn't hit the ground, instead it was like i flew at a really fast speed past everything and stopped right outside the mountain. There where other people there. Some in a small group, others as couples and some by themselves. I looked around feeling confused as to what we were waiting for and why we where all there. A door in the mountain opened and we were all escorted in by a guy in a suit into what seemed like a small movie theater inside the mountain where everyone sat down randomly. I sat kind of in the middle towards the left, there was a couple behind me, a guy behind them and a little to the right, and a group of people maybe in there twenties sitting a few rows ahead of me with one of them sitting in an opposite isle but leaning in the walkway towards his friends. At first i didn't look to at the screen, i was curious about my surroundings and the people there. I watched as the couple watched the screen together and talked amongst themselves while the older man watched sadly and would periodically look down at the ground. The others would also look up, talk almost themselves or look away from the screen momentarily before watching again. Also curious, i looked up at the screen and it took a moment before i realized it was like a flashback moment of my life where i had told my sister something negative, and it had impacted her and i felt sad like i knew i should have said something else instead in that moment. After a while, a lady walked in with more people and reseated us to the first few front rows and began speaking. She told us that by now we would know that we are dead and are now being given the choice on whether we want to go to heaven or hell. A few who i felt wanted to go to hell laughed a little before standing up to go, i stood up with them and also decided to go to hell but before i left i asked the lady if she knew if a friend of mine had gone there since he had taken his own life. She actually smiled and told me he was probably lost and if i wanted to find him, i had to promise i would come back. I agreed and instead was transported to a place that didn't have walls or floors, it looked like everything was made out of mist with lines floating around like the patterns of the waves in a swimming pool. There were wooden doors floating on both sides of me in a straight line and as i walked by them, i could feel like whatever was behind them was trying to pull me in closer to them but i didn't get any closer to them until i heard my friends voice behind one of them. When i walked closer to the door i was pulled into it and into a dimly lit but large room. There was a ledge and when i looked down i could see my friend on the floor, naked and covered in snakes. He asked me to help him and i don't remember helping him up, it was like he was suddenly there, still naked but covered in a lot of old scars. He told me that we were in purgatory and that if you get sucked behind one of the doors, you'll never get out because they are there to trap you. We managed to find the door i had come into, and fought and somehow squeezed ourselves underneath the door and escaped the room. We ran down the rest of the hall and at the end i could see a cut-out of light in the shape of a cross. There was a moment of nothing, and then we were now in a football stadium, somewhere high in the bleachers and we could see a long line of people who were standing in line seemingly waiting to talk to a man who was standing in front of a chair hearing access to people in line to walk through these sky high, white gates that were surrounded by a rainbow of light and clouds. Me and my friend ran up close to the front and i explained to the man my situation and told him i just came to make sure my friend had permission begging him to let him stay. He also didn't say anything, he just smiled and made a gesture with his hands that we could both walk through. I was confused and unsure but was happy and willing to go with my friend. It was when i walked through that all i could see was mountains of lava, the ground was molten rock, and there were people in armor falling from the sky.

4 Apr 2024



I had a dream that there was lava all around me and my cat was jumping in it and I was crying and screaming for her.

3 Apr 2024

Having a baby
New Job


Had a dream that myself and son and my two sisters were vacationing somewhere together and then all of a sudden we had to leave right away , because we saw lava coming out. And then a second dream , my sister had a baby, not sure what happened to my sister but we were both in the hospital together and I saw that my dead mother was there to visit us and mostly went to see the new baby.

30 Mar 2024

Infinity Symbol


I was at a party on the top floor of a fancy contemporary bachelor pad/hotel. We were probably on the 4th or 5th floor, but it was the top floor. The party was full of rich/snobby self absorbed people. There were lots of windows and the location was tropical. You could see over the tropical jungle treetops from the party. Outside on the balcony there was an infinity pool. At the party I felt that everyone was focused on the worldly pleasures, but nothing of spiritual importance. I felt out of place at this party and was just observing everyone. It was sunset and I went out on to the balcony to enjoy the view. I saw the orange sunset glow in the reflection of the water in the infinity pool. I looked up from the pool and realized that some of the orange glow was actually from a nearby volcano that was erupting. Everyone seemed oblivious to this so I alerted everyone and people started to panic and go toward the elevators. The elevators didn’t work, and the lava was heading toward the building. So we attempted to escape down the stairs, but when we got to the bottom of the stairwell, there was lava coming in. In this moment I knew there was no escape and that I was going to die. I felt like I failed and I alerted everyone too late.

29 Mar 2024



Had a dream that everything was covered in lava and that the apartment I’m living in had snakes outside.

22 Feb 2024



The first part of the dream I woke up in my bed to someone banging on my door. Because of this I looked out the window like "who the hell banging on my window" before I could react when I poked my head outside I saw a huge amount of smoke coming up the street at a semi-fast rate and I could smell the burning air. Quickly getting dressed so I could make it out the house then I texted my uncle asking where he was but it seemed he wasn't at the house at the time and said he was at the store and be home in a few but I didn't have time for that. I finished getting dressed and ran downstairs to leave the house but kept having to run back up to get extra stuff whatever it was. As I left my house I noticed a white girl named pacy or sumn idk who was just sitting on her 2nd floor not wanting to leave her house as everyone kept asking her to but she kept denying it. So I broke into her house to rush her outside but she didn't want to leave. The smoke was filling the air and I didn't want to leave without her so I sat down with her and had a heart felt conversation but as I continued to speak we heard a explosion. Which we both looked out the window I noticed the smoke was coming from a volcano that has just erupted and we continue to talk but then the volcano erupted 2 more times and I saw lava now coming out I rushed her outside as we ran more and up the hill I woke up

20 Feb 2024



I am walking on a hike taking pictures and a large earthquake hits and the land divides. Lava starts to flow from the Crack and a helicopter picks me up. I look in on the pilot and it's a giant spider at the controls. I jump out if the helicopter into a river and go over the falls. When I get out if the water I see Dinasaurs. A wolly mammoth let's ne ride on his back and I meet some caveman and I teach them how to use fire and cook meat.

4 Feb 2024



I was in this really colorful world. Everything was bright, almost blinding even and there where random shapes everywhere like the trees where square and the clouds could be triangles sometimes or circles the other. The world had doors the lead to other places like in the nightmare before Christmas. I was in a place none for it bright colors and wide sky's. All people had powers but in every world they was a super who was the strongest my world didn't have that. In my world most of the people could fly but I couldn't do that. I could most things by moving my hands, and I could make people go to sleep by compelling them to. The people in my world wouldn't let me go to the door and I hated it because they got to see the other places. One door led to a world full of water, another led to a world full of volcanos and lava. Finally the super from the water door came to our world and my friend became really weird. Everyone was going to meet the super, she was a woman who looked like Cathy Bates, but no one would let me go. I took the opportunity to go through the water doors. The door I went through didn't lead me to the water world though, it took me to this house that looked like it was made of gold. There where people everywhere from all the different worlds. I got to talk to them and found I really like it there, they told me this was a waiting land. It was a border between all of the worlds. My friends finally caught up to me there and told me that I needed to go home before another super found me because I was a super and the other supers have been fighting for our world so they hid me. I was upset but said I was going back and I would fight for our world. It felt like a lot of time went by, I had learned out to use my powers well and one of the super was dead. I didn't remember fight with him but I felt like it was me who killed him. Finally I got two other strong friends want went to the water world. The water super saw me right away and came to kill us but I was able to push he back into her world. We were going to go deeper in a fight her.

3 Feb 2024



I was hanging out with people I usually wouldn’t hang out with. I know all of them but not enough to spend a day with them. It seemed like we were having a really great time laughing and talking about stuff and then out of no where there was an earthquake and the ground beneath us was splitting. We all hopped into my car and I was trying to drive away from all of the lava and debris that was shooting around everywhere. Everyone else had the same thought as me because we hit a lot of traffic. The roads started to fooor as well. I was trying to keep everyone calm but they wouldn’t stop freaking out. Eventually the water started getting into my car. We were stuck on the highway with everyone else so we couldn’t go anywhere. Finally my friend in the back seat gets out of the car and tries to move on foot to be faster. The farther we got away from my car the less flooded the roads were. There were a lot of older people that were a head of us in their cars, very confused. We finally find this shelter and we stop there. It looks a bit run down and a little destroyed from the strange happenings that have been taking place. There were some other people in there I haven’t met before. There was a mother and her kid and I wanted to help them out. I held her daughter whileninlet the mom relax and set up some camp in this shelter. It looked like a recreational room with multiple floors. The floors only went down though, no upstairs. We start going down the stairs and the lower we got, the colder it got. Once we went four floors down the lights didn’t work. I thought nothing much of it and went to the floor beneath it thinking those lights would be fine. Suddenly the little girl starts crying and squirming in my arms. I let her down and try to sooth her a different way. We enter into the room, leaving the hallway staircase and she starts telling me she sees a nanny in the stairs. I try to keep my cool but I am immediately terrified by that statement. Then she tells me that the nanny doesn’t want us down here. More to comfort myself I told her that ghosts aren’t real and that she might’ve been imagining it. Then there was a window down there that looked like it was out there for decoration seeing as there was no outside world to look at. The shutters on the inside slam against the blacked out window and I grab the little girl and run back upstairs. I thought if we kept clear of that floor we would be fine but more spooky and paranormal stuff started happening around us. I woke up before I got too scared.

24 Nov 2023

New Job


This was a dream I had while napping. I was myself but they're wer other people with powers around me. These powers were given by planets or moons. I was related to this lava lizard that could also swim. He had the rage magic. I was also given rage magic because of him and I also had xray night magic. I remember being angry at the lizard because he made me rage and that's why I was given rage magic. There was a fish person who was freshly imbued with magic. She was hungry and almost ate a witch person in another universe. The whole dream was reminiscent of the new series "the amazing digital circus"

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