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Dream Interpretation: Jellyfish ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Jellyfish? Discover the significance of seeing a Jellyfish in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Jellyfish appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

Jellyfish in a dream symbolizes your emotions and how you handle them. It may represent a situation or person in your life that is toxic and harmful. It can also indicate a fear of being stung or hurt emotionally.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


Reflect on your current relationships and situations in your life. Are there any that are causing you emotional harm? It may be time to distance yourself from these toxic people or situations. Take time to focus on your emotional well-being and find healthy ways to cope with difficult emotions.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream of a jellyfish may evoke feelings of curiosity, mystery, and a sense of being overwhelmed. It symbolizes fluidity, adaptability, and the need to navigate through uncertain situations. The dream may also bring about a sense of vulnerability and the need to protect oneself from potential harm. Overall, the dream of a jellyfish can leave one with a mix of awe and caution, urging them to embrace change while staying cautious of their surroundings.





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8 May 2024



Weird dream I had that was in the style of studio Ghibli! Was about a girl who was traveling the rivers by canoe. Strange jellyfish like creatures followed her. They were clear, flat and blended in to the water. They were friendly and caused the girl no harm. Sense they were hard to see she either placed something on them or drew on them to make them appear to have eyes. so she could more easy see them. Another creature followed that was more like a friend to her. it could transform from being solid or a creature of water. When a creature of water it almost appeared like a Maroge in the water. For if an object got in its way or was thrown at it it would disperse like water does, then reform back together. At the end of her path the river became small and shallow almost like a creek. At the end, bellow the water is what appeared to be a small castle that all of the creatures of water went into. I think the creature that was her friend somehow shrunk her so she too could enter the small castle with the rest of the water creatures. Then I think the dream ended.

30 Apr 2024

Video Game


I had a very strange and abstract dream. In my dream, I was playing a video game with the following story/plot. - Children go to a dream or another reality. They can go there with the power of thought โ€” their mother taught them this. However, they can't exit. - Reality itself is strange, full of unusual creatures like flying jellyfish, and has many beautiful/strange locations. It's similar to Yume Nikki and Hollow Knight. - In the end, it's revealed what happened to the children: The mother, saving the children from something, decided to risk it and say goodbye to them, while teaching them how to enter this another reality. She taught them how to navigate it and find their way out. To save themselves, they must find each other in it, and each of them must learn "special skills" of survival. - This can be revealed if we find hidden points on the map. The truth is hidden under different carpets, and by collecting them, we collect the memory of how the mother and us dragged some carpet somewhere for some reason. Looking under different types of "carpets", we find mini-passages underground. We have to piece them together to create a corridor to the ending. - Everywhere, there is the presence of a "monster" that has existed here for many cycles and generations. Each generation signified an epoch in this reality. It was indicated by a colored cube. Then was the white cube. In this generation, the deity is depicted as a black cube โ€” an invisible, inanimate being, a manipulator of reality. - The mother gave the children an instruction: To be able to fight the "monster", they need to get together (each of them represents a colored cube), and each of them needs to develop their "special skills" (white and black cubes). - Then there was a complex, open to interpretation ending where they overcome layer after layer to reach the lower plasma. They had to go stealth through the cube's henchman monsters chasing them. - I was switching between the player's perspective (2D platformer), and the children's vision (3D reality). Then, it turned out that henchmen monsters are able to see through multiple realities. Basically, at one point there was the following: I was seeing the world from a character's perspective (3D). But since we are in a computer game, and the monster seemed to be aware of that, he started talking to me in a distorted computer voice. I suddenly saw cubes around me turn white, forming a cloud with white text "for the player"; it's as if the monster was showing me that my reality is actually 2D. - The plasma was in the lower layer of the world. The children must get to it and destroy it in order to destroy the cube and bring harmony to reality. But if we fail, we will be destroyed ourselves. - In my dream, I failed stealth and fell into the plasma, but I remember thinking that I have another attempt (since it's a video game). - As a player, I remember knowing that I was an author of that video game. I also remember watching YouTube videos of people discussing the game, trying to understand its philosophical meaning and interpret it.

26 Apr 2024



Dreamt of being in changing rooms but couldn't find an unoccupied one. I was having a poo on a toilet and there was a person in the toilet, they kept silent! I noticed them, finished my poo and left to find a different changing room. I got stung by a jellyfish on my leg, it left a huge red mark. I asked a woman to wee on me but she wanted me to pay her. I said no. The changing room were full of other people's clothing. I eventually found one I could change my clothes in. There was a woman in there who said, I have to change my tact and call to book a changing room. I told her to fuck off.

7 Apr 2024

Running away


i was kidnapped by some man and his mean girlfriend and they kidnapped me and my friend and they took away my phone than we managed to outsmart the girlfriend and we pushed her off a cliff and than we were being driven in a car by our kidnapper and he took me to a barrier which on the other side u could see my home country and he was making fun of me and made me embarasses until me and my friend killed him and we went to climb the barrier of my home country and she swam in the ocean and i tried to swim too but i kept getting pulled back to the shore whilst people screamed โ€œjellyfishโ€ in spanish. than my kidnapper came back and we had to run away and climb.

12 Mar 2024



It was dismissal at school but a bunch of people had become zombies. Nani, papi, mom, dad, kenndal, Quinton, and I were all walking while avoiding the zombies towards the front gate. One of the nice cleaning ladies (Diana's grandma) was chasing me as a zombie. We all went to through the front gate and locked out the zombies. People had gotten through and formed lines to get "tickets" to leave the school. Mom had gotten the tickets and left with q and Nani, so I told papi, dad, and kenndal to follow me and that we already got tickets because they were still in line. We left and I woke up. I went back to sleep and resumed the dream (not on purpose) but it started a little differently this time. I was grabbing something at the front gate and some guy bumped into me on purpose and I yelled at him. I called him out in front of everyone and he just walked away. Papi yelled at him and I walked over to mom and she said my dress looked different. I was wearing my purple dress. I got sad and started crying so I folded and wrapped my r-card around my mouth. We went inside a cafeteria or gym that didn't look like it was from my school. A lot of kids were there with no adults so it was only Nani, Mrs. Swim, mom, dad, and papi who were adults. They all went to the one door that was open and stayed there watching for zombies. I was sitting there with my backpack and mom stuffed a lot of those oatmeal banana chocolate chip rounds in my backpack for later (because she wanted some and it was the apocalypse). I smiled and we both laughed and Mrs. Swim asked mom what she was doing and she said she tripped. Mrs. Swim talked about how her students always tried to sneak food from there and we all smiled. There were two kids that walked past the cafeteria and I asked Nani what happened to Mr. Joe. Nani said he was being mean to her and mom got mad and looked at me and said "don't ask that." I said I was sorry and mom said something and I started crying. I told her not to talk to me like that so we both made up. While all of this was happening the kids were eating, drinking and covering up with blankets, wearing comfies and on their phones. They were sitting at cafeteria tables with their backpacks on, minding their business. I walked over to them and just watched them for a bit like a babysitter. A zombie got in and the adults didn't kill it. I started telling the kids directions to move and to run because I didn't want them to get bit. It was a kid zombie. I told them to go to specific spots to avoid the zombie and they all listened. One little girl with a comfy on lagged behind and the zombie started coming towards me and her so we both jumped over a table and started rolling and crawling along the tables so the zombie wouldn't get or see us. (Everything we were doing looked like an action movie it seemed cool after I woke up) It eventually caught up to us and caught the little girl. It didn't bite her, it just said that it wanted the "snuggie". I started talking softly to it saying "oh you want her snuggie, okay" and telling the little girl "can he have your snuggie? he wants to have a snuggie?" The zombie said "no its okay I want a big one." The little girl was small so she had a comfy that was really small. I told him okay and he let the little girl go. I talked to him softly and said "what color do you want?" He said he wanted a blue one that was big and started telling me a story about his mom and how they were in the house when everything started. He said that some guys came in and she was attacked. Meanwhile I was looking for a big blue comfy for him. I was looking in some sort of play house and he went inside. He kept on telling the story and I listened while looking fir a comfy. A commercial started playing on a TV outside the playhouse. It was one of those box tvs but it was a little small like the size of out toaster. I turned around and all the adults were carrying a humongous comfy that could barely fit through the door. I talked softly to the zombie saying "look they found a big blue comfy for you." I sounded really happy. He went inside the comfy and then I was about to ask what are you gonna do with all this room when suddenly the comfy turned into the size of mine. The zombie turned into one if those spongebob jellyfish and then four more appeared. One for the mom, one for the dad, one for the zombie, and two for siblings. Then the comfy zapped like one of the spongebob jellyfish and it fell out of an adult's hands. Suddenly one of the kids turned into a zombie. I started telling the kids where to go again and then everything started going wrong. I was running everywhere to avoid running into zombies because a lot of the kids were just turning into them, no bite, nothing. I was so sad and scared. I felt that i was responsible for all of the kids so I felt like it was my fault and I was so sad they were all turning. So eventually I stopped yelling directions and tried avoiding all of the zombies. All of the adults and kenndal and Quinton made it out except for Mrs. Swim. I left with the backpack full of food and water and we went into the school parking lot. Nani, q, and mom all got in a car to leave. Me, papi. Kenndal, and dad all went to another car to leave. There was a huge scratch on the top of the car. It looked like a slash from one of the wolverine movies. Papi said "ooh look at that scratch mamas. Your dad isn't gonna like that." Then something flashed in my mind, it was a fake drawn or painted on scratch to look cool. Then I woke up again.

3 Dec 2023



I was in school in my class sitting on my desk which was by the door. everyone was passing through the door so i got fed up and took my chair outside the class to sit. as I did that many other classmates my mine did the same thing and half of my class was empty, I decided to sit in the class again and sat in the front middle bench. I and a girl looked outside the door and saw a giant tree it looked mythical, holy, beautiful and not like our normal trees, me and that girl discussed how beautiful trees were in doramone and shinchan and now also in real life. our school teacher took us to the tree it was in a cave, when we were in we saw the tree looked like it had a face. I had my phone and tried to take a photo of it but couldn't in the fear of my teachers will catch me and take my phone away because I was not allowed to bring my phone to school. I went outside the cave upstairs but still underground, I asked my teacher if I can get a picture of that tree, he said we are not allowed to. there was a glass panel on top of the stairs we were told to stand dar away from it. suddenly we saw a weird creature which looked like a octopus but was transparent like a jellyfish. it flew in front of me and was about to die, somehow I knew how to save it I gave massage to keep it's blood flowing and the creature was saved. I was in home now, laying on my bed and looking at the video which mentioned me saying how I saved that creature. I saw a message from a friend of mine, and was reading her message. all of a sudden she was in my room, I panicked and asked her what she was doing here. she said she is just here to learn the dance I made a video on and posted it. I got dressed whore a short dress but i was too shy to dance. she asked me why are you shy you literally made a video of you dancing, I replied with I was alone that's why. all of a sudden I hear my mom coming, my friend hides somewhere and I pretend to sleep on the ground. she walks in sees me and puts something in my hand, and says let's see if you are actually sleeping and goes away I keep down the thing she gave me and she was back again in my room I quickly acted like it slipped out of my hand. my friend was telling me to tell my mom go out of my room so that she can come out. then I woke up. (the friend in this dream is my online friend in real life and I have never met her)

13 Oct 2023



I rescued a bunch of stray and injuried animals at a creepy house while I was being chased by evil men. Iโ€™m surrounded by water. Itโ€™s an island. I drive a car frequently to get away. I swam in the ocean, but there was a lot of jellyfish that stung me. There was a lot of water slides near the beach. Someone sent down an elephant attached to a makeshift foot harness so the elephant couldnโ€™t jump out. The elephant went all the way down almost to the ocean where I was afraid it might drown, but it managed to stop right before the ramp. The elephant escaped and ran off.

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