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Dream Interpretation: Apocalypse 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Apocalypse? Discover the significance of seeing a Apocalypse in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Apocalypse appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This dream symbolizes a major change or transformation in your life. It may represent the end of a phase or the beginning of a new one. It can also indicate a fear of the unknown or a sense of impending doom.

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🧭 Direction


Take a moment to reflect on any major changes or transitions happening in your life. Embrace the uncertainty and trust that everything will work out in the end. Use this dream as a reminder to let go of the past and focus on the present moment.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of an apocalypse can evoke a range of intense emotions. It may instill fear, anxiety, and a sense of impending doom. The feeling of helplessness and vulnerability may arise as one witnesses the destruction and chaos. The dreamer may experience a deep sense of loss, sadness, and despair as they witness the end of the world. The dream can also evoke a feeling of uncertainty and confusion as one tries to navigate through the chaos. However, it is important to remember that dreams are subjective and can vary in interpretation based on personal experiences and emotions.





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Dreams of users containing the word Apocalypse

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24 Jun 2024

Dark Room


I have a lot of apocalyptic dreams foreign countries and being in a dark place with lots of women and children watch TV but also an scary presence that moves around but you can see it

22 Jun 2024



It was the apocalypse and i think I was at school don’t know why or what happen but for some reason it just was we then ran to the exit and my family was there and we got into vans and I was in one with my step brothers and there cousins and we headed to a fancy restaurant to be safe I headed inside and saw all my family like mom dad grandparents my cousins but my brothers and there cousins weren’t there so I asked my parents to go look around for them so I left and all of a sudden I was at disneyland which is a place I’ve never been, for some reason I already knew the layout of this place and knew they were at the gym so I started running around looking for them but couldent find them I kept running around for such a long time and could never find them at some point I found myself inside of this house and now it’s sunset and there are random people sleeping inside the house but also there are shoes, apple watchs and money everywhere and I took some money and tried to return the apple watchs but everyone was asleep I then tried to leave but I realized my shoes where off and I looked around for my shoes but couldent find them only everyone else’s shoes and that’s the last of what I remember

22 Jun 2024



There was…we were staying at a house…there was a Japanese man and Woman…I guess we were staying as guests? We kept going from one part of the house to the other.. Then there was an apocalypse like situation? Where I was fighting with blades and such while swinging about different enemies. Then I was in the 3rd person…someone gave me or an android 2 rifles…which was able to take out targets miles away… Then this pink haired android…was captured after much fighting…there was another white haired android seemingly an enemy? But despite her struggles, the pink haired android had her heart ripped from her chest and deactivated…while the white haired android…took on parts of her appearance… A disagreement over Oprah having been in the hospital…a gacha-like game I won several. Genocide was mentioned…a plane…? Small creatures were also around…friendly. …a flood?

22 Jun 2024

Running away


Another zombie apocalypse dream. Terror, running for our lives. Watching people die or get eaten alive

22 Jun 2024

Gas Station


AND NOW for the dream i had last night 💀 In my dream last night i was going to a lake, a road trip with my Mom, Dad, Humphrey, his girlfriend. Other people. The characters kept changing. There was a giant tornado, we pulled into a gas station to hide but it ripped off the ceiling and sucked us out. I was so so scared. But I got the feeling I was being punished for maybe bad talking a god? I had no idea who I upset- maybe Oceanus. I just kept praying apologies and ig they took pity on me cause I was gently yeeted to the side of the ocean. Fast forward- It felt like an apocalypse. At one of the gas stations a lady kept the place held up at gun point and I was pissed but scared. I wanted to punch her but I stayed down. A girl ended up getting shot tho- instead of running away like everyone else I ran to the girl and tried to carry her to safety but swiftly got shot in the head. I was supposed to die. I didn't die. Which shocked the girl but then she got excited cause she had to tell someone ig idk. People wanted to capture me but I was like douses, I ain't with yall killer bitches. Anyways cue this fae like asshole that could fly. Short dark hair, looked younger than me by a tiny bit. No matter where I ran this A hole would find me, tho he didn't seem that devoted to kidnapping me, though he said he was. Just kinda followed along and teased/bullied me. What a jerk. It was really scary but I kept on running, buying a bunch a snacks at every gas station. I was so damn thirsty- parched. Kept tryna buy lemonade or chocolate milk. Skipping ahead now cause I'm starting to forget. So it turns out, dark haired guy was actually "Satan" er something- and they're, well he's tryna take over the world again to make it a kinder/safer place. Maybe? So a purge? IDK I didn't believe him, but he didn't care. Like earlier, he found me wherever I went and eventually stole me away to his palace- I think. He was real pretty laying on this bed. A lot taller. Different than before. Like it was a disguise. He said something like, "You are mine, whether you accept it or not. I WILL make you happy whether you accept that or not. Hate me if you must, but you're the one thing I just can't let go." Or somethin like that. I personally still think he wants to hurt me. Why else is he so mean? The dream sucked. I hated watching everyone run away in terror. Bombs being planted. The war. But at this point I was no longer allowed into the "Human Realm". He said I had to stay with him, though he no longer showed himself. I wonder why? If he loved me why wouldn't he want to be seen? He could turn into anything tho, like a puppy. It was so cute. He wasn't so mean to me after I knew who he was. Actually he was really sweet but acted really stiff and nervous around me. Like he constantly wanted to run away. I wonder why? Maybe it means he's tricking me. Whatever it is- he made sure I understood I belonged to him no matter how much I rejected it. That he would stay away and do his best to respect my hate. But that he couldn't wait forever. That the distance was a sickness that was killing him. I just don't seem to understand. I just wish someone would give me a hug and say the pain will stop

20 Jun 2024



It was cloudy and peace full weather. I was having a calm time with my family mother and sister . Then I went in balcony then suddenly a train crash infront in the building cutting the building and crashing in our house I was terrified. Apocalypse happened, everyone have to go underground to save ourselves I was with my cousin and father , we were hiding in a underground room and I saw my celebrity he was with his grandfather he was disappointed. I suddenly felt a connection with him . I don't remember much . My dream was insanely crazy and weird . I went to his room and I am a girl but I became gay and we had sex but I can only see the shadow I cum him a alot filling his stomach and the shocking thing that I was a girl how I do I had a dick????

19 Jun 2024



⁃ Was just me and seemingly incubator and sister and lil brother. ⁃ It was a near-apocalyptic dream? ⁃ “Then the darkness attacked.” (The same vibes of Ba Sing Se in Avatar the Last Airbender episode, “Then the Fire Nation attacked.”) ⁃ I’m Scrambling to buildings and hiding in places. ⁃ abusive younger Sister, Sarah, and youngest brother through marriage, Anaje, get separated from me “for safety.” ⁃ Small creatures join me, including the Pokémon, Jigglypuff, and another gourd-like fella? ⁃ It Goes dark and suddenly I’m half awake in the dream, trying to heal from a bad hit ⁃ “It seemed only the empaths survived” (I’m an empath) ⁃ Incubator, AKA my Abusive Mother, is tending to me. ⁃ Half the small familiars are gone. ⁃ Darkness personified forms in a boss arena. ⁃ We all go to fight it, it begins forming Anaje and Sarah clones. ⁃ Fighting monsters again but I’m kinder to the clones. ⁃ Small creatures and I go to retreat but then the barrier prevents the gourd bean and Jigglypuff. ⁃ Both seem resigned as I cry out in protest that I’d get them through the barrier. But there’s enemies behind both of them. ⁃ Gourd creature tells me to go and that they’d be fine. Pushing me through the barrier. ⁃ I watch as they war cry and go to fight the enemies (consisting of evil Splatoon kids and other black void entities?) ⁃ Both put up a good fight but are slain before my eyes. ⁃ “NO!!” I scream in anguish. Wakes up and go back to sleep. ⁃ I am half awake seemingly but healing better. ⁃ Pick up a blade and go back through the barrier. ⁃ I slay enemies rather coldly. ⁃ Squishy and gooey persona of darkness forms and tries to send the clones from before to kill me but the enemy clones side with me instead. ⁃ Ally (mad scientist? Alchemist? Druid?) comes in as we’re about to slay the boss. ⁃ They grow a plant to bring back balance into the world ⁃ And the Dark boss dies in the process as we praise the ally for cool thinking ⁃ I’m suddenly Transported to a church? Abusive Sister, Sarah, and Sweet Little brother, Anaje, and Abusive Mother, my incubator, recovering from the battle. ⁃ Church ladies and Church Choir are disdainfully looking at me and jeering like pick-me’s ⁃ I grab coffee creamers as one gets close and I pour it on her head and I throw truthful statements in regards to their horrendous behavior. ⁃ I’m told to leave. ⁃ I do, and on the way out I say, “Excuse me.” - The Church Lady responds, “Don’t touch me demon spawn.” ⁃ “Ma’am, respectfully, I’m leaving and you’re in the fucking way. Manners, much?,” I reply. ⁃ I get back to recovering party and tend to their injuries safely. It felt cathartic. But they didn’t seem to recognize or see me. ⁃ I catch a glimpse of the gourd bean or an angel in my peripheral vision.

16 Jun 2024



I was in a foreign country with my mom. I’m not sure if there was an apocalypse kind of thing happening but it kinda felt like one. In one scene that I remember, my mom had me rushing out of the townhome with our bags and everything packed to the car. While I was arranging things and getting our dog situated, my mom told me come hurry over to her as she could see a rainbow in the sky. When I rushed over, I didn’t see it. She brought me to a different car with my things and was wishing me safety on my journey. In another scene, I was at school but had my packed suitcase along the wall of the classroom. After a while, someone handed me a hall pass to leave and when I peaked out of the classroom, there was an immigration service there with some other students. When I went back into the classroom, the desk I sat at was pushed tightly close to another desk so I couldn’t sit there. I was told that for some reason since I wasn’t a citizen, I had lost many privileges and couldn’t sit there. So I started packing up my bags and getting ready to leave but I woke up before I left

16 Jun 2024



So it was more of a apocalyptic dream but there was no zombies or anything like that but it was set to be that way. There was some friends In it but I forgot some names but my friend Abby was there and we were getting food and resources with other friends in the time and trying to survive

11 Jun 2024



So my dream came from a video game scenario, kind of like a zombie apocalypse type or doomsday scenario, but it was underwater. And I was a complete beginner in this game, where I was also, that was my real life, it was a game, and I was exploring and finding stuff, and there were also other groups that were trying to kind of kill me, and then I also kind of played it smart, I was able to dodge them and outplay them, and then I stole some of their stuff, and I would go to, yeah, I was kind of running away from that base, and somehow I managed to escape and get to this, like, heaven-like place where it was very bright, and there was apparently a girlfriend of one of those other people, and I kind of made up and pretended that they were dead somehow, and she was really devastated, and I was trying to steal his girlfriend away, and then I was just basically living off their merit, and at some point they found out, and before that they weren't so hell-bent on trying to kill me, but after that they were completely mad, and yeah, so I kind of made a run for it, and that's where the main dream ended.

29 May 2024

Black Hole


In my dream, it was the end of the world- which it often is. I’m constantly having dreams about alien invasions and the apocalypse. Aliens were killing majority of the people/kidnapping to take to there ship. The sky was red and you could hear people screaming all the time. No one ever returned once they found themselves on a ship. After awhile of being on the run I was finally captured like a lot of others. Oh btw I have orange hair in this dream. At first they made us slaves on the ship. (While it was still harbored on earth that is) I was forced to work in a tiny soup kitchen with other kids/young adults. Didn’t see many old people. Actually can’t remember seeing anyone that was graying. It at least resembled a soup kitchen. I peeled potato’s and such. It was real hot and steamy in there. No one was happy but we made do. The ship was larger then several continents combined. After the ship took off into space, (to return to there home planet ig) Humans were slowly intergrated into normal citizens amongst the aliens. Some even getting married or starting families with them. Not me though I was super hateful and angry. Refused to befriend or trust anybody. I was still trying to find an escape (as one does) And found myself in one of the oxegyn tank bubbles. They’re aloud to leave the ship within a certain perimeter. I feel it should also be mentioned I’m natoriously known as a runner so there’s always a bodyguard with me. No one trusts me but it’s chill cause I don’t trust them either. 2 bodyguards. Also for some reason a lot of the alien guys are super protective of the human women 🤷‍♀️ can’t remember what I was talking about with the guards but I was prolly complaining about how horny I was and no on having sex with me- stupid guard said “Your body is so ugly… but your eyes…” I had whipped my head around to see they weren’t looking at me but starring at a black jump portal in the distance. (Jump portals are always BLUE!) my stomach lurched as they hurled us over to the black abyss. They seemed completely entranced by it. It took me a minute to catch my bearings till I was screaming bloody murder, begging them to turn back. I was convinced we were about to run smack dab into a black hole that would immediately crush us completely. Moments before we hit it, just a breath away, they finally heard my shouting and stopped the pod. Like a spell had finally worn off and they flinged us back to the ship. We had to tell the Prince Alien about the broken jump portal. We might all die because of it. When we made it to the “Thrown room” I wasn’t aloud inside. Probably cause I’m the runner human 💀 at least I can make a name for myself. Right as the doors were closing (the two guards went in to explain the situation) I turned my back as the Prince entered the room. I didn’t seem him, but just before the doors closed he glanced at me and I could vividly feel his eyes on my retreating form. I think he might be my “mate” or something. I didn’t realize but I think he did just as the doors clicked shut. But before he could do anything about that knowledge the dream ended. Here’s my thoughts: the slaughter on earth was a cleansing of all the dark and twisted manipulators using todays youth. I think the ship might be my current reality. What if one of the guards is my spirit guide and the other is a self limiting belief. They referred to the portal as my eyes so what if it wasn’t a black hole but a gateway to the soul? Nah it was prolly a black hole but I think they were trying to say I got a pretty soul or something. Alien bastards lol. So many questions so little time

29 May 2024

Video Game


A sleepover when my friend opens a videogame and turns into a monster where the apocalipse starts

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