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Dream Interpretation: Glitter ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Glitter? Discover the significance of seeing a Glitter in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Glitter appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

This symbol indicates attention, acknowledgment, and an outgoing nature. This symbol suggests that you need to be more outgoing and get yourself noticed by others. This also implies that either someone or some part of you is trying to gain your attention.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction


If you have a dream with this symbol, it means that you want to be noticed or that you are the center of attention. So explore your outgoing nature and allow others to be dazzled by who you are. Acknowledge your true self, let go of what holds you down, and let yourself shine.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream of glitter evokes feelings of excitement, wonder, and enchantment. It symbolizes a desire for attention, recognition, and admiration. This dream may also represent a longing for a glamorous and extravagant lifestyle. The shimmering and sparkling nature of glitter creates a sense of joy and celebration. It signifies a need for self-expression and a desire to stand out from the crowd. However, it is important to note that the dream's interpretation may vary depending on the context and personal experiences of the dreamer.





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Dreams of users containing the word Glitter

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14 Jun 2024



We were somewhere in Europe where it was heavenly snowing me, my mom & sister were on the bus and wanted to go to the mountains, but when we were there the wind was so strong that it moving the bus we also forgot our gloves so we didn't climb. I do have seen the mountains before The we were in London my mom and I and we took the bus but like this typical red ones, we thought we were in the palace of the Queen but we were in a big mall, very beautiful and a lot of people everything was on the same floor, we went to a woman and I saw my face & 2 ex friends in real life on a chip bag, the picture apparently became famous on the chip bag. Then we went to our hotel room, but the door was full of mold and was broken in some places, so I said to my mom that we had to go somewhere else, the we heard some music in the hall under us, so we went back outside. Later I was 'working' I think in a food restaurant I think it was, but I was painting nails, everything was glitter but the color would shine the whole room, there were a lot of people walking outside at both side of the street, and the I saw Princess Ingrid of Norway, she wanted to do her nails, the rest I don't remember. Later I was running trough a car tunnel and came out on a skater field, they were all sitting on the grass, I was very scared of them, it were just teenagers, but my mom was still in the tunnel so I waited above with those skater, then we run to our house because we had to be there at an special hour or we would lose our house and there was a traintrails just in front of it and I ran for my life and make it through the sound of the train, but my mom didn't and I was late, so I fell on the ground and cried and then I woke up.

30 Mar 2024



I had a dream that I looked in the mirror and my face started morphing into different people. They weren't all human either. I was scared to look in the mirror at first, but when I did, it was so fascinating to see my face morphing into different shapes. In the background I saw pink and lavender swirls and glitter

21 Mar 2024

New Job


Firstly, I saw myself going on our car and instructing the voice assistant to turn on the music player. Then, I saw myself pressing the buttons on a petrol pump. I pressed some buttons whose first 2 numbers were 35. But I remember the amount of petrol I filled to be 345. I filled the petrol however some petrol even fell out. I then saw that our family was going by foot to buy a new car. We were going to multiple car showrooms. And, at last we went to a car showroom named something like- Realme... However we first went to the shop beside it. There we meet another family. The family had 2 parents and a child girl who was in her adolescence maybe but was a little short heighted than me. Then my mother told the story of her grandfather to the shipowner regarding his ability to predict future events and gave the instance which was somehow connected with that shop. We and their families made something very small and asked the shopkeeper to keep it in 2-3 separate transparent boxes. I took the remaining chocolates from one box and emptied it and gave it to the shopkeeper. I even said my father to pay the money of the chocolate sto the shopkeeper. I then shared it between me, my little sister and that girl. I and that girl were eating the same candy which was something colored in a gradient. I was somehow getting attracted to that girl. After I ate the toffee, I asked my mobiles Google asistant to save it's name in the notepad. I then moved following some sparkling glitters on ground. I was then accompanied by someobody whose gender I can't say. Maybe a boy. We went to a lake or something with water and was meditating while holding a bar with hand and rest of the body floating on water or air. Then, something took place, I can't remember. From 3rd person of view, I saw a yt page with videos of the same event just the fact there were doraemon characters inplace of me and that person. I was getting call from my father to comeback and hence I fixed a tool which was round. And upon fixing and joining the two ends of that round tube, a transporting medium or way came. I came back to my room. in real life where I study or spend most of my day. However that person's tool even came back with me. That was even broken. I picked a piece of paper and wrote do mend it. And put it with the tool and dropped it into my tool so that it will get transported to that place.

15 Feb 2024



me and Trent went to a party or something and Zoe and my ex were dating, Eric's mum left a note on the counter in white powder calling Zoe 'an exotic slag who got with her best friend's ex for a bag of ket. she gets off on dating her friends ex boyfriend. I texted Alice and Leeza about this. then I was with Alice and a shipment of glitter packs from Malaysia I had ordered arrived, they were shaped like little bats.

27 Jan 2024



- [ ] there was an irl glitch that u could make when trying out apple stuff and i glitched myself those airpod pro maxs i really want๐ŸŽง - [ ] cant remember the rest but i was walking through a city - [ ] i also saw a black pretty girl in my dream wear that lipgloss i kept seeing on tiktok, that glitter one and i asked her where she bought it

25 Jan 2024

New Job


I dreamt that I had returned to my old job as a sales assistant in a large clothing store. But the store was new, clean and shiny, a very beautiful environment with gardens and glittering glass all around me. I was put in my old, lowly position of fitting-room attendant - but I was still so happy and supremely confident, so I just jumped back into the routine effortlessly and started taking over, as procedures had been followed a little sloppily by the new, younger staff. I was directing the younger staff in how to do the work, making decisions above my paygrade and getting away with it because they were the best choices, the work was improving under my guidance. When authority figures from outside the business came in and set some standard, I would wait until they left then simply change the standards to suit myself and the best service to the customer. The other staff were appreciative, or simply weren't bothered. The customers were happy. Then a very tall, handsome man came in with a message and I was so happy to finally find a man taller than me that I began flirting with him, and he got irritated with me! He was reprimanding me when I woke up.

23 Jan 2024

Serial killer


I was in class with conservative people it wa supposed to be old and boring and problematic but I ended up liking it really. At the end of a party I helped a girl vomit, and she was extremely think like a string. A guy who handles the party was a bit antipatic. I was in the place were the serial killer of saw died in 2001 in a placed were they killed people i was frightened. And they talked about the color red. I was watching someone playing a game with glitter markers on paper where you had to draw to link the border of a cliff draws with glitter paint on thick paper to the corner of a square

28 Nov 2023



My mom gave me a violet dress with silver glitter it was modern.while I was changing I saw burn marks on my skin which I never had in my waking life after that I walked into a garden it was dark like if it will be rainy any moment then some a small family of three entered the garden and I left.After that I was on a brown broken rooftop it moved now and then when I did.I felt headache and I sticked to the boundaries of the terris

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