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Dream Interpretation: Waterfall 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Waterfall? Discover the significance of seeing a Waterfall in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Waterfall appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

A waterfall in a dream symbolizes emotions, cleansing, and renewal. It represents a release of pent-up emotions and a desire for change. It can also signify a spiritual awakening or a new beginning.

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🧭 Direction


Reflect on your current emotional state. Are you feeling overwhelmed or in need of a release? Allow yourself to feel and express your emotions in a healthy way. This dream may also be a sign that it's time for a fresh start or a new perspective. Embrace the changes that come your way and trust in the journey ahead.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a waterfall evokes a sense of awe and wonder. It symbolizes the release of emotions and the cleansing of the soul. This dream brings feelings of tranquility, peace, and a connection to nature's power. It signifies a fresh start, renewal, and the ability to let go of the past. The sight and sound of the cascading water create a sense of serenity and harmony. It represents the flow of life and the ability to go with the current. This dream may also evoke a sense of adventure and exploration, as waterfalls are often found in remote and beautiful locations. Overall, the dream of a waterfall brings feelings of beauty, freedom, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.





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10 Jun 2024



My finance and me were at this pool but at first it looked like we were in this rocky beach with rustic rocks and an ocean as far as the eye could see. I even took pictures of where we were at. Further beyond were we could swim was an octopus in the water but it wasn’t a threat to anyone. On the left of me was a waterfall. My finance said let’s swim but I told her that she knows I can’t swim and I don’t know how deep the floor is plus the tides were heavy. My finance jumps in the water and says “look it’s not deep, I can stand”. The water then gracefully disappears and you can see the floor, it’s a pool but the rest of the area still has water and the octopus is still in the water but it’s further away from where people could swim. I then walk over to the waterfall area, there’s not that much water falling anymore but enough to rinse your hands. Then I wake up.

7 Jun 2024



It was already 6:50 pm. My family was in house number 1. I lied and said I wanted to go out but actually I forgot something in house number 2. I was driving on a bus to my house. Then I arrived. The house was so huge. It was a light yellow landed house that was the size of a field. I opened the door and went in forgetting to lock the door. Then I went through two doors. And got to the open space. It was the view of a waterfall, the river, and the sky. Then I heard someone knock loudly I was so scared because I was alone so I ran to the door and realized it was open I immediately closed the door and locked it. I figured someone was trying to break in. There were chairs stacked so I took two chairs and put it to block the door. I put tables and other items. I almost forgot about the open space I quickly went there and there was a automated metal door. So I pressed the button. I also ran tot he left side of the house to lock all the door and put the metal doors in the garden as well. My house had a secret house inside it for emergencies that's why our roof was so tall. But It was on the ceiling so I used a ladder to climb and pulled the ladder in. then I was safe. I took some snacks from the fridge at the secret house and started to eat them and had a movie night. there was also a button to make the place sealed so It doesn't look like a vent. And its sound proof. But I can still hear what's happening? Outside if I press a button. But no matter what no one can hear what happens inside. Later that night I heard some noises of someone breaking in but I had already locked all the rooms and I was safe so they eventually gave up and left. The next morning I checked to see if they left and they did. I took the bus and went home. When I arrived home my parents were still sleeping. I quickly changed into my home clothes and watched tv. Luckily my parents slept early and woke up late so they thought I just came late at night.

29 May 2024

High School


High school of super heroes Cat girl Hard locker Water fall Bateman Amelia

22 May 2024


Dream tack

16 May 2024



I was on a jungle expedition to hunt for food…the lake or pond we usually fished in was barren. I noticed the pond had overflowed into a waterfall. Downstream, there was a multitude of fish. I woke up right before I was about to figure out how to get there.

8 May 2024

New Job


I had started a new job at this old theatre that was also a restaurant and hotel. It was my very first night on the job, so I was learning everything. I also just had twins, and since we were homeless I had brought the twins to work with me. During my shift, I put the babies in their bassinet stroller together and left them in a room upstairs. Once my shift was finally complete, it was very late at night. Most of the lights were out in the building. I was looking around everywhere for my babies. I couldn’t find them so I started to panic. I remember going through a doorway and there being two ominous, dark, cloaked figures standing on either side of the doorway. Normally I would be too scared to even go near them, but I was searching for my babies and rushed right past them. I located one baby, but not the other. At that point I somehow had more work to do before I was done with my shift, so I put the baby back down and finished what work I had to do. After that, I resumed my search for the second baby. I finally found him in a room that had a waterfall indoors. My baby was resting on the rocks with the water pouring over his face. Frantically, I scrambled to get the baby to the safety of my arms, but he wasn’t breathing. I screamed for someone to do CPR, but nobody had a sense of urgency. I blew air into the baby’s mouth, and a bunch of water came out, but he still wasn’t breathing. I yelled for someone to call an ambulance. Then one of my coworkers started doing CPR. The baby was okay. At that point I asked the coworker to watch him while I went to collect the other baby. I went back through the doorway with the two ominous black hooded cloaked figures. I couldn’t find the first baby now! I was a nervous wreck thinking that my babies would be taken away from me for neglect. I found the baby. Then I was searching for a set of keys. I found many sets of keys, but none of them were the ones I was looking for. I had to call my mother and ask her for a ride home from work even though I hadn’t spoken to her in a really long time. She didn’t even know I had twins. When she arrived, I was still searching for my babies and my belongings so that we could leave. She got irritated and yelled at me for taking too long.

5 May 2024



An old pe teacher came to say hi to old friends of middle school and I and gave me a special attention. It made me feel happy as pe was traumatizing to me growing up. He talked about my students. I was flying above Africa and saw giant cracks of water falls looking like the Niagara Falls. I flew above the entire continent seeing it all, then I got in the biggest whirlpool and know it was probably the end for me. As big as the whole continent. I also traveled in a space ship around the galaxy with girls and struggled to find our way. We like were out of ourselves bigger than the galaxy playing marbles. The marbles were us and we were controlling our spaceship by playing marbles.

3 Apr 2024

New Job


I had a dream that I was talking to this boy about 17/18 he was telling me he was going to start school or he was going to go find a job but he said “apparently I have a gift” but he was apprehensive about how people would see him. And I explained to him that Pluto leaving Capricorn and moving into Aquarius meant that everything that was considered weird like channeling and tarot/divination is becoming more understood more common that it’s the true connection that we’re all becoming more aware of. He seemed like a really awesome person. While I was talking to him for some reason my kids grandpa on their dad’s side was sitting behind me as if we were in a class session and there were other students as well. He came to apologize to me and I apologized to him. I never wanted to hurt anyone I said I just didn’t want to be hurt anymore. We all walked out of class which seemed to be in a posh neighborhood. The view from the street was unlike anything I had ever seen. We were instantly immersed into some magical paradise somewhere in another country green mossy rocks surrounded the landscape and big mountains and creeks with waterfalls. In another part of my dream I had I was talking with my wife and I was writing on a laptop to this Russian tarot reader Slavic on YouTube We were conversing back and forth and I looked up at my wife and Slavic was sitting next to her I could see her I was startled by her but extremely surprised and excited because I could astral travel and my psychic mediumship had finally come to fruition. I new in that moment I could see spirit and it was so beautiful I cried I told my wife I can see her she is sitting next to you and she can see me Slavic and I talked and then she was fading in and out for a while but I then saw her again. It was as if we were FaceTiming but in spirit. I felt as though it was one of the most important and beautiful things to be granted to me. To be a real medium. I felt very content and happy to be able to see her and to share this with my wife who is very special and understanding about all of this stuff that happened.

27 Mar 2024



Ok so what happened was it looked like I was in Egypt and I was in a Sand castle and inside there was a stage where I performed and when I was performing with my friend my mom called me to take a shower so I dragged my friend home since they refused to leave and when I got to my home in the castle my mom said she was gonna shower first and the shower was pushed against sand and when my mom showered I noticed that there was a hole and I saw this cute dude peeking at my mom and when my mom got out he asked “why is your private part so clean”my mom got mad and kicked him away and she thought he wouldn’t come back and let me go into the shower and I didn’t notice but the dude was peeking and when I got out my mom told me and we planned to push him into a giant waterfall we had,the next day I was super tired and my vision was blurry and I could barely open my eyes and then I put my mask on and then we got him in the waterfall but then the waterfall got stronger and stronger then wind blew and I fell into the water,my mom tried to help me because I was drowning.

24 Mar 2024



I was in white city I felt drawn to get to the top of the central castle the place was very cold and covered in snow but still full of people and I had somewhere to go where my family was. The path ahead to the center was clear was I was coming up to a bridge of ice that had a waterfall flowing through and under it. I was going to cross it but was stopped suddenly by two strange and eccentric looking guys that said they wanted to give me a hug. I found it creepy and looked around to see that all the people that were around before were gone. I told them no thanks and that their request seemed creepy. and pushed by them to cross but the ice bridge broke in the middle and I fell through into the freezing water. Luckily the rails of it were thick enough to keep me from being taken down by the current I kept calm and swam to get out on the other side. And once I did, there they were waiting for me. they helped me to my feet and brought into a building, my legs felt so weak like they didn’t want to hold me up anymore. They helped me get to a soft couch in front of a fire. I felt bad for being rude and judging them too quickly and apologized. Then I got woken by an alarm

20 Mar 2024



Dreamed I was going on a hike with friends to a magical waterfall. When arrived at the beautiful large waterfall there was a spirit that tested anyone who swam in the water fall to face their deepest fears. I had a disbelief attitude and said let’s try it. There where rules to not look at anyone while swimming in the water and etc. I thought it was weird and when I jumped into the water I began to break all the “waterfall rules” and was instantly shot with 2 pink darts with needles that held a pink liquid. It instantly made me pass out into a sleep in the water. If no one was there I would have drowned while facing my fears in the instant sleep the darts gave me. When I was pulled out the water by a friend I started to wake up from the forced fear dream, not feeling or remembering I saw much in that unconscious moment. I did feel shocked about the idea I was forced to sleep in waters that could have drowned me. However I jumped in the water and did it again and again until I woke up in life. Felt no fear.

18 Mar 2024



I was in a an apartment that has a balcony. I can see waterfall. Then I went out and penguins followed me back to my apartment. One penguin even gave me money for letting them stay in my apartment. All of a sudden it was night time and I’m standing outside a Japanese convenience store. I see Japanese cherry blossom trees and Japanese wagashi called sakuramochi

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