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Dream Interpretation: Mango 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Mango? Discover the significance of seeing a Mango in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Mango appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

It is a symbol of love, passion, wealth, fertility, and strong relationships. A new love interest or a relationship is about to bloom in your life, be prepared for it. This new period will bring you immense joy, often accompanied by monetary gains. It also symbolizes a period of abundance, attainment, and relaxation.

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🧭 Direction


Sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You are entering fruitful and rewarding times, do what it takes to cultivate this time of fertility. You should also be on the lookout for a new romance or love entering your life as it can turn into a long prosperous relationship.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a mango can evoke feelings of sweetness, abundance, and tropical delight. It may symbolize a sense of indulgence, pleasure, and satisfaction. This dream could also bring about a feeling of exoticness and adventure, as mangoes are often associated with tropical destinations. Overall, dreaming of a mango can leave one with a sense of joy, contentment, and a desire to savor life's pleasures.





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7 Mar 2024



Drempt of fruits, yellow mango, yellow bananas and red apples on the floor of my house was going to pick up but I woke up

18 Feb 2024

Car accident


Me and my sister going out for a late night drive and stopping by a mochi place and she waited on the other side of the street for me while I ordered 1 coffee mochi for my mom and 1 mango mochi for me. Surprisingly it was free but the man at the counter, a big though guy with a long beard, Told me to Run in a very calm tone. Surprised, I just took my mochi but when I was about to leave, An old Asian man started chasing me. I couldn't run tk the car as there was a busy street and so I decided that it was better to die from a car accident then get kidnapped, raped or even sold across the country, so I drove under a car and It ran over me.

27 Nov 2023



so! i was being arrange-married to teru minamoto, an anime character. he's an older brother and an exorcist we were getting married in jamaica, so all my family was there and they were super excited. we're at my grand-aunt Dell's house in the country-side but in the dream it's less like a house and more like a mansion? so we were there and the wedding was going to take place there too. i'm walking with my mother in the yard/garden, but it was HUGEEEE and had all sorts of fruits and vegetables just growing- and we're picking mangoes off trees. we're discussing the marriage. (in the dream i wasn't super opposed to getting married to teru? we didn't really like care all that much for each other but there was a mutual understanding that it would be good for both our families if we just went through with it.) as we're walking, we go deeper into the garden, and my grandmother is there harvesting cucumbers that were growing on metal rods (they just... like a corndog). so she was picking and cutting the cucumbers, and my mom left for a bit to do something, so me and my grandmother were talking. yk how the minamoto's r like a religious family? my grandmother was happy that i was marrying someone like that and we were talking abt that too then I bump into another person, my aunt Jem, and me and her talk too. so later that afternoon, i'm in a room to change my clothes BUT the door had no lock so I was kneeled down behind the bed as i changed just in case. for some reason, me and teru's stuff were in the same room? so just at i'm putting on my shirt, teru just walks in without knocking and i'm like "wtf what if i had been naked" and my mom walks in right behind him and goes "then he wouldn't be standing right now" and looks at him threateningly and then i woke up

3 Nov 2023



The details of my dream are fading but they did involve a few themes I still recall. The first part of my dream involving an impending attack of insects. Myself and a few others had walkie talkie radios. There seemed to be a swarming hive of wasps around a place of familiarity. It seemed to be at times my childhood property. This fight against the wasps seemed to be abnormal since they were very aggressive and larger than normal. The second part of my dream seemed to involve my mother. At my childhood home, she seemed to be concerned with an silver apparatus I have attached around my pelvic area. She noticed due to the change in how I normally look. Her commentary on it caused me to explain away that it’s due to the apparatus but that i’m completely fine but she disagrees. Eventually we head out for errands. We were at a wholesale grocery store with an extremely long wait- the line was very long. I was with other people familiar to me. I believe it was my family. There was a pre-line to get into the regular line that allowed for certain types of fruit produce to be purchased. We had waiter for what seemed like a very long time. Enough that myself and a few others waiting decided out of frustration to leave the line and go straight to the main line. We’d have to give up the fruit we were holding. They were oversized mangos. We threw them at the clerk to catch but she ended up getting hit by them and broke down crying. The main line allowed for a conversation in passing with a youthful women that had a great dynamic. We exchanged contact info so we can chat later. The third part of my dream involved my mom and mother in law. We seemed to be at my childhood home again except indoors. There were holes in the ground made of bare cement. In each of the rugged holes there were a bunch of metal screws filling the space within. My mother n law called via a digital interface like a smart home hub. Jeff was in the dream and we’re now in our home. He’s organizing a book shelf and asks my mother in law if she would like the books we have set aside as not needing anymore. In the dream, this is a first time she’s reached out since our falling out. She seemed much more calm. She says she’ll call back but ends up physically showing up instead. My mom seems to be there as well. She looks around our place which still bears some resemblance to the kitchen area of my childhood home. The dream ends.

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