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Dream Interpretation: Stealing 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Stealing? Discover the significance of seeing a Stealing in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Stealing appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

This symbolize insecurity, contempt, disobedience, and deceit. It also suggests that you are trying to avoid the truth, deceiving others and yourself. Having such a dream indicates that whatever you are lacking( as shown in your dream) will soon have some significant impact on your life.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

A stealing dream may have multiple meanings depending upon the scenarios. If it appears that you are stealing something in your dream, it reflects your insecurities, which you are trying to cover by deceiving others. If you see someone else stealing from you in your dream, it suggests your fear of losing a part of you or someone around you is dishonest. Whatever the case is, look closely at all the variables your dreams present to you to unlock it's meaning.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of stealing may evoke feelings of guilt, fear, and excitement. Guilt arises from the awareness of wrongdoing, while fear stems from the potential consequences. Excitement may emerge from the thrill of the forbidden act. These emotions may reflect a desire for power, lack of fulfillment, or a need for control in waking life.





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7 May 2024



Santi ( I can’t think of her name! ) and another Santi who isn’t as fancy like a twin have to work together. Meaning no stealing or killing as one or the other is want to do

4 May 2024



Dream my dry harvested maize stolen

29 Apr 2024



I became aware I was in a dream stealing candy an noticed my back pack was full the room I was in had windows an I was seeing shadows on the other side so I stopped moving hoping I woulnt get caught as I look through another area of the room I found more candy but with an envelope full of demonic photos of like pornagraphic screens but I ignored them an kept looking for more candy when I finished going through the photos at the end I found these bills with a gold trim around the edges of the bill an the letters an number, I grab thoese an put them in my back pack an found more candy as I was putt them in my back pack I over heard a phone call with my girl friends an my self about how I got caught stealing and got into trouble for a month for it but as I was still packing up the candy an listening to the conversation I thought to myself the conversation couldn't be really about my future so as I'm looking out the window an see nobody is around anymore I finally decided I have enough candy in my back pack an extra bag I ended collecting to store more candy. Then I woke up

28 Apr 2024



I head a dream that me and my best friend went to the store that we always steal from and we went there. And it was night time and we was only was there and I couldn't see nothing. And so the lady was suspicious of us when we were in there and then we had got all our stuff. And I was like where's the chip alise ? And the lady was like yall know it is not no chip alise I know what y'all came here to do. And my best friend already put all her stuff in the bag. And the lady was like, let me see your receipt. Let me see your ID. And she was like, um. And she was like, um, I forgot my ID. And then we dropped all her stuff and took off running. and then the lady chased us through the apartments And then we got away from her and we was laughing and giggling.

10 Apr 2024



I was stealing bras and underwear. The tags were hanging out . I smoked weed and I remover feeling cousin pulled up in a huge green truck

8 Apr 2024



So me and one of my caregivers had to walk to the grocery store because it was the apocolyse and they were giving out some food but we knew not to get some of it because it was poison to kill us quicker so we wouldn’t keep getting it. She ran after getting what we needed because it can be stolen quickly and I ran as fast as I can too but they grabbed me and took me to a room and said why won’t you die. And I said I don’t know. And then they kept being mean like that to me and then she came and broke the door so she could get in that room and was like oh no get away away from her. She knows and does nothing. And then that was it.

8 Apr 2024



I'm in my childhood home and playing the Sims computer game in the dark. I needed to shower but I felt that getting in a shower would be too much work so I just lather myself with soap and clean up using the sink. Everything is in the dark except I have a little light coming from a wall plug in. While I'm washing up, my brother and dad are downstairs watching tv. As soon as I finish washing my face, I go to my bedroom to dry off and get changed. I hear a lot of commotion downstairs and outside. So I go to my window to see that the local university is having a victory parade on the street and people are having a good time but some are starting to run but I can't see why, so I go to the top of the stairs to look down into the family living room and I found my dad and brother scrambling around with the couch up on its side and it appears that a leg on the couch is broken. I asked what happened and they said that some kids stole a gun out of my dad's truck and they tried to chase them so now they barricaded themselves in the house in case they tried to come in and started shooting. So I come downstairs to try and help and I asked them what the person looked like and they just said tall with wings. So I go outside because I don't care what happens to me. And I try to see if I can spot the person or people they are talking about and it is still chaotic out in the street. I end up finding them and it's a group of teens or younger adults that were traveling together by holding onto each other's legs and cartwheeling. They each also had wings and could fly. I attracted them to come back to the house by throwing 2 liters of sodas. They come back and I confronted them about stealing guns (which is highly unusual because I do not like guns and I do not like conflict or confrontation) and then I found the one that had the gun that my dad and brother described. He turned around to fly away from me. I said something else and he landed and then pointed the gun towards me and I woke up in a panic.

3 Apr 2024



I was running from stealing a camera from Best Buy for a criminal. And I didn’t want to live life that way, so I went to Crissy. He let me sleep in his bed, but I was all alone, and he was with Sasha in another room.

22 Mar 2024



This one was strange I was caught with things in my possession that I had supossedly stolen from my work. I was Trying to travel from one place to another with them but my operations manager caught me. My punishment was being shot. At the same time while this is all happening I’m trying to meet friends for a drink but in reality I was on my own throughout most of the dream apart from when I was being shot as a punishment. It was repetitive too.

20 Mar 2024

High School


I went to a school. It seemed like my old high school to pick up Leilonnie (my daughter) When I get to the classroom she supposed to be in she wasn’t there, so I sat there for a little. I start to walk around looking for her and I see this passage way that is in the school in real life to my knowledge. It looks old like medieval it’s brick wall with an iron gate in the basement of the school. I walk through the passage and end up in the basement of a house I see my daughter Leilonnie and I’m trying to get her out. I see a window she can fit out if I break it look out to make sure it’s safe and I push her out then I follow all the gates were metal and too high so I picked her up and put her over told her to hide in a bush we could see and I’d be coming. After a while I find a fat male in the house he tries to stop me from leaving. I do t remember how but I got out I remember not knowing where I was but I went to the bush got my daughter we went back to the school parking lot to get my truck but it was stolen. Then I woke up.

17 Mar 2024



My phone was stolen, when I went to get it because I knew who took it. It wasn’t my phone that was given back. The guy who took it was dangerous but I wasn’t scared I cut his legs off.

4 Mar 2024

Parking Lot


I went to the movies with Pooja and Tenisha. We went to town by car. It was a lot of hassle to find a parking garage. It was also difficult to find a spot in the parking garage, but we eventually found one. We went to the exit and there was a very long escalator to the outside. It was the longest escalator I had ever seen. We went to see an unknown French movie. But the movie seemed familiar and very similar to Spirited Away. I saw Yubaba in the movie, but no one believed me when I said it was a spoof of Spirited Away. I was very frustrated because I was sure the movie was stolen. Then I started doing renovations in my house. We had to paint the walls and sealed the cracks. One of the corners was very bad and there was still an old sealant layer on it. I pulled off the old caulk and it was super slimy. There was a lot of slime coming off the wall. When that was cleaned I saw that the holes in the corner were too deep and large to fill.

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