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Dream Interpretation: Deer ๐Ÿ˜ด - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Deer? Discover the significance of seeing a Deer in your dream ๐Ÿ’ค - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Deer appears in your dream โœ…

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๐Ÿ’กPossible meaning

This is a symbol of sexual innocence and feminine freedom. It is a good omen related to spirituality and suggests something new coming into your life. This symbolizes the virgin archetype in nature and signifies the state, desire, or threats to your sexual innocence and feminine freedom.

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๐Ÿงญ Direction

Good fortune

This is a symbol for the virigin archetype in nature. Much like the symbol of the flower or the dove, it symbolises the state, desire or threats to your sexual innocence and feminine freedom. Take steps and actions necessary to achieve this innocence, purity and freedom from care and anxiety in your life. Run from those things that cause you stress.

โค๏ธ Feelings

The dream of a deer can evoke feelings of grace, gentleness, and vulnerability. It may symbolize a sense of innocence and purity, as well as a connection to nature and the wild. Seeing a deer in a dream can also bring about a sense of curiosity and wonder, as these animals are often associated with beauty and mystique. Additionally, encountering a deer in a dream may elicit feelings of peace and tranquility, as they are often seen as peaceful creatures. Overall, the dream of a deer can evoke a range of emotions, from awe and admiration to a sense of fragility and delicacy.





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8 Jun 2024



The symbol was actually in real life whilst driving in my neighborhood I asked God clearly I said God is Pei Pei Ok? Give me a signโ€ฆ. Boom ๐Ÿ’ฅ like that at 3:31 am a Deer or two crossed my path and I had my answer.

6 Jun 2024



In my waking life I thought of PeiPei my friend from Hong Kong ๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡ฐ and how she helped me so much believe in myself when no one else did. Iโ€™m ok with being single and going my separate ways but I just worry constantly about her well being and I hope I can see a sign that sheโ€™s ok due to the toxic air quality. I know it sounds weird but Iโ€™m not like all the other guys that begs for women to be friends or GFs Iโ€™m ok with whatever I want peace โ˜ฎ๏ธ but one thing I just have to know as daunting as it is is if Pei Pei is ok up there in NY I am extremely concerned searching for a sign. ๐Ÿชง I was praying to God and I said give me a sign that sheโ€™s ok ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป please ๐Ÿ™ and at 3:31 am a deer ๐ŸฆŒ crossed my path right then when I was driving in my waking life. I hope sheโ€™s ok. ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ข

14 May 2024

Best Friend


I was sitting outside my house but further into the woods so I could sit against a tree, and I had a Playstation remote with me for some reason I dont know why but I was using it as my phone the whole time, and I was just relaxing there and then the deer that have been living in our yard (there's three adults and two babies in real life) came up to me and I thought it was so cool that they came over to me and they let me pet them and then one layed on my foot while the rest layed together near me and I was taking pictures cause I thought it was really cool and adorable, and this whole dream they were just coming up to get pet and cuddling with me and walking around me, like me and the deer were best friends, they acted so calm and sweet like they were tamed, and it ended with my cat coming up while I was cuddling with one of the deer and laying with us so I laid down too with them and when I feel asleep in the dream I woke up in real life.

9 May 2024



Last night i had a Nightmare wher I saw a wolf attack a moose and a deeer while i was hiding in a cabin during winter season

25 Apr 2024

Car accident


Me and looked like my cousin were walking down one of our old road we lived on and I noticed the trees had people in them that were carved out of the trees and I said WOOOOW I never noticed these before walking down this road and they were pretty cool. As we were walking the next thing you know we look behind us and a car was coming and a truck coming ahead of us and we stop and step back off the road and the next thing you know we see a deer by the fence and it jumps over the fence and was about to jump in front of the vehicles and I was like no no no no don't do that. I jumped but jumped back as soon as it did it and the next thing you know a car from a side road just barreled through the road and hit the car that was coming towards us and the next thing you know it's a big pile up of cars and then the next thing you know theres a whole bunch of people standing along the side of the road gathered. And I was walking along the road and I remember I had jello shots in my jacket I was carrying and a few grab them and was going to take them but I snatched them back and said since you just grabbed them and didn't ask me no I'm taking them back. And as I'm walking I ran into my sister who was talking to one of her old friends and then my nieces walked up and was telling her that someone was waiting for her and she pointed at her frind and said this is why I'm late. And the next thing you know I'm in a car with my mom and she's driving crazy fast In our yard around our old house me her and dad built and I told her to slow down and she was on the phone as well and she said something to me and I freaked out on her and told her that I have PTSD with this kinda of driving and I hope out and as I do I try to close the door all the way but it was a sliding door and it didn't catch and as I got out I heard her say something and I started freaking out and yelling at her about how I tried to close it but it wouldn't and then my mom turned into this guy and then I wake up.

18 Apr 2024



1) I saw a dream about a nanny who started working for a troubled child. Eveything was good at first, but then she started seeing strange memories, struggle with nightmares or some fever-like symptoms, her body refused to listen to her and did everything the child wanted, etc. In the end, she found out that she was a robot all along. She was a robotic replica of a rich man's dead wife. In the end, she finds a way to run away from him. 2) In another dream, an old man, a local mafia boss, kidnapped me and my sister in the forest. He also captured two baby deers. He killed them, which was horrible, but me and my sister stayed calm. He liked this and told his men to let us go. I was super mad as we ran away, I wanted to go back (maybe in the past) and see if we could save baby deers, but we had to prioritize our lives.

25 Mar 2024



Two lions were walking through the vast desert, there was a silence between the two, until one dropped dead and the other sat there and sobbed, then it was wolves, and deers, but it was all the same, one died, leaving the other to cry and greive their lose, the world became small in the span of three days, and through the next week everything started to break down, nothing could be fixed, the human existance was nothing but mere history, an omnipotent darkness fell over Earth, the sounds of howling from greif echoed through the air as a strong wind swooped through the Earth, the trees swayed and the leaves fell, the green blades of grass turned burnt and brown, nothing was left.

24 Mar 2024



I was on a boat with 3 other people who were my friends. We would get to shore but had to be careful because there were packs of deer who would attack us and bite us. One almost bit me and I was very afraid how itโ€™d hurt but it actually didnโ€™t hurt that much. Then the dream switched to me in my childhood home at night. I see one of my friends from the boat outside my window but there are police cars behind her with their lights. I was afraid the police would hurt me and my family, but they werenโ€™t there for me. It turns out that the two other friends one the boat were pedophiles & Nazis so they were going to jail. They also lived in my neighborhood so when people found out the truth about them they were thankful because they were worried about their own kids. A woman who was my neighbor came up to us with her dog named Bernard and thanked me and my friend for telling the police about them since she had a 10 year old son who could have been a victim. The night was so beautiful in my neighborhood with all the lamp lights and stars. It was a nice ending

5 Mar 2024



I had a dream. I went on a hike with my family and I split up from the group because I was bored and I found this little pond/ stream area and it was really hot that day so I decided to go swimming when all of a sudden two dolphins showed up and i was swimming with the dolphins and their family showed up so it was like seven dolphins and then off to the side area of the lake pond stream thing was polar bears and they kept their distance but it was so cool to see and then the most magical thing happened of Manatee (my favorite animal) was there and I was swimming with the manatee and petting the manatee and Oh my gosh it was magical but then this deer showed up and like the top part of this dear skull was not fur. It was like bedazzled and his horns were pretty big. Not huge but they are also bedazzled and the animals took it as a sign to leave so I also got out of the water in the deer came up to me. It was just staring at me so I just said "thank you for letting me enjoy today. I won't tell anyone about this area. I'll say I was a little farther away from here." and then the deer left and I dried off and then I saw my family, I told them about my day and my little cousin was angry she didn't get to see it. And then I woke up

5 Mar 2024



In this dream I was visiting a zoo/hospital. I stop at the nurses station which is a regular nurses station but it is outdoors. She points behind her to a hill where a large deer like creature is nursing her baby. She points out that one of the horns had been broken off - which it is. "She is still feeding her baby." The nurse tells me. I am overwhelmed with compassion and respond, "because she loves him" I say. "It's true." the nurse responds. She says I can go up to her if I want. I do and start to approach the deer. On the way however, I'm distracted by a hospital bed out in the field, on which my grandmother Helena is laying. She has been dead for several years, but this image is of her towards the end of her life. She is frail and wearing a light blue shirt with white sheets pulled up to her chest. A halo of white hair frames her smiling face. It looks a lot like one of the last pictures I have of her. I walk over to her bedside instead when suddenly I can't breath. I'm not just struggling to breath, I am struggling and cannot breath. This goes on until I wake. In that time I remember trying to call for the nurse. Considering how long I could hold my breath. Feeling the point where I would normally panic. And experiencing a couple seconds past that - which I believed were hypothetically possible. And finally wondering if I would simply pass out. And wondering if once I did pass out, if I someone didn't help me start breathing again, would I simply die. Could I resign to this?

4 Mar 2024



Living in a luxury cabin with my family in a snowy pine forest. we have dinner together. I later check my grandmothers room to find my late brother watching tv on her bed. we sit together for a while and talk for a bit but then I remember that heโ€™s dead and Iโ€™m asleep. so I share that information with him and tell him that I miss him, and how I love that heโ€™s always still himself in my dreams, living just as he was when he was here. After catching up I ask him if heโ€™d like to watch me play some video games since I imagine being dead is quite boring, he says heโ€™d love to. I leave to get something to drink and check on the rest of our family who are missing except for our grandmother. everything seems okay except I notice the power is out and I canโ€™t find anyone else. Thatโ€™s when I noticed a moose broke into the house and had its nose in the kitchen trash it saw me and threatened to charge at me so I got out of its view. I thought maybe I could scare it if I yelled really loud so I did and it worked it ran back outside but not far so I yelled some more to get it all the way gone. I had to snatch up my dog to stop it from trying to chase it. But the moose kept coming back braver each time and yells seemed smaller and smaller and they stopped working the dream ended with me running through the snow being chased by a charging moose

1 Mar 2024



All the doors in my house wouldn't close and I was scared. It was the middle of the night and I was alone in the house. A moose was outside and I was scared so I cut it's throat with a machete. It started dying and I felt bad and started to cry. Then two people came out of the moose because it was a costume and they fought me.

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