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Dream Interpretation: Apple 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Apple? Discover the significance of seeing a Apple in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Apple appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolizes wisdom, love, temptation, and deception. It also reflects your sinful nature, doubt, and a guilty conscience. You tend to make reckless decisions based on the temptations that will affect you negatively. Sometimes it also reflects your desire to return to the good old days.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

An apple is quite often regarded as a forbidden fruit that brought wisdom and the downfall of humanity. Pay close attention to your surroundings to note any deception or foul play around you. Do not be tempted into doing wrong as it will cause you and others harm in the long run.

❤️ Feelings

The dream about an apple may evoke feelings of temptation, desire, and curiosity. It symbolizes knowledge, abundance, and potential. The dream may also bring a sense of freshness, vitality, and health. It could represent a new beginning or a reminder to take care of oneself. The apple's vibrant color and delicious taste may create a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. However, the dream could also carry a warning about deceit or hidden dangers, as in the story of Adam and Eve. Overall, the dream about an apple may leave a mix of positive and cautionary emotions.





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22 Jun 2024



It was the apocalypse and i think I was at school don’t know why or what happen but for some reason it just was we then ran to the exit and my family was there and we got into vans and I was in one with my step brothers and there cousins and we headed to a fancy restaurant to be safe I headed inside and saw all my family like mom dad grandparents my cousins but my brothers and there cousins weren’t there so I asked my parents to go look around for them so I left and all of a sudden I was at disneyland which is a place I’ve never been, for some reason I already knew the layout of this place and knew they were at the gym so I started running around looking for them but couldent find them I kept running around for such a long time and could never find them at some point I found myself inside of this house and now it’s sunset and there are random people sleeping inside the house but also there are shoes, apple watchs and money everywhere and I took some money and tried to return the apple watchs but everyone was asleep I then tried to leave but I realized my shoes where off and I looked around for my shoes but couldent find them only everyone else’s shoes and that’s the last of what I remember

19 Jun 2024



Signs, Dreams, and reminders A Cosmic Apple picked from the tree, but it’s “bruised” in multiple spots despite being picked straight off the branch. A school hallway. And a sidewalk pathway to school with apple trees alongside… Boat. A speedboat 🚤 is significant. Pumpkins and Oranges…both growing on the same tree…in various sizes and sometimes breeded together to make new fruit. Mydayis and Zoloft pills…not taken but forgotten to be taken.. (seems significant) Persephone (Goddess) Apollo (two confirmations in waking life) A pink incense stick with cherry blossom 🌸 patterned wrapping? Strangers…folks I haven’t seen. Moths (significant nocturnal insect in waking life) The folks I care about and I throwing backs out…. I’m guessing the weight of everything is throwing us to pieces… The back…the spine seems significant.

27 Apr 2024



I had a dream about traveling through a forest that led to a giant dome that was made out of foliage. It was at night and I could see the lights that were emanating from the fireflies within the forest that was illuminating an entire area. There was a lot of symbols and glyphs everywhere on the trees. There was what looked like will o wisps of blue fire that were trying to lead me to places. I went from night to day in a very interesting transition And then I was brought to a hill, and on top of the hill was a tree that was dead, and it looked like it was burned, but it wasn't burned, it was just black, and on the tree there was an apple that was growing from it.

2 Apr 2024



I dreamt about apple pies

25 Mar 2024



I was driving in my husbands 2021 Chevy truck in a random state I had never been and missed my turn. Did a loop and pulled off to this random empty parking lot, it was behind a hobby lobby or old run down target department store with tons of open parking and no one around... I took Emory, my 18month old daughter out of the truck with me and we took the trash from our trip to a nearby dumpster. As I’m walking the trash bag starts to rip. Trash trails behind me, I put my daughter on the ground and off of my hip to start picking up behind myself. From what seems like all four side of me, surrounding me 3 males and 1 female all ranging in ages from 25-34 started laughing and making comments about the trash. How is belonged to the street and I was being too nice. I get to a cement median dividing the parking lot and sit down with my daughter, I’m exhausted and just trying to get to Kurt’s parents house-(Kurt is my husband). I take off my book bag and start to pull out more trash from accidental spill and by this time all four-(what looked like homeless hungry possibly jail community service members ) were hovering overtop of me digging through my trash and wanting to eat anything I had left over, Maybe a sip left of Apple Juice- Week old fries it didn’t matter. I start handing out food scraps not realizing this one young man- possibly about 26, tall (6”1) skinny white dude with dirty blonde hair comes angrily speed walking up behind me, I turn around towards starting to stand up to him. He grabs my writs so tight and in his left hand I see a small sized needle. Before I can throw him off, he stabs my Flexor Pollicis Brevis and I immediately feel a numbness all throughout my hand. He then goes behind me and stabs me with another needle in my upper left shoulder blade. I run back towards Emory whom I find sitting on the older woman’s lap- Emory is crying and foaming a blue color at the mouth. Shes not crying so I assumed the women shoved a drug pill down her mouth. I YANKED EMORY out of her arms and start smacking her on the back to get her airway unblocked. I TRY TO YELL AT THE WOMEN AND MY THROAT JUST BECOMES SO SORE AND CLOSED. We run to the truck and leave. I finally make it to the in-laws place and give Emory water to clean whatever she had in her mouth out. My right hand starts to bubble and blister. Starts bleeding. I immediately call 911 and they send cops over to start asking questions even though all I wanted was an ambulance. The whole family is sitting on the back deck of the second level of the house talking to cops when out of the left corner of the side of the house I see the guy who stabbed me with a needle with a gun running up on us all. I quickly grab Emory and run inside. Then I wake up.

17 Mar 2024

Make Out


At the park with mom went to pay light bill at corner store She took mai and she walked on the way there Grandma called her and wanted something to eat Something from firehouse subs I offered hunan wok Mom called me and was upset because she left her wallet home I told her to use Apple Pay Meanwhile I’m at a park with bean n jr talking to some girl who seemed slightly cool Make it to a living room Saw Ms Jackie she had a silk press hairdue and was having conversation in the living room that I can’t clearly make out I believe I saw white truck don’t quote me but something in my mind said white truck Middle of a street haul ass We get there after and are distraught Me & Josh at the crib Next thing I know he gears hears a knock at the door He’s apprehensive about it Says it’s police I told him no worries let’s open it we I stood near They asked if they could come in we said no our babies are asleep They said ok It went from 3 police to us having a garage full of individuals Felt like a news conference was happening right in our garage with the garage up Was walking and guy with a black shirt lowcut with hair a mustache that connected stopped me while walking and said “white” something about $10 worth of gas I believe And hinted at about 6 individuals

12 Mar 2024



I had lots of dreams about food. I dreamt that I was setting up a hidden study room for an honors student cohort and stocking it with ready-made meals like frozen pizza. I dreamt about wandering around a grocery store and buying cookies and apples. I dreamt about being in a kitchen and deciding to whip up a batch of cinnamon vanilla tapioca pudding, and having to climb on top of counters to reach some of the ingredients. The pudding wasn't very good.

7 Mar 2024



Drempt of fruits, yellow mango, yellow bananas and red apples on the floor of my house was going to pick up but I woke up

2 Mar 2024

Parking Lot


Was in a small town. There was a park in the center of town with limited parking. There was a pizza hut near the park and several other businesses. Most of then where locally owned, but a mega corporation was setting up shop in the otherside of the park. I went to the local dinner and had locally made apple pie. I then went through an ally way.

19 Feb 2024



Our family sitting in a roll at the movie theater and my boyfriends mom had brought some apple slices. Everyone was snacking on apple slices except my boyfriends daughter and kept complaining about not liking apples but would eat it if we had some chocolate also. My boyfriends mom asked if it was okay and I said no. We watched the movie and it was filmed by my boyfriends mom. She had included a line on the bottom that was a secret that only he would understand and said she hope he liked it

18 Feb 2024



So I don’t remember much but it was me and this man? And I already had a bad feeling about something so I decided to record on the voice recording app on my Apple Watch. I don’t remember how I happened but we ended up fighting he was trying to punch me and I was using jujitsu ((btw I know jujitsu in the real world)). And then the recording somehow stoped?? (I think i turned it off or something?) And then I ended up doing a triangle choke or something like that on him and he passed out I think so I ran and I just remember even when he was in prison he still haunted me (it wasn’t like a gost or anything) but still… (That’s kinda all I remember)

10 Feb 2024



I had a dream where I was chilling with a friend and we started getting money. Then a party happend and we were surrounded by a lot of people and they wanted to play a game. This girl made a game where you spend money to make a guess of a secret phrase. You had to spend three dollars to make a guess. So you had to chant something and spin the apple around and you had to guess the word that the dealer was thinking of. My friend who had a lot of money wasn’t able to think of the word. So it was my turn. I had three ones, one five, one ten, one twenty, and three one hundreds so I was pretty much set to win the game but my twenty ripped and I woke up.

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