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Dream Interpretation: Needle 😴 - What Does it Mean to Dream About a Needle? Discover the significance of seeing a Needle in your dream 💤 - Get a free dream analysis to find out the interpretation if a Needle appears in your dream ✅

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💡Possible meaning

Depending on the type of symbol, this can have two meanings. If it is a needle-pulling thread, this can symbolize that there are parts of your life that need mending through careful confrontation. You will have to penetrate the fabric of who you are in order to repair the wounds you have received. If it is a needle for injections, this will symbolize either toxic habits and addictions or your need for specific and direct confrontation to remedy the problems you are facing.

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🧭 Direction

Bad omen

Take action to heal and mend the problems you are currently facing. There is a tear in the fabric of who you are, and this needs direct attention and care, and this needs to be done swiftly. This may have gotten to the point where the corrective action will be painful, but it must be done. Notice what toxic habits or addictions you are engaging in and let them go.

❤️ Feelings

The dream of a needle can evoke a sense of vulnerability and discomfort. It may symbolize a fear of pain or being pricked by something sharp. This dream could also represent a need for precision or attention to detail in a particular situation. Overall, the feelings associated with this dream may include anxiety, caution, and a desire for protection.





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2 May 2024



I had a dream that I was doing needles before work

30 Mar 2024



Kittens that were injured as I got closer to inspect them. The grey kittens were in pain. They were cut bleeding and one of the kittens swallowed needles and had needles inside them. I was panicking to get them all off. I could hear the kittens cries.

11 Feb 2024



I was at home but it wasn’t my home, and my mom at some point came and talked to me with my dad and she was crying and she said “a man is going to come soon to put a needle in your dad because of his mole” and she looked really emotional, and i thought he was going to die, so i kept saying why? why?!!! and she wouldn’t reply, he was looking down and she was looking at him. and then i started tearing up, so she said we will have to wake you up in a few hours because the man needs this bed. so i went to bed, constantly worrying, so when the guy came, turns out it wasn’t to kill my dad, he was a suspect of a tooth jar, from rimini, and had to search here.

25 Jan 2024



I dont remember much but i got stabbed with a needle that had poison.

21 Jan 2024



I was in the car with my grandfather and the sun was was setting, I was staying at my grandparents house. We were driving back to his house after a car chase with our neighbor who was now in the backseat. As we were driving across the large bridge, I hear a boom and look up at the sky to see these beings floating in orbs in the sky. Followed by a loud voice saying something then repeated pinging that kept echoing. For some reason, when I woke up, I knew the pinging was called Jericho’s trumpets but I don’t where I heard it. I looked it up and now I can’t find anything about it. They didn’t even sound like trumpets. I look over to see my grandad staring at the sky like he was in a trance and his pupils were so dilated, they looked black. Then the dream cuts to the outside of our car, where these things that looked like vampire squids, gross versions of them were floating down from the sky. They looked super gory and they phased into our car, like went through it. They started peeling the skin off the neighbor’s skin until he had nothing but muscle showing. His eyes were completely bare, no eyelids, lips, ears, nose, clothes,hair, hands or feet. But the neighbor isn’t screaming, he’s just staring ahead like he’s also in a trance. His limbs are sharper into needles where his hands and feet are supposed to be. That’s all I remember but when I woke up, I was terrified and convinced this was a warning. The entire thing reminded me of the Bible’s second coming over Christ, which is weird because I’ve never in my life read about or read the Bible. I’m not even religious.

27 Nov 2023



I had a dream I was getting a tattoo on my right hand. The man that was doing it was just using what looked like a quilting needle. He would stab it deep into my hand to place the ink. When he was done, he put the needle in his scalp to store it until he used it next time. When he was done he started working on another client. I realized he had removed my right index finger and made it detachable. The tattoo was faded, but soon looked liked a digital screen on my had and showed a bunch of advertisements. I was in the same room as the tattoo artist the whole time. I went back up to him to tell him the tattoo was messed up. He and the man with him didn't care.

25 Oct 2023



An Octopus spaceship, with quadrant rooms. Your feet could be on the ceiling of one room, yet it would be normal even if you're upside down. When I exit the ship I'm in a desert. Sand is everywhere and there's a beach nearby. The houses were run down and shabby. Puddles of green goo and needles were lying around. I entered one of the houses, a man spoke to me but he was blind. Apparently someone filled his eye sockets with glass shards. I was the one who had done that to him, but I didn't remember doing so.

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