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Dream Interpretation: Powder 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Powder? Discover the significance of seeing a Powder in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Powder appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Dreaming of powder symbolizes purity, innocence, and new beginnings. It can also represent a desire for change or transformation in your life. Alternatively, it may indicate that you are trying to cover up or hide something.

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🧭 Direction


Think about what you were doing with the powder in your dream. Were you applying it to your face or body? This may suggest a desire to improve your appearance or self-image. If you were using it for a specific purpose, such as cooking or cleaning, consider what this activity represents to you. Overall, this dream may be encouraging you to embrace change and let go of any negative emotions or habits holding you back.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about powder may evoke feelings of delicacy, transformation, and enhancement. It symbolizes the desire for change and improvement in various aspects of life. The fine texture of powder represents a gentle and subtle approach to achieving goals. It may also suggest a need for self-care and pampering. Overall, this dream elicits a sense of beauty, refinement, and the potential for personal growth.





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Dreams of users containing the word Powder

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25 Apr 2024



In a weird town that looks like manurewa but has driveways that are excessively long for no reason like a rural farm driveway, but looks like driveways from papakura, I’m at a wedding for one of my friends that i wasn’t invited too, out of pure coincidence i drive in a sketchy drive way poke my head out and say I’m best friends with blah blah blah they open the gate i see pointy as f rocks with humungous potholes, i attempt to drive get stuck reverse out and park outside the gate wondering how the f_ck everyone else got in there. Once in the venue i walk into a garage i sit down in the middle of nowhere, this random as dude just start’s annoying me i go grab a drink, come sit back down everyone’s walking by with mugs of beer, a few of them are gang members wearing patches, saying that im a pussy , while others are asking if im okay and being nice, i get up and walk to the bath room while that annoying k_nt is nudging quite voraciously, at this point im starting to get angry with my tolerance diminishing little by little. I come out of bathroom, and im in an assembly, wearing my city clothes and its a wedding where i see guys wearing suits, and women wearing dresses, but what im so confused about is that i see 2 of my best mates dating keep in mind they’re both guys and are the most straightest guys I feel like i know, but one of them became a trans but they both were wearing suits and pashing each other, i was utterly confused, whilst trying to gather my bearings and coming to terms with what i was seeing, i get up to get another drink the the k_nt who’s been annoying me comes grabs, some like black powdered balls he rubs them and covers his hands in dust and proceeds to rub it on my neck and drops the powder under my shirt, and laughs at this point i slam my cup down thats it you annoying MF its fxcking go time i get stopped, by my best mates, but im lashing out the annoying person leaving i send my mates flying, grab him turn him around and uppercut him then we have a massive brawl.

10 Apr 2024

Demon possession


An older spiritual lady put powder on my hand as I walked by when I realized it she ran into a room I open the door and 3 ladies stood there and blew powder in my face I started to say I am a child of god and the women began to shake as if the demons in them was dying

1 Apr 2024



Was at my aunt’s home that expanded from my home. The home was used for spring break with people in it. A man was using the wow and a pregnant woman needed to use the toilet but didn’t want to go in alone so I went with her inside. I could see the steam from the shower and could feel the warmth. I leave her in the bathroom once we get to the toilet. There was a powder like room in the bathroom and I could see a couple having sex. Then I left and it’s like the house had extra rooms and hall ways. I said to myself “we can definitely rent this out for spring break.” I was climbing blocks in the walls and got to a peak that looked into another room and I could jump off if I wanted but it wasn’t a safe jump. I found another couple engaging in sex and swiftly turned into a different direction. Even after the dream ended and I woke up, I was making plans for the house like it was real.

21 Mar 2024



I had a dream that started off as my birthday and me and my friends went into the woods and we started building a house, a tree house, it was a really, really cool tree house and we ended up making two or three different bases and the vines came down all around so it felt like a hidden garden or like, I don't know, it felt magical. My friend showed up and it was weird because I hadn't seen her in a while and she was dressed in all black but kind of slutty and we were very confused My friend has to leave early, though we do become good friends with her, and we don't want her to leave, but her mom ends up making her leave two days after working on the treehouse. The day after she leaves, my friends have to leave, too. Their parents drive them out in their cars. After I release my little red bird, who I had as a pet, I somehow talk to the bird after giving it a cozy spot for a bed. And it said something like, it was very happy to be here, and it shouldn't have a great life before. I leave and head back to my house where my parents are planning on selling my dog. We go to meet the new owners, check out the house before giving them my dog. The couple we're selling them to are probably mid-70s. Eventually we leave, leaving my dog there. I switch to this perspective of my dog. He wakes up in the middle of the night in a creepy room covered in dust. The whole room seems like an eerie blue and there's a window with a little bit of light coming in. I look next to me, and there's this little girl laying in her bed. I didn't know they had a child. I said, she's telling me I have to leave. That it's not safe here. That they poison us with the powder they put into the air. I'm confused. I don't know why they would do this. I ask her why. She says, I don't know, but they have some plan. Then she starts acting radically. Banging her bed. Kicking, screaming. She's like 13. So this is our normal behavior. Then I start kicking my bed. And hitting it. And I yell once that I'm so confused. I get control of myself and I run. I run down the street, just as far as I can go, yelling help. I make it to a fork in the road, a curve in the road, you know. I can see the road below me, curving down, and I see a food truck helping, um, and a truck getting food in the middle of the road. I yell help, but they don't seem to hear me. I eventually run until my family finds me, then i switch back to my view of myself (my human body) and we all run to hide from the people who had taken me in the first place. They show up at the house. We're all in one bedroom. My dad's on the left side of the bed. My mom's on the right side next to my dog. And I'm in front of them. I dodge into the closet. And they show up with the man holding a large barrel gun and the wife holding a small intricately carved revolver. It takes a minute, but I spring on the wife and grab the revolver. I shoot her twice and her husband five times. We then run out of the apartment. We leave and we end up finding ourselves in what looks like someplace in Las Vegas. We get to a room and I wash the dog with soap to get the powder off him.

12 Mar 2024



I had a dream that me and my fiancé where at a large ranch type house with a group of older lesbians. They were very nature related and natural and open with one another. They all slept together and had no problem being vulnerable with each other. Tina got invited with them somewhere but no one invited me and I became upset and chased after them. They were upset at me getting upset but allowed me to come. Later we were all in a room and a older women looked at me in my eyes and said she was wrong about me. She said she saw everything in my eyes. She saw death. I asked her if it that was good or bad. She said she had a friend who would interpret. That’s when the only guy in the group came up to me. He grabbed my hand his presence felt very safe. He blew white powder into my face and I became very disoriented. He then continued blowing powder in my face and I fell into a dream. I was riding in a car with women and the mood was very carefree and spirited and it was very sunny. I was holding money. I knew I was in trance while dreaming. I decided to wake up. As I woke up the man was pouring water down my throat and told me to drink. I drank it all then awoke. I sat up and me and Tina ran out of the ranch. She said I was making weird noises while I was asleep like grunting and she was scared. I told her about the experience and that it was the most crazy thing I’d experienced. I said maybe it was something I needed. I looked at her straight in the eyes as we walked across a road to leave the ranch. But her eyes felt like they were not hers and I started to get scared. Then I woke up

15 Feb 2024



me and Trent went to a party or something and Zoe and my ex were dating, Eric's mum left a note on the counter in white powder calling Zoe 'an exotic slag who got with her best friend's ex for a bag of ket. she gets off on dating her friends ex boyfriend. I texted Alice and Leeza about this. then I was with Alice and a shipment of glitter packs from Malaysia I had ordered arrived, they were shaped like little bats.

4 Jan 2024



Firstly bray, sam, my husband, ben blackwood and my younger brothers(there were definitely more people but cant remember) we were all at some sort private gig but some of the boys were out the back smoking bongs. Sam and i were looking for toilets alot of them were full so we found this small powder room sort of thing, we found 2 little kids playing in there and eating the snacks out of the fridge that was strangley in the toilet. We went toilet the my oldest half brother Hamish came in and started shoving his face with what looked like a container full of flake chocolate blocks, I turned him around, called him a pig and told him to stop. Then some how we transported to my dad's but he wasn't there. Once everyone had lefT I had to figure out a way for my brothers to get home, so In dad's shed was a car with no panels only a roll cage. I put Hamish in the driver's seat explained a few things then let him go on his way. He took off out of dad's driveway and got to a roundabout where he was meant to turn right but instead he turned right and went around the roundabout the wrong way. Then as he exited the roundabout he put his foot down and spun out. I was furious cause I told him to be safe with our younger brothers in the car but I walked over and discovered his right rear Tyre had blown and come off the rim. Fast forward abit (can't remember what happened in between) it was just me driving through some part of Hamilton, school must of just finished for the day and kids were walking across the roads without even looking, so I was being cautious but I was also mad think I ended up yelling at a kid, anyway I park my ute up and head to this food trailer to get some food and I explain to these 2 guys about how disrespectful all these kids are and what happened to Hamish while driving the car. They also asked if I worked in te awamutu. Not sure why but I corrected them and explained abit about my job and what I have done.

10 Dec 2023



I was with one of my close friends and she hands me this little baggie full of white powder it was quite large almost a handful. she gives it to me asking me to hide it away in the frightful thoughts that she might be searched. she told me to post it on Instagram and make sure no one finds it so I bring it home. I take it out of my pocket and I start rinsing the bag of any debris in the kitchen sink but my father walks in and asks what it is in this dream my father is a cop. I finally buckled down and told him that it was heroin. Im not sure y I didn't think he would be angry maybe it's cuz I haven't done anything labeled as bad before. He pulls the baggy out of my hands ripping it slightly, a little bit getting on my finger, and I accidentally ingest it. he arrests me and on the way to prison I'm going through this huge trip nothing looks the same I feel like I'm in a video game and I was winning I'm not sure what happened in that time really but I remember my character what was the unpowerful one and I didn't even know that the guy I was fighting was the most powerful in the game until I checked it. surprised that I survived so long. I very condensingly upgraded my suit once I came back to reality. I don't remember being in prison. my close friend that put me in this mess wondering where I had put her stuff. Me telling her what had happened, she was shocked and she apologized but we kind of laughed it off. And then when I came back home, there was boxes packed everywhere and I was told we were moving. I guess this town's got a little two chaotic for my father in the last few days. I look and the heroin is still in the same spot So I talked to my friend and she tells me to take a Cob of corn, cover the corn in the heroin and, just put stuff all over it, make it look like stuff's not supposed to be there and she'll come get it later since the doors won't be locked for the first few hours of us moving out. But once we get there, the heroin is gone, licked clean and my cat's sitting right next to it. The cat ate Every speckle of the heroin. I was concerned. It was funny, but we were laughing, but I was internally concerned. And that's all I remember.

4 Dec 2023

New Job


I set to help my dad do a firework show later tomorrow. I drive home arrive late in the night sleep on a floor mattress with the girls. Txt my sister hey I'm home. Also remember I have work tomorrow so I won't be able to help all day I'll be available after work. Fast forward. Me and my dad go out. He is on a time crunch but he runs me by a Starbucks as a treat or thankyou. I get my usual. White mocha. Takes a while they are busy. Christmas time.. also it's set up more like a bar rn. I get my drink finally. As I leave I hear another guy like a boincer at like a greeter podium say something to the bartender about sipping my drink. My dad goes outside olaheqd of me doesn't know im not following him. I stop go back and push my way to the bartender and be like I need a new drink. She's like why and I'm like well I don't appreciate you drinking my drink. She goes from bitch to sheer white apologizing and runs off to make me a new drink. I wait like 15 min and nothing. Dad comes in I tell him what's up he's upset and pushes his way to the assembly area and isbkike they haven't even started on your drink. I start throwing a fit like it's a simple drink my dad's waiting we are gonna miss this important meeting or thing. Wtf. A manager finally heard me bitching and is like what's going on I tell her she should ask her bartender because she shouldn't be drinking from other people's drinks. Oh and she's the one that put in the reorder just so ya know. This manager. Walks me through a fucking self service build your own drink bs and is like if you ever want to you can always make your own drink and starts by like do you want our novelty cup and I'm so distraught I just want a simple white mocha. Grab the cup. No I don't want these floral flavors. Skip to where syrups and powders. Guess what. No vanilla pump. Just gone. Manger is like should be here ill go check the back. And disappears never to be seen again. There are like chaulk sticks that you are supposed to shave as a powder for your drink maybe 100 of different colors. I'm trying gtonfigure out what I want.l because I can't get what I normally....oh hmmm... I do find something I do like I throw it in my dad is looking at me impatient because now I'm taking forever at a fucking build your own coffee bar. But I find some of thenchaulk powder I like shave it in instart to get into the idea of making the coffee even after non getting what I'm used to. And then I wake-up as I finish making the coffee.

28 Nov 2023

My crush
New Job


Tonight I had a dream that I was living in a house with a lot of people. It was some people that I knew and some people that I didn't know. There was a big backyard and front yard in this house. And there was two people that I knew and one was my colleague that I have a crush on Lucas And there was also his friend a guy friend I don't didn't know him So we were planning to go on a trip somewhere. and in the beginning of the day I went to Mannheim. Mannheim is a city that is the home of Lukas Or it's where he was born. He now lives in the same city as me. My sister was also in this dream and she was always going where I was going. So when I was in Mannheim, I was there with my sister and I went to fix the keys. The keys that I had were very weird. They were like plastic and I had problems with using them to open the door. so I decided that I will fix it so I gave it to the guy and my sister skis as well that he produces new ones from metal He said it will take a day and I should come back tomorrow so I drove back and went back to the house where there was a lot of people When I got there, there was a party at this house. And outside of the house, in the backyard, there was people from weird Middle Eastern countries. and they were using their key and it was not a key that I had anything to do with but they were using their keys and putting it inside of this powder It was a powder that was from a pharmacy because it had a prescription stick to it. And when I asked what it was we're like it will get you high I considered for a second because sometimes I want to have some cocaine but in this case I decided I will not take this weird powder I don't even know what it is And I should restrain from taking any drugs. So I went past them and went into the house One of the girls that took the drugs went inside as well And then she said to another girl after a few minutes that she doesn't feel good, so it's a good decision not to take the drugs I thought what they might have been taking is this laxative which actually completely messes up your stomach and is going to spend the rest of her night in the bathroom I was happy I didn't take it and then I met Lucas he was inside as well I told him what I saw outside and he asked if I took any as a joke. It was sad that he had such a bad opinion of me. But it was just a joke, so I laughed it off and said of course not, I don't do such things. I then asked him if he wants to go to this gym which is in Mannheim tomorrow because it just takes one hour and a half to drive there. and I wanted to drive there with my car but I knew that he would want to drive with his because it's a little bigger but mine has a lot more power and it's more fun The car that I had in the dream was the same one that I have now. It's a car that I really like. It was my black Audi And I really love driving and wanted to show off my skills to Lucas we then got in the car and started driving and Lukas was sitting in the back together with his friend and we were starting to go to the gym I forgot one thing before we went to the gym. I decided to put on some of my gym clothes and my gym clothes I look really good in so I was feeling really confident and when my sister saw me she said I look really cool And my sister in this dream was younger than she is now and she was also muscular and had a really nice butt. I told her that, and she says she goes to the gym every day. And I thought, maybe I should focus on doing more exercising in my life now. so we started driving towards the gym and it was fun and this is where the dream ended

10 Nov 2023



My old house but it wasn’t the same at all, it was completely different. It was being renovated but also seemed semi abandoned. There was still some of my things in it and my exes belongings. I was walking around looking for the cats and ended up finding more than just mine. There was one that I found in an old dog crate that seemed to have patches of hair missing and huge scabs on it and there was a bag of medication taped to the crate. Someone was taking care of this cat, but who? I remember my dream flipping back to the night before where I was fighting with my ex and there was a sense I had of a lingering body next to her, almost as if there was suppose to be a human figure with her, like someone else. I remember feeling so angry but also like I wanted to hide maybe break down and scream or cry but that never happened. At one point I was scared; I think I was running, climbing, just trying to get away from some guy or guys who were chasing me in the old house but I don’t think this old house was mine. There’s glimpses almost like a movie scene where there was a bunch of guys in suits laying on the ground holding a man hostage and speaking in a different language. Yelling at him to be quiet in that moment because it felt as if they were worshipping something?? They also had a bag of crystal like powder or was it herb like? They gave it to the hostage and made him eat it. I remember laying there next to him too. Back to my old house- I heard sounds of a shower and some talking. There were young girls in this old rune of what was mine. Living here rent free with their sick cat, somehow surviving. They came out, not surprised at all to see me, like it was casual and found me near some blankets with my two cats that I was about to grab and leave.

9 Nov 2023

Movie Theater


A weird woman in a movie theater unleashes, a strange black cloud powder out of the bag onto the floor . The powder swirls around and seems like it is a spell. I go looking for help so they can remove the woman.

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