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Dream Interpretation: Fruit 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Fruit? Discover the significance of seeing a Fruit in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Fruit appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

It symbolizes good fortune, abundance, success, wellbeing, and prosperity. It suggests that you will soon find wealth in either your personal life or business. But on the other hand, if the dream was negative (example: rotting fruit), sometimes it indicates that you have missed out on an opportunity, which would have reaped excellent benefits.

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🧭 Direction

Good fortune

Your hard work will finally bear fruit. So be determined and committed to doing the work you have done until now. Seize the opportunities that present themselves to you as you continue to move ahead in life, so that you don't have any bitter regrets. And lastly, don't forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about fruit can evoke feelings of abundance, nourishment, and vitality. It may symbolize the sweetness of life, the rewards of hard work, and the potential for growth and prosperity. This dream can also bring a sense of pleasure, satisfaction, and indulgence. It may represent fertility, creativity, and the enjoyment of life's pleasures. Additionally, the dream about fruit can evoke feelings of health, vitality, and the importance of taking care of oneself. It may also symbolize the need to embrace opportunities and enjoy the fruits of one's labor. Overall, this dream can bring positive emotions and a sense of fulfillment.





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Dreams of users containing the word Fruit

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19 Jun 2024



January 15-16th ⁃ I Was migrating with my stuff ⁃ My grandmother having a family gathering ⁃ It ended up being an intervention of sorts ⁃ My former stepfather was there (Garykayi) and I was asking him stuff ⁃ And i asked him about my stuff ⁃ He brought up my suicide attempts as a jab at me. ⁃ I was furious at him bringing that shit to the family, punching him in the arm ⁃ My grandmother and incubator were both there ⁃ “I didn’t want to tell you, because no one here cares about their mental health! Why would you care for mine?” ⁃ After forcing me to explain the circumstances (and I replied with vague answers) I knew it was time to leave. ⁃ I went to go grab my stuff but only bits and pieces were laying around ⁃ I found the dog…pit Bull. He was asleep when I found him, and flinched awake when he smelled me. But he was instantly relaxed and very happy to see me. He was happy with me giving belly rubs and headpats and rubs. He had so many scars around his eyes…his eyes bulged out wild because of the treatment he’d gone through. ⁃ I didn’t want to leave him behind, but I knew if I did my leave my treatment would get worse here. Or worse, the poor dog would die because family sent him away to get killed indirectly. If I attempted to take him with me. Neither result was desirable. ⁃ Went back to the living room. I asked where my stuff was, and no one gave me a straight answer. Folks grinning at my fury like it was funny. ⁃ I walked out to find a way to my Aunt Mary’s. Surely my stuff would be there right? ⁃ There was my grandma house yard. But with trees and fruit growing on the trunks. (Before it was desolate.) ⁃ I went and walked up the stairs to sidewalk. Finding an old comic book abandoned on the stairs. Joker was on the cover…and a couple of dark clad hero’s? Joker in the pose of a puppeteer. I stepped over it and started walking. ⁃ Someone stopped me and told me to go back. I told her I couldn’t and won’t. She seemed to give me some advice while walking with me. Then disappeared. ⁃ Disney festival seemed to be going on. Familiar town square. Finished performing. (I remembered going the opposite direction from my grandma’s house and ended up with dead ends, so I went towards the square instead.) ⁃ Because I was furious and showing it, my walking speed was faster and folks seemed to want to help me. ⁃ I was soon stopped by someone (parent?) Because I had dropped the plushies I was carrying. Not recognizing I had. ⁃ Thanked them before going further to seek a way to my Aunt Mary’s. Or a way out. An exit. Something along the way. But I was stopped because strings were attached to me were pulled taut by corners. ⁃ I then was freed with the help and kindness of others. ⁃ That’s how I discovered in the donations box, there was the blanket I was sleeping with to keep warm. ⁃ I knew my family right then had donated and given away my stuff without my consent and knowledge. Stuff I had rebuilt my life with. Stuff that was given to me to support me through transition. ⁃ Grabbed the blanket and contacted my incubator who happened to be following me. ⁃ “You get one answer. ONE. Where the FUCK is my shit?” ⁃ She gave me a flyer as a response. “Abuse.” Something else… and “total shame.” ⁃ I really hated that. So I threw and broke a nearby beer bottle by throwing it at the wall behind her. Not caring if I was hurt by it. ⁃ Walked back through the square, knowing my stuff was lost for good. Or to spread out for all to be found in time. Which hurt so much as so much of it was precious to me due to sentimental value, gifts and mementos I’ve held onto from friends and folks who supported me. I woke up after that, felt the need to scream in anguish. I wasn’t sleeping well. So dreams were foggy at best; and on and off. Couldn’t stay asleep. I don’t want to fall back asleep.

4 Apr 2024



i was at a festival thing for the eclipse with some friends and my boyfriend but there was also a big heat wave going on so it was really hot outside but their were stands for people to sell things and me and brody(my boyfriend) were picking out clothes that were selling out quick and me and brody forgot out money in the hotel room inside this school so we had the lady hold our stuff till we got back and we were running to this hotel thats kinda far from where we were and we get into the school and we r going through these hallways and eventually get to his room and he grabs him money and we leave and when we r back at the shops i realized we forgot to get my money and so we had to go back but he kept wanting to push it aside like it didnt mattered what i wanted and he said he was thirsty first and i did too and he said lets get drinks so he got some mountain dew and i asked if i could get this fruit flavored drink and he said yes but didnt get it for me and just left me there so i ran after him and i just pushed it aside and i said can we get my money now and he said sure but he didnt want to go with me which was pissing me off a lot but he didnt seem to care that much and only cared about what he wanted

27 Mar 2024



I was in a motel but everyone kept their doors open. My room lead to a downstairs and backdoor. The area looked very poor and people were struggling. Someone asked me for some fruit so I decided to go grab some. I jumped off the top staircase to fly. The lady who asked me for the fruit was shocked I could fly. I said "I have to fully believe I can and I will fly". I didn't go and get the fruit after that because I needed to defend my room from something that I don't remember

7 Mar 2024



Drempt of fruits, yellow mango, yellow bananas and red apples on the floor of my house was going to pick up but I woke up

7 Feb 2024



Last night I dreamt of various ripe fruit in a tropical environment.

7 Feb 2024



Last night I dreamt about various beautiful ripe fruit, in a tropical environment.

29 Jan 2024



Two influencers that I like were in my friend group. We were on the school yard and people suddenly knew me, because I was in an Instagram post of a YouTuber that I recently started watching. A guy that I used to date commented under it and said: “how does it feel like to be famous?” and tagged me. But for some reason, I still had my username that I picked as a child. Another internet friend of mine tagged me under it too. On the school yard, the people, for some reason, didn't like the one influencer that I was hanging out with, so me and the other influencer left. We walked and we passed a big tree with apples and another big green fruit. She picked me up and I tried to collect the big green fruit on the tree. I was very self-conscious when I was laughing, because I knew that the people on the school yard could see my teeth, and in real life I am very self-conscious about my teeth.

20 Jan 2024



I had a dream that I was in a grocery store near my old house. I saw my old best friend there who I have a tumultuous relationship with now. She was very angry with me for no reason, and yelled at me at check out and got kicked out. Everyone told me I shouldn’t be her friend anymore. I came back to this grocery store years later after getting pregnant, and the father said he wanted nothing to do with the babies. He got arrested and this grocery store also housed the jail. I saw old people I went to school with while trying to get a stroller for my babies. This happened to be the day he was getting out of jail. We picked him up. He expressed still not wanting to be a dad until we got to the car where he laid in the snow. I went to check on him and we made up, and had sex in the snow at night. When we were done and got up to go I noticed a building was on fire. A bunch of police came to try and put the fire out. We decided to go home on foot, leaving my children and the grandmother in the car. as we were going home we saw a bunch of people on the side of the road telling us to be careful because they were crazy people on the loose, who were robbing people and killing them. We got home and we told everybody in the house about this and we tried to lock all of the doors so that they wouldn’t be able to get in, but they got in through the back. it was a group of people. they came and held us hostage, and picked who was going to assist them in their crimes. I was told to get in the closet lay on the ground and take my birth control by a lady who was sympathetic. I came from a different perspective of the people who were on the side of the road previously, and they were all trying to get in to see what was going on. the robbers killed most of them and took some of them and the main robber came out of the house, and decided that he didn’t want to be part of the plan anymore so we were all partially free in the house. we wanted to leave, but we were all told that we had 24 hours to get the robbers some money that they wanted or they were going to kill us all. the father of my kids in the dream left to go try and figure things out as well as I did but when I got there to where we were going, I saw a bunch of people that I used to know as I was going down a long staircase of a college dorm to the bottom floor where I was told that I couldn’t get help for the rest of the people because I did not have real citizenship. suddenly I was out of the building, and I saw the father of my children again, and I was in a pool getting fruit from the store with my coworkers from my job. Then suddenly I was in a spaceship with the father of my children and in outer space, and then the dream ended after I got a knock on the door in the dream.

29 Dec 2023

Raw meat
New Job


I dreamt we were ona long drive and my dad decided to Rollerblade while we drove. We had a super long drive and he lost his helmet so I decided to stop to go find it. Then while he was the one driving rhe car I was rollerblading and there were a bunch of fruit stops by the side of the road. And I was trying all the fruit and stuff but I kinda lost my parents so I had to rush to find them. When I got to them I had a new problem. Luis was being very vocal about how much he didn't like my nails and honestly I didn't either But I was embarrassed that he was saying this in front of everyone! I can't remember the transition but we transitioned to this "game" like an escape room where we had to solve this puzzle but it was with raw meat and very bloody. It was this like telescope that you had to put stuff on one end and it reflected the order the raw meat was supposed to go in. We solve the puzzle and it turns out we still have 1.5hrs left of driving so we drive to fix something

14 Dec 2023



I was trying to wake up to search in my phone information about a movie that Lili, Razo and la china, my old high-school friends told us about. It was a movie about a dolphin, it was a romance comedy, it had Adam Sandler in it, it also had round fruits involved everyone thought it was a very weird movie. Someone turned into a dolphin and into fruit. I was trying to wake up to use my phone but I was in a still car parked on the plaza by Paola's boyfriend house, i was with a teacher that told me about the good in being scammed, he asked me "give me two thousand" and then told me "see? You looked untrusty at me". Then I woke up and realized that the dolphin movie thing was all from a dream.

29 Nov 2023



$$$$$$$$$$€$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$%$%$$$$$$$$$$$€$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$€$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$€$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$€$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$==÷=€$%%%$$$$"$$$$$$$€$$$$$$$%%<</</>_>$^:%$%$$%$%$%$$%%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Lizards,arounf a tree of friuts i wanted to eat

27 Nov 2023



so! i was being arrange-married to teru minamoto, an anime character. he's an older brother and an exorcist we were getting married in jamaica, so all my family was there and they were super excited. we're at my grand-aunt Dell's house in the country-side but in the dream it's less like a house and more like a mansion? so we were there and the wedding was going to take place there too. i'm walking with my mother in the yard/garden, but it was HUGEEEE and had all sorts of fruits and vegetables just growing- and we're picking mangoes off trees. we're discussing the marriage. (in the dream i wasn't super opposed to getting married to teru? we didn't really like care all that much for each other but there was a mutual understanding that it would be good for both our families if we just went through with it.) as we're walking, we go deeper into the garden, and my grandmother is there harvesting cucumbers that were growing on metal rods (they just... like a corndog). so she was picking and cutting the cucumbers, and my mom left for a bit to do something, so me and my grandmother were talking. yk how the minamoto's r like a religious family? my grandmother was happy that i was marrying someone like that and we were talking abt that too then I bump into another person, my aunt Jem, and me and her talk too. so later that afternoon, i'm in a room to change my clothes BUT the door had no lock so I was kneeled down behind the bed as i changed just in case. for some reason, me and teru's stuff were in the same room? so just at i'm putting on my shirt, teru just walks in without knocking and i'm like "wtf what if i had been naked" and my mom walks in right behind him and goes "then he wouldn't be standing right now" and looks at him threateningly and then i woke up

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